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MOHMuUTH. FARMERS' CiLUB.V-The annual meeting of this club was held at the Beaufort Arms Hotel, on Monday, when Mr. George Griffiu-Griffin presided, there being a Koo 1 attendance of farmers. Mr. T. R. Oakley, for the last several years, had most ably acted as h lilorary eecretary, tendered his resignation, much t the regret of the club, but Mr. Oakley said his pro- t ssional duties were such that he could no longer tfive the necessary time to the club.—The meeting, after Urging upon Mr. Oakley the continuance of his office, regretfully accepting his resignation.—The balance sheet of accounts was then read, and it was found that there was a balance in band of the club of ;E I I odd a report which was received with much applause. -M.r. Griffin said the time had come for him to give Place to another president, as it was agreed at the last meeting that the president should be elected annually. -Notwithstanding that the Chairman made every effort to relinquish the presidency —quoting the custom Of other clubs-he was overwhelmed by the meeting, and accepted the office "for one more year," a dis- cussion which was received with most enthusiastic applause.On the proposal of Mr. Richard Kastham, seconded by Mr. James Hiss, Mr. Bickerton H. Deakin Was appointed hon. sec.—Several new members were Proposed, and the meeting separated after votes of thanks had been passed to the worthy president, and to the young ex-hon. sec.—The next meeting will be held 011 Saturday next, for the purpose of appointing an sarly day for the annual show. j ■TOKTNIGHTLY STOCK MARKET, Monday.— this was not a, large market. Prises ruled as follows :-Fat cows from i:17 to zC24 per head, or about 8d to 8s d per Ib; fat calves, 94 to t:5 each, or about 8d to 8.$d per .2 lb cows apd calves per pair, E14 to £ 20 barreners, ^13 to X14 yearlings, ±16 to X9. Sheep: Fat, Wethers, 45s to 65s each, or about 9d to 9^d per lb jat ewes 42s to 55s or about 8gd to 8|d per lb; fat 'ambs, 23s to 40s, or about, lOd. Pigs: Nice weight Porkers, lOsper score sirong stores in small demand, and sold from 40s 60s each sows with farrows, £7 to £ 10 breeding sows, 50s and upwards quarter old Pigs, 24s to 40s each two mouths old diito, 14s to 15s Weaners, 14s to 15s. THE WEATHER.—During the nights of Saturday and Sunday, and on Monday morning severe thunder- Storms passed over this district. On Saturday a tree *as shivered by lightning at the Buckhoit: and on Sunday a regular gale was blowing. The hilly fields have suffered badly from the rain. SCHOOL BOARD.This board held its usual fort- pShtly meeting on Wednesday, when Mr. G. G, griffin presided. The proceedings were of short Oration. No business of public interest transpired.

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