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II A V E R 0 R D W EST. GEO. N. HASSELL r<-eiVed instructions from Messrs. CO.VDEE & Co., (wfeoM contracts on the Souim WALI.S IUILWAY, are drawing to completion) to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCliON At their -WORK-YARDS on the Marsh, Ha rer- fordwest, On Saturday, November 10th, 1855 THE HORSES and MATERIALS, late in line.on such completed portions of tlie line togetliCT v'ltji a varied and extensive assortment of miscellaneous articles, including timber, deal and balk ends, slabs, planks, Ficant. lings, carpenters' and smiths' sheds and workshop?, dry- ing and store slieds, fencing round yard, slecpcis, budge and culvert centres, oak-gates, timber carriages, carts, harness, chaff-cutters, corn-bins, malt crusher, smiths bellows, anvils and vices, blocks and pulleys, ah out oO tons of wrought iron rails and axles, cast iron wheels, ecrap-iron, &c., &c., &c. The draught of Horses comprises— u Lot 1 b. m. "Flower." Lot 9 U g. Lwn „ 2 b. m. Charlotte." 11 *>• P- Jj™'1. ;r> „ 3 o m Dandv „ 11 b. m. Whi tefoot." lil'.gz? 5 r.m. "Derby." „ lo b. m. fih "Ball." » 14 b. m. "Noble." 7 e. g. "Sharper" „ lo 1). g. "Dancer." „ 8 b. g. Farmer." The whole of the above powerful and valuable horses are in the best possible condition, and are steady avid quiet ^Lotsl'and 2 are excellent matches; Lots 3, 6„ 7. 8, 9, 13, and 15 run tip magnificently. Lot 3 and lo, in addi- mwi fast, in doir-Cart harness. To Railway and other Contractors, Colliery porkers, and Agriculturists, a rare opportunity offers itself for supply in "■ their wants in horseflesh, as these animals are seasoned and ready to do the hardest work. GEO. N. HASSELL Has also been directed by T. S. lenau, and who is about leaving Wales), to offer fsi Sale, at the same time and place, his STUD OF HUNTERS & OTHER HORSES, His Herd of choicely-selected Shorthorned and other COWS, with the CARRIAGES, Harness, Saddles, Bridles, &c., &c. HUNTERS. Wicklow, br. g., by Skylark, 7-years old, a pei'fcct hun- ter, and extremely fast in harness. Jcrrv, g. g., bv Frenev, dam by Elvas, 8-years (Pd, a very stesdv hunter, and up to great weight. Scott, iJ. g., by Welcome, 8-years old, a perfect hunter, a- d very fast. All tl-horses are well known in Mr. Lort Phillips's count y as being second to none. They are all fit to do immediate work. BROOD MARE. Olympia, rich dark chesnut, by Apollo, dam by Swords- man. This is a most powerful animal. She has a horse colt a her feet by William le Gros, likely to make a weight carrier, and is stinted to the same horse. PONIES, Barnev and Bandon, both by Lord Bandon s Barb, are perfect matches, accustomed to work together, and are shewy and fast goers. They are also perfect in saddle, and would make superb cover hacks or shoot- ing ponies, being perfect jumpers. THE CARRIAGES Are Four-wheeled Town-built Drag, and Four wheeled Pony Carriage. Both those machines are London built, and are nearly new. HARNESS, & c. Double and Single Sets of Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Horse Clothing, &c., &c. HERD OF COWS. No 1, Nancy, pure bred shorthorn. „ 2, Beauty, the same „ 3, Blacky, Cagtlemartin breed „ 4, Swallow, the same „ 5, Spot, the same Two months' credit will be given, subject to condition. Refreshments will be provided at the Auctioneer's Residence, for gentlemen cpming from a distance, by rail QV otherwise. Cambrian Place, Haverfordwest, Oct. 15th, 1855. Owing to all Vessels, carrying Passengers, being liable to a eharge for Pilotage, in and out of Milford, since the 1st of May, the Fares to and from Liverpool fire advanced a little as under. The landing or embarkation of Goods or Passengers at Milford, bv T.iy tever conveyance, or whether at the expense of the Steamer, or otherwise, is at the risk of the Passengers and the Owners of the goods respectively. Paossergers are landed and embarked at Milford (weather per- mittii r) free of charge, in boats provided by the Steamers. