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HAVERFORDWEST MARKET. Saturday, February 22,1867. Meef, 5d to 7d Mutton, 5d to 7 Jd; Lamb, Od to Od; Veal 6d to 7d, Pork 5d to 6d; Butter, Is 2d to is 3d; Eggs, 16 for Is fowls, 3s Od to 3s 6d per couple; Ducks, 3s Od to 4s Od ditto; Geese, 3s 6d to 4s Od, Turkeys, Os Od to Os Od each; Chpes", 3d to 5d per lb; Bacon Pigs, 8s Od to 9s d per score; Potatoes 16 lbs for Is. JOSEPH POWELL, GROCER, AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, AND COMMISSION AGENT. MAIN STREET, PEMBROKE. WILLIAM H. BAMKIN, TEACHER OF NAVIGA TI ON g- NA UTICAL ASTRONOMY, HAKIN, MILFORD, IMPORTANT NOTICE. ABONA-FIDE MONEY SPECULATION of f 1*2,000,000 sterling. Guaranteed by Government, is to be allotted in various sums upwards to £ 25,000. Any one by investing XI, may obtain jE25.000 sterling,- For Prospectuses (which will be sent gratis), apply by letter, addressed Mr J. A. RINK, 14, Duke-street, Adelphi, London, W.C. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN, A GOOD and respectable FAMILY RESIDENCE,, known by the name otCROFr COTTAGE, in Cambrian Place, Haverfordwe", now in the occupation of the Rev W. Owen, who is about leaving the town. The premises are most pleasantiy situated, with many conveniencies, and having one of the finest gardens in Haverfordwest, and all in good condition. Will be let by the year or for a term. Rent moderate. Apply to tho Rev W. Owen, on the premises. _> NOTICE OF REMOVAL. The London Office is removed to 8, Craig's Court, Charing Cross, where all Communications are requested to be sent. A FORTUNE FOR A TRIFLE. £ 25.000 for XI. FULL particulars of this most advantageous money speculation, guaranteed by Government, will be sent Free on application, enclosing a stamped directed envelope to John Foster, Esq, 8, Craig'a CourtKCharing Cross, London, S.W. THE CARMARTHEN SCHOOL. PRIArCIPAL-ff. C. BARBER, M.C.P., M.R.SA. (Late Head Master of Nantwich Grammar School,) .Assisted by Resident English and Foreign Masters. The course of Instruction includes the usual branches of a sound English Education, with Mathematics, Physics, Agricultural and Commercial Book-keeping, the Greek, Latin, French, and German languages, &c. Terms for Boarders from Twenty-five Pounds per annum. The Quarter to commence from time of entrance. NARBERTH, PEMBROKESHIRE. TO BE LET and entered upon at Ladyday next, the COMMODIOUS and AGREEABLE RESIDENCE known as GREEN GARDENS, situate near the town of Narberth with stable, coach-house, yard, and extensive garden. The house consists of two parlours, kitchen or hall outer kitchen, pantry, &c, on the ground floor, and five bedrooms and a dressing room on the first floor. The situation is pleasant, and combines the advan- tages of a town and country residence. For further particulars apply to Messrs Powell, Ma- thias, and Evans, solicitors; Messrs Goode and Owen, land agents; or to Mr E. B. Hughes, surveyor, all of Haverfordwest. Haverfordwest, February 21st, 1868/ PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. HAVERFORDWEST. f READY MONEY SALE. MR T. TAMLYN begs to announce that he will Sell by Auction, at the Market Hall, Haverfordwest, early in March, a varied and useful assortment of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PICTURES, MAPS, BOOKS, &c. Persons having Furniture, &c. to dispose of may do so by applying to the Auctioneer, so as to insert them in the advertisement. 4, Castle Terrace, February 28th, 1868. SEVERN DEFENCES. Royal Engineer Office, Weston-snper-Mare, February 20,1868. FOR Sale by Tender the STEAM TUG 4 Industry,' 13 H P., with single side lever engine, 19f cylinder, 8-6 stroke, and two common flue boilers, 35 tons (15 tons register), length 68 feet, breadth 12/6", depth of hold 6.'8", at present lying at Uphill, near Weston. soper-Mare. Persons wishing to see the Register or to inspect the Steamer, must apply at the R.E. Office, Up- hill, where any further information can be obtained. Sealed Tenders for her purchase, and marked in upper left hand corner of envelope, 4 Tender for purchase of Industry,' to be sent addressed to the Resident Royal Engineer, Weston-super-Mare, by noon on the 14th March. 