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POTATO GROUND TO BE LET. ABOUT 6 acres of excellent Potato Ground are to be had on the Walnut Tree Farm. Arti- ficial manure will have to be used. Price, moderate, per perch. Potatoes must be put in in proper season. One cwt of Artificial Manure to every sack of potatoes will be provided. Is 6d per perch, at seven yards to the perch.-For all particulars apply to JOHN JONES, Black Beach Cottage, Goytrey. A LABOURER'S COTTAGE, called "Herbert's Cottage," is to be LET at the Upper Village, in Goytrey, with a small garden. Rent £ 4.— Apply to WILLIAM PRICE, near above village. TO COVER THIS SEASON, IN MONMOUTHSHIRE. MAGIC LANTERN, BY Jack 0' Lantern, out of Eugenie; by Bar- barian, out of Allegrette. Jack 0' Lantern, by Stockwell, out of Lurley. A powerful Chesnut Horse, six years old, 16 hands high, perfectly sound in every respect, with plenty of bone and substance, and looks like getting good Hunting Stock. Awarded first prize at Tredegar and Aberga- venny. X3 10s. each Mare, and 5s. the Groom. Approved Mares, the property of Farmers, Tenants of MR. HERBERT, of Clytha, covered gratis. Accommodation for foaling Mares. Apply to Stud Groom, Clytha, Usk, Monmouth- shire. JOINT COUNTIES' ASYLUM, ABERGAENVNY TO BUTCHERS, MILLERS, & POTATO MERCHANTS. THE Visiting Justices of this Asylum are wil- ling to receive Tenders from parties desirous of contracting to supply the Asylum with any of the undermentioned articles, Irom the 1st day of April to the 30th day of June next, viz. -Flour, Meal, Meat, and Potatoes. Tenders, accompanied with samples in the case of flour, meal, and pota- toes, to be sent to the Asylum not later than 10 o'clock in the morning of THURSDAY, the 23rd clay of March current. Forms of Tender will be supplied on application by letter or otherwise at the Clerk's office in the Asylum. The Visiting Justices do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. S. BROWNING, Clerk to the Visitors. Asylum, 8 March, 1876, PONTYPOOL UNION. CONTRACTS FOR PROVISIONS, &c. ALL persons desirous of Contracting with the Guardians of this Union, for the next three months, for Bread, Flour, Meat, Grocery, Cheese, Butter, Milk, Rice, Shoes, Coal, Soap, Candles, Split Peas, Oatmeal, and other articles of con- sumption, for the Workhouse of the said Union and also for supplying the several parishes in the said Union with Bread and Flour, are requested to deliver sealed tenders at my office on or before the 15th day of March instant, and send samples to the Union Workhouse on THURSDAY morning, the 16th day of March, by ten o'clock. The Board will receive Tenders for supplying the Pontypool, Abersychan, and Usk districts, with Bread and Flour, separately. It is competent for any person to Tender for auy of the articles separately, and the Board will not undertake to accept the lowest tender. Forms of Tenders may be had at my office. Security, under a penalty of Ten Pounds, will be required for the performance of the contract, that the goods supplied are of the quality contracted for. EDMD. B. EDWARDS, Clerk of the Board of Guardians. Town-hall, Pontypool, March 3, 1876. EDWARD PACKARD, & Co., IPSWICH, HAVE BEEN AWARDED THE FOLLOWING MEDAS. London,1862. London, 11-73. Paris, 1867. Vienna, 1873, Riga, 1865. Lyons, 1871. E. P. & Co. respectfully solicit orders for their celebrated artificial M A N U RES, Delivered at all Stations in dry, friable condition. All applications for agencies to be addressed to THOMAS PARRY, SEED MERCHANT, &c., CAERLEON, NEW- PORT, HON., tt Sole District Agent for Monmouthshire, Hereford- shire, Glamorganshire, and Breconshire. AGENTS FOR SOUTH WALES, &C- Mr. Thomas Dutfield, Penhow Castle, Magor. Mr. Allen James, Treveddw Farm, Pandy, Aber- gavenny. Mr. John Williams, Peterstone-super-Ely, Cardiff'. Mr. J. G. Harris, Land Agent, &c., Longtown, Herefordshire. Mr. E. M. Jones, Nowchurch, Hay, Hereford. Mr. Oliver Davies, Land Agent, &c., Usk. Manure Depot:— M, R. & C. Go's Wharf, Newport, Mon. C L A R K S FISHIVG TACKLE WAREHOUSE, ST. MARY-STREET, MONMOUTH. rj ROUT FLiE^, made expressly for Monmouth- X shire waters, forwarded to any address at Is. 6d. per dozen; salmon flies, at 10s. WANTED, a Lad. Must be able to drive and w look after a horse and trap, and make himself generally useful.