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NARBERTH. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE.—Many of our readers will be glad to learn that the -I Fellowes' Silver Medal and Certificate of Honour in Clinical Medicine for the winter session, at University College, London, were awarded on Monday last to Mr Timothy Lewis, eon of Mr William Lewis, of Crinow, near Narberth. PUBLIC MEETING.—A public meeting, convened by order of Mr J. P. Hitchings, High Constable, was held in the Town Hall, on Friday last, for the purpose of taking steps to raise subscriptions for further paving and otherwise improving the town. The meeting was well attended, and after some discussion a subscription list was opened and a liberal amount put down. A com- mittee of the following gentlemen was formed, for furthering the object of the meeting: Itevde H. C. D. Chandler, and J. Morris; Dr Evans; Messrs Thomas Lewis, J. Roblin, W. W. Williams, S. H. Owen, A. H. Lascelles, W. Morgan, J. Nicholas, J. P. Hitchings, J. Thomas, and T. Smyth. Mr G. P. Brewer consented to act as honorary tieasurer and secretary. PETTY SESSIONS.—These sessions were held on Thurs- day, the 3rd instant, before J. James. Esq, and Captain J. M. Child. Mary Howell v. John Prout, for an order in bastardy. Case settled out of court.- P.S. Irving v. Thomas Thomas, Penblewyn, for driving cattle to Nar- berth Road without a licence. Fined 6dand costs.- John Rosser, P.C, v. George Walking, Ludchnrch, for pigs straying on the highway. Fined Is and 6i costs. -Same v. Ihornas Morris, for cows s'raving. Fined 6d and costs.—Harriet Phillips v. William John. for an assault. This case was not preferred, in consequence of the man being of weak mind. Several cases of driving cattle, without licence, short distances (over 500 yards), weri enteied. A caution was given to the different parties that if the offences wore again committed none would be excused. BEGELLY.—On Sunday and Monday, April 29th and 30th, most interesting services were held in connection with the reopening of the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Begelly. Sermons were preached by Revds D. Anthony, B.A., Thomas Burditt, M.A., Tenby; W. Evans, M.A Pembroke Dock; W. Powell, Pembroke; Moses Wil- liams, New Milford; W. Williams, Haverfordwest and Pendine; Joseph Evans, Carmarthen; and Griffith Davies, Aberystwyth. The congregations were very large—scores were not able to get in in the afternoon and evening services. The preaching would have been in the open air had the weather been warmer. The collections were very g' od, amounting to £27. The in- habitants of Begelly showed great kindness to the strangers who were present, many of them following the example given by James Mark Child, E"q.. who opened his house to all, and provided a sumptuous dinner. This is the second chapel the Calvinistic Methodiets have built in this neighbourhood within a period of two years. It is confessed by all that they are ornaments to the neighbourhood, Bethesda was rebuilt at a cost of J6250. of which only JE16 remain as a debt. Begelly was re- built at a cost of £ 280, of which not more than JE30 remain as a debt; and we are determined, if spared, to clear them before ijext winter sets in. We feel it is our bounden dii!y to express our heartfelt gratitude for the kindness we have received from different friends both in and out of the denomination. The Rev. J. II. A. Philipps, that liberal-minded clergyman, eent us X5 to aid us in our struggle; and Messrs Davies and Roberts headed our subscription list with the handsome sum of £50, and other friends liberally subscribed. Communicated.


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