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BOROUGH OF THE TOWN AND COUNTY OF HAVERFORDWEST. FAIRS FOR 1906. rpHE FAIRS for 1906 will be held as follows JL unless unforeseen circumstances shall make an alteration necessary :— JANUARY TUESDAY lili FEBRUARY 13th MARCH 20th APRIL u 10th MAY 15th JUNE for Wool and Stock) 12th JULY 10th AUGUST 14th SEPTEMBER THURSDAY 6th TUESDAY 18th OCTOBER (Hiring) FRIDAY 5th TUESDAY 16th NOVEMBER 13th DECEMBER Hth THE PIG FAIRS will be held on ttjd day after the Cattle Fairs. Dealers and others attending the Haverfordwest Fairs are hereby cautioned against the practice of Lacerating with a Knife or other Instrument fcr the purpose of Marking any Animal; and NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, under Statute 12 and 13 Victoria, cap, 92, all Persons found Lacerat- ing any Animal will be liable to a Penalty of FIVE POUNDS. H. J. E. PRfUE, MAYOR. Haverfordwest, November Utb, 1905. THE SWANSEA MERCANTILE BANK L1MEITD, OF 18, PARK STREET, SWANSEA MAKE CASH ADVANCES DAILY FROM £5 to JS500 ri'O ALL CLASSES of respectable house- JL holders upon their own Note of Hand, and other ds of securities. ALL TRANSACTIONS STRICTLY iRIVATE. For further particulars apply H. B. JONES, Manager. or W. D. PHILLIPS, Auctioneer, Haverfordwest, Local Representative, W. IMZJUo-x-.E.DXTIEa:, JOBBING GAKDiiNliK, 17, QUAY. STREET, Haverfordwest. l3URROU(iii'tt ltEUISTltY OFFICE FUR SERVANTS, Boroughs, Hendon, London, NW. NOTICE. JOHN THOMAS, BEGS to inform the public that he has started business as a MASON on his own ( account. For the last 20 jears he has been employed by the late Mr Morris, builder, 01 Haveiiordwcat. I All ordeis will receive the best care and attention. Chimneys swept on the shortest notice. Address.—WINCH Lank, HAYERlf01WWEST. N.Ii.—Orders may he left with Mrs Braun, w St. Thomas' Green. jpjLAiNrojeoiBLr3: FOR PIANOS, ORGANS &all MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS w. Mckenzie IS the most practical dealer. He has gained his experience in the following firms: Broadwood, seven years' grand finsliing and j tuning), Collard & Collard, and Chappeli and Coof, London INSTRUMENTS OF ANY MAKER SUPPLIED 25 Per Cent, discount for cash or the hire system ( PIANOS TUNED AND REPAIRED. NOTE THE ADDRESS 8, Victoria Place, Haverfordwest. Tasker's High School for Girls. HAVERFORDWEST Headmistress, MISS ANDERSON, B.A., assisted by highly qualified Mistresses. FEES.— £ 1 6s. 8d. per Term, Special subjects Greek, German and Painting, 15s. per terms, CountryPupiis are only allowed to board at the „ Hostel, specially provided for pupils of the School or at houses approved by the Governing Body, of which a list can be obtained (with any other infomation desired relative to school arrangements) either fro u the Head mistress, or from MR. J. W. PHILLIPS, Solicitor, Tower Hill, Clerk to the Governors. The N ATIONAL GAS & OIL ENGINE t SOLE AGENT: MARTIN PHILLIPS, Electrical Engineer, Bridge Street, Haverfordwest, The best Oil Engine on the-Market. Salvia House, Millbank, Haver- fordwest. 