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ESTABLISHED 1835. LAWN MOWERS AND GARDEN ROLLERS. GREENS' PATENT LAWN MOWERS have proved to bo the BEST, and have carried oft *J«RT PRIZE thai has been given iu all cases of Competition. MANDFACTUIIKRB OF GALVANIZBD WIRE NETTING. GREENS' PATENT HOT WATER BOILERS. Drawings and Price Lists Free on Application. THOMAS GREEN H SON, SMITHFIIU.U IRON WORKS LEEDS, and 54 & 55, BlaclUriars Komi, London. 8. TMPERIAL AUSTRIAN GUARANTEED STATE "V LOANS. NO LOTTBKIKS. Boatt-H*LO chances to in for £ I the largo PREMIUMS of £ 30,000, dE26,000, £20,000, &c, &c PUBLIC drawings on the First of every Month, under _? '"pofintendence of th» Austrian Government, and •JI,6'?' PUBLI# fnnctionarieg. OFFICIAL LISTS SENT HTN I TO SUBSCUIBFRS. Apply for £ 1 chance*, BI« » SUPPLIED by the Austrian Govern- for »ho Imperial half A florin stamp. *N<L ▼IEPN°NACTUM' L° V0ELCKEK AND CO,» J Dlt Published, Post Free for Two Stumps. WONDERFUL MEDICAL DISCOVERY, TJPT> 8HOWINQ THE TKVE CAT'SB OF JIRVOUS, MENTAL, & PHYSICAL DEHILITY, LOWNESS OF SPIRITS, INDIGESTION, ANT OF ENERGY, PREMATURE DECLINE llb plam directions for PERFECT RESTORATION ThB T0 H?ALTH AND VIGOUR in a few days. WIAT/ 'MP°RTANT fact that these alarming complaints Y easily bt removed ISH WLIH0UT MEDICINE, HL«HE|*#.«'8,R'Y DEROonstrated, and tlio entirely new and FULL* «.„IC0(!M(U* TReatment, as adopted by the Author, LAI,,ED—*>Y MEANS of which VERY ONE IS ENABLED TO CURE PERF HIMSELF R'CEIDT«} AT 'EA,T possible COST. Soot Free on FV tiro stamps by W. HILL, ESQ., M.A., PTT SRLTBLST HOISE, SOUTH«CRKSCBNT, The, L'SQTJARE' L0ND0N' W-°* PpUcntIN'U'^U T° ^ERNS ARE so Easy and Simple in •t ||)A HV11'I T T,' A'' CAN Cure Themselves Successfully, Th • C0ST ,N A FEVV DAYS* PR°»e UOW'M01 TLJ'8 extraordinary publication is to I teryougnses AND concomitant Maladies can *ON»INCIN AND 8n«cessfully treated, and the most di.N PR°0F OF TBE efficacy of this, the greatest of OFC«rE8 eff >T:8*IS TPI,IFIED B? THE NUMOROUS CA8ES RECOKD. A READ THE WARNING VOICE. £ GIAL PAMPHLET FOR PRIVATE HENRY INSTRUCTION. SMITH, M D. of tbe University of Jena. ULCEFMN A NEW Edition oi THE WARNING ABUSE WITH A ^EW Chapter on the Use P''«A»EG P° E'ectrioity for tne (Juru of Nervous *T# TRIED V?NTAIN8 many U tters from Patients who PFORING 6 S0'C8"ED remedies without medicine, ?'«1VA?VE,?RICITY IS NOT LIFE. £ RI*ATB IX, U VOICE is a SI-KOIAI, WORK FOK Cure of ÑliTnUCTION, It giyes Plain Rules for the ,NI DIM-?/0" ^X^AISTION, Indigestion, llheuma- TVE<L» LOW^N °F Functional Disordor*, Weak- ~EBILITY p»;LR,"F' SPERRAAIORRHOE-I, &c., &c., Nervous £ ■! DREAMS, Mental and Physical DO- 0| in'thn NC!SLON> Impaired Memory, Loas of Energy, GRONNRTI Timidity, Diamine* Love of Soli- :NSTNUCTT.?M FEARS> PRESCRIPTIONS and H»» U ^Y which THOUSANDS of Dr. Smith's ♦ 'AIO NFL.11 restored to health and vigour, with- *'4LCD W: LCRCUIY, Galvanism or Eloctricity. Illus- ">AT'entg WV.. and Testimonials from grateful HAVE been cured by the *S«NT fRE SPECIAL MEDICINE %DDRE.S. I"08T IN a Scaled Emelope, to any J ARTDRE«8 V «'PT °F 1 WO 'T!IMP8- W.O. SMITH, 8, Burton Crescent, Lon- C0JFS?,^TANT TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. M^HOUT WITL>0NDON PHYSICIAN BY LETTER 0°UDtrV L'«T —DR. SMITH will, (or thu bsnefit Send H; ?' ON receiving a do.soi-iptiou of their E "LOST SI,„* °P!NI°N, with advice, and direct one for ^DRESS R»ESO'U' TREATMENT and cure. R OHITH, 8, Burton Crescent, London W. b25 ^Q\ PATENT /^CALVANICV^ CII AIN-BANDS, BELTS, R>Y~V, AND PHRSP P0CKKT BATTERIES. RENDERFY.QHLJY IMPROVED INVENTIONS ■K Contin. CTRICITY perfectly self-applicable, in a •h0CK 0N;,N«OOS form, ,„D extremely efficacious, no HEREBY U V P EA8ANT sensation being experienced, LN'LR» 8PEEDILY00ME8 A- truo fountain of health and vi- P'D LITNBG 80?thing agonising painfl, reanimating »ti. K the sluggish functions of life, in« TL0N» ENFFNK?DJWED ENERgy and vitality to con- by rarioas influences. The daily #>^HER'C S" °F cures efFeoted by PULVER- In *'T0 »NH SYSTEM it »0 1 "NTION as tt ™IED' LHAT >T forcibly points