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ELECTRICITY IS LIFE. HEALTH AND MANHOOD RK8TOBKD (Without Medicine). Cure yourself by the Patent Self-Adjusting Curative and Eleotric Belt. SUFFERERS from Nervous Debility, Painful Dreams, ks Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Im- paired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self* Distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, &o. CAN NFI W CURE TIIEMSEL VES By the only Guaranteed Remedy in Europe, protected by her Majesty's Great Seal. Details free for One Stamp by H. JAMKB, Medical Electrician (to the London Hos- pitals), Percy House, Bedford Square, London. N.B.-Medlcine and Fees superseded. In proof of tbe efficacy herein advocated, the Patentee will send the Remedies to be tested before payment. (References to the leading Physicians of the day.) CA UTION.-To: guard against Counterfeits I have ippointed no Licensee. 44, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL, 1ST OCT. 1867. rpHE Ships containing tbe First Cargoes of NEW _L TEAS for the English Markets have now erriyed- and although some fault has been justly found with much of the crop. the quality, In some instances, is found to be I truly fine,' while the quantity shipped from China to this country, up to the latest date, is very large. We have now selected our usual Annual Stock of Teas, which is admitted to contain come of the finest qualities imported this season. The above facts enable us to make an important reduction in the price of our finest Teas, viz:— Formerly. Now. The Choicest Kaisow Tea,) Very ricn and full flavour J TIIK EXTRA FINE SOUCHONG) Choicest»» J 3/6 Tho qualities of tbe above Teas are too well known to require any comment.—The First Class Congou kith Souchong flavour, 3/0—and the Very Fine CangöUf Strong Pekoe-Souchong kind, 2/8-will tie found excel lent Teas, the former being the early pickings of the first crop, and the latter a good selection of the second growth, possessing great strength and flayour.- The fiiM Congou, Strong Ankoi kind, 2/4—and the StJrèDg Congou, Souchong kind, 2/0—are well worth speetat attention-being very good useiul Teas. Medium aflki ordinary kinds very much lower. All parcels for the Town are delivered DAILY within the radius of Four Miles of our Establishment, ana for the Suburbs—Cheshire, &c.—WEEKLY.—The Vans are despatched at EIGHT o'clock A.M. and ONE o'clock F.M. precisely. CafGoods for the Country are despatched punc- tually on the day following the receipt of Orders. Terms:—Net Cash.—Payment on receipt and ap- proval of Goods. ELLIS DAVIES & COMP!' 44. LORD STHKBT, LIVKBPOOI,. HAROLDSTON WEST CHURCH RESTOh. 'ral( FUND. HPHE sadly dilapidated condition of the parish Church X of Harolds tone West renders it imperative tbat aa appeal should be respectfully made to the unfailing liberality of the Christian public. Contributions already promised (or paid) £ «. d« The Right Rev the Lord Bishop of St David's 10 0 0 The Ven. the Archdeacon Clark 5 0 O The Rev Ciinon Thomas, Stoynton 5 0 0 Collections in Haroldston West Church 4 1 41 Mrs Hire, Haroldston Hall (1st subscription) 10 0 0 Mrs J. Lort Phillips, Harroldstone 5 5 0 Miss Phelps, Broad Haven 550 J. H. Scourfield, Esq, M. P. 5 0 0 W. Davies, Esq, Solioitor, Spring Gardens 6 0 0 Mr Griffiths, Belmont 5 0 0 A Friend inn Mrs Shaw, Hill-street 2 2 0 Mr D. Lloyd, Old Bridge (1st subscription). 200 Collecting card per Miss Griffiths, Belmont l in o Collecting card per Miss Phelps i c X Mrs R. F. Scale, Liverpool I1 0 Mr P. Ellis, li igh -street. I l i o Mrs Ward.Clitton. "m 1 i o Collecting card per Miss Scale, Haroldstone Hall 1 io Q Do. per Master S. H. Williams, Bath 0 10 6 T. W. Smith, H.-q.Londnn. 0 10 6 Miss J. BùWCD, Little Haven 0 10 0 C. P. P o 10 0 Messrs Greenish and Dawkins 0 10 0 Mr 8 Green 0 10 0 Sir C. M. Latnpson, Bart, London 5 0 0 Ed, Bigg, Esq, Crawley 0 10 0 Mrs Barham, Trecwu 113 Mr Ribbon 0 10 6 T. Rule Owen, Esq, Foley House 3 3 0 J. Harvey, Esq, New Bridge 110 R. H. Harvey, Esq, Victoria Place 110 Miss Carrow, Goat-street. 10 0 Subscriptions and donations will be thankfully re- ceived by Miss E. S. Phelps, Broad Haven, Haverford- west. and by the Treasurer, J. W. Phillips, Esq, Bock Cottage, Haverfordwest. pOMA.DE RESTAURANTE" restores the Hair, prevents falling off and premature greyness- and is the only preparation which has a continued sale. Ask or MEYLER'8 Pomade Eestaurante. Soldin Potest Is. and 2i. e?eh. MEYLER'S CHEKUY PASTE, for cleansing and beautify iu« the Teeth, protects the enamel from decay, and imp:.rt> a picafing fragrance to the breath. In Pots atls..3«.. and -3s. Cd. each. MEYLIJR'S DR. LOCOCK'S LOTION, for nourishing and iTt giving a glops to the Hail", without being pruany. In Bottles at b. and 2,. each. MEYLER'S RHUBARB and GINGER PILL8 are the best » rem-fdy (if tukea before dinner daily) for Indigestion. DyspepMa, and Disordered Stomach. In Boxes at is. -&ch. MEYLER'S CAMBRIAN PECTORAL COUGH PILLS, a 1. safe, spnody, and efficacious remedy for Disorders of this Ch-st an I Lunfff, namclv, AstLraa, Coughs, Colds, Catarrh Consumption, Influenza. In Boxes at Is. IJd. and26. Od. each. MEYLER'S ORANGE QUININE TONIC WINE. Th. m ct iisT'-eable and efficacious Tonic Stomachic com binins the valuable tonic properties of Peruvian Bark [Ouiniiwi with the KtotM hie quaiitu hiii the Bitter Orange so as Not to be objectionable to the most delicntc invalid. Invaluable to all suffering from Jo.s of appetite, indigestion, general debility. nervous affections, tic, ague, &c. This preparation has an ex- tensive sale and i highly recommended. Sold In Wint Bottles at SOs.per dozen. A single bottle may be prooared. MEYLRR'S CONCENTRATED BLUE JUICE SYRUP prepared from tho Fresli Fruit. A perfect luxpr»* forming a most oelicious and invigorating draught for th: delicate and the invalid, and of n^ecial service in Scrofula Fevers, Gout, Rheumatism, a low and altered conditio n Blood, &c., &c. in Bottle; at Is. Sd. and Ss. 6d. cacii, e TYIARRHlE A MIXTURE.; Every Ho-a^koepershr^Tw,, JLJ a bottle in tl.e Bedroom. In Bottles; at iB> T.L-EIG-S EXTRACT of MEAT, agtxlripk ir- the e 0f R'.BERT TOOTH 1„ « THE « •If «ias those valuable nutritions ^5va re re(vlUar to animal food, Lu-biy it. B«f Tear that is blrf teTf water has-v -crated. In.JjoUata! -=- 'T ir M