1 JOHN DAYIES J BEGS to inform the general public that he is prepared to supply, at the shortest notice, WREATHS, CROSSES, CHAP- LETS, HAHPS; ALSO WEDDING BOUQUETS, v. ( Artistically made to suit any purpose. WREATHS from 6s to 21s Orders by post or wire will receive prompt attention. "WHO'S YOUR LAWYER P I haven't required one since I bought of Crosby Lockwood & Son, 7, Stationers' Hall Court, London, E.C., a Copy of « EVERY MAN'S OWN LAWYER." by a Barrister, price 6s. 8d. post free, which has been repaid to me 20 times over in the saving of lawyers' fees. New and Revised Edition (1905) just published. rpOBACCOS! CIGARS! CIGARETTES! | Every known Brand at Manufacture! own List Prices. Jill diets variety oi Tobacconists' Fancy Good! and Shop Titling*. The Trade only supplied. Opening orders a Speciality. Send for Trice List to any of onr branches or to SINGLETON & COLE, LTD., Cannon Street, Birmingham. WE GIVE FOR A GUINEA i Pair Superfine Witney Blankets, each Blanket bound pink | 71bs. weight; Pair White T willed Sheets, 2| yds. by 21 yds. hemmed ready for use; 1 Pair White Pillow Cases, fult size, buttoned ends; 1 White Counterpane, 3 yds.longb:y,-2t yds. wide, woven pattern, good design; 1 Duchesse Toilet Set. All sent Carriage Paid on receipt of P.O.O. BROOKFIELDS, Market Sq., STAFFORD. ESTABLISHED OVER loo YEARS. OLD METALS of every description purchased for Cash. H B BARNARD & SONS, 144, Lambeth Walk, London. MAYPOLE TEA-m-Si* tVtfi M W Branches. AMOROMA I A Certain, Sure & Efficacious Cure for | If" INDIGESTION. ~~J E I An Incomplete Story. I • During a visit I paid to Naples and Rome I • I met two gentlemen and got into conversation ■ 'I with them. We discussed the horrors" of I J sea-sickness and indigestion, no doubt called ■ forth by the high feeding indulged in on board • S these east-going steamers. This talk about < indigestion-well, that's just where the story • I ends, for I must not give anything away. ■ Thousands of cases of indigestion were quietly ■ tried and successfully treated, and it was then ■ determined to put THIS REMARKABLE ■ • CURE on the market. It has been left to ■ I me to do this upon the following conditions: ■ The PRICE of this Eight-ounce bottle is 119 I -j Not one Bottle is to be given away gratis. • 1 J This Cure is to stand on its own merits alone. 2 I It is not a quack medicine—in fact, it is not H I a medicine, strictly speaking, at all. It is J simply an Absolute Cure for Indigestion, a Jk It will be posted to any address in the UNITED KINGDOM. AGENTS WANTED. | AMOROMA a 32 JAMAICA ST„ CLASGOW, J AMOROMA Hr SCOTLAND. mmm FAMOUS SCOTCH TONIC* 2 i i i TONIC PILLS • { J I An ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN CURE for g « BLOODLE88NE88, INDIGESTION, g I CONSTIPATION, BILIOU8NE88, I J and all Stomaoh Trouble*. g MARVELLOUS CURES. | I SEND PO»T-CARO TOR PARTICULABtt 9 í KlOD & CO.. ALYTH, PERTHSHIRE, Q P„„TsamueT^GREA7 JttnZL SI IS*. I FREE DIRECT BUYERS' GUIDE J r yMt vW|/nH If' Will surely interest yoa-ror Ita H VHB bargains, its pictures, its prices. vBrKjf MMi B Wa. It will give you the factory's price J for any article fashioned In Gold y M t 1 JF I M or Silver, from the humblest trinket { "/iCi/B A J I I | gm to the most luxurious Ring or Watch. J I 1 i 1 1 M |il It will point you to vastly better V?'fW|y 1. W'/iH il'J i'l I MONTH'S FREE TRIAL of your purchases and K ensure you a HANDSOME FREE PRIZE with your purchase. OYER 3000 BARGAIN OFFERS FULL Y DETAILED, FAITH. FULLY ILLUSTRATED. Write for the Book, One of hundreds of pretty about the Free f'mm* f ft-tgi Ji^gll designs in solid Real Gold QIQ Prizes for purchasers, and jMrffv.t, i IfH Brooches. H. Samuel's price "f study the lists. Select jwf wr§*1 your fancy and the prize/ ft{j: —————— will be sent with your purchase. fP" IN A WORD, H. SAMUEL'S BOOK WILL SAVE ||f/~ fad/" YOU