to this PHG WYR 16 EMBRY° °' A universal remedy. tlit, I^WLNO TESTIMONY, signed by tbe *°«WED: English medical faculty, has been V,NTE«FFJ!!E bnve much pleasure R«E«nt L R THAT R J L. PULV KRM ACH K LL'S" T !'FTnd N,U .VEMENT8 'N L»IS Voltaio Batteries" Poseg ar«#N»C Applianees for Medical Pur-" MEDICIN. OF KRE4T importance to Scientific ''DERATION A" 1TLLAT 1,0 I8 entitled to the con-" FQTHCR IV.AO *NPP°rt of everyone disposed" PROSM.. »» AD*ANCEMENT of real and useful D » 4' SIR C^BMTH day of March, 1866." «8IH HFNRV\? L°COCK, Bart., M.D., FRC.P," R.SLR WM VXJ^LLAND, Bart, M.D F.R.S." EDWN"NEOR,GUSS0N, Bart., F.RS." 'SIR J RIP. SIEVEKING, M.D F.BC.P." P^VERU MARTIN, F.R C.S." RL °F bv knAMHER'S SYSTEM is also approved DL • P«RI« U REPORT the Academic de Medi- V, Y8'EIAN,'I7'1] SO<»iety of London Royal College of IK 0NA{ anrt ?D0N5 AND THE Imperial Faculty of U! CT>rative virtues are confirmed by A,8** P«MII.PNVATO testimonial# of cures effected. » RRAUS.) A?A'I HILH^PEAL T0 THE GOOD sense of every sufferer £ E". to WH\ I °.F LHIS scientific and curative pro- v 8T0DY ANRT I I. 0 IN»entor has devoted a lifetime IRFEFACIOR NF A')OUR» as an ardent disciple of that great 1C«UEL P! MAN^IND, tbe late illustrious electrioian, P^LVER LADAT- CHAINS ACIIKR'S MEDICO GALVANIC J n>tdicine R<? exceedingly effective without the aid pat 'Action of dirt, or the leart derangement 1> habits and daily occupations, iu tho Gr!E,TI8MAUDL0H:- « .'LT TIC Ijoloreux RLUGGISH Circii'ation I,^CA Indigestion Urinary Disorders JJ"N>BAG0 Ooafuess Pmalysis ].'H'U SPUSMG Epilepsy I i» TOOTHI^V. *CI"ALE Complaints Nervous Debility COJNNLAI, ? ^ONRTIPUTIOII Function;il Disorders I HE effp«T- 8 CRAMP &C., &c. ALNS J"01 THE APPLICATION of PULVERMACHER'S PERCEPIJFCFE ,NY °F the above disordors is immediately 'C relief of pain instantaneous. IF ULCMAVM V ^LVEITMAC11ELI'S GALVANIC 13• CHAL N.n X,^N L)S- LELTS, and BATTEmES. T, AND v« 'OR Nervous Deafness, Head,'lootb, • °HA1N N A!?HE' AILD NOISES in the Hoad.21STO30S. V tions OF.. FOR LTJ8S 01 Voico and other kffeo- ^CHAJN^ITHROAT WS 6d to 21s *ud On.. Sciatica, Rheuiuntic, Neuralgic, ty 1 ains, Local Paralysis, Cramp, &C. • CHAIN-HI vi^c 188 lo 22s- 408 CHEST O J I. Lumbago, Indigestion, Ltyer, &C N UNC'ional Disorders, Nervous Debility, • UUAI I* £ f8a BELT 22S to 40s, and 558 Ner»r>. I°R Writer's Cramp, Trembling, B- COM IN M ,(:S8' &C '22s to 30s, and 40S FIPILEIW ^ILAIN-BAND for Central Paralysis, P Y> uuneral Debility, Functional Disorders &c EOROCLPFA D T0 BEL T« 8ET OF COMBINED CHAIN-BANDS, YIELT SlandCUAIN BATTERY for restoring vital AO (; £ D to £ 6 I'clts are genuine but those bearing •« th« label L' 1UL f KliiUA CV 'A'A'.V siyuulure CAlJTl o, VHANOI1?.V'"TA PERPETUAL INJUNCTION IN I'lii vw ISGi), wad granted lo ^^■HA\JUKMA,JLLKLT W,ISF AI.I'UI;I) iiARicows, TZLIAS THEIR UXIIST J.10' a'"IK HKNKY JAMKH, alias C. T. ]{AFHEV 8«ITJ PERSON A8ENT», AMI servants, rostraining the ell(,n or P°RS?NS> under a penalty of £ T>U()0, from TJ>EIU AP F>U»PTT-ERLL8FV* I^EITS, &E, daiuhiveiy reprenontin}; ULVKK'M »/MI', ^TLI8 ^SEREE is pnnletl in rxtnuo in AND REPORTS < <• T'LH'S PAMPHLET of Testimonials NATION sent N V;"168 containing otiior valuable infor- and PATENTEE on APPLIC?Ition to the Solo Inventor ee C^RIAVFULVERMACHER, ^2 V/J ^(A 1V ];;STA lJ L1 S11 ¡)J RNT, 2W, KEUENT STiiEET, LONDON, W. DINNEFOIW'S FLUID MAGNESIA. For Thirty years the Medical Profession have approved of this pure solution as the best, remedy lor ACIDITY OF THE STOMACH, HEARTBURN. HEADACHE, GOUT, AND INDIGE& I ION, And as a mild Aperient for delicate constitutions, especially adapted for Ladies, Children, and Infants. When combined with tho ACIDULATED LEMON SYRUP. It forms a most agreeable effervescing dranttht, in which its aperient an.1 cooling qualities are much iii- creaucd. In warm neurons and warm climates, this simple preparation, when taken REGULARLY, has been found highly beneficial. 