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ro \j lid.sAi, i, e.i;oA0 IASTI^O* I-JOA* T'ATCu.V E3*: Be too,' G.j'c'ous ^rjewV l-e Q,> ~eo. tv "OO ti) n VO^U.nIACT COaiiI JC<' 0\S. S f. D A FJ D'jS iE fi A N U fl. lb# Right, ttef.jjlbe^Loid Bishop Oi SL. D,k ■j: pniiiueM The Rev. Canou R'ciu 1\00. I LOCAL, COM'IIVi tiK OF MANAQEM'.NT. J. Winic.as, E-q tA>-i WM j W ,». ISsq W ivil t< I & Rues. Esq n r r* I J. M; rliniev, bsq •* 0. Ow.fiW. !,i.ra« Lo M). n0wcn, j.io* T n «*r CaPt 0;lk,e* RCR G; VV II| ?,P9 CAPT JE(LK;„ Jfowell J M r T. M. Rt*e«i W. «.">Esq Mr ilemy Ree* Broker* of • • e Ruv;d \'a'im;i] Li'e Boat liisii'a'ion.—' Messrs 'Wi'lig, I'e.i & Co.. 76, Lorn ba d S'lcei,* L ndon E.G. oi E u.e»softbe Bo"cl>. Walters &Uo, UaT<M- fort west. Treawwr — W. Watts "VYitliams. Eiq. • Bouo'-n.jr Secretaries— Ilem-v Micks, E'q. Charles Rrnvne, E*<q. Collector. — M r \V. Simons. Coi-.nft'.is o: • *»e Lite I? •it.-0.ipt. I). Hicks, Mr W. Simons. A l' P 1; A L. Am i "IitJal a it! '>e"r',ieH]i'n<; uircimV <• »; p-K':»)!» S" ?|)w>cck p.e to well known 'o r'l, a»wl r ve HP c: ".ula:c(- o e::('IO Mie »VjjT>: i'ny of OTCIT Imm. >» pp »>on. hut c^peehliv o" those who Ipi;ido on ,1Je cof; the Loc;il Cor.naittec feel tb?.t ;ney ni'gbr. «>>iW we;>.k->v ibei«* anneal ov fueling t'V ic;.<-w!iugs of lueir own on } l!'P subject. Thev LIE, IIOWPVCI., ;,J,1J1V '0 he ;,1 P. lI"si1;011 :O thiough itie Royal National Life Boat 1 nstifnf ion, the cost. sninutnin^ to JE420, of the St David's new Life Dual Aod Iransportillg corriage will be preserved to "IP localitv hy Lotel Dari mouth an4 his tenantry, on row'vion that some assistance towards the expense, say JP'JOO, of a substantial pni1 commodious boat house, and Miiisciiptions of from JE15 to £ 20 a year to help to meet the purely local expense of the coxswains* salaries, and o' the crew for practising in the life boat every quarter, he collected in our town and its vicinity. The Parent Im'itut'on ir London will pay all expenses of rewards to the crew ot' our life boats for saving or attempting to fcfve life also the cost of repairs, painting, leplacement 01 gear, &c, on the life boat establishment. The Local Committee, having received the promise of such valuable assistance from the Parent Institution in London in lid of their own exertions, are anxious that the inhabitants of St David's and its neighbourhood should so far as possible, h;ive the satisfaction and the <"cd)t of bplping to maintain, by their own exertions md from thpir own resources, a life boat for affording nuecour to those unfortunate persons who may be cast vw.n on our shores. Without, however, the pecun;a, y assistance and tlie hcotty general co-operation of the people of St David's pnd its neighbourhood, and Pembrokeshire at large, their ebjecI8 and those -of the Society mmnot oe carried out in this place. The Local Committee, therefore, earnestly appeal to the benevolent people of St David's, and its neighbourhood generally, to aid them in this necessary tfd ptnianth.fpio undertaking. Contributions in aid of the first cost of this Life Boat Establishment, and of its future permanent main- tenance, are em nestlv solicited, and will be thankfully received at the Bankers of the Branch Institution, and fcv all the members of the Loral Committee, from whom •very information ran be obtained- N.B.—The Bishop of St David's. a')d J. H. Scourfield, Eaq, M.P. have each given a donation of JElO. IM NX EFO Ult'S FLFli) MAO\ £ SlA. Fo.1 fl.'rty vea«'« tiie MedkMi P*-ofe-sio n»>)}vove' o. iliis D)"e sotution a" J be BP*I REMOI' v lor At'lHlTV'm.- TUG sTOMVCfT. RTHIT RN. UEADACftK, tiOC l, AND 1XDlCl> I ION, Aih1 a mi';1, to,. esos • IIV at'fj 'ft ior 1.1111.1", Cuiiiirci)., am' lufams. wiiep witi) ilie ACtDULAT!;D LKMOX NYP.IT. 1* form« a niost agrer-tltie cfTcrvrv, lti,r dratmlt;, ",r winch it* an»t coolina ouati-ipu are m«H» increa»eil. If wartr ,1<\(1 ,.j¡. thig Mtnoie pre- »vifi««ion, wtipi, laken RKGULABLY, lia^ hcei) foinn1 niglily benpiicial. DINNKFOR h s: CO., C"i!e>VIPv'.y, (Sri!, 1*2, New Ttorul Afreet. London Sold bv all res|ipftahtp ihron-uoiii he World. CAl'JIOX. — cpe tb:it Dinnpford A t'o." is on !wh houleautt red laiielovr p;tch cork. ',Iead:iiL. foi-nietiv J uned bv Mn PLTLVL-'RMACT-TRR, is adopted 1 >V iiem fo>- deceptive put poses as