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knowing them to have been stolen. Mr Baker pro- secuted, and Mr G. A. Jones defended. Mr Baker said that lately there had been a considerable amount of malt missed from malthouses in the town, especially from Mr Edward Phillips's malthouse, whence about 240 bushels had been missed, and upon it being found out that certain parties were offering malt for sale considerably below the market price, and without giving any account as to where they had obtained it from, the police were put on the alert, and the defend- ant was charged with receiving a quantity of such malt knowing the same to have been stolen but after hear- ing a little of the evidence he would ask the bench in order to further the ends of justice, to remand the prisoner in custody for a week. P.C. Price was then called, who said he had searched at prisoner's house, and found four sacks of malt there, but prisoner failed to give a satisfactory account as to who brought it there and said it had to be left till called f»r. The prisoner was remanded for a week. 4. USK. MARCH OUT.-The 8th Mon. Rifle Corps, headed by its band, and under the command of Capt. Hambly, marched out for the first time this season, on Friday evening last. The corps mustered at about 6.30 p.m., and although the weather, at that time, was the reverse of agreeable, a large number of the members were present, and proceeded to Llangibby, where they were halted opposite the premises of Sergt. T. Day, and the members were treated to refreshments by the captain. After a stay of half an hour, the order to return was given, and by that time the weather had cleared up, and the roads were in a very good state, so that the march home proved a very pleasant one. The band played through the town on its return. PRISONERS FOR TRIAL AT SESSIONS.—Up to the time of our going to press there were 26 prisoners entered for trial on the calendar, which is about the average number of cases at Easter sessions. THE WEATHER during the month has been very wild and bleak, with snow and sleet at intervals and from advices it appears that this has been general through- out the day. On Tuesday the snow commenced falling at about 9 o'clock in the morning and continued with- out intermission during the day. BUSINESS FOR SESSIONS.—The following are the min- utes of business to be transacted at the General Quarter Sessions, on Tuesday next :-To administer the oaths to magistrates and others qualifying for office. To read the minutes ot last sessions, and to consider matters arising thereout. To read any communion ion which may have been received from either of Her Majesty's Secretaries of State, or the Lord Lieutenant of the county. To receive any other communication which may have been forwarded to be submitted to the court. To receive report as to Llanfoist and Newbridge-on-Usk Bridges, To receive report as to the offices of Crier of the Court and Grand Jury Bailiff, and of Inspector of Weights and Measures and to consider as to appointing these officers To receive any communication from the committee of visitors of the Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum. To receive the report of visiting justices of the County Goal, and the certificate of the governor. To receive any report from the Monmouth County Buildings' Committee. To execute mortgage of the Police Rates for £ 2100, bor- rowed from the Police Superannuation Fund (for purchase of site and erection of police station, &c., at Blaina). To receive the report of the Police Committee. To receive the report of the Chief Constable. To receive the Chief Inspector's report under Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act. To receive the report of the Finance Committee. To order County and Police rates. To appoint three members of the Board of Conservators for the Wye Fishery District. To receive the accounts for the year 1875, of the Usk and Ebbw Fishery District,—returned in accordance with the Salmon Fishery Act, 1875. To re- ceive the report of the County Surveyor. To receive the report of the acting Inspector of Weights and Measures. To receive report as to fines. The chairman to sign bills. -Notices of motions.—By Captain J. C. Hill. That Llanfoist Bridge, Abergavenny, be adopted as a county bridge. By John Jomes, Esq., That the Bridge at Newbridge-on-Usk be adopted as a county bridge. PANTYGOYTRE ESTATES.