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I ROYAL HAV1 IN COMMISSiO* STBAtt SHIFI, joukir, ,Tam ilc Fox, store service .Pig'on, Dcronnort shi'les, Chinnel Frederick William, Adder, Sheerness Shannon (Pioneer, W. C.Afric Adventure, China Galatea, special bcr. plover, W. C Afrie Advice, Queenstown Gleaner, Brazils (Princess Aliec, De- Albona, Portsmouth Gnat, wreck'd vonport \lperine, China Grasshopper, China Psyche, Mediter. Antelope, Gibraltar Greyhound, S. E. C. Pr:nee Consort, Med Ariadne, par ser of America Pylades, Pacific Argus, East Indies Griper, Queenstown Asp, Pembioke Racoon, Cape Avon, China Handy, W.Africa Rainbow, Hull Harpy, L^uphSwilly Rapid, Mediterrnea Banterer, China HaToc, China Rattler, China B irraeouta, N Amer. Hector, Sothampton Rattlesnake, W and W. India Helicon, Portsmouth of Africa Basilisk, ord home Hercules, Prtsmutb Reindeer, Pac:fic Beacon, Brazils Heron, Canada Revenue, Pembroke Bellerophon, Lisbon Himalaya, tnop s"r. Rifleman, China Black Eagle, special Hornet, China Rinaldo,Ch^na -ervice Rodnej-, C in. Blk Prince, Grenock Icarus, China Rosary Australia Blanche, Australia Industry, Wool^-icb p'^al Alfred, North Blazer, Shannon Insolent .<b;^a /America & W.Indifc* Bouncer, China tnvoc+ij^ator, W. C. Iloyal George,Kicg-: Bover, Pacific of Africa town Britomart, Canada Jackal, Devonport Royal Oak, Meditrr Pallfin h, China Janus, China Royalist, N. Americ Rustard, China Jaseur, W.C.nf Africa and West Indies Buzzard, Channel Jason, N. America and West Indies Salamis, China Caledonia, Mediter. Jumna, troop service Satel.ite, Pacific Cameleon, Pacific Juno, China ccorpion, Portsmoti Caradoc, Mediter. Lee, W. C. of Africa Soout, ord home Challenger, Austrlia Lapwing, Ireland Seamew,' Kingstown Chanticl er, Pacific Lcven, China Serapis, troop sc. Cliarybdis, Pacific Liffev,special service Serpent, ord home Cherub, Canada Linnet, ord hoTie Simoom, troop ship Cockatrice 'Nalta Lion, Devonport Skylark, Gibraltar Cockchafer, China Lord Warden, Medit Slaney, China Cormorant, China Louisa, Gueen-ferry Snap, China Crocodile, Troop Lynx, W.C. of Afric Sparrowhawk,Paefi Service Magnet, Harwich Speedy, Jersey Cruiser, Mediter. Malabar, tr 'op ser. Speedwell, W. Africa Malacca, ord home Spider, ord home Danae, W. C. of Af. Manilla, China Spiteful, E. Indies Daphne, East Indies Medusa, Channel Sprightly, Portamth, Dart, Bermuda Megaera, store ser. Star, E. Indies Dasher, Jersey Mersey, Queenstown Starling, Chins Dauntless, Hull Minotaur, Lisbon Staunch,Portsmouth Dee, Channel Minstrel, N. America St George, Portland Defence, Lisbon and West Indies Svlvia, China Donegal, Liverpool Mullet, N. America Dcri>, X. America Mutine, ord home Tamar, troop ser. and West Indies Myrmidon, W. C. of Terrible, Devonpor Doterel, Brazils Africa Terror, Bermuda Drake, China Narcissus, Brazils Topaze, Valparaiso Dromedary, W. C. of Nassau.Straitsof Ma- Trafalgar, Lough Africa gellan S willy Dry .d, East Indies Nelson, Melbourne Trinculo, Mediter. Duke of Wellington, Newport, Meditern. Portsmouth Niobe, N. America Urgent, troop Per. Duncan, Queensferry Northumberland, jIValiant, Shannon Dwarf, China Lisbon Vestal, N.A-& W.I. Eclipse, N.A.&W.I. Nymphe, E. Indies Victoria and Albert, Elfin, Portsmouth Oberon, W. C. Africa Portsmouth Enchantress, special Ocean, China Vigilant, East Indiea servic* Octavia, ord home Viper, Liverpool Endymion, Medit. Orwell,Coast Ireland Virago, Australia Enterprise. Medit. Pallas, Channel Vivid, special service Erne, Lough Swilly Pandora, W.C.Africa Warrior, Lisbon Euphrates, troop ser Pearl, China NVaterwitchDevnprt Favourite, N. Amer. Pembroke, Harwich Weazel, Ckina and West Indies Penelope, Lisbon Whiting, Queenstwa Fawn, Portsmouth Perseus, ord home Wildfire Sheerness FlrmQSPrtmth- £ trel',PS\home WiEard^Mediter Firm, China Philomel,N -Am.rica Wivern, Coast M tor ward, v'ancou- and West Indies Ireland ver's Island Pbcebe, N. America Zealous, Pacific Forester, China ) and West Indies /Zebra, China SHIPS. Acorn, Shanghai Fisgard, Woolwich Royal Adelaide. De Asia, Portsmouth Ferret, Portsmouth vonport Boscawen, Ports-j Flora, Ascension Sealark, Devonport. Boscawen, Ports-j Flora, Ascension Sealark, Devonport. mouth Formidable, Shrness Seringapatam Case Brilliant, Dundee Ganges, Falmouth of Good Hope Britannia, Dartmth.! Hibernia, Malta Squirrel, Devonport Cambridge, DeTonpt.: Implacable, Devpt Saint Vincent Ports- Canopus, Devonport Impregnable, Devou- mouth. Castor, North Shields, port Trincomalee, Har- Cumberland, Sheer- Indus, Devonport tlepool. ness i Mal tin,Portsmouth Victory, Portsmouth Doditlus, Bristol Nankin, Pembroke Vindictive, JeUah Durham, Sunderland! Nereus, Valparaiso Coffee Eagle, Liverpool Princess Chorlotte, Winchester, Abrd* liiinont, Rio Hong Kong Excellent, I'ortsmtb.j President, City Cnl