si>own bei>ei>.th. El»"- »:«-i>y cet tai.'lv produces PH esiraortiii.pry vitalizro- influence'ard anion oil the dAhilihl,l f)f!»ns. but ih's can a^one be effected i>y petiuine apr^- fttces snrh »R POIVPI roaclter'S P 'pnt Imi;Oved VOLTA- I l/i'CT KIC CHAIN-BANDS, BELTS. &c. wi.u-. are toe onlv really eiectt ip seif-anpticable flexible Batt,tries. Their extraoMinarv efficacy guve them wide repntatio,^ of whieli quack doctors take advantage hy means o" advertihemetits, leemi:^ with falseliood,in support of the;" lo-rAlled.. electric urticlea and other pretended ^ppcifir rem"liÏt'R, and calculated to entrap unsuspecting pat'ent*, anl then to victimise them by deleterious mei'icines, intimidation, anrt cross extortion. The frniy « marvellous efflcaev of the above in a great variety of dis- eases. 811 set forth ia numerous authenticated Reports fnu Testimonials of Cures from moat eminent prao- sitiotiet-s and p«icnts (spe pamphlet. sent post-free) is father snsranteed bv A TEST SENT ON LOAN, if jpqaii-ed. to jlistingnish the genuine from the spurious electric contrivances advertised by these impostors, s ylinf themselves electricians, doctors to hospitals!! I Se. &c. and yet disguising themselves under ever- cuaopiniraiasee. Single Chain-Bands from 54 io 2,2s; a set especiallv combined for restoring Impaired vital enersy, from 30s to 60s. J. L. PULVERMACUUE, G'Wanic Establishment, 200, Regent Street, W, Ixtadou. A LY AN1 S"T.—11HEUMATIC, NKORAUilC T and Gouty Pains. Nervous Debility, Functions Disorders, Paralysis, Chronic Rheumatism, Indigestion L«ver Complaints, Nervousness, Want of Power and V"alii v, Slupgish Circulation, Sleeplessness, Epilepsy, Nervous Deafness, and many other inverterate ailments sre most successfully treated (without, shock or pain) lov PULVERMACHEIVS IMPROVED PATENT VOLTA rLUCTRtC FLRXYBLE BANDS. BELfS. ANi) CHAIN L>A ITKHIr.S, which bv their wonderfot efficacy and simplicity have rendered Galvinlsm a self- «pplicpl)le, speedy, and tafo remedy, defying comparison. They are the only kird the efficiency of which is ar. knowledged in the scientific press, and certified hy the most eminent members of the faculty in England and tt,)road-viz Sir C. Locock, Bart., M.D Sir William Fercuson, Raft,; Sir J H. Martin, M.D.; Dr Sieveking, M D.; Dr Handfield Jones, Phvsician to St Mary's hospital; Dr A. Clarke, Physician to the London Hos- pital, &c. Their astonishing curative power* confirmed bv twenty years' successful experience, are testified by a host of authentic reports of remarkable cures, com- piled in a pamphlet, sent post free. Real Electric Belts and Chain Bands, 58 tn 22s, according to electric power. Combined Voltaic Bands, for restoriue impaired vitaliry, 30s to 40s. New Patent Poeket Batteries from £ 3 to jeO. (complete). Apply to J. L. PULVF.RiVlACHEB, Pa. tentee, galvanic Establishment, 2(>0, Regent-street, London, W., where the original documents can be in- hpecled, and the effects of the apparatus tried before purohsse. GIVE N A W A Y. rpo tbt D'. BfLl t ATt:0.-f)H. SMITH, -lieCKLr: J. Bp, A rki) PHYSICIAN for the cure of NERVOUS DEBILITY, continues to send by post, free of charge, a rop" of bin valuable work. THE WARNING VOICR CI :«<) ages) a Medical Work on the Cure by MEDICINE NLY of Nervous Debility Painful Dreams, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitations of the Heart, Noises in the Head 8ud Ears, Indecision, Impaired !Sigh' and Memory, Indigestion, L03S of Energy and Appetit Tains in the Back and Timidttr, Self-Distrust, Dlzzlnr Love cf Solitude, Groundless Feats, &c. l'bisimporl- book contains the PRESCRIPTIONS and INSTRui;; TIONS by which MANY THOUSANDS of Dr. SMJIKIV- ytaiiems have been restored to health and vigour, afiei- Electricity and all other T AI.SELY CALLKD remedies hau failed. Sent free. under seal, to any aumess, on receipt of two postage stamps. CONSULT A LONDON PHYMCiAN BY LETTER WITHOUT FEE.—DR. SMITH, will, on receiving » Written statement of 1 tie patient's case. be most bappy to send gratuitously for lie benefit of those suffeti tp f«nm Nervous Debtli;y, Kxunustiun, and all tlceases tie:. of in his work, s'leiter of au vice, giving plaLl direct cut .or t'te means of cut e, Ad4i«»{. Dr 8, Cur.OJ Cieseent, LUOl/O", W §~i Til, >iiAS -TO.vES, -1.l. of. AtAUBi,!