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^anad- TENBY CORPORATION. ^u^^The MavclPe^ ^eetln*» held on Monday last, fcnd ^2? G. White G H^\n Wei6' Reea and j'W- Rees fluIh6B» W. Gibbs, J. G.ff.rd, I •reo«« to tie Una and cottages in a,e Iroot ot t Mr Robert's house at the Green Hill, the following let- ter was read Haverfordwest, Feb. 24,1868. Gentlemen,—"Mr Roberts declines to purchase the property on the Green the price proposed to him is so much beyond his calculation. He, under my advice, will give JE120 for it, and no more. He declines making the road to the station over it unless the Corporation will guarantee him Z350 for the easement over the land between the Green and the station, and JS100 for making, metalling, and finishing the road and if required to keep the road in repair in perpetuity, then the Corporation to guarantee him £5 per annum. I shall be glad to hear any further proposals the Corporation may have to make. I have the honour to remain, Your obedient Servant, H. P. GOODE. To the Mayor and Town Council of Tenby. After some discussion, in which the Mayor, Aldermen Wells and Mr White took the most prominent part, it was resolved that the plot of land in question should be offered to Mr Roberts for £ 120, on his undertaking to make, at his own expense, a road between the railway station and the road leading from the Deer Park to the Green. Mr White, at some length, went into the subject of the Water works, and argued that it would be better for the supply of water from the Lady-well and Holy-well springs to be carried direct into the Tenby reservoir, in- stead of being allowed to enter the main pipes near the Rectory. Moved by Mr White,-That in ordw to secure to the town of Tenby the advantages expected to be derived from the additional water supply, it is more desirable that the wa er should be conveyed in a separate pipe directed to the basins. By adopting this plan, and thus making the railway company entirely dependent on the new supply, will better ensure the pipes along the line being kept in repair by them, and it will also enable the Local Board of Health to have a sufficient quantity of pure water in the lower basin to supply the town, with- out being mixed with the surface water. The motion was carried, the Mayor and Alderman Mason alone being opposed to it. Ordered,—That the management of the water works, and the control of the scavengers, be vested in the Sur- veyor. Head-Constable Thomas was appointed Inspector of Weights and Measures. The fines are to belong to him, but be is not to have any increase of salary. Ordered,—That the Surveyor get additional pipes laid down from the tap-house, near the Rectory, to the lower basin. The design for the new fountain about to be erected in Castle Square at the expense of the Mayor, Dr Dyster, was laid before the Board when Messrs White and Mason were appointed a committee to decide upon the exact site. The meeting was then again adjourned until March 11th. During the past week a heavy shower of hail fell in the neighbourhood of Tenby. Some of the hailstones were picked up measuring from li to 2 inches in Circum- ference. On Tuesday last, another of the series of popular read- ings came off at the Royal Assembly rooms. Colonel Curtis in the chair. The entertainment was very good and the attendance remarkably good. We believe the next takes place on Tuesday next. SAUNDERSFOOT.—Either on Saturday night, or early on Sunday morning last, some person or persons un- known did maliciously cut off and carry away from a boat belonging to Mr Evan Daly (one of the pilots) the lug sail. It is to be hoped that the perpetrators of this mischievous act will be speedily discovered and punished as they deserve. TENBY CHARITY TRUSTEES.—We have reason to be- lieve that the Chairman, and a majority of the Trustees, were in favour of appointing the Rev G. Huntington to fill up the vacancies in that body. We hope that Mr Allen will be induced to withdraw his resignation, as all classes ha1 e confidence in him. and consequently must regret his retirement.




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