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CARMARTHENSHIRE srEEPLE CHASES. SIR,—As some dissatisfaction has been expressed at the adoption of the G. N. S. scale of weights on the ground that it is only suitable for cast-off race horse" and not Welsh hunters, I have taken some pains to investigate the matter, and I enclose for publication a letter from Lord Coventry on the subject. It is quite a mistake to think that the scale was adopted to suit had race horses; on the contrary, it was sreeiallv framed for encouraging weight oarriers, and such horses as Bridegroom, the Freshman, Emperor, Tathwell, an<i othi-r hordes that have distinguished themselves in the Grand National H int Steeple Chases at Bedford, Wethei by, Market H>trl N', &c. A glanop, too, at the respective differences of weight in the scale for Queen's P.ales on the flat, nnd the G. N. S. scale, will prove that the Committee have at all events tried to produce a fair snale. For three inilf racei on the Cut up to April. the fol'owing is the scale — Four years, 8st 71b; five years, 9st 4lbs; six and IIged, 9st 8lbs; over a country The Grand National Committee's weights nre- four years, 10st 31bs; five years, Hjt 8ibs; six and nged, 12-t 31b-, Thug it is apparent, at a glance, on how very much better terms the young ones meeL tne old horsra, according to the Grand National weights, than um-er Queen's Plate conditions. In the former, a four year old receives lPIbs from a five, and 281 be from a six, whereas, under the Queen's Plate articles, the difference would be, respectively, lllbs and labs, and in the difference between the five-year-old and aged the weights are still more in favour of the juveniles, as on the flat they would have to run at a difference of only 41bs, whereas over a country they get 9ibs. Let me give one example of how well even a four-year-old Welsh Hunter can perform. At the Tivyside meeting last year, St. Govins, then only rising lour, after having won a strong run Steeplechase, with the heavy weight of list lOlbs, was enabled, with only a difference of "lbs, to beat Dictator, a thorough-bred entire horse, and five other aged hunters But I muU trespass no longer on your space Let those who are dissati-fied carefully note the running In weight for age races, during the coming season, and embody the result of these observations in the foriti of a memorial 10 tbe Grand Naiional Committee it will, they may re9t assured, meet with the most courteous consideration. Possibly the scale may require revision, but I think I have shown that pains were taken in framing it, and it is the opinion of many who are really competent to form a judgment, which I am nor, that on the whole the scale is a very fair and just one. I am, Sir, yonrs truly. W. O. BHiGsTnririr 2, Lansdowne Cresoent, Cheltenham, January 4, 1870. [Copy] Croome Court, Severn Stoke, December 29'.h, 18G9. 1JKAR MR BRTHSTOCKE,—The scale of weight for age in Ktet-pie cba-es, as recently revised and adopted by the U.N.S. Committee, was certainly never framed, as your correspondent appears to think, witn the intention of showing favour to inferior animals, nor can I see any- thing in it which will justify the expression of such an opinion —0:1 the contrary I should think the" Cast off race horses who are trained to gallop through their fences at three years old are the most likeiv to sutter from the imposition of such heavy weignts all are allotted to them by the G.N.S. Committee. I will offer no opinion as to whether or not the pronortionatn wøi,h, for eaeh different year are correctly adjusted .n the scale of weight for age as published, but I think I inav say that the committee would be glad to receive and consider any suggestions for its improvement. The ages for £ °n0S mURt he d4t 'd ,r'm a Particular dav, and the G.N S. Committee have named the first of January as the birthday of every steeple chase horse. || a man breeds a colt which is loaled at the end of June it is obvious thdt he is competn.g On unequal terms with one oaled in January; every rule which laid down for the general welfare must occasionally operate uniustlv CaSCS" For my own Part> however I do thl year 18 adT,uUa«e to hav« early m Believo me, yours truly, COVENTRY.

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