■; .AND STONE MASON, lliSfiLIW'S HILL, HAVEkFOFIjW^S'x. B 0 H U 3! K iV T S, iOHKS, AS I) HEADSTONES, OF B y^W.xiST DESIGx^S EEADY FOIL i.NSPEC'iON. WIiiDOWS OF BATH AND OTHER STOSTE, AND ALL] KINDS OF CHURCH WORK. MAICBLK AiSD STONE CMIIH^EY PIECES, f. •, OF EVfi-iY IKSCiUPnON, ANTIQUE AND MODERN. D HESS ED MASONRY IN JCL ITS IJRAXCirbS. EXECUTED OF TIIE MOST KJEASONABLV TERMS. Estimates Gi VeIl ROI" all De,3crix>'jioiis of Mpible p..ul Si, one Wol k. 190 ESTABLISHED 1812. •:3 •" H. A IS1 1) T. PR t) C T O R ) iv>,e iae attention orAg icu'tii»ht> to thcr SPECIAL BOKE MANURES. Wiiich are o; a Siiperioi q.>ti;v, and L 'e olost eoonomicaj that can we'uNed. v rroc«•»: 'J U::N I ? ^A:;I.^H I -puocvoirs W«KAV. JIANURE, -GOi,t) 1) A -.Ni U 1- E, f'l.tkC-u.: \sANGOLt>* MANUUE, j PiHJOTOii'S BAltLOY MAWURE, ri.Oi V. > "Oi'A-itl-, .VANUliK, j PtlOOI'Oil'S CRASS MANURES, uoisrii: s ui>erpi-iospi-IATE of LIME Full jja t'ci'lais bent free by pOit on application to Messrs Piotlor, ot luei- Aleuts. A DEES S,-U. A N U T. P R O C T 0 Pi, AGRlCULTUHAL CHEMISTS, CATHAY, BRISTOL. WORKS,—BRISTOL, BIRMINGHAM, CHESTIfP AND WARWICK. AGENTS:— Mr Henry Stratton, MiUoo. Pembroke I Mcss?s jOavies Brothers, Drefacb, Llanybyther Mr T Parker, Cardigan I Mr John N. Evans, Aberayroo Mr W.Vaughan, Fishguard J Mr John Davies. Abetystwiln 42 eaHtiaMBEEDEBB ^M\L1GHT ONLY ON THE BOXjJgy AAFET THE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST E!l CARSONS PAINT, PATRONISED BY HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, THK BRITISH GOVERNMENT, I THE COLONIAL GOVERNMENTS, I RAILWAY and CAKAL COMPANTM, THX INDIAN GOVERNMENT, j THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT, | COLLIERIES, IRON MASTSBS, KO.T 7,000 or THE NOBILITY AND GENTRY, For aJl kinds of OUT-DOOR WORK, And is proved, a test of upwards of 70 years, to surpass any other Paint. It is especially applicable to iron itoonng, i fencing, rarm and other tiundmgs, Bridges, Hurdling, farm implements, vane DUü Wagons, Gates, &c. &c., and all exposed work, effecting a Saving of more than 50 per cent., aa it is cheaper, and lasts twice as long as Genuine White Lead or any other paint, and CAN BE LAID ON BY UNSKILLED LABOUR. It is sold in a fine powder. Will keep any length of time. No grinding, tinting, straining, or dryers are necessary. It requires simply to be mixed with Oil Mixture," according to "Directions for Use," and as same time avoiding the objections to all paints sold m xed ready for use.' Per Cwt. COLOURS. Per Cwt. White Bright Bed Light Stone 1 TRAOE MARK. Dark Red J Bath Stone j Chocolate \26fl. Cream colour 80s. XNTICCRRQSIOIVV^—Purple Brown T Light Portland StoneV f PAINT wn\ Ml Black 1 Portl nd Stone T WNU°ACTUBED|I-3|^3M Bronze Green Bath Stone Chocolate 268 Cream colour 80s. Purple Brown Light Portland StoneV f PAINT wn\ Ml Black 1 Portl nd Stone T WNU°ACTUBED|I-3|^3M Bronze Green Buff (for Stables). ^VALTERtCARSOWJ|F Bright Green Oak colour ) \j.o £ oow Jsb&iSiSz*- Medium Green Lead colour t nrf^rST* Deep Green ( Light Lead or Slate 28s. Blue ) Light Lead or Slate 28s. Blue ) Prepared Oil Mixture for the Anti-Corrosion. Oils, Turpentine, Varnishes, Brushes, tuJ. CARSONS' PAINT, For PUBLIO EDIFICES, MANSIONS, VILLAS, and every kind of Brick, Stone, Compo, &c., is unrivalled, and Is the only Paint that will effectually resist the rays of the sun upon Conservatories, Greenhouses, Frames, &c. 8 Cwt. delivered CARRIAGE FREE to all RAILWAY STATIONS in the United Kingdom. Patterns and TestimonialIt sent Post Free on application. No Agents. WALTER CARSON & SONS, LA BELLE SAUVAGE YARD, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.G.; And 21, BACHELOR'S WALK, DUBLIN. ONS' PAINT. I The history of this great remedy is the most wonderful that the world has ever known. It establishes the all-important fact that WHEREVER disease exists it's | searching and healing properties are in most cas3s equal to its subjection and cure. | DISOBDBBS OP THE STOMACH 1 Are the sources of the deadliest maladies. Now, what is the operation of the Pills? | They cleanse the bowels, regulate the liver, bring the relaxed or irritated stomach r n into a natural and healthful condition. Changing sickness into health.. | r, 0 iJ^IXilVtElSrTS OS1 FEMALES. j| At the two epochs in life in which the system undergoes the most important g :*nd critical changes, the Pills are priceless in their effect in disorders to which the § Bex is liable and at the turn of life are a safeguard against evil consequences. jp WEAKNESS J^ISTJD DEBILITY. J| f WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY. J| p. These Pills remove all symptoms of debility, languor and weakness, as they act upon the mainsprings of life and give strength and vigour to the system. C, — —————————————————————— THE BEST EEMEDY FOR I j Asthma. Debility. Influenza. Stone and Gravel. j Bilious Complaints. Diarrhoea. Liver CJIIIplaints. Secondary Symptoms .