—We understand that the long pending litigation between Mrs Morgan (plaintiff ) and G. W. Nicholl and others (defendants), respecting the latter's rights to these estates, is now at an end. The defendants served a notice upon the plaintiff requiring her to try at the last assizes, but under a judge's order the proceedings were held over until the ensuing assizes the plaintiff undertaking to try at those assizes. She has now failed to give the notice for trial, and therefore Mr Nicholl's title becomes fully established. ELECTION OF GUARDIAN AND OvBMBERS.—On Thurs- day a meeting was held at the vestry-room for the purpose of electing persons to fill the office of over- seers, and also a guardian for the ensuing year. There Were but few parishioners present. Mr J. 0. Nicholas, of the Crown, occupied the chair. Mr Henry Stockham, of the Six Bells, and Mr Thomas Morris, of the Eoyal Oak, were elected Overseers; and Mr Thomas Dunn was re-elected Guardian. MAD DOGS.—Several mad dogs have been shot in the neighbourhood during the last few days. ABEESYCHAIN. LOCAL BOARD.—The monthly meettng was held on iuesday. Present—Messrs C. J. Parkes (chairman), A. R. Verity, P. Hambleton, Thos. Lewis, W. L.Pratt, J. Daniel, R. Greenway, N. Herbert, T. Mitchell, E. Jones, J. Jones, and W. P. James. The minutes of the last meeting and the surveyor's report having been read, cheques were signed for payment of £119 14s 7d, wages, and Y,140 Os 1 Id, bills. Dr Mulligan, medical officer of health, reported as follows:—"The death- rate for the month of February was 22'4 per 1,000 per annum, about the average of former years, the ma- jority of deaths, as in the preceding mouth, being from chest affections. There were three deaths from scarlet fever and one from Typhoid, both fevers being, I am happy to say, on the decrease. The excess of births over deaths was 24 in the month." A letter was read from Mr Evan Jones, Freehold Land, complaining of the steps near his house, which were broken. As the thoroughfare is used by the public, the surveyor was ordered to examine the ;>lace, and also to look at the Acts relating to the highways, and report to the board, and also to write to Mr Jones.—Mr Edwards, who had complained of the water damaging his property at Vic- toria Village, came before the board, and was informed that they had instructed the surveyor to make some temporary arrangement for preventing further da- mage, but that they did not feel justified in laying an expensive drain at present.—With reference to Mr Hopkins s claim for compensation in the matter of the Golynos Culvert, the committee met Mr Hopkins on the 24th ult., and agreed to give him £10, to fill up a certain hole which had been left in an unsatisfactory state.—The forthcoming election of new members led to a long conversation. The eight retiring members are Messrs C. J. Parkes, J. Daniel, Thomas Lewis, W. Richards, T, Mitchell, T. Davies, N. Herbert, and W. P. James; and there will be a ninth vacancy in conse- quence of the sudden death of Mr Parker, who died at his breakfast table on the 17th inst. Mr Parkes ex- pressed his regret at this melancholy circumstance.— Mr Daniel complained that all ratepayers did not re- ceive voting papers, and that some of the collectors were in the habit of showing the papers to the public, and of filling them up. On his motion, seconded by Dr Verity, it was resolved that bags be ordered for the collectors for depositing the papers.—A bill sent in by Mr Gorrell for X9 odd was considered by Mr E. Jones to be excessive, and it was agreed that Mr Gorrell should be requested to attend and give explanations; all accounts in future to be sent in quarterly.—The clerk was directed to write to the Monmouthshire Hail. way Company, that the wall on the new road to Twyn- ffrwd is finished, and asking for payment of the balance of £ 100.—Mr A. A. Williams had sent in a form for the future summaries of receipts and disbursements. It was agreed that the new form should be adopted as far as practicable.—A memorial from ratepayers, Praying that a road should be made from Freehold Land to the Star Farm, leading to the church, was read, and the board regretted that at present it cannot entertain the memorial.—It transpired from the mi- nutes that the committee, at the last meeting, resolved to ask Mr Chapman, the surveyor, &c., to continue in office till the 24th of June, his year expiring on the 25th of March, and that Mr Chapman had expressed his willingness to comply with this arrangement. 