-Apply, Mr. G, EDMUNDS, butcher, Usk. WANTED a GOOD GENERAL SERVANT, — Apply to Mrs W. A. DAY, Bridge-st., Usk. WANTED, immediately, in a small family, a good plain COOK, state age, wages, and all particulars by letter, addressed Standard," Post-office, Chepstow. WBUNNING & CO., Ironmongers, Usk and • Pontypool, have a vacancy for an Ap- prentice in each of the above towns (out-door).— Apply, Usk or Pontypool. USK.—To be Let, a House and Garden, at the Walcheren.—Apply to JOHN PARKEB, Vic- toria-villa, Usk. BURTON AND OTHER ALES, AT THE KING'S HEAD INN, USK. IN 9, 18, and 36 gallon casks, at lOd, Is, Is 2d and Is 4d per gallon. PORTER & STOUT, in same sized casks. THE LIFE AND EXPLOITS OF KING ARTHUR AND THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. EDITED BY J. H. CLARK. Poolscap 8 vo.. cloth, Is. 6d.; smaller edition, Is. Of all Booksellers. SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS! A NEW & CHOICE SELECTION OF GARDEN AND AGRICULTURAL s i". EDS SOLD BY J. WILLIAMS, CHEMIST, AND VETERINARY SURGEON, BRIDGE STREET, USK. MIDDLE STREET, USK. J. 0. NICHOLAS, PAINTER, PLUMBER, & GLAZIER, SIGN- PAINTER, & PAPERHANGER, BEGS to thank his patrons for the support -D accorded him since he has been in business, and hopes, by strict attention to their orders, to merit their support in future. A large stock of paperhangings on hand. -Veneered and guilt mouldings in great variety. Picture frames made to order. rjpOURISTS GUIDE FROM ROSS TO MOMMOTJTH; AND MONMOUTH TO TINTERN ABBEY, WIND CLIFF AND CHEPSTOW; WITH PLAFES. ONE SHILLING. At "OBSERVER" Office. TpOR THE BLOQD IS THE LIFE. JL, See Deuteronomy, chap. xii., verse 23. WORLD FAMED MimniJiwnnal Trade Mark,—" Blood Mixture." THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER & RESTORER WFor cleansing ana clearing the blooa irom all impurities fiannot be too repomniended. For Scrofula, Scurvy S|jin Diseases, and sores of all kinds it is a never-failing and permanent cure. It Cures Old Sores Cures Ulcerated Sores in the Neck Cures Ulcerated Sore Legs Cures Blackheads, or Pimples on Face Cures Scurvy Sores Cures Cancerous Ulcers Cures Blood and Skin Diseases Cures Glandular Swellings Clears the blood from all Impure Matter from whatever cause arising. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitutions of either sex, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. ° Thousands of Testimonials from all parts. Sold in bottles, 2s 6d each, and in cases, containing 6 times the quantity, lis each, sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long standing cases, by all CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICINE VENDORS throughout the United Kingdom and the World, or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps, by F J. Clarke, Chemist, High-street, Lincoln. Wholesale All the Patent Medicine Houses, QTEEL'S GOUT & RHEUMATIC PILLS. The only Cure. May be obtained of NEWBERY and SONS, BARCLAY and SONS, and all Chemists. in boxes, Is. I-ld 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. Post 2 -1 free for one stamp extra. Prepared only by FRANK W. STEEL, M.PH.S., 283, ESTABLISHED 1812. H. & T. P II O C T O H AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTS, CATHAY, :BRISTOL, ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS OF SPECIALLY PREPARED BONE MANURES, FOR GRASS, CORN, ROOT, AND OTHER CROPS, ALSO, BONE SUPEKPHOSPHATE OF LIME. WORKSCATHAY, BRISTOL. Our MR HATHERLEY will attend ABERGAVENNY, USK, YY and NEWPORT MARKETS during the Season. STORESMessrs WATERS & Co., Chepstow; Mr THOS. HYAM, Wyebridge, Monmouth, .!Mr' Full particulars, with prices, post free, on application. C)PPOSIT-E T I-! E THP.EE SAILMONS' I-IC)TEII, (Established 1782.) WILLIAMS & SON, SADDLE AND HARNESS MANUFACTURERS. Every Description of Article connected with the Trade supplied. 33 RIDGE S T REE T, XT S IK. J. F. POW ELL BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Usk and the surrounding neighbourhood, that the PartnershiD hitherto subsisting between Air JAMES JONES and himself, was by mutual consent dissolved on the 10th inst., and that he purposes carrying on the business of TAILOR & GENTLEMEN'S COMPLETE OUTFITTER, on the premises lately in the occupation of Mrs. W. E. WATERS. NEXT DOOR TO ME. JOHN WILLIAMS, CHEMIST, Sfc. J. F. P. also wishes to say that he intends commencing business in a few days, of which due notice will be given, when he will submit for inspection an Entirely New and Large Stock of Gentlemen's Apparel, in every department. Gents' Hosiery, Gloves, Shirts, Ties, Scarves, Handkerchiefs, Under Vests &c &c in all the new Shades, Styles and Materals. The whole of the stock having been personally selected, in the very best markets, he can with con- fidence solicit an early call and inspection. J. F. POWELL would here beg respectfully to thank his numerous friends for their kind suDDort vouchsafed to him during hi|many years residence in Usk. auffun. THE EMPEROR OF RUSSIA AND THE CITY OF LONDON. His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Russia has conferred on Mr J. W. Benson the appointment of Goldsmith to the Imperial Court, in appreciation of Mr. Benson's artistic production of the Gold Casket presented to the Emperor by the Corporation of the City of London. j J W pEXSOX, rrC tTT -D tr -rTT T? the Queen and Royal Family. the. Prince of Wales (special appointment). Maker of the Chronograph, by which the Derby and all great races are timed. Prize Medallist of London, Dublin, and Paris.—LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.C.- AND 25, OLD BOND STREET. T T)ENSON invites attention to vi unequalled advantages which he is enabled to offer to purchasers by the use of steam power and the employment of a large staff of skilled English and foreign workmen. The highly satisfactory performances of his Watches and Clocks is recognized by the Press and the Public. The prices charged, in every instance are the low- est compatible with sound workmanship and high finish. TVTOVELTY. English Clocks, far superior to -L* foreign, designed by English artists, manufactured on the premises, and to be obtained only at the above establishments. Clock Cases made to harmo- nize with the architecture of mansions, country houses, &c., and with their furniture. WATCHES. From 2 to 200 Guineas. Rail- Tt way Guards, Sailors, Soldiers, Miners, and Work- men's Watches (of extra strenght). (BLOCKS. From 1 to 1000 Guineas. JEWELRY and Plate for Presentation, &c. Watches and Clocks repaired by skilled workmen. Old Jewelry, Silver, and Watches exchanged. Watches sent to all parts, safe, by post. Merchants and Shippers supplied. The new Pamphlets on Turret and Church Clocks (with The above sketch represents the Perpetual Calendar, testimonials), Watches and Clocks, Jewelry and Plate (pro- Independent Seconds, Keyless Watch. The hands, with- fusely illustrated), sent post free each for two stamps. out being re-set from time to time for leapyear, keep a J. W. Benson's New Work, Time and Time Tellers," perpetual register of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, published by Hard wicke, Piccadilly. Plain, 2s 6d; Gilt, 3s. months, and years show old and new styles; phases of CAUTION.