MONEY—AND WHAT BETTER INDUCE- mMm will bring you the" AOME SIl MENT COULD YOU HAVE TO WRITE FOR IT? JI < ver Leve?'on1 a SEND POSTCARD TO DAY. ||fMlK jKonth's Free A Trial—money H QAMlin 200 MARKET STREET, "Mc6 ■ OHInUCL. MANCHESTER. SOLID SILVER I ALBERT FREE. PRESENTS There is nothing more appropriate for a PRESENT than something in Gold or Silver. It remains an enduring and pleasant reminder of the friend who gave it. m-DAY we are showing a most varied and | artistic assortment of American & European Gold and Silver Novelties, INCLUDING A NICE SELECTION OF SILVER ARTICLES with the HAVERFORDWEST COAT OF ARMS. C. SYDNEY DA VIES, JBWEILEB, BRIDGE STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. A. M. JONES & CO., GLASS, CHINA, AND fei Earthenware Dealers, TOWER HILL" HAVERFORDWEST. -0- The Stock comprises a Large and Varied Selection of all tinds of Earthenware, including Breakfast, Dinner, & Tea Services Toilet and Bedroom Sets, GLASS AND CHINA ARTICLES ALL OF THE BEST QUALITY. There is also a splendid assortment of all kinds of JUGS, GLASSES, and SMALL WARES generally. A CALL WILL OBLIGE. Price's Candles, Scented, Bar, and other Soaps. GEORGE ACE, (Cycle Champion of Wales and Mon. (1879 to 1889, Retired), Cycle, Motor, and Sports Depot, 16, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. Works TENBY. -:0:- f « jk Sole Agent for RS Any make Cycle SUnbeam' Ralei £ I,, Humber, Triumph, Easy Payment System. &c. THE "ACE" FREE WHEEL = £5 17s. 6d. Built for Pembrokeshire Roads. Guaranteed Two Years. Fishing Rods and Tackle of Best Quality. MOTOR OARS ON HIRE carrying Four and Driver from £3 10s. Od. the day. DARn: STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. I -:0:' JAMES WOOLCOCK, Painter, Paperhanqer, Glazier, House Decorator, Sfc., respectfully to thank his friends and the public generally for the kind support accorded to him in the past, and to inform them that he intends carrying OIL the business in all its branches, and hopes to merit a share of public patronage. :0:- PAINTS OF THE BEST QUALITY ALWAYS IN SrOCK. GLASS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS FROM 2id. PER FOOT. '0:- A Large Assortment ct New Cheap Paper from ljd. Upwards. TEETH, TEETH. TEETH. EDWARD ENGLAND LIMITED, CAN BE CONSULTED FROM 11 to 5 P.M., at MISS JOHN, BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER, 3, Victoria Place, New Bridge, Haverfordwest EVERY ALTERNATE SATURDAY AND TUESDAY, Next Visits, TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, and SATURDAY, JULY 28. 1906. Also CHESTER HOUSE, 8, Picton Place, Haverfordwest, Daily. And will also attend at Charles Street, Milford. Haven (Mr Meyler, Chemist), every other Tuesday. Next Visit JULY 31 And Mr Geo. Collins, Market Square, Narberth, every other Thursday. Next Visit AUGUST 2 CONSULTATION FREE OF CHARGE. TEETH.—1, Perfection in eating and speaking. 2, Perfectly natural and life- like in appearance. Upper or Lower Set from 22 10s. Single Tooth „ LO 5s. Teeth Extracted Painlessly with Nitrous Oxide Gas. N OTICE:-AII Letters to be addressed to Brecknock House, Tenby GOOD & RELIABLE FURNITURE. BEDSTEADS & BEDDING, WIRE & WOOL MATTRESSES, BEDROOM SUITES, DINING & DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE, PAINTED & KITCHEN FURNITURE. W. H. REYNOLDS, General House Furnisher, Upholsterer, Painter, Decorator & Undertaker, 18 & 20, Hill Street, Haverfordwest. COUNTY CYCLE DEPOT Bridge Street, Haveriordweat. -0- MARTIN