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SUICIDES IN LONDON.—The number of suicides in the metropolis in the last seven years has ranged only between 251 in a year and 267; the returns for all England, completed only for the first five or seven years, show a range from 1,317 to 1,392. In the year 1867 the number of suicides in London was 260, or 1 in 11,855 of population 47 occurred in the first quarter of the year, 77 in the second, 66 in the third, 70 in the fourth. The last return for all England, in 1865, shows- 1,392 suicides, an unusually large number, amounting to one in r, 15,080 of population and in that year the number in London was unusually high, being 267, or U,212 of population. EARNINGS OF THE ATLANTIC CABLE.-The recent advance in the cotton market has produced a very favourable effect upon the da,ly receipts f the Atlantic cables. The taking for the past week tOSS!to" £$91, or .t the r..e of 0 £ j. including Sunday and, for the six working days, £4,496 The average daily receipts from the open- ing of the line, from 28th July last to the 15th instant, have been £ 1,035; but from December 1, when the alteration in the tariff of charges w made, to the 15th instant, the rate has been <fcl,17o while, from the 1st January last to the 15th instant, the rate per day has been £1,263. Contrasting the takings' from the 15th of February last year with those of the present, the result shows an average receipt of X927 against £1,254 in the past fortnight. 0 FATAL ACCIDENT.- A melancholy accident, in- volving the loss of two lives, occurred in the Southampton Water between the hours of ten and pleven on Saturday morning. It appears that a young man named Cox, a gun-maker in business in Bernard street, and Seijeant Dixon, armourer to the 2d Hants Rifle Volunteers, engaged I\n Ameri- can centre-board sailing boat from Valentine's es- tablishment for the purpose of fetching gunpowder from the Marchwood magazines for the use of the volunteers, it being the practice day at the rifle butts. Having procured their supply they were on they way home, when a sudden squall overtook them and capsized the boat. A lad named White, who was in charge of the boat, swam towards Crackner Hard, just off which the accident oc- curred, and was rescued by a boat which had put off immediately to their assistance, but both Dixon and Cox, being unable t" swim, were drowned. A reward has been offered JV," the recovery of the bodies. CHURCH OF ENGLAND TRAINING COLLEGES.—The Archbishop of Canteibury has just given a decision as to training colleges of some importance. The Rev J. Sidney Boucher, the principal of the North Wales Training College, was dismissed by the committee of management, consisting, among others, of the Bishops of Bangor and SL Asaph, without assigning any reason, and he applied to the archbishop to hear the case. Mr Prideaux, Q.C., appeared in his behalf, and Mr J. A. Stephens, Q.C., (Mr Trail with him) for the com- mittee. An objection was made to the jurisdiction of his grace, and was discassed at Lambeth Palace in December last. Sir Travers Twiss attended as assessor, and the judgment was reserved. A report had been made by Sir Travers Twiss to the arch- bishop, on which his grace communicated his judg- ment to the parties. Notwithstanding the answer of the managing committee, be was anxious to hear all that could be advanced, and after the advice of his learned assessor, and in accordance with his report, he decided that he had no power to entertain the appeal of the principal against the decision of the managing committee.