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PEMBROKE. DEATH OF AN OlD INHABITANT.—On Monday Mr. Owen homas, late a wine merchant, expired at his residence, Green Mead Pool, Pembroke, in his 8lsf year. Mr. Thomas was a gentleman highly esteemid by all who knew him. He was mayor of the united boroughs in the year 1838, whan her Majesty Queen Victoria came to the throne, and the deceased gentleman had the honour of proclaiming her ascension, at the Dockyard, on that occasion, June 28tb. Mr. Thomas had retired from business for several years. ACCIDENT AND NARR".W ESCAPE.-On M, nday Mr G. H. Way, of Pembroke-duck, wds proceeding on his way to Pembroke in his dog-cart, and on going down Bush-hill, the horse a fine spirited animal, fell on bis knees. Before Mr. Way could recover himself the horse managed by some means to throw the bridle off his head, and immediately arose and started off down the hilJ at a furious pace. Just at the base of the hill, where there is a curve in the road, the horse ran the shafts against the wall, breaking both of them off, and pitching Mr. Way into the road. We are glad to say, however, that although Mr. Way was severely shaken, he was not much injured. I THE GARRISON.—Some time ago we state that a pri- vate soldier named Thomas Proctor, of the 95th raiment, had been tried by court martial for stabbing Sergeant Hailing and three other men of the same regiment; his sentence hrs now been made known, and it was read over to the troops on the garrison parade ground on Saturdny. He has bl>e" sentencod to two vi-ars' impri- sonment, to be branded with the letters B.C (i e., bad character), and, at the expiration of his imprisonment, to he dismissed her Majesty's service with ignominy. VOLUNTEER SOIREE. — On Wednesday evening a dinner was held at the Navy Tavern, under the au pices of the members of the band of the 2nd Artillery Volun- teers, when thirty eight guests were present, ompriaing the principal tradesmen of the town. The room was tastefully decorated with flow, rll and evergreens, formed in devices emblematical of the festive occasion, trophies of arms being placed at either extremity of the room, the tout ensemble presenting a most cheerful and pleasing appearance and these arrangements, coupled with the excellent dinner that had been provided, reflected con- siderable credit upon the host und hostess, Mr and Mrs T. Page. The chairman selected for the evening was Mr Councillor A. Long, his vis a vis being Mr T. Forder (manager of the firm of Copeman and Lacy, the well known Government contractors) both of these gentle- men contributed considerably towards the pleasures of the meeting bv their courtesy and geniality. Am m^st the guests invited were—Capt Richardson, commandant of the C'.rps; Mr Alderman W. H. Lewis, Mr H. Barrett, Mr Daniel Phillips, Mr J. Pogue, Royal Artillery; Sergeant Maj..r Fir dlay, 2nd Pembroke Artillery Volunteers; Sergeant Major Collier, Royal Artillery; Sergeant Joseph Thomas, and T. Miller, Castlemartin Yeomanrv Cavalry Mr Brotchie, manager of the district gasworks; Mr James, s'ation master Mr L. Yerward, &c., nearly every branch of her Majesty's service being represented, all of those connected there- with being dressed in uniform. After the cloth was removed, the usual loyal and other toasts were received enthusiastically. A programme of 20 selections of music, instrumental and vocal, comprising band pieces, glees, madrigal*, and songs, was performed during the evening, under the direotion of Mr T. W, Thomas, bandmaster of the Castlemartin Yeomanry Cavalry, Mr W. H. Wyatt presiding, with his customary ability, at the pianoforte. A most cheerful evening was spent, everything going off in the most pleasant and satisfac- tory manner.


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