PHILLIPS (Successor to MR J. J. SWEENEY.) THE BEST VALUE PHONOGRAPH IN THE MARKET IS THE PATHE -from 21/- Large Stock of Disc & Cylinder Records froni I/- SPRING GrXJNS & PISTOLS from 2/- Provides capital Indoor Amusements. — ^o: Customers should not leave the Overhauling and Enamelling of their Cycles till the busy season, out should send in as soon as possible, so that proper care and attention can be given to the work. — — All Kinds of ELECTRICAL WORK undertaken. ACETYLENE GAS PLANTS SUPPLIED AND FITTED. The coming House Illuminant is ACETYLENE. Come and Inspect it in use at the Depot. TUC RFQT PI AW HQ f BY THE BEST MAKERS! I n L DLUI rlflliuo j ON THE BEST TERMS! New Style CHALLENGE MODEL. Height, 4ft. 2in. Width, 4ft. 7in. Depth, 1ft. iiiin. Walnut, or Ebouized, with Marqueterie Panels, Iron Frame, Brass Pin Plate, Full Trichord Check Action, Celluloid Keys, and Turnover Desk. Schoolroom Model.18 Guineas at 10s 6d per worth or at 8s 6d per month. Cottage 20 12s0d i. U 9s Od „ CHALLENGE „ .24 19 14s Od „ 10s 6d „ Excelsior 27 91 15s Od „ 12s 6d „ Criterion .30 17s 6d 15s0d Discount allowed if paid sooner. Written Warranty with each Instrument. Exchanged if not approved of. SECOND-HAND PIANOS FROM 5s. PER MONTH. THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LTD., 60, Stepney Street, LLANELLY, And at BRISTOL, CARDIFF, MERTHYR, NEWPORT, GLOUCESTER &c, JlOld the Sole Agency for most of the following Makers:- BECHSTEIN, STEINWAY, IBACH, NEUMEYER, BRINSMEAD, COLLARD ft COLLARD, KAPS, and CHALLEN PIANOS and ESTEY ORGANS. PRICE LIST POST FREE ON APPLICATION. London Prices for Cash, or on Easy Terms. Pianos y other Makers taken in Exchange. Full Value Allowed. FREE DELIVERY TO ANY PART. ■ i ■ ■ ■ UL ffT A Good Appetite B comes only by having a perfect acting liver and good R B digestion-both can easily be obtained by using ■ Ii 'j" '}.< I', L" s They are a reliable remedy for the cure of B Biliousness, Lassitude, Impaired I i Digestion, Poor Appetite, I Costiveness, I Wind and Pains in the Stomach, Discomfort after Meals and I all other troubles which arise from a disordered liver or stomach. ■ They cleanse the system, give tone to the digestive B I organs, and will# if taken according to directions* 9 restore you to sound and vigorous health. B BEECHAM'S PILLS are specially suitable for Females of B all ages. Every woman who values health should read the B I Instructions wrapped round each box. B I Worth a Guinea a Box. I Prepared only by THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helens, Lancashire. | S. D. PUGH, | Hairdresser H 5c- Qg '2* Choice Natural WHOLESALE & RETAIL S 1 W*11" tobacconist, II J 11 HAVERFORDWEST. I £ 'n a! Sty]*s- I:SI. .§ Qb j £ Jjr 1 .S Tobacco Pouches, Cfe Cool Smoking Brian „ „ Cigarette Papers, <«*, <?■>> that will not crack. Meerschaums, Combinations, and Briars of Selected Quality. antj a]j smokers' Requisites In all the loading Shapes. and other Caced Goods always in stock. at Popular Prices. Cifi:ar5, Cigarettes and Tobaccos of the Choicest Brands always .5tei;k. < I MOIASMEWALI J THE PERFECTION OF ANIMAL DIET. OF ALL CORN DEALERS &c 1 HBKgBBa^MOlASSlNE C° iT? 36.MARK LANE LONDON JOSEPH COYSH, MOUNT HILL NURSERIES, I CARMARTHEN. o Fruit Trees, Forest Trees, White Thorn Quicks for Hedges, Ornamental Evergreen & Flowering Trees & Shrubs Standard Limes and Planes for Avenues and Parks and all kinds of Nursery. Stock. Thoroughly Acclimatised to Wales. CATALOGUES