1) I N N E FOR D & C O., Chemists, &c, 172, New Bond Struct, London; Sold by all respectable Chemists throughout the World. C'/f UT1 ON. — See that Dinneford & Co," is on each bottle and red label over each cork. %,0 Ms] I t M s KINLOCH'S CATALAN. The Wine of Spain. RED CATALAN 16s. 17s. 20s. liqual to fine fruity Toit. ( l»ur Doz. WHITE CATALAN 15?. 17s. 20s. I liqual lo fine old Madeira. Tho name "CATALAN" is our Registered Trade Mark. Solo Proprietors and Importors C. KINLOCH & Co., Rucklorsbury, London. General Lists on Application. Agent for Haverfordwest, E. 11. ELLIS, 94, Dow Street. DO YOU WANT BEAUTIFUL HAIR, WHIS- KERS, &c. ? Dr Russell's Lixivene, an olegantly perfumed toilet compound, for nourishing, preserving, and restoring the hair, is guaranteed to produce mous- taches, whiskers, eyebrows, &c., in two or three weeks, strengthen weak hair, prevent its falling off. oneck greyness in all i's stages, restore the original colour, dispel scurf and dandriff, and make it clean, soft curly and glossy. For the re-production of hair in baldness, from whatever cause nnd at any age, Its effects are certain in thousands of cases it has been successful when all other preparations had failed. In the nursery it is unequalled, as it keeps the bead clean and forms the basis of a beautiful head of hllir. Price 2s., sent any. where free by post, on receipt of 24 penny stamps, by Dr. G. Russell, 28 Clarence Road, Kentish Town, I,ondon. Large Bottles, containing three times the quantity, 4s 6d. each. It stopped my hair from (ailing off-J, Sayillo." "My whiskers are now abun- dant and thick. Wm. Neale." "My hair had gone in patches from illness, but it is now growing nicely — Miss Webb My moustache is envied by every body —Maior Birch. I was bald for 9 years, but now my head is covered with hair. J- Kvery Genuine bottle lias the words HUAOTULIS LJA- I V EN E moulded in the glass, and is wrapped in a pamphlet of 16 pages, on tho Management of the Hnir and Skin also set; that George Russell lrade Mark and Signature are on every outside wrapper, Sold by all Chemists. rpli E PURE HERBAL MEDICINE. DR THOMSON'S JL INVIGORATING PILLS arc a well known cer- tain remedy for lumbago, gravel prins in the back and loins, headache, depression of spirits, rheumatism, irouf discharges of all kinds, piles, and all affeotions of the kidneys and bladder. All diseases arise from impure blood and weakness. These Pills cleanse and purify the fluids, remove general or local debility, give tone to the stomach, restore the spirits, enrich the blood, impart energy and vivacity, eradicate every trace of disease, and invigorate the whole system. In every complaint, however virulent or long standing, they aflord instant relief and speedy cure. The daily receipt of testimonials from men and women in every position of life, who have been cured of skin eruptions, soro eyes, ulcers, and scurf on the head, soro throat, pains in the limbs, neuralgia, epilepsy, stone in the bladder, disease of the kidneys, &o.. by their use, and accounts of surprising recoveries for severe illness when all other medicines and doctors had failed 1168 induced Dr. THOMSON to publish the. virtues in the earnest hope that blessings so great maj, be. more widely diffused and appreciated. Fricc Is.lid., i* J t-, & 4s.Gd. per box. (To Protect the Public from Imi- tations Her Majesty's Commissioners have ordored !be word. UALPll THOMSON, LONDON, to be en- graved in while letters oil the Government Stamp affixed ,o each package, to i:i:ita«e which is felony and iransm rtation). Sold bv all Chemists in the world or will bo sent 'direct, packed privately' in a g»e^ou on leceipt of 14, 33, or 54 stamps by Dr 1 J- 28, Clarence Road, Kentish lown, Lo"<>"• lour doses of your Pills cured my pamyn tho back,^ had annoyed me for many years. H-M I lne for pains in tho back they cured me in a few I ours. (1 R I bad been troubled for years with an eruption on the face. Your PillsI'aveqn.te curcd me. Itev J S" "I have never had an attack of gout SSitom »i«c. I u,e,l ,r Filh. ,w-, ,'S quite cured my sick headache and b lho s attaeUS; Mrs Ellis The pains in the back are quite curea I can sloop with ease now. J. Weiss. Lyery 8" whatever the symptoms may bo, »8 4 