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A CHINESE FUNERAL —A Chinee merchant, named Ah Poy, having died at San Francisco, on the 1st of this month, and the ro ms of his house being found too small to rermit of the funeral sacrificial rites being properly perlotmed, leave was obtained from, he Autho. hIes of the city to celebrate them on the side walk of the street. The ceremonies thus solemnized were not a little curious. At an eany hour In themornmK aman, dressed in priestly ro'i.'S, came out of the house, holding in one hand ;»large ox horn, which he blew shrill and sharp, turning suc- cessively to each quarter of the heavens. He was fol lowed by men ringing bells as load as they could, and after these came the mourt)erpi about half a doten in number, there being only one man among them. They were dressed in white, with wliite cowls on their hea.ls, and the women's hair was dishevelled. The coffin was then brougi,t, out and placed on the side walk, draped with red, white, and green cloths, and the mourners filed round it several tlmAS, weeping, wailing, and throwing up their hands. After that tney bowed them- selves with their faces to the ground, in which position they remained for several hours. On the side-walk, below the coffin, were ranged three or four wide tables, on which were deposited the sacrificial offerings. There were five hogs roasted whole, wi h tips ot tinsel on their ears and round their snouts; three sheep, skinned and laid on large pans; chickens with many coloured can- dies melted and run over them In imitation of robes. Their claws were made to grasp spears, darts, and etor. cising wands, and several of them, though roasted quito brown, had the feathers on the wings and the Crests on their heads unstnged. There were also several large crabs, ornamented like all the re-tofthe offerings with tinsel and paper; pyramids of fruit and cakes; imita- tions in bread of poultry and animals; piles of josh- eticks, and several tapers; sttipes of red, white, and yellow paper, bearing mysterious characters; doll-like images at several points; and everywhere "tinset paper, smoke fumes, and intolerable stenoh." At noon a white- haired old woman came ont of the house bearing a huge load of tinselled paper, which she threw on the pavement, and, taking a lighted josh-stick, s t the mass on fire. Three other women brought out some curious-looking images and osst them into the flam' s. IlflAr which the funeral procession set out.—1'all nail Gazette. ELOPEMENT AND FORGERY—An extraor dinary occur- rence of a romantic, ttut unfortunately criminal cha- racter, has just been brought to light before the Tralee magistrates. A few days since a young lady residing near Castle Island, the daughter of a very respectable farmer, who during his lifetime had beeti very well known and deservedly respec ed, eloped with a yonng Scotch gameke- per, named Donald Cameron The lady possesses a fortune of £500. They fled to Scotland, but at Glasgow Cameron was arrested for forgery, and conveyed hack to Tral-'e in custody, toe young ladv returning with him. He was charged before the magistrates on Tues-iay, when the tot o-vipg facts wero disclosed: He presented a cheque for £ 40 10s at Messrs Scanlans' in th:- Mall, and having obtained cash to that amonnt he apDear* to have drCamped. The order, was signed "G R'chards," and on beinn produced at the Bank of Ireland the bearer was informed that no individual of that name had an acoount with them, and FO pronounced it a forgery. When arrested a similar document was found with him drawn on Messrs Craii.' of Craiz's-court. London, for £ 10, besides cash to the amount of £ 26 10s. His trunk, a-tiong other valuable articles. contattied it handsome pistol, ammunition, and 0f Sllver Plate. He was remanded, Cork Iter aid. EXPLOSION OF A KITCHEN BOILIrR-Orl Wednesday noon an accident 01 a very diairesMiig naiure occuru* 1 in the village of Dids'mry, about five miles south ot M;in- cheater, on the river Mersey, In the kitoh' n of a huuse situated in the Crescent there, Mrs Royle and her daughter w re seated before the fire, when suddenly a boi.er, forming part of the kitchen ratig-, and having a feed-pipe commnnr ating with a bath fit file room above, burst with terrific force, scattering death and desolation around. The windows and door were burst open, and h add tion to fragments of the boiler, fire, and the brickwork of the grate being projected into the room, part ot the ceiling was brought down. The noise of the explosion soon brought ass.siance, and Mrs Royle was found stietcbed on the floor much burnt and sea ded, having apparently been killed at once. Her daughter, Mi-8 Royle, a young lady of about 16, was found alive but much scalded. A hot btick and some fire from the grate had struck her forehead and lace, and the lower part of her b)dy had been enveloped in hot water and steam. The day was one of extreme cold from fr< st, and a cat and dog crouched near the fire had perished in the disaster. It is supposed that the cause of the expl sion was that the water in the feeding-tine connected with the bath had frozen, and the heat of an unusually large fire in the grate bad caused too rapid a generation of steam in the boiler. At an inquest on ihe body 01 Mrs Royle on Thursday it was giten in evidence that the disaster was undoubtedly caused by th frost, and a var diet of Accidental Death was returned ADVICE TO MOTHERs.-Are you broken of your rest bvt&sick child, suffering with the pain of cutting teeth go at once to a chemist and get a bolttle of Mrs Win- dow's Soothing Syrup. It will relieve the poor Fufferer immediately it is perfectly harmless; it prodjee, n fura) quiet sleep, by relieving the child from pains and the little cherub awakes "aa bright aaabuttun." It has been long in use in America, and is highly recom- mended by medical men. It is very pleasant to taKd it soothes the child it softens the gums, allays ail pain, relieves wind, regulates the bowels, and is the best known remedy tor dysentery and diarrhoea, whether aMsing from teething or other causes. Be sure and a-k f,r Mrs Winslow's Soothing Syrup. No mother shoutd be without it.-SuId by all Medicine Dealers at Is lid per bottle. London Depot, 205, High Holborn. 197' Two DitATHS FROM: SUCKING COMMON LUCIFER MATCHES. rhe two chiU.ren of Mra S:aller, Ivy dled this morning from the effects of phosphorus taken into tbe system. It appears that tue children, who were six years and nine months old, got possession of some lucifer matches n the aosenc, of their mother, and sucked the phosphorus off "he ends O 1 the return of the mother they were at once put under medical treatment, hut as already mentioned, without effect. A poot mortem examination has been ordered by tue Coroner.—Standard. This is a striking illustration ol the value ot Bryant and May's Patent Safety batches, which are not poisonous, and light only ou the box. EXTRACT OF MEAT.—So much having been Wt iti.en about cheap food for the people, it is scarcely necessary to draw attention to the invaluable extract of meat bv Leibigrs process, which, first introduced as a medicinal agent, is now so extensively used in the kitchen. We cannot imagine housekeepers making soup or beef-tea bv the old, tedious, and expensive method, while with thi, exLrnct they can p/epare so op equ illy nice and far mo't digestible in a moment. The genuine ex ract is manu- factured in enoi mous quantities from cat.je of Eogl's' oreed on the establish meats of R Tooth, iis<|, of feyd i< y, Australia, and is now sold at a reasonable ptice j' jars wib very convenient stopper*. The scientific men -peak iii,,Ijiy of Tootii's eXLI'.Ct. Dr. Pkichter, of D es ten, a mau of no mean atfainments, d"<cribeK it as ex qutsiie;' at the same time, it is all approved by Dr W v. Milter, of King's College, before bet if. is-ueci for salt NV j should recommend a trial of it. Alessis Colemat (id Cc, of St Maiy-at-HilI, are the consignees, but i is sold in nearly every grocer's and che:nHsLII snop it. towa and country.—a btandjrd, Sept. 2.


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