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PEMBROKE *2 H'^SSIARTIN YEOMANRY CAVALRY.—Major Baron X. W°''r^e commaDdaBt of tnis corps, bas appointed feaign bandmaster vice Air W. L. Hard- '"OUGJ, R°XE PENNY READINGS. — The surplus t^ie proceeds of these entertainments, ne4*nre^»*t0 ^8» '}as ^een distributed by the ih0|,f!la«'B r J°hn Williams, as follows: — £ 5 5a to Dr t *ell 'or the Infirmary; £ 5 5s to the Rev W. nlini, V School; and £ 5 5i to Mr R. l) 8 for the National School. SERVICE —At the Magistrates' Clerk's W?u8ht .°^ay» before Dr. Bryant, Itaac Jamet was 1 "ham p 'n custody of P.C. Owen, charged by Mr .w^Phev 0we"» of Lamphey Park, in the parish of o er)te<J h*Ul1 having, on the 29th day of April. 1866, ''cens« 8e'f from bis service without any just cause T^'ice to d°. Defendant consented to return to his f toast Was discharged from custody. Costs paid by "dan.1"' and ordered to be deducted from the de- p U 8 Wages. SESSIONS.—These sessions were held at the r 0n 'he 4th inst, before W. Hulm, E«q, and ? ""I've ^on»n« James, a travelling umbrella mender, u e«stnH» ^hymney, Glamorganshire, was brought up °' I^av'esf charged by Mr Wm. Henry e Pemx8tation master, Pembroke Dock, on behalf of #l,aUltin_ and Tenby Railway Company, with 'he ev otnar Brown, a porter of the said company, b #ttl Do«nil>s t,ie 'ns'- Thomas Brown deposed: Petitur orter 011 the Pembroke and Tenby Railway, at c*'fe to ,e. ck 8'8'l°n. At half-pastsevenp.m, defendant ^fosed on 8taUoB for a ticket: he was drunk and was i ent tn .1 removed bim: the train started, and when »Lle Rate j8e 'he Rate the (defendant) came in through m, s'ruck me, and through his conduct I was 'h th«arter8 of an honr before 1 could close the gate. fl>t' kenf .88|stanee of another porter we turned him up "to cnct- ,10 'here till a policeman came and took him in H R defendant was fined 2s 6d and 6s 6d rrtctinh J.'1 °f Payment seven days in the House of n- Fine and costs paid. ^MILY.—On the 5th inst at the Town 8Pt. u tre N.A. Roch, J. Adams, and W. Hulm, Esqs, Barn.f ach» and Dr. Mansel, Henry Evans, painter, P.C n Wawerfordwe8t, was biought up in custody ne«." cl^'k min Owens, charged by Mr Robert Morgan ?efclectin«r. l° the Pen|broke Board of Guardians, with J 'he pJL support his wile and child, now chargeable rePosed- tmoa f"nd.of the said union. George Twigg in the ,»:i am .rel,e?»ng officer of the Pembroke district, J*bo gre °nion. I know prisoner's wife and child n'on si nar&eable to the common tund of the Pembroke Kroner the.25th March last I have heard that 'lUm tI Painter' ,ftnd working at Milton Back, v^'ht? Dari examined: I am one of the Overseers MUsb»nd t M°nkton- 1 know 'he prisoner to be the Parigt, Evans, who has been chargeable 10 t 8t: I ml Monk ton for more than twelve months I0r 'he i»a, ,kDow tlja' the prisoner had been working e been I W Weeka at Milton Back, near Carew, and ?a8es. that he got about 30s per week li'^on a t, stated that he had been at work at > Per week" u11 Thursday, and his wages were ect'on for on« Was committed to the House of Cor- one calendar montb with hard labour.





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