< Blotches on the Skin. Female Irregularities Piles. Weakness,from what- Constipation of the Bowels. Indigestion. Retention of Urine, evercmise.&o.&c. 1 | j) tS" CA UTION!—None are genuine unless the words Holloway, London,'1'' are | I discernible as a Watermark in every leaf of the book of directions which maybe I ■ plainly seen by holding it to the Zight, Sold at the manufactory of Professor §jj H HOLLOWAY, 244, Strand, London, and Ly all Dealers in ^Medicine, in boxes at || a Is. l^d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., and 33s.—There is a considerable saving by || 2 U taking the larger sizes.—Very copious directions for use are affixed to each box. |j B -C TY)1,4,4t, latent ^CALVAlUC^ CHAIN-BANDS, BELTS, AND PQCKET BATT^Rir:S. rpHESE HIGHLY IMPKOVRD INVFNUONS JL render lilt-ctricity perfectly Melf-applicable, in a niilo coniinuouH form, and extremely effictieious, DO shock or unpleasant sensation t)eing experier:ced, whereby it becomes a true fountain o' health and vigour, f-peedity soothing atromsiwe pains, reanimating torpid limbs, revjrinK the slogvish functions of life, and im- parting renewed enertrv and vitality to conxtitutionii enteebled Hy various influences. The daily increaxing nnin hi r of corps pffeeted bv PULVl^R '.1 ACHKil'S MLDICO-GALV AN IC SYSTEM it, so extensive and varied, that, it forcibly points to this invention as the embryo of a universal remedy. THE FOLLOWING TESTIMONY signed by the I elite of the linglish medical faculty has been re. ceived' We, the undersigned, liav(» much ptemnrp" u Vesti lying thHi M rJ.L. PULV fcR M ACH EII"S" "•recent improvemenis in his V;>)taio Hrtitei es t-and Galvanic Appliances for Sledictil Tur-" poses are of gre.it important to Scientific" *■ Meoicine, and that he is enti'^d to ihe con-" 4deration and support of ev^f'yone di«p<*sed It,, futher the advancement of rcaiandusatu)." proBref# Diled this 9 II day of M irch, IHGG." "SIRCHAKLLS LOCOCK. Bart., M I)., F RC P." "SIR HliNRY HOLLAND. B-irt, M.O.F RS." Silt WM. Bai-i., F. R S "EDVVD H. SlliVEKlVG, M.D. KRC.P." :SiFt J. IIANALD VIAKTIN, F.K C.S." PDLVEltMACHKR'S SYSTEM is also approved of by an official report of the Acafleiiiie de .Medicine, Paris; Koyai Society of London Roya! Coliege of Physicians, I ondon; and the Imperial Faculty of Vienna; and its curative virtues are confirmed by thou- sands of private testimonials o! cures effected.—(See Pamphlet IlrRtll¡,} These facts appeal to the good sense of every sufferer to avail himself of this scientific Hr d curative proares*, to which the inventor has devoted a lifetime of ntudy and labour, as an ardent disciple of that great benefactor of mankind, the late illustrious electrician, MICHAEL FARADAY. B JULVEJIMACHER'S M EDICO ("ALVANfC X C H A1NS are exceedingly effective without the airl of medicine, restriction of dirt, or, the derangement of ihe p»tieut'i habits and daily occupations, in the following maladies:— RheumaUtsiii TicTicloreux "lug^Lfli Circu) ition Gout IndigeRtion Grii.ary Disorders Sciatica Deafness Paralysis Lunbaeo spusns Epilepsy Nouralffia Female Complaints Nervous Debility He d& Toothache Constipation functional Disorders Livci Complaints Cramp &c., &c. The effects of the application of PUL V ERM AC H ER'S C It A I NS in any of the above disorders iø immediately perceptible-the relief of pain instantaneous. I}E1CE LIST of PULVERMACHEti'S GALVANIC CHAIN-BANDS, BELTS, and BATTERIES. L. CHAIN-BAND for Nervous Deafness, Head. Tooth, and.Face Aehp, and Noises in the Head.2lH to 30s. B. CHAIN-B\NDS for Loss of Voice and other iffec- tions of the Throat 10s 61 to 21s N. CH AJN-BANDS for Sciatica, Rheumlltic, Neuralgic, and Gouty Pains, Local Paralysis, Cramp, &c. 