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St. Mary's Church, Haverfordwest.


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Bazaar and Garden Fete.

* Sale of Work at Cuffern.


Sale of Work at Cuffern. Bright and sunny weather favoured the sale of work in aid of the Roch and Nolton District Nurse's Fund at Cuffern on Tuesday last, and that picturesque old mansion, with tts stately trees and trim lawn, presented a gay and charm- ing appearance. Tables had been laid out on the lower edge of the lawn, whereon the many articles contributed for sale, ranging in all varieties, from the useful to the ornamental, were tastefully displayed. Amusements had also been provided for in the shape of a shooting gallery, Aunt Sally, and a swing for the little ones, together with a novel form of practising equilibrium, constructed by Mr. Louis Saurin and Mr. Charles Massy. This consisted of a horizontal pole some four feet from the ground, along which a competitor had to drag himself seated on a wooden saddle, so weighted that its natural tendency was to hang inverted and underneath the bar. An abundant tea was also provided at tables in the shade, for all visitors who chose to partake thereof. The fancy stalls were presided over by Miss Baird, Miss Nest (Roch), and Miss Francis, while Miss Rees disposed of fancy baskets at an adjoining table. Miss Reese and Miss Pamplin did a hrisilr trade at the jumble stall, which was a, scene of much good humoured bargains, while Mrs. Reese kindly took charge of the confectionary stall and sold out almost the entire stock for the gratification of the younger portion of the visitors. Dairy and garden produce and flowers were temptingly dis- played on a separate stall, attended by Mr Wil- kins, while Mr. Thomas John superintended the shooting gallery, Mr. W. Evans took care of that old favourite Aunt Sally, and Mr. Tom Davies looked after the swing. Last, but by no means lgast, Mrs. John Walters, Mrs. W. J. Owens, Mrs. Childs, and the Misses Thomas, of Ferny Glen, were indefatigable in seeing to the comfort of the visitors at the tea tables. Contributions of articles for sale were made by Mrs. Fowler (of Druidston), Mrs. Harries (of Hil- ton), Mrs. Eaton Evans, Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Wilson, Miss Rees, Miss Samson, Miss Rees-Stokes Miss Esmond White the Misses Lewis Mrs. Male Mrs. Childs Mrs. Canton Mrs. John Walters Miss Wil- nains, Mrs. W. Jones, and Messrs. Rawdon Smith, Fred Green, Bisley Munt, J. L. Jenkins Morse and Evans, J. and J. P. Reynolds, E. John, Commerce House, Ltd., John Jones, and many others, as well as by Mr. and Mrs. Massy, who spared neither time nor trouble in ensuring the success of the undertaking. Money donations were also made by several, who were not able to attend personally. Despite the fact that many who would other- wise have been present were compelled to take advantage of the fine day to save, their hay, thus literally "making hay while the sun shone," the attendance was good. Mr. Louis Saurin, who undertook the duty of "custodian of the gate," having received entrance money (which included tea) from over 90 visitors. The shades of evening brought a pleasant day to a conclusion, and a substantial sum, amounting to about JE27, was realised, gratifying alike to Mr. and Mrs. Massy, who had taken such infinite pains in organising the sale, and to those who, while spending a most enjoyable afternoon, had thus materially assisted such a deserving object. It was a peculiar plea- sure to find that Rear-Admiral W. Stokes Rees, C.B., having just returned from Sidney, New South Wales, was enabled to be present, and rendered valuable assistance all the afternoon.

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