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HAVERFORDWEST QUARTER SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Shire Hall to-day before W. Stephenson Owen, Esq, (Chairman), John .IIarvey, Esq, W. Owen, Esq, S. Harford, Ehq, J. W. rbtltipB, Esq, and Rev J. Philippe. COUNTY RATE. A rateofljdin the £ was granted on the application ot the Treasuier. THE JOIHT LUNATIC ASYLUM. Mr Jo'in Haivey presrnted the report of the Visitors to tt.e Lunatic Asylum, which stated that ther^were altogether 15 patients chargeable to Haverfordwest on the 29 Ih al December. There were 7 males (one ol whom the 29 Ih al December. There were 7 males (one of whom died when the Visitors were at the Asylum) and 8 females. Of the 14 that remained, there was one case in which a cure might he expected. The patients were well oared for. and the g.-Leral management satisfactory. Mr John Harvey, Mr T. R. Owen, and Mr J. W. Phillips, were appointed Visitors of the Asylum for the ensuing year. TRIAL OF PRISONERS. Wiiliafll J^>"tone, S3, labourer, (a native of Sororrset- ?78.t? 8 w'tteftl "K 19 yards of clo-.h, value Mr W VPJ°Perty Ll«well:n, of High-street. ThP^ f aPPeared for ^e prosecution, month?' Hn Knil'y-«nd was sentenced to six month* |,Mprlsonment with hard labour John Lea (a native o! Kent) and John Taylor, (a native of Lancashire) were charged with stealing two\hawN« value il. the property of Mr S. Thomas, draper, of Bridge-street, on the 22nd of December, 1869. The prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to imprisonment with hard labour for six calendar monlhsa ROBBERY FROM THE PERSON. Jam,. Thomas, aget1. 12, wag chanted with stealing from the person i.f Sarah Low to, a purse containing some moneys and other articles, tiie property of Col, Holland, at the HnvtrtordweNt Meal Market, on the 27th of Novem- ber, J 8\,9, I h,, priHoner pleaded not guilty. Mr W. V. James appt-ared for the prosecution, The prison' r w as not defended. It appenied from the evidence that the prosecutrix was at the Market on the 29th of November, at lline butter, the prop<fiyo hermaater. Col, Holland, of Sutton Lodge. Ti, e prifoner c ,me up and enquired the price oi her butter, and thortijr aiterwivrds he crushed against her Later in the day she 1D18,-d her purse, which had been placed in a pocket outside her jacket. The prisoner was suspected, and on b, ing apprenended, certain papers and a memo- randum were found in the linings of his jaeket. The purse was found by the police behind a door 01 the Corn Market, near which the prisoner was seen by the police The Jury found the prisoner guilty, recommending him to mt-rcy on account of his youlh, The C< urt ordered the prisoner to be imprisoned for one month, and to receive 12 strokes with a birch rod. The Grand Jury found "no bill" against Richard Thomas, charged with receiving certain moneys, the property of Col. Holland, well knowing the same to have been stolen. I nL 11 • i ne indinn&n, in charging the Urand Jury, made some remarks condemnatory of the practise of exposing goods for sale outside the doors of shops, being under the impression that the drapery goods stolen by the prisoners tried before the Court were so exposed. The Urand Jury, at the conclusion of their part of tbe business, through their Foreman, Mr John Da»kins, stateu unit inconsequence of the remarks made by the Cbaf m\u, they had investigated the matter, and had found tL U 10 the oases which had omne before them, the drejj jrv ♦ goods had not been placed outside the doors, but w> re n the premises ot the prosecutors. The Chairman said that he had made the iemarks from reading the depositions, and that he was obliged to the Jury for correcting him.



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