fi[ld Pills, with the honest assurance that they inus; relief. Dr THOMSON ON NERVOUS Just Published. The One Hundred *nd Lkventh ^'NEVV 1WORK ON MARRIAGE, the causes & A symptoms of Nervous and general debility, re- iaxation, fat,guor, dislike to society J,p«j-.oj^f Eniritu loss of memory, dimness of sight, deatness,^ premature dcoPne, consumption &C., with diret rules and ail necessary Information, for tbe spoedy self euro ot loss of mental and physical power, nervous affections and all the disease* of youth and manhood. _t nost free on receipt of two penny stamps, by Dr. 2?cT«.e»c» K^J. Kentish To.n, London. Oninions of tho Press. There i» no quaokery or learned mvstery in Dr Thomson's book, but a plain exposition of the causcs, symptoms, and rfltl0"'iP}re2X with this destructive class of diseases, all set forth witn the oleamess of a practical man, who wishes tc be under- Soot »„d the .»»««..( a who onlv wishes to be useful. Dublin Gazette. ••This work is • popular' in every and its worth is untold, to those who cannot,'from a feeling of shame, consult the family Ph-T8l° a Pj Magazine From upwards of 30 years practice in London, the author is justified in '"f" who require confidential treatment, that all «:«ses will be speeliily cured, without recourse to any of those dauporous drugs, copaiba, mercury, generai y iiRfld and that lio ia ]>voud in being Rble to re e Patients corresponded with till cured, rr,. TIIOMSON-S TONIC ELIXIR ttest^MheaHh D s.nS.», »»«' sr«;Lob.fsSy j, irt.'Sod,- Si" | eruptious, irritations of the bladder, A: o{ ljf^ quently harass the stilTerer over th and vigour to Tonic Elixir has restored bodily strengn e. thouBands of dobilitatod lndl*'<iua 0f d^qualifiea- perfect health; and whel,ever „rtliauv subdued by this tion for marriage, they are elf wt)0 from fear potent remedy. Many poor suffeie. |onff tjm0( of discovery, had borne their^afll curcd thernsolves rather than apply to tbe tamily doctor, wouderflii privately, at little or no oxpence, withit (To Medicine. Price 2s 9d, 4s Gd, and Her M.'s protect the public from 8P"r'0U" iT.u» AJlr H TLIOM- commissJoncrs have ordered the words U Qn tho SON, LONDON, to be engraved n win to Uovernment stamp affixed do eaoh pac f? wiucli is felony and tra|por» on)^ b^ Chemists in the world, or will be st RALPH o a Post offlee order for Its. ^Bdon. THOMSON, 28 Clarence Load, debili!y Extracts from re8tiniomal8. 8timu,unts. My ,8 go much better, that 1 do r0ved in(]eed I feel appetito and digestion. aro ( l* [ v0 bcen gul prised better in every way. D. iJ. medicine, and of thfl sincularlv vivifying llletih -Z- cunnot sufHcient y expresa my KrftU u> ,i;i,> kok ALL Dr JOHNSTON, celebrated 4 CURL ifOH AI-l,. for ,he cure o( over a qtiaftur of a Ioss Gf energy,doprcssion Nervous and General Debi ), UntU),i 0, ,h0 heart, Nervous and General Debi ), UntU),i 0, the heart, of spirts, noises i" »h1, head and ear8> dizziness, dimness of aig t, Jjg gtion rheumatism, ,oss of memory, dea "ess and all forms gout, lumbago, pains I IU,Ki,.cted end in cough Sf secret d^^ses, svh e when «way his ram- nI,d c0'1 s"V"^ !1 1 h»nie in'strt;ctions, whereby phiot,—WIIU 01 11,4 hPHlUi and strength, without Hiiy one may regain ft doctor's bill, taking quaCik Il,wi''c" I)rivately. on receipt of a The liook by Dr. JOHNSTON, stamped and dnectid Lon(lnn Xhou- j7 Grown ^"a^who'"liad lallcn into a bad state of Hiintis of sunt-rt rs tflStimony to the value and liealth, h;iV0 a ^Horttime has simplicity °t the adtrifling cost in money, perfectly..restoredI them « a # *Qh]e tbing for g j he Medwal J t0 come forward and r0Scue these qualified Phy extortionate clutches of "m,»tu,i 01 praotice. To Gentlemen, farmers, and Uthers. G. J. B L A N D BEGS to Inform the abovo, that bo is in a position to Lot out Horses, driven by experienced men, on Tery moderate terms. WITH SPRING WAGONS, for removing Furniture, &o from or to any part of the County or Kingdom. WITH TIBMBER CARRIAGES, for Carting Timber, Castings, aud other heavy Goods. WITH PLOUGHS, CULTIVATORS, HARROWS, &c. CARTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION DONE. AGENT FOR THE GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY Co., IJAVBRFORDWRST. G. J B. takes this opportunity of thanking tho Publio for tho kind support be has hitherto received. c4 ESTABLISHED 1812. II. AND T. P R OCTO R AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTS, CATHAY, BRISTOL. PREPARED RONE MANURES, FOR CORN, GRASS, ROOT, AND OTHER CROPS; ALSO, BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. WORKS,-BRISTOL, BIRMINGHAM, CHESTFP AND WARWICK. CHEAP TEA SHOP. THOMAS'S FAMILY XEA & GROCERY WAREHOUSE UPPER MARKET STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. Good Tea Pf J!>- Strong Breakfast ilo & line do. ••• ••• ••• r PRIME W I L T S IIIRE BACON. FIELDS AND PRICE'S PATENT CANDLES. HUNTLEY AND PALMER S BISCUITS. JAMS, JELLIES, PICKLES, SAUCES, &c. Agent for Weir's Sewing Machines HAVERFORDWEST. SPRING GARDENS' BREWERY, WINE AND S P I It 1 T VAULTS. ESTABLISHED 182 6. E D M 0 N D AND II E E S, AUCTIONEERS, < £ c., • r M • i KHQ„i« nf Haverfordwest and the County of Pembroke, that they have takon to tbe MALTSTEKS, BllliWEliS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL SPIRIT, ALE, l'OltTEU, AND HOP MERCHANTS. and trust by strict attention to all orciers ontruqted to t,hetu, find supplying superior articles, to morit a sbaro 0 public patronage. ■piriB old Irish Whiskey, superior French and British Brandies, Gins, Fine old CordialSi at Moderate Prices. ALLSOPPS' INDIA, PALE, AND MILD ALES, IN CASKS AND BOTTLES. A LARGE QUANTITY OF EXCELLENT WELL-MADE OLD MALT NOW ON HAND, Agents for Burnard, Lack, & Co.'s well-known and Celebrated Corn and Root Manares, AGRICULTURAL SEEDS, &c Spring Gardens, Haverfordwest, 21th November, 1869. 529 -F v • 'I DH FETY lam THE PUBLIC ARC CAUTIONED AGAINST F 1 if. III 1 Tho history of this groat remedy ia tlio most wonderful that the world has ever | 1 known. It establishes tho all-important fact that WHEUEVKB disoase exists it's | w searching and healing properties are in most eases equal to its subjection and cure. j I 3DISOBDEBS OF THE STOMACH | P Aro the sources of the deadliest maladies. Now, what is the operation of the Pills ? jj § They cleanse the bowels, regulate the livor, bring the relaxed or irritated stomach -,4 I 3DISOBDEBS OF THE STOMACH | P Aro the sources of the deadliest maladies. Now, what is the operation of the Pills ? jj § They cleanse the bowels, regulate the livor, bring the relaxed or irritated stomach « into a natural and healthful condition. Changing sickness into health. j Z3 I JLlLIMIIEIEsrTS OF FEMALES. | 1 At the two epochs in life in which the system undergoes the most important I H and critical changes, the Pills are priceless in their effect in disorders to which the i r, I BOX is liable and at the turn of life are a safeguard against) evil consequences. 5 I VVEAXNESS AND DEBILITY. | 1 These Pills remove all symptoms of debility, languor and weakness, as they | | act upon the mainsprings of life and give strength and vigour to the system. | 1 THE BEST REMEDY K^O"V/W FOR S a Aathma. DnbiliLy. Inflaenza- Stone and Gravel. 8| BilionB Oomplaints. Diarrhoea. L'ver Complaints. Bocond-try Symptoms jh Blotohoa on the-Skin. Female Irrof^'ilariucn PPea, oali^ppSjfvorn "what- || CJonstipation of tho Bowola. Indigestion. Retention of Urino. ever cause, &c. &c. d IL CA UTION/—None are genuine unless tho words Holl&oaii, L ondon, arc fp discernible as a Watermark in every leaf of the book of directions which may be || plainly seen by holding it to the light. 8old at the manufactory of Prnfcssor g IIOLLOWAY, 244, Strand, London, and by all Dealers in Medicine, in boxes at || Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., 22s,, and 83s.—There is a considerable eavmg by || taking the larger sizes.—Very copious directions for use are affixed to each box. plainly seen by holding it to the light. SolO. at the manufactory of Prnfcssor g IIOLLOWAY, 244, Strand, London, and by all Dealers in Medicine, in boxes at || Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., 22s,, and 83s.