18s to 22s, and 40s D. CHAIN-BANDS for Lumbago, Indigestion, Liver, Chebt, and Functional Disorders, Nervous Debi.ity, &c, worn as a Belt 22s to 40Q, and 55s B. CHAIN-BAN DS for Writer's Cramp, Trembling, Nervousness, &e 22m to 30s, and 40s B. COMBINED CHAIN-BAND for Central Paralysis, Epilepsy, General Debility, Functional Disorders,&c 30s to 50s A complete Set of COMBINED CHAIN-BANDS, BtLTS. and CHAIN BAriEHY for restoring viral Energy £ b to S6 No Galvanic Blinds or Belts art genuine but those bearing the jacsimile of J L. PULVERM¿J(;HE¡tS signature on (hetf'abel CAUTION—A PERPETUAL INJUNCTION in CHANCERY, dated 18th August, 1869, was granted to J. L. PCLVBRMACHER Mgainst ALFRED BARROWS, alias C. D. HAMMOND, alias HENRY JAMKS, alias C. t. HAFHEY, their assistants, agents, and eervanis, restraining the sniii person or per.-ons, under a penalty of £500(). from deceitfully advertising Belts, &c, de'.ut-ively representing them as electric, This decree is printed in extrnso in PULVffRMACHER'S PAMPHLET of Testimonials and Reports of cures containing othoi valuable information, sent post free on application to the Sole Inventor and Patentee J. L. PULV EIIM AC 3 E It, CA L VAXIC EST A BL1SH UV.VT, 192 200, REGENT STEEE r. LONDON, W. AMENDMENT OF THE SALMON FISHERIES IN THE COUNT V OF P KM Till O K E. P:esent*Subscriher,» to the Amondmenr of the Salmon IF isheries in the County of Pembroke. £ 8. d. W. Walters, Esq 5 0 0 J. H. Scourfield, Esq 5 0 0 W. Fortune, Esq 2 10 0 John Stokes, Esq 5 0 0 Rev C. H. Barham. 1 0 G n, G. Rees, Esq 1 0 J.L. G P Lewis, Esq ] 1 RPV. Mr Jones. 0 10 I Colonel Peel 1 0 0 M. A. Saurin, Esq I I. 10 0 Mr John Brown 1 I 0 C. B. nowen, Esq I 0 0 E. T. Massy, Esq 110 H. Leach, Esq 100 K. P. Davies, Esq 1 o 0 Capt Chambers. I 1 II Major Willan lIe S Harford, Esq i j y Rev R. Lewis o 10 0 Capt Worthineton i () () J. U. T Edwardes, Esq l 0 o Capt. 0 Edwardes. 1 j* o W. Da-i,-o, Psq 110 neorl!e Le H unte, Eto ion Rev J. H. A. Philipps 1 1 0 Archdeacon Clarke 100 Rev. J. Tombs loo T. T. Edwardes. Esq t' ] o o M**8 Edwardes o 9 Baron de Rutzen 2 0 *0 Capt Gower "^10 John Harvey, Esq 1 j Q R. Llewellin, single donai.<on 50o Rev. Mr Chandler 1 i n A'lred Starhuck, Esq A M Owen, Esq 1 Colonel Edwardes, M.l*. c ft Thomas Meyrick, Esq 10 0 W. M. PHILLIPS C'ei u r I h t Board. TRADE MAIOt. PUt^E AND UNADULTERATED. lMPOU'rANT TO DAIRYMEN AND CflETSIL,FACTORS, B. J. F U L L WOO D & Co's (Late R. J. FuUwood & Bland's) HIGHLY CELBBRATKO r L U IDE X T RAe T or ANNATTO, COLOURING CHERSE AND BU,1T;R. pHTS valuable ai'iicle is prepared from ihe finest L quality oflhe true Vegetable Annatto onlv >var- AN Y ADIII'TFr»ATinTlvu"; and FREE FR0M ANY ADCLlELATiON WHATEVER; it will be found the most convenient and certain preparation for the purposes of colouring Cheese and Butter- nrnrinn.L rien golden tint, so much esteemed in the London and other great markets, without injury to their natural flavour, or d.scolouring the Whey Butter, with half the usual .roub'e to use, and the certain.y of colouring the who e Da ry ol Cheese or Butter alike; is free from sedi- m('nl. will immediately iticorporite or mix with the Milk or Cream. It has now been tntvoducd upwards of tliirty yeat-s, and has obtained a considerable repuie in the North and West of England, where it is used by the largest and most experienced Fanners, and us also in general demand in the Dairies of Scotland, Ireland, Holland, and Ger- many. IN COLOURING BUJTEii it Wll/ 'be loarni by hir superior and much cheaper than any other article 11 use for that purpose. I RI-:P,1RED ONLY BY n. J. FULLWOOD & Co., MNNATTO WORKS, SOMKUSET HLACH. HOXTON. LONDON, Iinpouers. Successors, ami Sole Manufacturers of llie Original Fullwood's Annatto. Established 1785. To prevent Fraud, our Annauos are stamped ns Rhove, an hear OUI' Trade Mll"k-a Stllg wi\ h <')live-nrHlleb. bold oy all respectable Diu^gUts, Giocers, and CiieeJe- 'iictom througiioui, 'he kin-dom in Hot; ies 0« lull measuie Qtinns 5s: Two Quaw, 10s; fin «. 2s 9d; Half "'iuI>. Is 9d; Quarter.jPmts, ls;^anu{iHai:.qlUuer I;i.n«. 