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!II! INDIAN NEWS- LATEST NEWS FROM LUCKNOW. The following telegram has been received at the India House, from Malta:— On the 8th of March the arrangements on both sides of the Goomtee for the attack were completed. On March 9th Sir J. Outram turned the enemy's first great line of defences by an enfilading fire, and the Martinaere was stormed by the Second Division, under Sir E. Lugard. On the 10th March Sir Colin Campbell seized the Bank-house, and took up an advanced position in front of it. Sir J. Outram pushed forward his advances on the left of the Goomtcc, the resistance of the enemy being obstinate. On the 11th of March her Majesty's 42d and 93d High- landers disarmed the Begum's Palace, and Sir J. Outram crossed the Goomtee and occupied the buildings in front of the Palace. In these operations our loss was under 100 killed and wounded. Among the killed are Captain Macdonald, Her Majesty's 93 Captain Cooper, Kifle Brigade Cap- tain Moorsom, Staff. On the 13th of March a sap was run up to the Imam- barra, which is close to the walled enclosure of the Kaiserbagh. On the 14th of March the Imambarra was stormed, and the troops following close on the retireing enemy, entered the Kaisurbagh with them; the contest lasted until 3 o'clock p.m., by which time Sir Colin Compbell was in full posession of the Kaiserbagh. On the 15th of March, the enemy, after the fall of the Kaiserbagh, having commenced their flight from the city, Brigadier Campbell, with a brigade of Cavalry and horse artillery, was despatched in pursuit. Sir Hope Grant also advanced to Seetapoor, on the direct road to Rohilcund, with 1,000 sabres, to intercept the fugitives who might be forced in that direction by Brigadier Campbell. Up to the 1-5th of March the enemy still occupied some parts of Lucknow, but intelligence of Sir C. Camp- bell's reduction and occupation of the whole city is hourly expected. SOUTHERN MAHRATTA COUNTRY. The rebel Dessayees arc still in the Canara jungles, but large reinforcements have been despatched to tha magistrate by the Madras Government, and the Bombay frontier is carefully guarded. The following telegraphic despatch dated Allahabad, March 17th, 7 p.m., has just been reeeived:- It is reported Irom Futtyghur, under date March 15, that the Nana is still at Jehaanpoor, and chief rebels are with him. The rebels have again entered Futtyghur district, attacked the Tbannahs, and driven off the police posted there. Gen. Penny muse be close at baud on the Jumna side. The rebels who had entered the Ghatum- pore Pergunnah have recrossed the river to Humeer- pore. The Commander-in-chief sends the following intelli- gence to-day from Lucknow :— Yesterday the bridges were secured, and the troops advanced, and occupied the Muchee Bawan and Great Imambarra. Large bodies of the enemy crossed the stone bridges an hour before the attack was commenced by Sir J. Outram. The resistance was slight compared with the previous day. A Ghoorkah division seized the enemy's position in front of Alumbagh last night. Num- bers of armed and unarmed men are evacuating the city > by the outlets they passed to the north. Our advances to-day are gradually pushed on all sides of the line occupied by the troops, particularly to- wards Goolghai and Moosabah, in which direction the enemy are advancing. The point they intend to make for is not known RETREAT AND PURSUIT OF THE REBELS. MALTA, APRIL 7, 2 P.M—By the Candia, which arrived at Suez on the 20th nit., we have adviccs from Bombay of March 18 Calcutta, 8 Hong Kong, 27. The latest news from Lucknow is to the morning of the 15th of March. Nearly all the city was in our possession, but few rebels remaining in it, General Outram having turn- ed the enemy's line of works on the canal, the Martinere was stormed by Sir Edward Lugard, and the line of works seized on the 9th. The Bank-liouse was also occupied. On the 11th Jung Bahadoor moved into line, aud the !:I3d Regiment, supported by the 42d, stormed the Begum's Palace. Our loss was less than 100 killed and wounded the loss of the enemy being ;")00. At the same time, Outram, on the north of the Goomtee, seized on the stone bridge, and cut up 500 of the enemy. On the sams day onr guns moved up, and the build- ings in advance of the Begums Palace were occupied. On the 14th the Imaumbarrah was stormed, the Goorkas asssisting. The Caiserbagh was then entered, and after a fight all day, solidly occupied, 2J guns were taken. General Outram then crossed the iron bridge and opened file on the flying enemy. Onr loss was not known at Bombay, but is supposed to be small. The enemy rushed by the artillery on the 15th, flving from the city in great numbers. Two columns of cavalry and artillery, under Brigadiers Campbell and Hope Grant were sent out after them. Maun Singh had come into Jung Bahadoor's camp. He had previously sent in Miss Orr. Sir Hugh Rose, with the Second Brigade of the Central India Field Force, was moving on Jhansi. The rebellious district of Shafgard had been annexed to the British ter- ritory by Sir R. Hamilton. The first Brigade is beseiging Thanderee. Gen. Whitlock reached Saugor on March 7th in advance of his colnmn, which had halted at Duhmo. There was a panic in Calcutta on March 3d. The President in Couucil called out the volunteers, and placed cannon on the Bridges. Information had been received that the Barrackpore Sepoys, who were to relieve the Fort Garrison that night, were to have arms and attack the city. All, however, passed oft. quietly.