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PEMBROKE-DOCK. PENNAR CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOLS.—The teachers of the Pennar Church Sunday School, in honour to J. I. Fincham, Esq, and his respected family, invited them with other friends to partake of a splendid tea at the Auction Room, in Queen-street, kindly lent tor the occa- sion, on Thursday evening, the 20th inst. Before the proceedings commenced, Mr Quartermann rose and ex- pressed himself highly plensed at the good attendance, but regretted that some of the teachers and friends were unavoidably absent, among whom were J. Fincham, Esq, jun., Drs Bennet and Stamper, and the Rev S. Beale and his lady, whose affectionate reply to the invi- tation was read and respectfully received. He then invited them to take tea. The Rev G. E. M. Mac Hugh, M.A., having said grace, Miss Quartermann and Miss Jenkins presiding, the proceedings commenced. The table was very tastefully arranged and bountifully sup- plied under the superintendence:of Miss Quartermann,and the guests, we are happy to 8a1\ did ample justice to the numerous dishes placed thereon, heartily enjoying them- selves—a very lively chit chat being sustained during the whole of the repast, after which the company were entertained with singing and music, exquisitely played by Miss Sutton, and other amusements. In the mean- while the cloth was relaid, dessert served, and they re- sumed their seats. The Rev G. E. MacHugh, M.A., rose, expressing his gratification and thanks at the esteem shown him and Mr Fincbam's family. In speaking of the school the rev. gentleman observed that with the blessing of God it had wonderfully progressed and in- creased in numbers, and that in point of size and con- duot it was second to none in the locality. The services also were well attended. The room, though commodious, was not large enough, and it was contemplated to en- large it. He also felt thankful to those who had so kindly given their services at the school. The rev. gentleman's observations were received with applause Mr Quartermann expressed his gratification at the success whioh had attended their labours, and said that he should be willing to assist them to tbe utmost of his power having been connected with Sunday Schools for many years, with the exception of a short interval. lie also took occasion to thank the Rev Mr Erskine for his kindly service rendered at Pennar, and then took his seat amidst applause. The Rev Mr Erskine thanked jhe teachers for their kind entertainment, and the last speaker for the honour bestowed upon him. He felt himself unworthy of the gratitude expressed by befriend, for though be bad often officiated, and occasionally at some incon- venience, be felt that th sre was much that be might do, and that in future he hoped to be of more service in preaching the Gospel, and although about to leave for Brazil he should always remember the kind feelings of the teachers towards him ou this occasion. (Hear, hear.) J. 1. Fincham, Esq, hoped that the feelings expressed by his rev friend would be heartily reciprocated by those present. He hoped the rev, gentleman might safely reach his destination. He also most gratefully acknow- ledged the respect shown him, his family, and friends. Mr Quartermann again rose and remarked that they received the announcement of their rev. friend Mr Erskine's re- moval with regret, and hoped that he would have a safe voyage. Mr Lathwood said he felt much pleasure at the increase of the Sunday School, and would be glad to have it opened at an earlier hour for instruction on Sun- day mornings. Speeches here followed from Mr Quar- termann, the Rev G. E MacHugh, M.A, and J. I. Finch ham, E«q, who proposed a vote of thanks to Miss Quar- terman for the trouble she had so willingly undenaken In preparing and presiding over the entertainment. Mr Gibbs responded, and returned hearty thanks to the pre. siding lady, making an interesting speech, to which sbe gracefully replied. Miss Sutton resumed her seat, and presided at the harmonium. The national anthem huving been sung, the entertainment concluded, and the com- panv left shortly after eleven o'clock.


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