1-d lkJ40 EXCELLENT BE3F v»;At FOR 2^d A PiNT ASK fo<- LI -.BIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT of MEAT. Only sort Warraoi.ed Genuine by the Inventor. Baron Liebig, whose signature is on every genuine jar. Supplied to the British, Prussian, French, Russian, Du ch and other Governments. MONEY to LEND, in town or country, from £ 100 and apwards, for a term of years, on persona! security. Interest 5 per cent. Also several sumi 09 •iiongage of freehoid or leasehold property, at 31 per cent- No commission charged.—Apply to William Russell, Esq, lute W. Wood, Esq, Solicitor, 15, Dover- place, London. S.E. Established 1839. 223 i_>lLiOUS ana L^ver Complaiucs, laa<?es»ion. Sick J Headache, Loss of Appetite, Deownness, Giddi- ness, Spasms, and all Disorders of the Siomach and Bowels, are quickly removed bv that well known remedy FRA YIPI'ON'S PILL OF HEALTH. fbey unite the recommendation of a mild operation with the most suc- cessful effect; and where an aperient is required nothing can be better adapted. S?ld by all Medicioe Veaneis, price Is ljd and s2 9d per box. BENSON'S WATCHES CLOCKS GPLO JEWELLERY Of all kinds. of all kinds. Of tiie Nexzcst Designs. Lever Drawing-Room Bracelets Horizon'„al Dining-iioora Brooches Borizontal Dining-Room I Brooches Chronometer Carriage Ear-rings Keyless Church Lockets Cbionograph. I Hall and Shop Necklaces Mr BEJfSON, who holds the appo'ntment to H.R H. the Prince of Wale-, has just published two Pamphlets, enriched and embelli bed with Illustra.ions—otie upon Watch and Clock Making, and the other upon ArUftic Gold Jewellery. These are sent post free for 2d each. Pei sons living in the country or abroad can select the aiticle required, and have it fot warded with perfect safety. 2.3. Old Rood Saeet; and the City Slcan Works, 53 & 60, Ludga>e Hill. London. 117 CROSSE & BLACKS ELL'S PIlEPARyi) SOUPS, JX PINT AND QUAilT TINS, READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE. Mock Turtle, Ox Tail, JuJlicnne, r.eal Turtle, Mulligatawny, Hare, &c, &c. Retail of all Grocers and Italian Warehousemen; Whole- sale of the Manufacturers, CROSS AND BLACKWELL, PURVEYORS TO HER MAJ CSTY, SOHO SQUARE, LONDON. 276 276 FOR SAFETY IN DIPPING, OR POURING SHEEP, USE HARDWICCE, GUERIN & Co's GLYGEUINE DIP. A CEHTAtNCureandPreventiveof"Scab." Deadly fx. to all Insect and Parasitic Life. Enables Sheep to rest well and thrive. Free from all Poisons detrimental to Man md Live S'.ock. It improves the growth and quality of the wool, adding weight and lustre. Price 6d per lb, 1 'b tor 5 sheep or 6 lambs. Pamphlet, with particulars and testimonials of leading analysts and farmers, post free, on application to Hardwicke, Guprin & Co, Sole Manufacturers and Exporters, 60, Mark Lane. E.C Works, Dorf Street, Limehouse. E. Sample Keg of 201b for 100 sheep sent (paid) to all Railway Stations for 10.. Ud, 295 AGENTS WANTED IN EVEnl TOWN. hj 0 IV1)0 KINLOCE's CATALAN. 41 Crown Red Catalan 20s per doz) •'Crown" White 20s „ | „ "Diamond" Red 17s V "Diamond" White 17s | ,ncluded. Star" (Red & While) 15s J Star" (Red & While) 15s J Tiie Red Wine, full-bodied, delicinu«, fruity Port flavour. The "White" exquisitely delic^ie, rIC;} and nutty, equal to Madeira These Wines are recommended hy medical m-n as the most strengthening ever known. Agent for Haverfordwest :—E. H. ELLIS, 94, Dew- sireet. O'LUNYER'S Claret, 12s 6d per dozen, bottles included- our label. T. HIVE & Co's old Cognac Brandy, at 4s per bottle, boUled IIJ France, is the finest at the price-ou, label. C. Kinlocii & Co, Buck>esbury Loouon. 17 I N L 0 C H'S CATALAN IV First introduced and so named by us in J562. We are the Sole Proprietors and Importers of KINLOCH'S genuine CATALAN. The word Catalan is our Registered Trede Mark. o Tiie enormous demand for this invaluable Wine has induced some Wine Merchants to offer (/lr sale under the name of Catalan, Wine not resembling Kinloch's Cata- lan in quilitv. Note that KinlocVs genuine Catplan is sold in boUleB with Botts' Capsule and our Trade Mark. C. KrNLOCH and Co., 14, Barge Yard Chambers Buckle, sbu-y, London. D EPI L AT 0 RY. WEILS' DEPILATORY is 1 lie only effectual remedy for the immediate and permanent re- moval of superfluous hair from the facc, arms, neck, &c. This preparation effects its p)tu<p)se aimost instanta- neously, without pain or injuiy to the most sensitive fckin. Full particular 9U teceipt of a stamped dhecled en- velope. JOHN Wixts, 113, Euston-sireet, near llampstead-road, London. N.B.