—The Public are cautioned against misrepre- the moon and variations of heat and cold. sentations and attempts to sell Spurious Imitations. PUNCTUAL AND PERSONAL ATTENDANCE. PERFECTLY PAINLESS DENTISTRY GUARANTEED. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. DENTISTS 30, BERNERS-STREET, OXFORD-STREET, AND 448, STRAND OPPOSITE CHARING.CROSS RAILWAY STATION, LONDON. The Oldest Established English Dentists. THIRTY-THIRD YEAR OF ATTENDANCE IN MONMOUTHSHIRE AND HEREFORDSHIRE. APPOINTMENTS FOR 1875. MONMOUTH—Every 2nd MONDAY, in each month at Mr M. Jones, auctioneer, Agincourt-square.-Next visit, MONDAY, Feb. 14, and Mar. 13,1876. A.BERGAVENNY- Everv alternate TUESDAY, at tbe POST-OFFICE, opposite the Angel Hotel.-Next visits TUESDAY, Feb. 15 and 29, 1876. HEREFORD—Every WEDNESDAY, at Mr. Webster's, Surveyor, 151. St.Owen's-street, corner of Offa-street ATTENDANCE FROM ELEVEN TILL FOUR. TEETH and PAINLESS DENTISTRY.—Mesrs. LEWIS MOSELY and SON'S improved ARTI- FLCI IL TEETH are recommended by the most eminent of the medical profession as undeniably the best substitute for the natural organs, securing, without possibility of the slightest pain, the greatest amount of ease and comfort. They are the lightest, strongest, most economical, and durable that can be produced, and are securely retained in the mouth without springs, wires, or large and cumbersome plates. For efficacy, utility, speech,mastica- tion, and the restoration of the original youthful appearance of the features, they are unrivalled. Their resmblance to nature is so perfect as to frequently deceive the wearers themselves. Messrs. Mosely's speciality in the use of the gas enables them to guarantee a perfectly painless performance of all appertaining to dentistry with a speed, ease and comfort unobtainable by any other method, pain, unpleasantry, or danger being utterly impossible.-Dr. J. T. W. Thudichum, of the Pathological Laboratory, St. Thomas's Hospital, in the Times of the 16th of Aug1 st, 1870, says :—' It possesses all the advantages of chloroform to the exclusion of every disadvantage. It has no smell, and produces quickly, in four or five full inspirations, a perfect ancesthesia, in which all operations can be performed without causing pain, and hardly a minute after the cessation of its inhalation its influence on the patient has entirely disappeared. It never produces unpleasant sensations, choking, or sickness, and there has ever been a case of danger under its influence." For the efficacy, utility, and success of the system vide Lancet Tooth Extraction, guaranteed painless, 10s.6d. No fee charged for extractions when the better des- cription of artificial. teeth are required. Artificial Teeth from 5s. each Sets from X5 5s. All their Artificial Teeth being constructed in their own work-rooms in London, Messrs. Mosely are enabled to place at the disposal of their patients those higher resources of the Dental Art unattainable in the provinces except at the trouble and expense of a journey to the melropolis. Only London Establishments :—30, Berners-street, Oxford-street; and 448, Strand (opposite the Charing-cross, Railway station), where patients visiting London will meet with every attention free of charge. All Consultations and every Information FBEE. NO CONNECTION WITH ANYONE OF THE SAME NAME. WANTED. WOODCUTTERS & HOOPSHAVERS.-Apply y" to John Morgan, Castle Inn, Usk. FOR SALE.