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POLICE COURT.—SATURDAY. Before A. I). BERRJNGTON, Esq. THEFT.—Mary Hanson was charged with stealing a brush, the property of the Ebbw Vale Company, and a bed sheet, the property of Edward Rawlings.—Committed for trial at the assizes. Before Colonel BYHDE, and E. J. PHILLIPS, Esq. ASSAULT.—George Davis was charged with assaulting Abraham Williams.—Defendant was fined 21s., or twenty- one days. STEALING A SHAWL.—Annie Cutt was charged with stealing a shawl, the property of Daniel Council. Pri- soner said that the shawl was given her, and she was dis- charged. Several cases were settled out of court. + ;— CAEIILEON. HIGHWAY BOARD.The usual monthly meeting was held at the police-court, Caerleon, on Thursday, J. James, Esq., in the chair the attendance in- cluded—Rev. W. Powell, and 'F. Moggridge, Esq., ex-ojjicio; Messrs. W. Edwards, Lewis, Baker, Wil- liams, Parsons, Evans, Thomas, and Daviq.-The minutes of the last meeting having been read, the Surveyor stated that there were no bills to present to-day. A cheque was signed for X27 for current expenses.—Application. The Surveyor reported an application from a person named Bevan for permis- sion to erect paling in front of a smith's shop on Croesllwyd-road in the district of the board. The applicant offered to widen the road on the other side, so that the public should not be inconvenienced, if the board granted the land for such purpose; the applicant was also willing to lengthen the culvert and perform the work to the satisfaction of the Surveyor. Mr. Baker and the Surveyor said that the carrying out of the alteration suggested would be a great im- provement, and the Surveyor explained that the ap- plication had been made on a previous occasion, but was not granted, as the board was not aware that the land on the other side was available.. It was also suggested that the tilling up of a certain pool near the place alluded to would be a great improvemont, and to this the applicant agreed, and the necessary permission to perform the alteration was given.— The Civm Road Llangibby. The Surveyor reported that he had received a tender from Mr. Herbert Thomas, of Usk, ottering to erect the proposed bridge, and construct the approaches thereto, on the Cwm-road, in the parish of Llangibby, for the sum of £25.. In connection with this subject a letter was read from the Highway Board at Usk, stating that that body was willing to pay half the costs of building the bridge only, a portion of the road being in the parish of Llanbadoc, in their district. The Surveyor also reported that he had agreed with Wil- liam Pardoe to make the new banks by the ap- proaches, &c., for JE22 108;; the work was not commenced, as permission to take the land had not yet been given by the landlords. Mr. Thomas had promised to get permission, but he (the Surveyor) saw Mr. Warren, the agent to the landlord, and he stated that he required a plan, wished him to meet on the spot, and required a fee for his attendance. The demand for a fee somewhat astonished the board, and the Chairman said the matter -ought to have been brought before the board before the Surveyor had any correspondence with Mr. Warren. The Surveyor explained that the farmers who gave per- mission for the land to be taken had asked him to see Mr. Warren. He thought he had done nothing wrong, as he had had an order to commence the work, but could not do so until he had the land. The Chairman thought the building of the bridge was more important to the Cwm Farm than any- thing else, and he was of opinion that landlords did not do what they ought to in such cases. It was suggested that Mr. James should write to the owner of the property, Mr. Fuidge, of Bristol, about the land, but it was ultimately decided that the Surveyor should sec the tenant of the farm and get him to obtain permission to take the land without incurring any further expense.Another Fee objected to. The Surveyor produced an agreement, purporting to be one between Lady Mackworth and himself for the taking of a strip of land, about thirteen perches, in the parish of Llangattock, for widening a road in that parish, and stipulating how it should be done. The agreement was drawn up in legal phraseology, and stated that the board must pay 10s. 6d. for it. The board thought it was a most trumpery thing to charge 10s. 6d. for, and the Chairman remarked that the board did not want stamped agreements in such cases, and suggested that it should be sent back to Mr. 0. Davies, of Usk, the gentleman who drew it up. lIe also remarked that the board ought to deal with principals not with servants. He thought every man was not a lawyer because he wrote whereas." Mr. Edwards, clerk to the board, ex- plained that it was really necessary in such cases that an entry of the giving of the land, and the resolution of the board in the matter, should be en- tered on the minutes; no agreement of the description read was necessary. The Surveyor was ordered to return the agreement to Mr. Davies, of Usk, and the- matter dropped.-New Road from Cwmbran to Llan- tamam. A lengthy discussion ensued upon the mention of this subject in the Surveyor's report, which defined the route intended to be taken. Several members of the board thought a better and less expensfve route might be taken. The Surveyor said he had merely completed the plan of the one route. After some discussion as to whether another plan should not be made of a different route, it was decided that the Surveyor should produce his plan in a finished state at the next meeting, and then the members would decide whether they wished a further plan of the route suggested by some of the members present.—The meeting then became a private one.