ON APPLICATION, PAPERHANGING, PAINTING, AND DECORATtNGJ SUPPORT the firm that understands its BUSINESS. IF YOU WANT THE BEST YOU MUST GO TO THE FIRM who can supply you with it, at LOWEST PRICES. PRICE c-Qz HUSSELL Have a reputation of 50 Y EARS' STANDING to maintain, and consequently supply only the BEST WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIALS JUST ARRIVED A Large Assortment of this Season's WjHULJLJMLMSRS from Id per Piece FULL MEASURE IN EACH ROLL. Glass of every Description. Lead Lights a speciality. KINDLY NOTE ADDRESS- ALL ORDERS promptly attended TO. TOWER HILL, Haverfordwest. MISS A. M. MILLAR Begs to intimate that she has now OPENED BUSINESS in the Shop recently occupied by Air T. H. Evans, as a TOBACCONIST AND FANCY DEALER AT 42, HIGH STREET, Haverfordwest and that the shop is replete with the best stock in town of Tobaccos, Cigars & Cigarettes of the best brands,! Pipes, Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Pouches, Walking Sticks, picture Post Cards and other Novelties, Sweets, ike. Only Sweets of the Best Quality kept. J. P. MUMFORD, Tobacconist & General House Furnisher 41, SWAN SQUARE, Haverfordwest, BEGS to respectively call the attention of all those about to FURNISH to the fact that all JD Goods supplied by him are of the LATEST DESIGN, and BEST FINISH and QUALITY. NO OLD STOCK. SPECIAL LINES IN EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BAMBOO GOODS. Fancy Articles at Lowest Prices. Tobacco, Pipes, and all Smoking Requisites in endless Variety. All leading Tobaccos, Cigars and Cigarettes kept in Stock. B'" Also a Good Assortment of FISHING TACKLE. Welsh Bacon! Welsh Bacon Welsh Bacon! H. MILLAR, 27, DEW STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, HAS A LARGE SUPPLY OF THE BEST QUALITY HAMS, SHOULDERS and FLITCHES, Which he guarantees Cured properly and of the best quality. Prices :—Hams, 10d. Shoulders and Flitches, 8d. to 9d. per lb PIlfEMA«r COLDS I, COUGHS! ■ ■ Wm E|P -a* Bp- Asthma, Bror.rHitir,, TnP.ue^a. C Urihs. See., H H BP (00 Kl«rmat Watc)ie» »n4 53 speedily asd saiely cured by HH JH PH.LETT* the slilr I OLYKAliINB j UtlV "FBIIZbiI1* •' Kzkf«tb> Hair ik Of all Chemists, I/H, 2/!> 2nd 4/6. or post fi eo from—| Otu. Sa*4 2 *Uuap« for *r« Trial Bottles with LEATH £ ? UCS^. 1 IHMUiMMh letaat 58, Duke Street, Crcsv«ior 3a., London, W. fi M A A- « n «v Guide to Health, post to *11 on appl.cauon. | fc W' 1ATBS| 25, Brooks Bar, M&nchostcf. MODERN languages MONS. DE BERENfyBERG HAVING consecutively and aoccessfullj o*y ing 23 years taught Modern T-?flgUab. 2 the Haverfordwest Grammar ,§ciiuo<, is now pre- pared to devote his whole time to the | INSTRUCTION OF PRIVATE PUPILS. Legal and Private Deeds and Documents accu- rately and carefully Translated from, and into English, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch. For terms enquire at the Professor's, CILSANT HOUSE, GOAT STREET, HAVERFORDWEST A.. GALL, CARPENTER, RAILWAY YILLAS, Cartlett, Haverfordwest BEGS to announce that he has started business on his own sccount. All work entrusted to him will be well and neatly carried oat at he shortest notice. I BEST Malt & Hops Beer brewed from our noted Malt always keeps well, drops bright quickly, and the gravity is far higher than what is derived from ordinary Malt. GEORGE PALMER & SON, MERCHANTS, HAVERFORDWEST. VARICOCELE SA Gentleman who has suffered from Nervousness, Brain Fag, Sleep- lessness, Nervous Debility, Palrits- tion