—There is a considerable eavmg by || taking the larger sizes.—Very copious directions for use are affixed to each box. t CLEDDAU BREWERY, BRIDGE STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, GEORGE M. G R E EN, MALTSTER & BREWER DEALER IN AGRICULTURAL SEEDS. Agent for Miller and Jilmson's Celebrated Artfiicial Manures. GREEN & JOHN, WHOLESALE AND FAMILY GROCERS, QUAY STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, AGENTS FOR HWES SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LI11E, LAWES' PATENT TURNIP MANURE, AND L A ,V E S DISSOLVED BONES. PERUVIAN GUANO. A QUANTITY OF MANURE SALT FOR SALE. 018 SAW AND IIATCHET IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT. EVANS & PEITCHAED, (Successors to the late Mr David Lewis,,) BEG to inform the Inhabitants of Haverfordwest and its locality, that they are carrying on this loner Established Business in all its Branches, and hope, by supplying Goods of first quality at moderate prices, to secure for themselves a continuance of the liberal support accorded to their late much respccted predecessor. FARM, FURNISHING, & BUILDING IRONMONGERY. CUTLERY, BRICKS, LATIIS, SLATES, PAINTS, OILS, COL- LIERY ROPES, GREASE. &c. PLUMBERS, BRAZIERS, AND BELL HANGERS, TIN PLATE AND WIRE WORK OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Bridge-street, Haverfordwest, March, 1870. C25 THOMAS JONES, MARBLE AND STONE MASON, MERLIN'S HILL, HAVERFORDWEST. MONUMENTS, TOIl n S, A IV D II E A DS TON E S, OF THE NEWEST DESIGNS READY FOR INSPECTION. WINDOWS OF BATH AND OTHER STONE, AND ALL KINDS OF CHURCH WORK. MARBLE AND STONE CHIMNEY PIECES, OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, ANTIQUE AND MODERN. DRESSED MASONRY IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, EXECUTED ON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS. Estimates Given for all Descriptions of Marble and Stone Work. 190 IL vs P A I N T OAR SONS" HIHII P A t N T, TATROMSED BY HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, THE BniTisn GOVERNMENT, j THE COLONIAL GOVERNMENTS, RAILWAY and CANAL COMPANIES, INDIAN GOVERNMENT, J THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT, | COLLIEBIEB, IHON MASTERS, &C., 7,000 OF THE NOBILITY AND GENTRY, For all kinds of OUT-DOOE WORK, And is proved after a test of upwards of 70 years, to surpass any other Paint. It is especially applicable to liuu Kooling, lark Foncnip, Farm and other Buildings, Bridges, Hurdling, Farm Implements, Carts and Wagons, Gates, &c. &c., and all exposed work, eltocting a Saving of more than 50 per cent., as it is cheapor, and lasts twice as long as Genuine White Load or any other paint, and CAN BE LAID ON BY UNSKILLED LABOUR. It is sold in a fine powder. Will keep any length of time. No grinding, tinting, straining, or dryora are necessary. It requires «mply to be maxed with Oil Mixture," according to Directions for Use," aud at same time avoiding tho objections to all paints sold mixed ready for use W1,n Po,:Cvvt- COLOURS. Per Cwt, l ight stone: ] ) Bath Stone f ChoonUfo » ( OAh ^^kicinaCvV3^—^oocoiare f Cream colour S 30s. AHTICOSROSIC^\ Purple Browa /26s. Light Portland btoncV I PAINT ffipT'" Black Portland Stone 1 IMANUFACTUBEB|IO——-vW Bronze Green Buff (for Stables). WALTERBright Green Oak colour 1 26s. \ON OQN Medium Green I I/O'id colour 1 Dgan (rPPAn V4uSi ,N J 00 INTtfltD Ar «TATION8R« MALI. Urtefl f Light Lead or Siato 28s..— Blue I Prepared Oil Mixture for the Anti-Corrosion. Oils, Turpentine, Varnishes, Brushes, icc. CARSONS' PAINT, For PUDLIO EDIFICES, MANSIONS, VILLAS, and every Rind of Brick, Stone, Compo, &c., is unrivalled, and is the only Paint that will effectually resist the rays of the sun upon Conservatories, Greenhouses, Frames, &c. 3 Cwt. delivered CARUIA<;E FREE to all RAILWAY STATIONS in the United Kingdom. Patterns and Testimonials sent Post Free on application. No Agents, WALTER CARSON & SONS, LA BELLE SAUVAGE YARD, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.C. And 21, BACHELOR'S WALK, DUBLIN. CARSONS' JlKl P A I N T. o L o ID o :r> TT s n e K/. P R I C E S 6 ft. 6 