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The prisoner pleaded guilty. The risoner also pleaded guilty to a previous conviction ior obtaining goods on false pretences. The Chairman, in passing sentence, said Eliza •Jenkins— Your case seems to He abont as bad as any that ever came before this Court. You have been 'n Jail many times before you we-e sentenced to six months hard labour for felony, obtaining goods y false pretences under the Criminal Justice Act, for stealing a shawl, and for vacancy. I give vou fa'r warning that if you ever come before this Court, and are again convicted for any offence whatever, if I am on the Bench you will have nothing under penal servitude. You will have the heaviest IIPotence the COUI t can give under the citcumsfances. The sentence of the Court is that you lie imprisoned in the House of Corrtction for 12 months, with haid labour. FttLOMOP.SLY RECEIVING GOODS. Jane Poldo was charged with receiving fib of toV.eco "alue 3s lid, thepropprtv of Hannah H lilt well kn WjI: the same to have been 8 olen, at Pembroke Dock, en the 10th of December. The prisoner pleaded not gnilty. Mr Lascellas proiecu'ed, and Mr Wilson defende The Jury found the prisoner guilty, hot recomro> n.^d her to n)' r 'y, A he Cliiiirman said that the offence of which the prisoner had been convioted WHS F- most serious one, and J "he had been guilty o' inducing a young person to steal the property of her employer. If there were no perllons hearty to receive) thetts woul.1 bo infinitely lees common. The Jury had recommended her to mercy, and for that res8r n ihp Court wouid pass a more lenient sentence than they would otherwise hare been Inclined to do. The •en-ence of the Court was tha< «he be imprisoned and kept to ht.rd labour, under the usual circumstances, for four months. STEALING TEA. MfHlI D„vies, 31. John Daves, 39, and Julia Sccpe were Charged with receiving a box and 131b. 01 X!reen tea, ▼«lue 41, the property of TliOinas Parker Copetrac, and anoiher, w t: knowing the same to have been stolen, at St. Mary'g. in the Bjrough of Pembroke, on the 10th of Decern tier IRfI9 M neen previously convicted summarily. Mr Lascelles prosecuted.. The Jurv, under the direction of the Court, acquitted John Davi„ The Jury found Mary Davies guilty, but recommended her to mercv. The prisoner pleaded guilty Other charges against the prisoners. u w 'I ROBBERY OF DRAPERY" GOODq. Julin Scope, Mary Davies, John Davits, and Martha Davits were then cnarged, the two farmer wih stealing about 4't ynrdg of plikid tartan, and 40 yards ot check shirting, value together about £ 11, the properly ot William Ditwkins and the two latter wiih receiving the said property well knowing I be eameto have been stolen, at Pembroke, on the 10th December. The prisoners pleaded not guilty. The three first named in the charge were the prisoner. in the preceding case. The Chairman Raid there was no evidence against Martha Davies. and the jury acquitted her. The Jury found a verdict of guilty against Julia Scope and Mary Davies, and of not guilty against JuLn Davies. The Court sentenced Julia Scope and Mary Davies to two years imprisonment with hard labour. FELONIOUSLY RECEIVING GOODS. Martha D ibits, the prisoner in the previous ca-P, was then chi<rg. d with rtceivuig one box and about 281bs of raisins, vnlue 14s, tbe property of Hinnah Hunt, well knowing the came to have been stolen, at Pembroke, on the 10th Deeetnber, 18SU. Mr LtttCt t'e) prosecuted. The Jury frond the prisoner guilty and the Court ordered her to be imprisoned tor 12 months with hard labour. STEALING BACON. John Playford, and John Roberts, .two artillery men, w^re charted with stealing about, 20ibs of b-con, value in I lrle Pr0l,er{y °f Thomas Sayce, at Monkton, on the 20th Decm.ber, IP69. Mr Wlloi n prosecuted: the prilloners were defended by Mr Lascelies, instructed by Mr J. C James. The Jury found the prisoners not guilty. ASSAULT ON THE rOLICB. Jarne. Love, William Gale, and Charles Hallam, arnlleiy men. were eh urged with assaul ing William Francis, and George Evans, constables of The Pembroke- shire Ooni>tdl>uiarr, on the 20th December, 1869. Mr Wilson prosecnted: Mr Lascelles (instructed by Mr J. (J. Juraies) defended. It was alleged that the defendants rescued the prisoners in the preceding case from the custody of the V!iCt! offieers, but the Jury were of opinion that the evio>:nce did notsubstantiate the charge, and the defendants Hre acquitted. NO BILLS, The Grand Jury returned No Bill In the case of M,i wVi Davies, chttrcedwttb stealing a wheelbarrow, the proj. "ty otPimtCrby.atSt Mary's. Pembroke, on the 12!1: ot October; fnd against Alfred Gwyther, charged with maliciously it.Stctinx grievous hodily harmapon Wiliiam Robinson by cutting him on the bead with a knile, at St Mary's, Pembroke, on the 17'h October. 1869. This concluded the busiuess, and the Court rose.