— Hundreds of Testimonials have been received from the nohiiity and ladies of rank wiio have trked the marvellous remedy. fto HEALTH AND HAPPINESS FOR TIlJ: NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. A SINGLE copy of a new medical work, wi'Hten by one of the most eminent medical men of the present <CHV. soieiy ior me mnunnce anu ttenent ot tliat class of sufferers wbose affections are of,en sell-inflicted, and who desire a speed v and private curp. Foe sucb sufferers this work is intended, showing a certain means of cure in all cases of nervous debility, relaxation, organic or local weakness, languor, blushing, debility, and various other nervous symptoms; also fohowing how all the 110 calied impediments to marriage may be effectually removed; with numerous illustrative cases of parties who have been restored to the blessing* of health by following the advice laid down in this work. Sent free to any address, on receipt of stamps to pre-pay poecage. Adoress to the Secretary, lns,iiute of Anatomy, Bir- mingham. CAUTION.- Parts of the above bo-k have been copied by several q'laoks. Persons should be careful in whose hand* they intrust their health, and read this work before applying to any one. 101 Jr.si. T'i.-o is,,cS, j; "c oy Tosl 4 S'av-js. TEETH, ANU PAINLESS DENTISTRY, LY fmckmam "THE OLD ESTABLISH SID J 1'ift OmSTtliriiiii S* mutfrWinn m 1 )OA DON, 6G, HA'<L'V 8r n.^ET, CAVENOioH SQUARE. Mr.SSRS. GA6RI'*L ae orr'ce'y >>■> essrnl 'i their system of Ar.TJTcciAi, T'r/rn, wliit i) fbev o.t f m'y io the mou'h by niei'n* of an liliAS'ic Oum. .:I IC «v;; hout spv<ng«, pa'o'essly, end wMioptpcv oot:. a ion." Hel uld. 'We h'»e nieih iiiee .e it '-e ooin'r.ii" hevtO'k (O our tendCi.' — thicks C/troi);r/e. InYI11¡I'IÍ)le 10 C'e'ollllc, Puulic Q,'atol, I\nd Invalids. Court Journal. LIVERPOOL, 134, DUKE STREET LON DO-11 A ,.Y S 1. W. (o-i, JiUDb^iFv lilLI" EC. rr.IGHTON, SS, >OR-H STREET. A end: ii e 1).' iy. One visU on'v ifo,»'.v(i <oi'n v 1^* GABRIEL'S «U • TA Pl.iXHA JINA.MUL fo biioppiug petayed keeib, fvee uy peat20 staupbT ML. EDWARD RIDBON. 'd'\O.r0iL' ViOLT>T, \XD \i'j7JN:LuO TIACJER, riAXO-rORTES ^GJCD. OOCA.VS mo H\ G."C'ST v 1'" Ln.'ed aid repaired "oy rx- per'eated noikn'en. ResiDENCK-6, MejIL- .s T*iF^ACB: H'VEK-'OfiDWEKT JOSEPH POWELL. GROCER. AUCTiOAEEil, A.^PiJA'SiSO, AND CO Vi iVliSS,0*i t A GEN I'. HOI IN STREET. PEMBROKE. STEAAI COM M nXICAYlON WITH THE SUrTTH OF IRELAND. Via New MMford (Mi'foid Haven) and Wavei'fo>-d j>aily Service (Sundays excented). The M "forJ Haven and Waterforu Sieam Sh'p Com- pany's Koyal Mail Steamers wi;( sail, weatuer Per- mitting— FROM NEW WH.FOED, At I 40 a.tn, on arrival of tue 4 50 p.m. Train, so as to enable passengeis lo ptoceeU by the 10.20 am. Train to Limerick, Cu. k, &c. FCOM WATERPORD, At 4 p.m. on aniva) of the train from Cork. Limerick. &c 8U as to enaoie passengers to proceea by the 2.0 a,m, reaching London at 11.15 a.m, For further particulars apply to any of the Ra¡lway Stations, or to Messrs Jackson & Cn, New Milford. South Wales. SiEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL. MILFORD, SWANSEA, & BRISTOL For the Month of OCTOBER, 1S39. Tiie Liverpooland BrUtolChaanel Sieam NavigationComn?nv* Steam Ships •SarKKKiON, Capt, G'ljbs Windjrmkee, Capt. J. F.^i retl IONTAGC, Speakinan A«NmVF.R.NON,Capt C?mpbell jank. BACON, apt. Work J. KENNEDY, Capt. Alien ARTIZAN, Capt. Capt Roulston Acxics JACK, Capt. Styles LLEV. ELLYN, Capt. Taliati Plantaqkfet, Capt Old MILFORD (Building) Tue auove, or some other suitable vessel, is intended toM w'th Goods and Passengers, 'xmlesspreventedbv anvunforeseen Dicurreucf) as lollowg, with or without pilots, aud libert)to cow ves>ois;— from Liverpool to JfilforJ and Bristol. Si urday Oct 2 7 even Saturday 16 7 even ti..iuiui,y 9 12 noon ^;it'irriay 23 11 morn Satu day, October 3:». 5, even. From Milford tor Bristol. Sunday, 0ct 3 1 after Sunday 17 1 after Suiiuay ]0 6 morn I SuntL'.v "4. 5 moia Sunday, October 31, 12 noon. From .YlUfortt lor Liverpool. Wednesday Oct 6 10 night ecT.iesi'.ay, 20 11 t);cht Wednesday 13. 4 after 1 Wed pes 2i 2 alter The Stream EnigeGlPN ;Y is interded to nly on the Milfor d Havon, in connection wiiii the ^i?amers, carrrintj vo and from Pcraoroke Do^ Hi- rerfovowes^, and the adiac-nt towns. 