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ROOSE PETTY SESSIONS. Thefe "essions were held at the Shire Mall on Saturday* before A. B. Starbuck, Esq, J. P. Jones, Esq, 8. Harford* Efq, and the Rev P. Phelps. MOYIMG CATTLE WITHOUT A LICENCE. Thomas John, of Haverfordwest, was charged with moving cattle without a licence. The defendant admitted the charge, stating that be drove the cattle for another person, who should have met him at Johnston with a licence. The defendant was fined Id and costs. Arthur Bees, of Upper Market Street, was charged with the same offence. The defendant, a boy of about eight years of age, waS discharged on account of his youth. John Thomas, of Keeston, was charged with moving a calf without a licence on the 27th ult. The defendant stated that he had a licence, but it wa' not with him when he moved the animal. He produced a licence, bearing date the 2Cth of April, signed by the County Inspector, Mr D. E. James. P.C. Davies deposed that he was on duty at Camro.8 parish on the 27th ult., when he saw defendant with cart containing a calf. He asked him if he had a licence. when he said he had. He asked him to produce it, wh"a he said 4 I'll tell you the truth: I have notoneatalL: don't say anything to them in town about it.' The defendant said that he told the policeman that b* had one, but that he had left it at home. The Bench dismissed the case. STKAYING ON THE HIGHWAY. David Reynolds, of Trooper's Inn, was charged with allowing a cow to stray on the highway. The defendant's wife admitted the offence, and he wft* fined Is and costs. Ann Phillips, of Langum, was charged with allowing an ass to stray on the highway. The defendant did not appear. P.C. Griffiths proved the offence, and the Bench the defendant 2a 6d, and costs. ASSAULT. Philip Hire Hitching*, farmer, of Bicton, was charged with assaulting Thomas Richards, a servant in bu*' bandry. This case had been adjourned from the last sessions (ot the production of evidence by the defendant. David Bowen deposed that Mr Hitchings went to tbe complainant in rage, and shoved him with a stick. Conn* plainantsaid Drop thatand the defendant struck bird. three or four times over the shoulder. He might have struck his head, but he did not think defendant aimed blow at his head. The defendant was explaining to him (witness) and the others present what the com- plainant bad said of him the day before, when the coJJ)- plainant said, 4 So you are a b— old rogue.' Mr Hitch- ings then struck him three or four times over the side. William Harries deposed that he was on the top of I mow, and on looking round he saw complainant dolfli on a pile of turnips. He saw the defendant giving hiØ) a few stripes with a walking stick. The Bench fined the defendant 20s and costs. Philip Mathias, of Wolfsdale, was charged with assault* IDp; William Morris. The defendant did not appear. P.C. Price proved the service of the summon*, adding that defendant said he told complainant to go out of the field, and on his refusing to go he gave him a shove. Complainant, a boy fifteen years of age, deposed that bl went to defendant's field to set potatoes for Mr Mathi'1' the preacher, who had borrowed his services for tblt occasion of his master. The defendant told him to out of the field, when he said that he bad been lennhere. After a little while, the defendant asked him which wai the biggest lool-defendant or be (complainant). He told defendant that he thought he was a big fool that day. He afterwards knocked him on the chest, and kickedhin* over the leg. The Clerk What was the beginning of the row? Complainant: He keeps a girl in the house, andthC and I quarrelled. (Laughter.) Clerk Is he jealous of you ? Complainant: I don't know, but be has been on to øø ever since. (Great laughter.) Clerk What did you quarrel about ? Complainant: She took my pocket handkerchief oøt; of icy pocket one Sunday night, and I went up to th? house about it. She said she tore it to pieces. I her why she did it. Clerk: Did anything take place about the girl tb.t; day? Complainant: No: he said nothing about it that d«f* A female in Court,, who stated she was defendant sister, said tbat the defendant two months ago forbad the complainant to come on his premises, teUing hlØ if he did so, that he should summons him. The complainant denied that he had been ordered poC to po on the premises by defendant two months ago. Mary Davies deposed that she saw the defendant the complainant a blow that felled him to the ground, and that he kioked him afterwards. The Bench fined the defendant 10s and costs, expression their strong condemnation of the defendant's conduct kicking the complainant. NON-PAYMENT OF POOR AND HIGHWAY RATES. John Thomas, of Burton, was charged by the Oversee1'* of Burton with non-payment of poor and highway rat* The defendant did not appear. The case was adjourned for a fortnight.

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