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The Late Alderman John James.

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COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS. The triennial elections of the councillors of this body took place this week, but, of the 40 divi- sions of the county, contests took place in eleven only. Of these nine were party fights, in which the Liberals wrested five seats from the Conser vatives, and only lost one, and have thereby gained a majority of councillors upon the council; the members being Liberals 25, Conservatives 23. In two divisions, viz. Henry's Mote and St. Thomas' (Haverfordwest), the contests were be- tween men of the same party. The following are details of the contested elections and also the composition of j the new council POLLING IN THE HAVERFORDWEST DIVISIONS. There were contests in all the three divisions in Haverfordwest. In St. Thomas' division, Mr H. E. E. Philipps, the retiring Conservative member, was opposed by Mr McKenzie, who sits on the Town Council as a Conservative, but who, although nominated and seconded by Radicals, called himself an Independent—and sustained a disastrous defeat. In the St. Mary's and St. Martin's division Mr W. H. George (Conserva- tive) opposed Mr Llewellyn, the retiring Radical representative, and the result was a tie, which the Mayor (Mr T. L. James) disposed of by giving his casting vote to Mr George. The contest in Prendergast and Cartlett division was between Mr Marlay Samson, the hardworking and energetic retiring Conservative representa- tive, and Mr Wm. Davies (Liberal). It ended in favouj of Mr Davies, so that the election did not alter the political complexion of the Council so far as Haverfordwest was concerned. Polling took place from eight in the morning till 8 o'clock at night at the Corn Market, the Temperance Hall, and the Masonic Hall respectively, aud the ballot boxes were removed to the Market Hall, where the votes were counted. The Mayor an- nounced the results from a window iu the Market Hall to a large crowd at about half-past 9 o'clock as follows ST. MARTIN'S & ST. MARY'S. W H George (C) 256 *Jno Llewellyn (L). 256 Mr George was elected by the casting vote of the Mayor. Conservative gain. Previous Elections. 1889-S. Thomas (L), 275 Ed. White (C), 133. 1892-S. Thomas (L), returned unopposed. 1895-Morris Owen (C), 249 I. Roberts (L),"209. 1898—John Llewellin (L), 251; Morris Owen (C), 220. PBENDERGAST. W T Davies (L) 154 Marlay Samson(C). 137 17 Liberal Gain. Previous Elections. 1889-T. James (C), 135 Jno. Jenkins (L), 121; Henry Davies, (L) 6. 1892—T. James (C), 135; Jno. Jenkins (L), 128. 1895-A. J. Rose (C). and Jno. Jenkins (L), 133 each. Mr Jenkins elected by casting vote of the Mayor (Mr W. Williams) (L) 1898—M. Samson (C), 151; W Davies (L), 138. ST. THOMAS'. *H. E. E. Philippf;(C). 217 W. McKenzie (I.) 35 182 Previous Elections. 1885—R. Williams (C), 204 W. Williams (L), 86. 1892—R. Williams (C), unopposed. 1895—Col. White (C), 153; Jno. Llewellin (L), 114. 1896—H. Philipps (C), 231; Ebenezer 'Davies (L), 85. After the results were given Mr H. E. E. Philipps, who was received with cheers, then stepped to the window and thanked the electors for the majority they had given him. He assured them he was deeply gratified, and he would do liia best for the interests of the inhabi- tants of this noble town and county. (Applause). He was followed by his opponent Mr McKenzie, who was greeted with mingled groans and cheers, and who thanked those who had voted for him. He was proceeding to enter iuto an explanation of the reason why he had contested the election, but there were cries of Shut it Off," and We don't want Town Council matters introduced." He succeeded in saying that at a meeting of the Town Council, when the members were dispersing a resolution was proposed that they should pro- mote a testimonial to Sir Charles Philipps, which he alone opposed. Another meeting was after- wards held. At this point