—Fresh emptied Port Wine Pipes and Spirit Casks. — Apply to THOMAS WILLIAMS, Hoop-maker, Usk, Mon. A Varied Selection of Agricultural and Horticultural SEEDS. STATIONARY, PERFUMERY and FISHING TACKLE SOLD BY F. D. EDWARDS, CHEMIST, USK. SOOT! SOOT! SOOT! SOLD BY THOMAS WILLIAMS, 15, BANESWELL-ROAD, NEWPORT, MON. BEGS to inform his friends of Usk a nd Neighbourhood that he has a large quantity of Soot in stock. Delivered at any station within 30 miles of Newport, at 7d per bushel, and at 6d in Newport; all orders to be addressed as above. WILLIAM PANNIERS, LICENSED HORSE SLAUGHTERER, Wain-y-clare Inn, near Pontypool, Monmouthshire, and Pilbech Farm, Mamhilad (near the School). BEGS respectfully to inform his friends in the neighbourhood that he has taken to the business lately carried on by Mr KENT, at LITTLE MILL, and that he is prepared to give the Highest Price for live and dead Horses, Cows, &c. Inquiries for the Slaughter-house can be made at Wain-y-clare, near Pontypool. NOTICE.—William Panniers is a Licensed Horse Slaughterer. All messages and telegrams promptly paid for, and all orders promptly attended to. Communications should be addressed to WM. PANNIERS, Pilbach Farm, Mamhilad, near Pontypool, Mon 23, IRONMONGER LANE, LONDON. (THE OLD HOUSE.) JOHNSTON'S CORN FLOUR IS THE BEST. TO OBTAIN THE BEST ASK FOR JOHNSTON'S CORN FLOUR. It is rich in flesh-forming and heat-giving pro- perties, and when boiled with milk affords com- plete and perfect nourishment for children and persons of weak disgestion. It is delicious for I Puddings, Custards, Blancmange, &c. USK MON. I-IE THREE SALMONS HOTEL & POSTING THE THREE SALMONS HOTEL & POSTING -L HOUSE affords first-class accommodation to Families, Tourists, and Commercial Gentlemen.- Salmon and Trout Fishing may be obtained on application to the Proprietor, P. S. CRAWFORD, Chorea Sancti Viti-The Dance of St Vitus, Paralysis and Nervous Disorders. DR R. BARTON, of Raglan, undertakes the cure of the above dreadful maladies by a specific, the recipe for which has been in his family for a. period of 500 years. St Vitus's Dance, so called, proceeds from paralysis of the spine affects seriously the whole nervous system, softens the brain, and ultimately ends in insanity. The medicine he administers is very highly galvanised, and acts on the system in a manner like electricity. A cure is generally performed in 14 day, no matter how long standing the disease, or what the patient's age may be. The medicine is also a specific for Fits and all other nervous disorders ;it strengthens the Brain and invigorates the system. Dr. Barton has practised in Raglan for 34 years, and during that time has had 4000 cases, and never failed in one instance. Dr Barton was an articled pupil and partner for five years with that eminent physician the late Dr Moore, of Usk. Terms moderate- if no cure, no charge. JOHN KNIPE & SON, GROCERS, SEED, CORN AND PROVISION MERCHANT, CRANE-STREET, PONTYPOOL. BEGS to announce that they will open their new Seed and Corn Establishment on Satur- day next the 26th inst., with a large assortment of Garden and Agricultural Seeds, and also a great variety of early seed potatoes, at very low prices. Note Address Next Door to the LONDON & PROVINCIAL BANK MTT s T? S W AlTE & SON AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, AND ACCOUNTANTS, ESTATE & GENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS, &c. CLARENCE STREET, PONTYPOOL. Office Hours-9.0 till 7.0. All kinds of Valuations made, and an immediate settlement of Sales by Auction. Large Rooms for Storing Furniture, Stocks, &c., or Absolute Sale by Auction. TT H. CLARK has just received a large and varied assortment of PHOTOGRAPHS, in- cluding Raglan Castle, Tintern Abbey, Grosmont Castle and Church, Clytha House, Llanover House, Troy House, Shire Hall, Monmouth; Usk Castle, 1 Church, and Priory, and Usk Town, &c., &c.