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\ttsn MEMORIAL PRESENTED TO THE QUEEN. MtCr.are permitted by the Mayor to print the following -r • o C Windsor Castle, May 5, 1865. Of tSrB,-I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt jrj Rook, descriptive of the Welsh Memorial to the c°t&m 9onsor,» which yon have forwarded, and am •ccnT, ed to "Unify to you Her Majesty's gracious 'Th ,ame- you „ 9"ee,) de8ires me at the same time to express to to ^egs you to convey to Archdeacon Clark, and *PDrp .CoPcorned in getting up this work Her Majesty's th «>«i°ri of the kind feelings which have prompted arid „ P'Rce in Her Majesty's possession, so interesting nichVe"U'i'u,lj' '"nstrate^ an account of an event Uctionfer Majesty looks upon with the greatest satis* I have the honour to be, Sir, • Your obedient humble Servant, C Q • M. BIDDULPH. George White, Esq, Mayor, Tenby.' *as 088 not 800 'ho memorial volume when it *1)4 last week may like to know t.he number P'oiio ature cf 'he illustrations which Her Majesty has <lesi».. nn.ced 'o be beautilul, and we therefore append a ^Ption of them. The,^Ihe illuminated frontispiece by Miss Willis. anir^fer- ^art ^'s design consists of the figure of u'1 w'ncs extended, having a scroll inscribed either nce Consort's motto, • Treu undfest' From ^°rder of a l's centra' figure proceeds a wreathed •uite^ »o rVerii R,1<* ,0,iage» °f the conventional type "r*ce 'rtiination, arraneed in curves of singular abounding in pure coloar and delicate fancy. °Ur cbildh Kr>e,n 'o have come out of the fairy tale« of huttfrji h°0(1 sit upon the branches, and there i< a hi wh°se wings we really fear to brush the ^blemg °»nV 'he leek, mistletoe, and ears of corn, *° not t "a,es, are introduced with excellent taste, 2q(] /p '"terfere with the character of the dnsign. The"0 Wa,erco'our drawing by George L. Hall, 'be north** 8re °haracteristic views of Tenby, taken from Plicate and" from 'he south. They are exceedingly '▼euing effecirut^^u'* ^he southern view represents an r°ie-coloured V llazy suffused with pale >n artist ^he foreground—a great difficulty ^laired • „ i?rtrayinK Tenby Irorn this side—is skilfullv to m t °' ghadowed sand-hill being introduced thB ma,<c a strong point without losing the character ?Pene.- The northern view is by fnll daylight, »k%i ""T^hosen is of the cloudiest. It seems to T'?0rous drawing of the two; the curve of •dull* » l'je 8reen transparency of a tranquil sea, are 3rd 'y Piv,:n- Ve ^-Photographs of the statue and shields. These •hjJ^toarkably fine. It is not necessary to dsscribe 0|,6 tek1 ^etail aS 'hey may of course be procured by any *0 wishes to have them. The same reason renders of 'he printed portion of the volume un- Vd^y- The binding—white vellum with a gold > The ITWa8 10 PerfecJ taste. bollbd j ,P"ra'e volume presented to Prince Arthur was tbat it in blue morocco, and was of a smaller size, in order be enctosed in 811 exceedingly beautiful t e work of Lieut.Colonel and Mrs Poole. This ebony 1Vas composed of white boxwood, framed in tlegall' It. Was carved in open work, m a design of great l'tlt, Q' "Producing the rose, thistle, shamrock, and ah ° a large tnedallion in the centre of the cover painted birds' nest supported by a •ide.0^^ blossoming May. Four small medallious on ann t'>e casket ^ore sprays of spring flowers, 'i he freshness of these tiny pictures could not Tbe to^ed. n^ted? contained in this dainty envelope, was t0 'ho young Prince on his birthday, the first that the entire expense of getting up i hot Twines was borne by the Mayor, though he P'esun1.- '08eparate himself from his fellow-townsmen *•?» 'hem. h H letter was also received by the Mayor ♦kilted acknowledging the receipt of the book y 'o him. We consider that the presentation of h 'be in? handsome volumes, forms a very fitting finish « Ject °f the Welsh Memorial, and we give our ^rUjll,at?f,Kratula'i°n» to the Mayor on so successful a






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