in his remarks the opposition became so keen that Mr McKenzie again thanked his supporters, and said lie would give his speech to the Press. Mr W. H. George said he wished to thank the electors for the great honour they had done him by electing him as their representative. He would do all that lay in his power to properly represent them, (applause), and to show them that their confidence had not been misplaced. He felt that he was a lucky man, for he had only been returned by the casting vote of the Mayor. Mr G. H. Llewellin, in replying on behalf of his father, thanked the Electors for their support, and said Mr George had not been elected by the voice of the people but by the voice otthe Mayor. Mr Wm. Davies, in his remarks, thanked the electors, Liberals and Conservatives for the sup- port they had given him. The only man lie was sorry for was his worthy opponent, Mr Samson. Mr Samson also replied, and said he had first of all to thank those who had supported him. The only thing he was sorry for was that there were not more of them. (Laughter and applause). He was not a man to be elated by success, or dis- couraged by defeat, and he hoped to be able to again fight Mr Davies in three years' time. (Ap- plause). He thanked Mr Davies for the honour- able way he had conducted the contest, and said his opponent had thoroughly deserved his suc- cess. (Applause). He and Mr Davies would part the best of friends. (Loud applause). AMBLESTON. James Harries (L) 167 *R. H. Harries .(C) 166 Liberal gain. 1 1889—Morris II.) unopposed. 1892—Jenkins (L) 121; Mathias (C) 117; Edwards (L) 1893—Jenkins (L) 156; J C Yorke (C) 139. [43. 1898—R H Harries (C) 188 Jenkins (L) 135. AMROTH. *S. H. Owen C 179 D. T. Lewis L 140 39 MANORBIER. W. G. Parsell C 161 T. Llewellin L 112 49 This seat was previously held by Mr C W R Stokes without opposition. TENBY (North) C W R Stokes C 173 C F Egerton Allen L 145 28 1895—Richards, C, 200 J Lewis, L, 105. i898—Gregory, C, 192; Allen, L, 65. MONKTON. *R. George.C 199 J. Mathias L 107 92 In 1898 Mr George was not opposed. ST. MARY'S, PEMBROKE. Dan Da-vies L 205 F. S. Reed C 145 60 1898.-Bryant, C, 219; Davies, L, 142. PEMBROKE DOCK. W. D. Ivemey L 189 W. Angel C 142 47 HENRY'S MOTE. J. S Evans L 187 *W. G. James.L 93 94 The following gentlemen will compose the new County Council:— Ambleston—J Harries — L Amroth-Sackville H Owen C — Begelly-Henry Seymour Allen — L Burton-Sir Owen Scourfield C — Cam rose—W J Canton — L Carew—F Lort Philipps C — Castlemartin—Henry Leach C — Clydey—Lemuel Jones — L Kglwyswrw—E Robinson — L Fishguard-—J C Yorke C — H rford west, Prendergast—W Davies — L do. St Martin's—W H George C — do. St Thomas'—H E E Philipps C — St Martin's—Owen H S Williams C — Henry's Mote-.J S Evans. — J. I Kilgenan-.John Y Colby C Lalllpeter Velfry-D Humphries. — L Langwm-H. Carrow U — I Llantirnach-E H James — L Llanstadwell—J H Coram — L Llanwnda-Dr Williams — L 1 Llawhaden-.J M Eva.ns. — L .Maenclochog—Rev Wm Griffiths — L Manor bier—W C Parcell C — Mathry-T E Thomafol. L Milford—Dr G Griffith — L Monkton—Col Sanrin. C — Mar berth—W P Morgan — L Nevern—D G Griffiths — L NoNvport-Dr Havard. — L Pembroke, div. 30—Dan Davies L do 31—Robert George C — Pem. Dock, div. ;{2-Thomas Brown C do 33—S B Sketch. — L do 34-W D IvemeV — L do 35-D H Brown. U — do 36—R J Allen C — St David's-J H (,riffiths — L St I)ogiiiell's-B Rees — L St Ishiiiael's-Jaines Thomas — L St Issell's-C H Vickerman C — Slobecii-Sir Charles Philipps C — Steynton-J T Fisher. C — Tenby, div. 44-Clernent.J Williams. C — do 45—C W R Stokes C — > Walwyn's Castle—W H Walters C — Wliiteiiiireli-Jolin Thomas — L Wiston—Thomas Llewellin C — •• 23 25 RETIRING ALDERMEN". CONTINUING ALDERMEN. I' H. S. Allen L MorrisOwens C N. A. I'och C John Reynolds C J. Worthington .C Capt. Gower C W. Gibbs L T. Baker C G. P. Brewer L — Hutchings C G. Thomas.L L. Wilson .C A. W. Massy .C Dr. Saunders C C. Mathias C E. Laws C

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