1868. The Secretary of State for War does not bind hlmseii o accept the highest or any Tender. ifi FEMBROKE §• J EN BY RAILWAY COMPANY DEBENTURE STOCK AND LOANS ON DEBENTURES. rHE Directors of this Company are 'ssne irredeemable Debenture Stock, and A>eDenture 3onds. The Debenture Stock in sums of not less than A,10, ind the Debentures for the terms of three, five, or seven rears, in sums of not less than £100 a Communications to be addressed to the undersigned, T. STOKES, Secretary. Pembroke and Tenby Railway Company's Offices, Pembroke-duck, 28 January, 1868. C AUT ION. T R A D E MARK. HILL, EVANS, 4r Co, V I N E G A E MI -A- E S' WORCESTER, CAUTION all persons against ing their TRADE MARK or BRAND with VINE- GAR not manufactured by Hill, against Mr Particulars of their recent Proceedinf?a against Mr Charles Fothergill, of Lancasteraodjg am, ^rtlonj Vinegar Company, Limited, of Birp n ij*h Com* Merchandise Marks Act, 1862, and in of Chancery, against Mr Henry Turner, of No 47,. Shade Hill, Manchester, may be obtained on PP ation to HiH, Evans, & Co, or any of their Agen« • • For the protection of their customed position and themselves from injury, similar P' i He taken by Hill, Evans, & Co, against all shall, after this caution, use their cask" f°r h "ot by them. Purchasers who desire to negar of Hill, Evans, & Co's make, are re^peSfr„mt0nbouy only direct from them or their Agents, or dealers on whom implicit reliance can be placed. January, 1868. F ISH G U A RD. IMPORTANT S ALE OF TIMBER. MESSRS JAMES Sf MORRIS Have been instructed to Sell by bvan,^isllguan* Bridge, (unless previous^ disp given,fo^ Th,^ S°D" tract, of which due notice will 8 >) n Ihursday, the 5th day oi March, 1868, A LL the remaining Stock wnS,Q°!be,^ JrL Yellow and Red Pine TIMB^. consisting of 115 balks, containing about 3,000 ffTe^Wood X" n "T' Deals', Deal Ends, Slaves, Laths Lathwooa &c under the charge of Mr James Hughes, builder, who in the inter- val, will show the same, and y P rt thereof if Purchases under twenty rhiUiD £ *° ^e settled for before the goods are removed, au tow to be removed within ten days. nVn.v q, Sale to commence at twelve o C' wo months credit, subject to conditions. The P \,t(1^0ney t0 he paid to the Auctioneers, at their Ota arket-square, Market-square, Fiehguard^FebruaT-y 4th, 1868. BARRACK CONTRACTS FOR THE SUPPLY OF COALS. COKE, TIJRF, CANDLES, AND KINDLING WOOD. IN GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. War Office. Pall Mall, London, S-W. 14th February, 1868. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Secretary of State for War is prepared to receive Tenders for the Supply of Coals, Coke, Turf, Candles, and Kindling Wood, at the various Barrack Stations in Great Britain and Ireland, for the period of Twelve Months from the 1st April next. Tenders will not be entered unless made upon the proper printed form, which may be obtained with every requisite information, upon application at tbis Office, or to the various Barrack Masters, between the hours of 10 and 4 o'clock each day, Sundays excepted. The Tenders must be tent to this Office, addressed to the Director of Contracts, marked on the outside Tender for Coals, &o,' on or before Saturday, 29th February, 18G8, after which day no Tecur will be received. The Secretary of State for War reserves the right of rejecting apy or all of the Tenders. THOMAS HOWELL, Director »i Contracts. HIGH-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. MRS- M- PHILLIPS BUTCHER, &c., BFGS to tbank the Public generally for the liberal patronage bestowed upon her late husband, Richard Pfiillips, and to announce that the business so long conducted by him will be continued by her in all its branches. M. P. also begs to Inform her patrons that she has removed from Bridge-street to more convenient premises in High-street, formerly in the occupation of the late Mr Henry Hood, bootmaker. Families supplied on the sbonest notice. Sausages manufactured daily. Steaks, Chops, and Joints supplied in any quantity on the most moderate terms. VISITORS TO HAVERFORDWEST, AND OTHERS WHO WISH TO EXPEND THEIR MONEY TO THE BEST ADVANTAGE ARE RESPECTFULLY INVITED TO CALL AT P. P. ELLIS'S GROCERY E STAB LI SH ME