of the Heart, Timidity, Lowness pleased to forward particulars of simple self treatment to all sufferers on receipt of stamped addressed envelope. Old-standing cases, which had been deemed incurable have been restored te perfect health by the Remedy, and there is no afflic- tion or dis ease it might not cure: thousands have been successfully treated by it. He will also send a Free Sample of the Remedy. Write to-day. It will cost you nothing, and cure is certain. Address, THOS. STONE, The Limes, Kemp Town, Brighton, England. Name this paper. Harry F. Walker, A.R.C.O is prepared to receive Pupils for instruction in Organ, Pianoforte, & Violin Playing ALSO IX TTTEORY. TERMS ON APPLICATION. 10, PKENDERGAST, HAVERFORDWEST. Please Notice Alteration of Address. Mr. c. BULMER. F.R.C.O., L.K.A.M., A.R.C.M., PROFESSOR OF MUSIC Pupils' Successes in 1905 Higher Exams., A.R.C.O., A.T.C.L.; 11 Pupils also passed the Trinity College Exams., including two Senior, one Intermediate Honours, three In termediate Pass, two Junior Honours, hree Junior Pass. ADDRESS HANOVER HOUSE, 10, QUAY STREEl HAVERFORDWEST. GEORGE PALMER & SON per SPECIALITIES. bottle EXTRA SPECIAL LIQUEUR. The perfec- tion of Scotch Whisky, of great aj;c and A softness, equal to the finest French Brandy as a stimulant 'GLEN STUART' Scotch Whisky. An ideal blend of carefully selected PurcQ/^i Highland Malt Whiskies, well matured < and mellowed by aye •DUNBOYNE' Irish Whisky. Very choice, pure Pot Still, Dublin Whisky, g,ltU'f* sMteed over 12 years old, in Sherry Wood PORT—Genuine Oporto Wine, excellent value 2/- INYALID PORT, Specially recommended 2/6 4 OLD LODGE A perfect type of a really old Tawny Wine, stored many years in 1 Oporto UjV SHERRY, Pale, dry, superior 1/6 CHAMPAGNE, Ackerman Laurance's Dry Royal Q- hots., 1/2 bots., 2/2) PALE BRANDY, Suitable for. domestic jj/q purposes COGNAC BRANDY, Genuine French, good gig j,j,<r>e EAU DE YIE YIEILLE. Pure Grape r Brandy of great age. An invaluable Ojs stimulant Martells' & Hennessy's Brandy. 5/6 RUM, Fine old Jamaica I 2;6 Very old Jamaica 3/- t HOLLANDS, De Kuypers, Anchor Brand & Coleman's Wincarnis, Hall's Wines, Quinine Sherry, &c. Cigais and Cigarettes of the choicest brands, at Lowest Store Prices. High. Street, EAVERPOSDWEST- BranCBavPowCItreet, MILFORD HAYEK Da-eloi-*i street, i^^T" P8ULTRY." 1 d. Obtainable ali Scokstalis & Newsagents. Id. Or Spcoinien Copy from Pol-LTRY Office, 12, Mitrb CorRT CllAMEKliS. rLf-r.T STREET, LoNDQW. M O LA S i:> i 'i kJ. t 71 A |R. Rie perfect and »?ori.'I"rrui Feed for Cfilttt Eorssn, Saccp, P133, Touitry. Coetroys Worms, prerents Cotia, Diarrh rx, rju' Coagii. Klarralloui for matbig Eons lav. Grand Fig Food. Ail Corn «r K8USSM C ITS. 35. fA,: SK tl.rt, It w YOU ARE INTERESTED IN POULTRY? ITIIEN LET ITS RECOMMBKU TO YOUR NOTICE "FEATHERED LIFE," The Utility Poultry Journal. Published Every Wednesday. ONE PENNY. Fully Illustrated bv photographs and contains a mine of informa- tion relating to Poultry ilialiagein: ut. Send pr>*t card to the PUBLISHER. "FEATHERED LIFB," 6, FETTER LANE, E.C., for specimen copy free. .¡ MOLAKORH CATTLE MEAL Possesses great digestive and appetis- ing properties, and is extremely valuable for Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Pigs. It improves the coat and condition and maintains general health, and is composed entirely of PREPARED MOLASSES and CORN PRODUCTS. Full particulars of MOLAKORN CO., LD., 20, MARK LANE, LONDON, E.C.