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PEMBROKE PETTY SESSTONS, COUNTY SESSIONS. These aessions were held on Siturday afternoon, before L. Mathias, N. A. Roell, J. Morison, W. Hulm, and J. Adams, George Hoach, son of Mr Roach, of Linney farm, and four tarm boys, named Thomas James, David Beddoe, James Rogers, and George W.lliams, were charged by Mr Bernard Samways, head gamekeeper to Earl Cawdor; with being in pursuit of game on Chriitmtis-day on land rented by Mr Roach, Mr W O. Hulm appeared to rrosecute; and Mr Price apoeared on behalf ot the defendants. The oases were taken separately against the defendants, so that each had the benefit of the others' evidence. This case excited considerable interest,—a number of respectable farmers being in the court. Cornelius Tuck, a watcher in the employ of Earl Cawdor, stated that about half-past ten o'clock on Christmas morning, he saw the flve defendants on the Downs benting for game, and accompanied by three dogs. They coursed three hares, one of which ran elope by where witness lay concealed. He also saw Mr Roach pick up a rabbit off the hedge and put it in his breast. When the defendants came up to where witness was, he showed himself. Mr Roach asked him not to say anything of the matter. M*- Roach stated that on the morning of Christmas- day, Thomas James and himself, acoompanied by his sheep dog. Watch, went, as was h s daily custom, lowards the Downs to see his sheep. On then way th'y went into a lield to Fee some p oughing that James had been doing on the previous day, as Janes had been practicing to compete at the ploughing-match, which comes off on the 12th inst. During the time they were there his other sheep-dog and the hound (a young puppy) joiued them in the field, both being shut up in a house when be left home. Some ten minutes later the three other defendauts (all of whom were in bit father's employ ) came into the field, also to see James's ploughing. When on the Downs a bare got up, and was followed by the sheep-dog, Watch, but Mr Roach called the dog, and he Ci.mc back to his heel. This was the only hare thiy saw that d'y. and they did not attempt to beat for game in any manner whatever. On ciossing over a heilge, which thev were necessitated to do. Mr Roacb picked up a rnbbit that had recently been killed by a "veyHr," or other vermin, and put it in his breast, but neither of his dogs had in any way touched it. When Tuck came up to them, he said, Ifou have made a "muddle of it," and Mr Roach asked him what he meant, at the same time telling Tuck that he had been down looking after his sheep, and had net been hunting As Tuck walked with Roach by Linney House be asked Tuck to oome in to have some beer, which be declined to do, and went away. He (Roach) never asked Tuck to forgive him, and what Tuck had stated was false. James and Beddoe swore most distinctly that there bad been no hunting or beating, and corroborated Mr Roach's evidence in every particular. Mr Price did not call Kogers and Williams, a« be con- tended that the evidence he had already produced was ample to rebut the charge. Mr Mathias said tue bench were unanimous in their opinion that Mr Roacb bad been guilty of the charge, and fined him 50s, and coats, 10s 2d. The charges against the other four were withdrawn on payment of costa.

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