NT, HIGH-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, WHERE they can select goods of choice quality, at suitable prices to meet their requirements. The Teas W and Coffees now on sale are unusually good. Reduced Prices charged on quantities. Orders by letter have particular attention THOMA$MORGAN, MARBLE WORKS, MARINER'S-SQUARE, HAVERFORDWEST, rtONTINUES to execute every description of MARBLE and STONE MONUMENTS, TABLETS, TOMBS, V HEADSTONES, CHIMNEY PIECES, FONTS, TABLE TOPS, &c., of the newest designs. BATH OR ANY OTHER STONE WINDOWS, AND ALL KINDS OF OHUROH WORK. T. M. wishes particularly to inform the Nobility, Clergy, and the public generally, that he is Agent for a Firm for supplying CHIMNEY PIECES, of English and Foreign manufacture, at very low prices, which can be had at a few days' notice, in any quantity. Plans of the same can be seen at the above address. Prices ranging from £ 2 5a and upwards; also Magnificent Specimens of Patent MOSAIC TILE, which forms a handsome and cheap Flooring for Churches, Halls, Porches, Passages, Verandahs, &c., which he undertakes to procure and lay. ASHBY & Co's., STAINES, CELEBRATED ALES. WALTER REYNOLDS HAS much pleasure in stating that he has been appointed SOLE AGENT for the Counties of PEMBROKE, CARDIGAN, and CARMARTHEN, for the Sale of the above Company's •UNRIVALLED ALES. He is daily expecting a Large Consignment, when he will be able to supply Hotel Keepers and Private Families AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. He can confidently recommend the Ales as being of a very superior quality. and solicits a share of publie patronage. STORES, ADJOINING THE SALUTATION HOTEL. Haverfordwest, February 12th, 1868. M A N U RES. THOMAS IIUGIIES Begs to Inform his Agricultural Friends that he has just landed a Cargo of the following Manurei, all In high condition, namely L A W E S' SUPEEPHOSPHATE OF LIME, LAWES' TURNIP MANURE, AND FXSST CLASS PERUVIAN GUANO, DIRECT FROM MESSRS THOMSON, BONAR, & Co., OF LONDON, The Agents of the Peruvian Government. EARLY ORDERS ARE RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. Haverfordwest, 10th February, 1868. ^—— 8 & 9, HIGH-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. E. J. POTTER'S PRINTING, BOOKBINDING, & STATIONERY ESTABLISHMENT- FOR CHEAPNESS AND QUALITY CANNOT RE SURPASSED BY ANY OTHER HOUSE IN THE PRINCIPALITY. THE STATIONERY DEPARTMENT comprised a large Stock of Writing, Printing, and Packing Papers, of every description and quality. Envelopes, &o., &o. LEDGERS, DAY-BOOKS, JOURNALS, and every description of ACCOUNT BOOKS, with or without printed headings, exeouted on the premises, which for quality and durability cannot be equalled out of London. In the PRINTING DEPARTMENT, Books, Pamphlets, Particulars, Catalogues, Cards, Bills, Bill-heads' &c., &o., areexeouted with Neatness, Accuracy, and Despatch. BOOKBINDING in the first Style of art, by experienced and talented workmen. Paper Ruled to any pattern by machinery by experienced workmen. A large and varied Assortment of SCHOOL and other EDUCATIONAL BOOKS always kept in Stook. A Liberal Discount allowed for Cash. ORDERS FOR DAILY PAPERS RECEIVED, AND PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. All orders by post, sent to the above address, will mflet with prompt attention. ESTABLISHED 1812. H. & T. PROCTOR, Invite the attention of Agriculturists to their SPECIAL BONE MANURES, Which are of a superior quality, and the most economical that can be!used. PROCTOR'S TURNIP MANURE PROCTOR'S MANGOLD MANURE PROCTOR'S POTATO MANURE PROCTOR'S WHEAT MANURE PROCTOR'S BARLEY MANURE PROCTOR'S GRASS MANURE BpNE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. FULL PARTICULARS SENT FREE BY POST ON APPLICATON TO MESSRS. PROCTOR. OR THEIR AGENTS. ADDRESS,—H. AND T. PROCTOR, AETIFICIAL MANURE "W O K K S CATHAY, BRISTOL. WoRKB,-BIBMINGHAM, CHESTER, WARWICK, AND BRISTOL. AGENT 8- Mr W. VAUGHAN, Fishguard I Mr JOHN N. EVANS, Aberayron Mr D. P. SAER, Seedsman, Pembroke Dock Mir °. WO^A^, Lla^ewt-^efi Mr T. PAliKER, Cardigan Messrs. DAVIES BROTHERS, Drefach, Llanybyther NOTICE TO FARMERS. FP. ELLIS is open to buy any quantity of good clean WHEAT. Haverfordwest, October 9, 1867. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL, MILFORD, SWANSEA, & BRISTOL For the Month of FEBRUARY, 1868. The LlverpoolandBristolChanneisteamNayigation Company's Steam Ships 1 BIC^TOI., Capt. Speakman. WlNDUK.XBoE, Ca.Tlt. J .Banett SttVE&KMN, Capt, Gibbu AXNISVKKNON.Capt.Rouleton MONTAGU, Capt Speakman J. KENNEDY, Capt. Welsh JANX BACON, Capt. Old. SWANSEA, Capt. Mathiae. AJITIZAN, Capt. Tallan. AONES JACK, Ciipt. Mori is The above, or some other suitable vessel, is intended to sa with Goods and Passwigers, (unle M p re vented b y any unforeseen xicurrence) as follows, with or without pilots, aud liberty to tow Tessele :— From Liverpool to Milford and Bristol. Landing passengers for SWANSEA, at the Mambles, (weather nermittinff.) Saturday Feb. 1. 2 after j Saturday 15 2i after Saturdav 8 9 morn ) Saturday 22 9 morn Saturday, February 29th, at 1 o'clock afteniof*. From Milfordjor Bristol. Landing Passengersfor Swansea at the Murables(weather permitting) Sunday, Feb. 2 8 morn I Sunday 16 9 morn 8unday 9 3 morn | Sunday 23 8 morn Front Milford for Liverpool. leturningfrom Bristolevery Tuesday, and from Swanseaevery Wednesday. WednesdajFcb. 5 7 night Wednesdsy 19 7 night Wednesday .12 1 after | Wednesday 20 1 alter VARUS :— (Return tickets available for two Torages.) „ Cabin. Deek. .\Mford to or from Liverpool 13s 0d 7* Vlilfcrd to or from. Brtotol 8# 6d J* nr frnm Hwtn<Gft /Mumbles! Vu Passengers are landed and embarked at Milford ^yeauier per- mitting) free of charge in tbe 8t<*am Tender GIFS\ • For lurther particular* sec small bill, or apply to John Bacon and Co., Managing Owners, 14, Water-street, Liverpool; G. H. Evans, Bristol; Charles Lamb, Swansea; John Ken-worthy an So., Manchester. B. D. HORE, AGEITT MILTOED. go., Manchester. R. D. HORE, AGEITT MILTOED. B ROW N and POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, FOR Children's Diet. BROWN and POLSON'S CORN FL OUR FOR All the uses to which the best Arrowroot Is applicable. J^ROWN and POLSON'S TORN FLOUR BOILED WITH MILK, FOR BREAKFAST. BHOWN and. POLSON'S CORN FLOUR. BOILED WITH MILK, FOR SUPPER. 0 BROWN and ROLSONIS CORN FLOUR) TO THICKEN SOUPS. H-' B It 0 W Nand POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, TO V T IT I C TO TRICKEN BEEF TEA. BROWN and POLSON'S CORN :pJ,'oÙn FOR BLANCMANGE. DROWN and POLSON'S CO* FLOIJR, C \UTION To obtain extra profit by t'uc *a\f tAUMtu .„M audaciously « other qualities are -*wiit Iinstead of BROWN uud POIZON'-R MR. EDWARD RIBBON, PIANO-FORTE, VIOLIN, &.ND VIOLONCELLO TEACHER, PIANO-FORTES TUNED, ORGANS and HARMONIUMS tuned and repairedjby ex- perienced workmen. RBSIDENCE-6, MERLIN'S TERRACE, HAVERFOSDWEST TEE REV W. B. ROWLANDS, M.A., OXON., AND SECOND CLASSMAN IN CLASSICAL HONOURS. Prepares Pupils for the Universities, Public Schools, Army, Navy, Legal, Medical, and Civil Service Examinations. MR ROWLANDS ha?, daring the last seven ycaW, prepared pupils for all the above examinations, and, in every instance, the candidates so prepared by him have been successful. Several boys and young men trained by Mr Rowlands have obtained high places at Harrow. Eton, and other public schools, and valuable scholarships at the Univer- sities and elsewhere. Terms, on application to the Rev W. B. Rowlands: at his residence, HILL STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. N,B,-A limited number only received. STEAM COMMUNICATION WITH THE SOUTH OF IRELAND. RJPHE New Milford (Milford Haven) and Waterford X Daily Service (Sundays excepted). The Milford Haven and Waterford Steam Ship Com- pany's Royal Mail Steamers will sail, weather per- mitting— FROM NEW MILFORD, At 7.45 p.m, on arrival of the 9 15 a.m. Express, and 6.0 a.m. third class trains, so as to enable PASSENGERS to proceed by the 6.0 a.m. train to Limerick, Cork, &c. FUOM WATERFORD, At 4.0 p.m, on arrivnl of the train from Cork,Limerick,&ts, so as to enable passengers to proceed by the 8.35 a.m. first and second class Express train, reaching London about 6.0 p.m, and third class, arriving in London at 9.4J p.m. For further particulars apply to any of the Railway Stations, or to Messrs Jackson & Co, New Milford, South Wales. See Bradshaw's and Irish Guides, and Railway Time Tables.