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T E N B Y.


T E N B Y. n*bed.r|lncontainning nearly 3 cwt of pork, was Vat, 8hore on the South Sands on Monday morning Popu^ ^EAdinOS.—"Another of the present series re-di.g.me off at the Royal Assembly '0 11 *ho instant, when the ladies and gentle- &oveu8Ua^y assist at these entertainments did so. by ^°wever» was introduced: a pianoforte ttPied t?° *adies—Ardite's I Il Baoio. The Mayor 1 the chair. ^e°ture was delivered at the Royal Assem Ar mies \o-L-°n Thursday evening, 13th instant, by Rev v^K "er8' 'p6' Merthyr' subject being, Men and »bere ^be chair was occupied by Capt W. Rees. g With q, a^°°d attendance, and Mr White was listened and M attention. During the evening MiBS Bin- K r H. Tasker sang several songs. R^TOOED^TF, AND TENBY COMPANY.— We recently 8y8unTatr connecting this line with the narrow the C ° ^e kiQgdom depended on £ 20,000 being »,.VQh. •«..reat- Western Company before the first of congpn»S ^rat mentioned company has ijHl t. Httently the latter are bound toJbave theaddi- ^be fiM ^own between Whitland and Carmarthen of Jane next. FC8A8FOOT PETTT SESSIONS, Feb 11, 1868. Before Ch^r' a°d the Rev T. H. Dunn. (Ood vS B0U8bt to compel Phillips to find sureties h baviour towards her, in consequence of the used towards the complainant language jeered u Pr°duce a breach of the peace. Sbe was „ into recognizances herself (by her hus- aQd to find one surety in £ 5, to be of good 0t 'I* months, and to pay costs. ^ollect^u FR°M A. REFORMATOBY.—Our readers will ^▼icted a ^ad named Richard Meredith, who was » °tobet 1^ Tenby Petty Sessions on the 26th of $1* a* breaking into the bookstall belonging jb P'isonm and Son, was sentenced to one months' <ZrtBlattov nan^ then to be sent to the Hard wick ded ijj^*» 1Gloucestershire, for two years. He suc- three otKeBcaPe from, that place, together P to the et ^oy8» on ^e night of the 15th instant, present time no trace of him can be found. A fatal accident occurred on Sun- 0?Uy, boun^l* on board the brigantine Baltic, of J0 Caldv u m Port to Caen, whilst getting under bel°nBi^ koads. A lad named Hughes, 14 years of L j' deck n„i° Llanelly, fell from the topsail-yard on Lr 8truc^' tiT killed on the spot. The poor fellow's Vo 8 his n 6 cable, smashing his skull, and also i*u5tH t0 th^A, body was taken on sbore, and V oday^ Albion Inn. An inquest was held on JMJ'* c°roner at l^e Town Hall, before W. V. James, "oen a verdict of' Accidental Death' was *h'e e, an^W* ^ebruary 14th.—Before the Mayor, ff0r. 8cb°°ner T, • Rees, Esqra,—Motrit Jones, master of Cardiff 8418' Carnarvon, coal laden, bound P'lot. an&outh, was charged by Ratford bou><* tender^ fusing to pay the sum of £ 30, for *^d 'L°^ the l«T D nn8in8 bis ship into Tenby Har- tbft aii>8 b«in^ln#t'' for picking up the auchors ^vJh^^itned fD8 tfae said vessel. Ordered to pay Wd 'bag u »together with the costs.—John Jones, a the Tbomas wkfc"JbFou8ht UP» charged by Superin- Cution of k- j mS drunk, and assaulting him in nri»kL Sentenced to one month's -?tdlabour' Tuesdav, 19th. Before ^inlj atew u • sailor, was obarged by 5s. anj 2„ "ein8 drunk on the previous night. T^ic p 8 6d °°,t8- Money paid. itag^^day w' a of the Watch Committee, D "on, Jenk!ee ,present,-The Mayor' Messrs White, J, ft and GifFnr<i 5 while Messrs White, > tes:«_ *our« lhe following is the li.t «f fK 6 Jan, ™uau- j*iffith?T"' t6th Re8iment 0 Beynon T 3 > j °nb" ? <l 1 LLR





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