4 LLANGIBBY. MAD DOGS.—Mr Thomas Day; of the Fox and Hounds inn, was obliged to shoot a valuable beadle dog on Friday last, owing to its showing unmistakeable symptoms of hydrophobia, and his having bitten several dogs in the neighbourhood, Persons owning dogs cannot be too careful in keeping them in, as we ave heard on more than one case in the district, I NEWPORT. SPELLING BEE.-One hundred competitors appeared on the platform of the Victoria Hall, at a spelling bee, on Monday evening last, including a number of ladies. The Rev T. L. Lister presided. Mr W. L. Cock, master of the Wesleyan Day School was the inter- rogator, and Messrs E. J. Smith and M. L. Daw acted as referees. A new feature was introduced-a special prize was giAen to the lady who remained longest in the contest, and this fell to the lot of Mrs Gorman. At the beginning, the ranks of the spellers were thinned but slowly, afterwards harder words were given, and the victims fell much faster. Some amusing mistakes were made during the competition. The following was the order in which the priaes were given :—1st, Mr E. G. Taylor 2nd, A. Gwylim 3rd, Mr Macfarlane 4th, Mr E. Taylor, 5th, Mr D. Lewis 6th, Mr J. K. Stephens 7th, Mr A. Townsend 9th, Mr W. Askin 10th, Ladies' Prize, Mrs Gorman, BOROUGH POLICE.—MONDAY. Before Mr W. EVANS and Mr R. G. CULLUM. John Murphy, an old man, was charged with vagrancy in High-street, on Saturday evening. P.C. Williams proved the case and stated that the prisoner was in the habit of going into a shop and asking for relief and refusing to quit until he obtained something. The bench sent him to Usk Gaol for 14 days.— Eliza Davies, an unfortunate, who said she came from Swansea, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Com- mercial-street. P.C. Rawlings proved the case It appeared that the defendant had been previously con- victed, and she was sent to gaol for one month, with hard labour. A number of other drunken and dis- orderly cases were disposed of. COUNTY COURT.- MONDAY. Before His Honor Judge HERBERT. Herbert v. Midland Railway Company.—Mr Dixon appeared for the plaintiff, and and Mr Young of Bir mingham, defended. Mr Young objected to proceed with the case on the ground that the plaintiff had de- clined to give full particulars of the articles claimed for. Mr Dixon replied that particulars had been given which were sufficiently full. His honor ordered full particuars to be given, and adjourned the case till the 25th of April. Jones v. Hunt.-Plaintiff is the owner of the steam tug Reserve, on board of which an explosion occurred in August, 1874. After the explosion he sold the boiler and other iron, together with tubing, to the defendant for X4 per ton, stipulating that the articles were to be weighed at the Corporation machine. This was not done for some reason or other, and the plaintiff had never been able to obtain the correct weight. On the part of defendant evidence was given that the weight was about 10 tons. Part of the amount due had been paid, and his honor gave judgment for X8 14s 3d, and costs. Hayward v. Gregory.—Mr R. P. Williams appeared for plaintiff, and Mr W. J. Lloyd defended. This action was brought to recover £20, the price of a bull, which the plaintiff had sold to the defendant in April, 1874, and which had died on the road whilst being driven to the defendant's farm. The defence was that the bull was to be delivered by the plaintiff. After hearing all the facts of the case his honor reserved judgment. + NEWBRIDGE (MON.). THE MYNYDDYSLWYN SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION.—A numerously attended meeting of the ratepayers of Mynyddyslwyn was held at the Newbridge inn, on Thursday evening, to endeavour to avoid, if possible, a contested election for filling up the vacant seats on the school board. Mr W. Griffiths, of Gwrhayfach, presided. It was unanimously resolved That in the opinion of the meeting, it was desirable to have two candidates professing Nonconformist principles." A vote of thanks was passed to Mr J. Jeremiah for retiring, and a deputation was appointed to i wait upon Mr Pond, of Abercarne, and ask him to retire. After the meeting was over, an influential gathering of Non- conformists from different parts of the parish resolved to promote the return of Mr Edwards and Mr Jones as members of the school board. MONMOUTH. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—The usual bi-weekly meeting was held on Saturday last, when Mr S. R. Bosanquet presided Major Davies was in the vice- chair, and there was a good attendance. The master reported that the number of inmates had increased during the week, but the number of vagrants relieved during the week showed a decrease. The following tenders were accepted :—Bread and flour, Mr Farror meat and suet, Mr Aston printing, Mr R. Waugh. There was no further business of public interest. THE MILITIA.-The recruits, headed by the band marched to the field for the first time on Saturday. A SPELLING BEE, promoted by the members of the Wesleyan Chapel, was held at the Borough Court on Monday evening. The Mayor presided. The Rev Mr Bestall, minister of the Wesleyan Chapel was inter- rogator Mr Hodson, Mr Sandbrook, and Mr Stephens referees. A recitation was given by Mr liees, and a song by Mr Thomas. The prizes were—first jgl second, 10s third, 5s and were awarded as follows first, Miss Constance, Old Dixton Gate second, Master Cole, a Grammar School lad third, Mr Revnish, said to be a timekeeper on the Wye Valley Railway. SCHOOL BOARD.—A meeting was held on Wednesday, when the following members were present:-Major Tyler (in the chair), the Mayor (Mr T. R Hyam), the Rev C. M. Roberts, Messrs J. E, Hale, T. James, and T. J. A. Williams. The clerk reported that he had completed the purchase of Mr Wightman's premises, and had delivered the title deeds to the treasurer for safe custody, and had taken his acknowledgments for the;same, The costs of Mes rs Bernes and Barnard for preparing the mortgage for jEt,200 was X8 18s 8d. The contractor, Mr D. Roberts, had signed the agree- ment for the purchase of the old materials, and had paid the sum of £70, which had been handed to the treasurer. He has also signed the building contract. The Education Department have recommended the Public Works Loan Commissioners to lend the board the amount they require. Cheques to the amount of t:82 9s ltd were signed for the ordinary quarterly ex- penses to Lady Day, which includes the legal expenses of conveyance, mortgage, &c. The board was ad- journed till April 26th. BOROUGH POL CE.—THURSDAY. Before the MAYOR, Alderman WATKINS, and Mr. T. JAMES INCAPABLE.—Michael Sullivan, hawker, Dry bridge- street, was charged with being drunk and incapable in the New Market, on Saturday, the 18th inst. Supt. Wheeldon proved having found the defendant in a most helpless condition; and Sullivan having been repeatedly before the Bench for similar offences, he received a caution, and was ordered to pay a fine of 2s 6d, and 4s coc,ts. THROWING STONES.—James Knight, a little boy living with his father at May Hill, was summoned for assaulting James Jenkins, another boy, who is errand boy to Mr Noah Watkins, on the 20th inst. It ap- peared that the boys got throwing stones at one an- other, and Knight hit Jenkins on the face with one of the missiles. As both boys seemed equally to blame, the Bench allowed the complainant to withdraw the case, on the defendant's father paying costs. TREDEG AR. POLICE COURT. TUESDAY. Before Mr. HARRHY. DRUNK.—Henry Webber was charged with being drunk at Georgetown on Monday night. De"endant admitted the charge, saying, I went to a funeral, and by coming back I did get very drunk, sir." Fined 2s 6d and costs. DRUNK AND ASSAULTING THE POLICE.—James Smith pleaded guilty to being dmnk and assaulting Police- sergeant Wilkins, at Tredegar, on Monday night, and preferred to have the case dealt with at once by the presiding justice. The case was not pressed severely, and a fine of 10s and costs was imposed. DAMAGING TKEES.—Henry Lovell, a travelling tinker, pleaded guilty to damaging some trees, on land be- longing- to Lord Tredegar, and was fined 5s dam ige and expenses. STEALING IRI)N.-Catherine Cotter, 13, was charged, under the Criminal Justices Act, with this offence at Tredegar. As the case required two magistrates, a remand was erdered. CHEPSTOW, ASSAULTING A PARAMOUR.—At the police-court, on Saturday, before Mr W. JE. Seys, James Hobbs, a labourer, residing in Thomas-street, was charged with committing a most brutal assault upon a woman with whom he is cohabiting. The poor woman either could not or would not appear, and the case was re- manded for her appearance. Hobbs had a month's imprisonment a short time ago for a similar assault.


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