ins, wide, 30 ins. diameter £ 16 10 24 inches diameter £ 14 10 6ft.0 do do 15 0 do 13 0 5 ft. 6 do do 13 10 do H 10 5 ft. 0 do do 12 10 do 10 10 MARYCHURCH & DAW, If A Vblil OHD l*LS 1; AGENTS FOR KOBRINGTON'S SUPERPHOSPHATE t'i OTHER MANURES. SUPERPHOSPHATE £ 5 bh. PEP, r;o: CASH. NOTE! Over 40 TQllS of Turnips, per acre, have Veen grown with this Manure. cl6 to To Landlords or Agents, BANKS OF THE THAMES, Near LONDON. A GENTLEMAN offers to EXCHANGE a bani- eome RESIDENCE containing eight bedroomi, two dresaing-rooms, three noble reception room*, con- servatory and every domestic oonvenience, with acoees to extensive grounds planted with fine old elmi and cedars sloping to the river; capital boating and fishings for a property of equivalent value in South Wales.—C W., Pembrokeshire Herald Office, Haverfordwest. DR. HUNTER'S Special Lectures to Young Men on HEALTH, ITS RESTORATION, AND HAPPY MARRIAGES.—When to marry, with advice to those who contemplate marriage, pointing out certain impediments which render rrarried life unhappy, and directions- for their speedy removal. Should be read by all who value health, strength, and manhood, and wish to attain a happy old age.—Post free on receipt of two stamps.—Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. b TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. rpBE METROPOLITAN' l.AIRY COMPANY .re -1- no»y open to enter into additional Contracts for sopplies, during the eammer season, of Pure Cowntrr M ilk\ %t from tecpence to one shilling per gallon. for fir»t class fresh Bntrer and Eggs (14 to 16 • shilling), suitable for high class customers only. Each ninst be of the first quality, none other will suit. Address particulars of lots for disposal to the Manager. Mr R. Marriage, 13, Leigh Street, High Holbora, London. Mr. J. W. FRANCIS T>EGS most respectfully to inform tbe inhabitants of A-* -Haverfordwest and its surrounding district that he has commenced business as Auctioneer, Valuer, &c., and trasts by strict attention to commission intnwted to his care to merit a share of Public Patronago. ACCOUNTS SETTLED WITHOUT DELAY. WauonEH^J8, itreet> Mast eg, and at Mr w atson, High street, Haverfordwest. S TEA At COMMUNICATION WITH TN. SOUTH OF IRE AND. Via New Milford (Milford Hay en) and Waterford Daily Service (Sundays excepted). The Milfoni Haven and Waterford Steam Ship Cora. mUUng Wiu weather per • FROM NEW MILFORD, At 1.40 a.m. on arrival of the 4 50 p.m. Train, ao as to SmencrCoXyc! proceed by the 10,20 ta- Train go Limerick, Cork, FROM WATEBPOED, At 4 p.m, on arrival of the train from Cork, Limerick, «c., so as to enable passengers to proceed by the iXlira reaching London at 11.15 a.m. For further particulars apply to any of the Railway Stations, or to J aokson & Co, New Milford. Wale. HUBBERSTONE NATIONAL SCHOOL. Donations snbsorlbed towards placing a new roof on School, and also refitting with Forms and Deska. it 0. 4, Thomas Meyriok, Esq, M. P 26 0 General Palby .8 # 0 T. L. Marriott, Esq 3 0 0 Ford, Elq | 1 0 Collection in Hnbberstone Church 2 9 1 W, Walters, E«q. Haverfordwest 110 t 'r.D?^'ee* Solicitor, Haverfordwest J. B. Wimshurst, Esq i i A F. G. Wednell, Esq, London 1 1 O J. Pavin Phillips, Esq, Haverfordwest oS9 Mr Jones, Milford too Mr P. P. Ellis, Haverfordwest 110 Mr J.Thomas, Haverfordwest 0 1ft • Mr Alexander, Hakin 10 J. Greenish, Esq, Gelliswick 0 10 C Proceeds from Children's Christmas Tree 119 1 Lord Bishop of St. David's Mrs Roch, of Butter Hill 1 0 J. H. Scourfield, Esq, M.P A"6 0 0 Proceeds from Lecture by Lieut. Stone, 77th Regiment 4 # 4 J. D. Brown, Esq., Mayor of Haverfordwest 110 Mr john James, Liddcston n j; n Sir J°hn Brown, Haverfordwest 1 1 n U V. Hassall, Esq, 89 h Regiment' 0 10 fi Proceeds from Concert and Reading A.* ]ft 0 0 Ilckaowledgtd by the Rev J. B. HabbentOD Rectory, or by Mr R. G. Bonniwell, Hakia. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL,MILPORDTSWANSEA, & BRISTO For the Month ef JUXE, 1870 The Liverpool and Briltol Channel Steam Na-ption Company's Steam Ships •"•►*auon feevKRKioN, Capt. Gibbs Wini>B*MB»k ra-t » MO.n-IAGV, CV,t Spenkman AknikYkfikon CantOam^LL Jauk BACON, oapt. Work J. C«T FNJ? ARTIZAN, Capt. ;RoulstOH AONKS JACK, Capt' St vies LLKWEI.i.YN, Capt. Talluc PLANTAQKNET, Ctipt Old MILFORD (Buildinp) The above, or seme other suitable vessel, is intended to sail with Goods and PassenRers, (unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence) as follow I, with or without pilots and liberty to tow Teasels :— from Liverpool to Milford and Bristtl. Saturday June 4 12J after Saturday 18 I after Saturday n § morn Saturday 25 8 morn From Milford for Bristol. Sunday, June 5 6 morn Sunday 19 7 mora 8unday 12 2 morn Sunday S6 2 morn From Milford for Liverpool. Wednesday June 1 I2ni?ht Wednesday .15 1 after Wednesday 8 C even Wednesda* 22 6 even Wednesday, June 29, at 12 o'clock nieht. The Steam Barge GIPSEY is intended to ply on the Milrort Uavon, in connection with the above Steamers, oarryin* soodg to and from Pembroke Dock, Haverfordwest, and tho adjacent towns. • Fills:— Milford toor from Liverpool ^od Milfcrd to orfn m Bristol g, 6d c, nj MNOTdl^0r ^S-ansealMumWes) is ed is 0d — KUTISE -Th.. landing and waharoation of Goods or Pas* nrgcrs at Milford, Vy whatover oonveyanoe, whether at tho e^ pence of the Steamer, or otherwise, is at the risk of tho Paster gersdfld the Owners of the Goods respectively n r '"rther particulars see small bill, or apply'to John Bacrn and Co., Managing Owners, 14, Water-street. Urar. ^'5 Er^ne. Bristol; Charles Lamb, 8waasea; John Kenworthy an So., Manchester. 'ou* D. HORE Aoxirr, Mnnu HAVERFORDWEST. SEASON 1870. To Serve a Limited Number of Mares, that Thorough• bred Entire Horse WILD CHARLEY Thorough-bred Mares, 5 Guineas each Half-bred Mares, t2 2s. each.-Groom'* Fee be. The Groom's Fee to be paid at the time of service and the remainder on or before the 12th day of June* 1870, to William John, Hill-street, Haverford- fordwest, or to William George, North Gate, Haver. fordwest. Wild Charley is a beautiful dark brown horse, eight years old, 16 hands high, on short black legs, with im- mense bone and muscular power, great depth of girth and rib, remarkably short back, strong powerful loins and quarters, fine oblique shoulders, and free light action, is perfectly sound and free from all hereditary disease, is a sure foal getter, and his stock (now year- lings) are remarkably fine and promising. Wild Charley is by Wild Davrell (winner of the Derby), out of Phemy by Touchstone, (winner of the St. Leger), granddam Phebe by Lamplighter (sire of Phosphorus, winner of the Derby), out of a mare by Rubens, (sire of Landscape, winner of the Oaks), out of Xippitywitchet, by W axy, (winner of the Derby) out of Hare by Swcetbriar. Wild Dayrell, is by Ion, out of Ellen Middletont by Bay Middlcton-, (winner of the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes and the Derby,) her dam Myrrha by Malek, out of Bessy, by Y Gouty, out of Grandi- flora, by Sir Harry Dimsdale,—Pipator. Touchstone, was by Camel, (son of Whalebone, win. ner of the Derby,) out of Banter, by Master Henry, (son of Oreille J his granddam, Boadicea, by Alex- ander, by Eclipse. Wild Ciiait^kY is half brother to Buccaneer the sire of Formosa, (winner of the One Thousand Guineas Stakes, the Epsom Oaks, and of the Great Doiicaster St. Leger); and of See Sato, (winner of the Cambridgeshire Stakes at Newmarket). He is also half brother to The Rake, winner of the Althorp Park Stakes at Northampton, and Middle Park Plate at Newmarket. and s ,1 w ,u- .j us jj Xj:ii:ne:, Sur- p ie«1a^d .se;,xa,1^ev, (winners of the Si. Leger.) and | -i -m. i.u.e.vh,, (wmner oi tin.- Oaks.) I tue Flying Lawman," I Gf the Derby una St. Leijer, Of A,, 1 A"u;lerI't t,i0 fom which it will bt seen that I 4 *■' Lli !s w'v\ r'"l°3eiv connected o:i both 1 "J- -le ij'ucrp, A: tut ;ocve lineage, | find eiiiiurauce, ciinno'c possibly be PLss, I v/iu ^rl«i reinam one nignt iu each fort- K i'^T' 3, n-Ti;ton Br^v.'orv, Milton I Further purtlcular^ iu..y l:c obtainediof | itner of tiie abeve x-amed parties, ":1'1 will also tt pec;iy the tilDe ai;.d places oi attenaajuce.