1 FARES :— T. Cabin. D*ek. letum M'tfard to or from Liverpool 13s 0d 6s Od 18» M'lfrrd to or fn m Bristol 8s 6d 6s Od lh Milford to or fi >m Swansea (Mumblef) is Od 3s Od — NOTICE.—Th landing and tmbarcation of Goods or Fasfen- gersatMilford, ty whatever conveyance, whether at the e*- pence of the Steamer, or otherwise, is at the risk of the Passen- gerø dad the Owners of the Good* respectively. For furtner particular* see small bill, or apply to John Bacrn and Co., Managing Owners, 14, Water-street, LiverJool: G. H Rvans, Bristol; Charles Lamb, Swansea; JohD Ken worthy sec <Jo.. Manchester. D. BOI1? /10" M*>aTi PEMBROKESHIRE ASO HAVERFORDWEST INFIRMARY. ONTRIBUTIONS, 186 9. 'I^GE Secretaries of the shove lnsiiiuiion beg most J. pratefnlly to acknowledge the receipt of the fol- lowing sums, and would at tbe seme time respectfully m-peupon the attention of those Clergymen, Dissentiiig Ministers, and 01 her,! in the Couti' v, who have not yet made collections on oebalt of this Institution for tbe present year, the pressing and m*Dy claims which it has on their sympathy and mpport. £ s. d. Collection in Jeffreyston Church, per Rev J. D. Palmour 119 Ditto atter Lecture in Milforo National School Room 1 10 8 Donation by Mrs Philippo. oi Picton Csstle 5 0 0 Collection in Tabernacle Chspel, MilfurJ, per Mr Wrn Garrett. 1 13 6 Ditto in Baptist Chapel, Broad Haven, per Mr J. Cook 0 9 2 Ditto in St ishmael's and Dale Churches, per Rev S. W. Sanders. 5 0 0 Ditto in Middle Mill Baptist Chapel, per Mr Henry Jenkins 2 2 81 Cattle Show Premiums 3 0 O* Donation irom Mr W. J. Roberts Creallhton 0 5 0 Ditto ditto 0 0 2 Collection in Penally Church, per Rev Pre- bendary Hughes, vicar 5 5 3 Donation (4th) irom Richard Liewellin, ±2-q Tn^ynt 25 Q 0 Collection in Tabernacle Chapel, Haverford- we t, per Rev H, C. Long 5 0 0 Collection in Llawhaden Church, per I lev Daniel Jones 2 4 0 Do in Bletherston do,per Rev David Thomas 1 5 3; Do in Hubberston do, per Rev J B. Rowlands 5 0 U' Va in Prendergast do. per Rev F. Fos; el' 2 0 0 Do in Moravian Chape), Haverfordwest, ^er Rev J. Eberle # 1 10 6 Donation from a Poor Man 0 10 Do a fine j.* 0 1 0 Collect on in Freyst-op Church. er Rev..J ack. son Tavlor. t I 17 81 Do in Egremont Church, per !lev JI\I!.)es Phillips 0 10 0 Collection in Saint Florence'c'hu'reb,per Rev G. W Birkett 2 4 Q Donation from Mr Charles fay'd'e,B'll'uid ivooin, Haverfordwest 0 10 6 Collection in Prendergast Church, per ReV Francis Foxier 2 0 0 Do in St Catherine's Chapel, Milford, per Rev Thomas Brgsvocke 4 0 0 Do 111 St Martin's Church, per Rev Jobu Mear s 3 3 Q Do ill Uzmaston Church, per hitto.0 ti 6 Do in Rudbaxion Church, per Uev W.Aaiey 1 13 6 Do in Carew Chnrth. per Rev John Puelps. 4 0 0 Do at opening of St Bride's Cbu.ch, per Rev W. B. Harrieo 4 4 7;. Co'lec ion in Rhoscrowther Church, per Iter 3 H. G. Scott 0 15 0 Do in Rocb Church, per R;v V\. M. D*"ij"er- rington I 10 4 Do in Nolton Church, per Rev W. M. D. Bcrrington 10 0 Do in btthesda Baptist Chapei. H:tverford» west, per Rev Thomas Davies, D.D 5 0 0 Do in Lampeter Velrrey Church, per Rev Richard Lewis (moiety). 2 0 8 Collection in Wiston Church, per Rev James Pbjlippa x 6 6 Do in Aiatbry Church, per Rev D. O. Jones 1 5 13 Uo at Merlin's Bridge,per Rev J. W. Marsden 0 6 0 Do from the Bonville's Court Collieries of Messrs Myers & Co, Saandersfoot 7 0 2 Do frocr the Grove Collieries of Messrs Vickerman & Co Kilgetiy 4 3 6 COMPENSATION IN OA.SE OF INJURY AN O A FIXED SCAT IN CA^E OF DEATH C-AUs'n EV ACCIDENT OF ANY KIND, J'>Y EB S _Uff1SD BY A T»Ol,iCT OF ""Hrf RAILWAY ?AvSE\r>"s At^C'IA.<C S CO 'TANY An Annual Paya-e-t of ¡::a o £ 6 us inbu'es .Ct.UOO at De«ii>, And an Allowance at the ra.e of £6 per week for Injury RAILWAY ACC/DKNTS ALONE IUY Bit P OVIO'O ACHbliT BY JN^URANC 2 ') IL u'. • S ro-i Si\GL3 01 DOUELT dOutlS'lYS. For p;> !c'• s .*» *'v io • I>e C I.* pnv of l^e R .wt v ibe ,>1 A'.ei't:. O'- :e Oflces, b CORA t LL, & 10. CEGENT S1ME."V. I.O N'OON Wjt,.fJA.,f J. VlAN. >'C,r^,y. A^e^l 'o.- H?>er'ordwes — M « J. L A Rb A v». 1 TABLE DELICACIES, j Of the Highest Quality, II Manufactured by gROSSDiBLACKWELL PURVEYORS TO THE QUEEN. ] {: JROPRTRTOUS OF CAPTAIN WHITE'S ORIENTAL PICKLE AND CURRY PASTE. Sold retail in all parts of the World, and Wholesale at the JHantfactory, 1 SOHO SQUARE, LONDON. ^J] 1 PARIS EIH'BmOK, 1867.