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St. Mary's Church, Haverfordwest

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Family Notices

Death of Mr H. G. Allen, K.C.


Death of Mr H. G. Allen, K.C. FORMER MEMBER FOR r E PEMBROKE lOROUGHS. Pembrokeshire mourns the loss of another ot it grand old men. hy the death of Mr Henry Georg.- Allen, K.C., which took place on We.li.esda,. morning at Paske.-aon, Pembroke, there is removed from the scene one 01 its most veneiabln and respected figures, and one who in his day filled a large place in the life on the county. He was a member of the honoured Pembrokeshire family ot Aliens of Cresselly, which traces its descent from King Edward III through the Nevilles, Cecils Seymours, and other noble families, the present head of the family being Mr H. Seymour Allen, M.F.H., of Cresselly. Mr Henry George Allen was the second son of the late Mr John Hensleigh Allen, of Cresselly, who died in 1843, and who sat for some years as member for the Pembroke Boroughs—a seat his son afterwards was destined to fill-iiis mother being Gertrude, youngest daughter of Lord Robert Seymour. Mr Allen was born in 1815, a month after the battle of Waterloo, so that he had reached the advanced age of 93 H.> was educated at Rugby and at Christ Cimr-i. Oxford, taking his B.A. degree in 1837, that oi M.A. in 1840. In the following year he was c,d ,ed to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, and nearlJ 40 vters after, in 18S0, he "took silk." Among ai appointments lie had held was that of Ket i.rdei o A"dover and chairman of Pembrokeshire Qn itt-, S'-ssions, a position which his futnn- hud .(!so HlKw Mr Allen presided over he Coun for .-pare 01 16 years. The late Mr Allen was a Liberal Unionist. II Aliens had always been a staunchly Liberal iamii and after the retirement of the late Sir E. J. R<4,i (subsequently member for Cardiff from the reure- entation Q1 the Pembroke Boroughs he wus chosen) aw the Liberal champion. His opponent was the present Sir Thomas Meyrick, of Bush. Mr Allen gained the seat, and held at tie Gener I Election of 1885, when he defeated the late Admiral Mayne who was elected the following year. He could nut follow Mr Gladstone in his Home Rule policy, voted against the Bill of 1886, and became a Liberal Unionist. He was also opposed to Disestablishment. Thenceforward he did not take any very active part in polities. As a barrister Mr Allen practised on the South Wales Circuit, but retired from the active pursuit of his profession many years ago. He was elected member for the Carew Division of Pembrokeshire at the first County Council election, and was subse- quently made alderman and first chairman of the fCounty Council. For a time be was revising barrister for one of the South Wales divisions. He was greatly beloved in South Pembrokeshire, as much for his mfmy charitable aqts as for the love of justice which marked hjs life. For some years past he had been practically confined to the bouse at Pas k est on, near Pembroke,


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