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL, MILFORD, SWANSEA, &'BRISTOL, For the Month of OCTOBER, 1855. THE POWERFUL STEAM SHIP THOU^-X OUR., Capt. Wm. J. Beckett, Or some other suitable Vessel, is intended to sail with Goods and Passengers, [unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence) as follows, with or 'ithout pilots, and liberty to tow vessels :— From Liverpool to Milford and Bristol. Landing passengers at the Mumbles (weather and time per- mitting.) Saturday 6 7 morn Saturday 20 5 after Saturday 13 lOJuiorn Saturday 27 lOJmorn From" Milford for Bristol immediately after her arrival from Liverpool, which is seldom under 22 hours after sailing. From IS istol to Swansea. Milford, and Liverpool. Tuesday 2 9^morn Tuesday 23 4 after Tuesday 9 5 morn Tuesday 30 S.Jmorn Tuesday .16 1) morn from Swansea to Liverpool, calling at Miljora. Wednesday 3 9 morn Wednesday .24 4 after Wednesday 1' •» morn Wednesday 31 8 morn "Wednesday 1" •• "jmorn From Milford for Liverpool seven hours after leaving Swansea. F A H E S Cabin. Deck. Liverpool tc or from Milford 15s Od (Is 6d Milford „ Bristol Ss Gd fig Od AT'lford Swansea (Mumbles) 5s Od 2s 6d yOTICE.—Return Cabin Tickets available for Seventeen Days or two clear Voyages, issued as below Uverpool to or from MIlford jEl Os Milford „ Uristel, leaving the holder the option of embarking at Bristol or Swansea in returning. £ 0 13s 6d. Notice.—No goods will be delivered until the freight has been prid and no goods for shipment will be received without a shipping note, giving full particulars of their address, &c., so as to be correctlv entered on the vessel's manifest. (Goods landed at Milford must be removed the day after their ar- rival, or will be stored, if necessary, on board the hulk Eclipse, which is the point of arrival and departure of the steamers. Applv to Fitzsimons, Applebee, & Co., 20, Water-street, Liver- pool G. H. Evans, Bristol; E. Edwards, Swansea John Ken- -worthy & Co., Manchestei; C. H. N. HILL, AGENT, MILFORD. IN THE HIGH COURT OF CHANCERY. TRIESEMAR. in the 2?fh of Mav, 1855, an Injunction was granted by the High Coil of Chancery, and on the 11th of June following was made perpetual, against Joseph Franklin and others, to restrain them, under a penalty ofjEl,000, from imitating this Medicir", which is protected by Royal Letters Patent of England and secured by the seals of the Ecole de Pharmacie de Paris, v a the imperial callege of Medicine, Vienna. rORIESE"' .tt. No. 1, is a Remedy for RELAXATION, SPER- < MAr OKRH(E, and Exhaustion of the System, whether iflrisin- from excesses, accident, or climate. To t.nse persons who are prevented entering the married state 'by the consequence of early errors it is invaluable. TRIESEMAR No. II. effect -il'-y, in the short space of Three days, completely and en- tirely eradicates all traces of those disorders which Capaivi and Cubebs have so long been thought an antidote for, to the ruin of the health of a vast portion of the population. TRIESEMAR No. III. is the great Contilcntal Remedy for that class of disorders which unfortunately th English Physician treats with Mercury, to the inevitable destruc ion of the patient's constitution, and which all the Sarsaparilla in the world cannot remove. TRIESEMAR, No. I., II., III. ilre alike devoid of taste or smellf and of all nauseating qualities. -The-C may lay on the Toilet tao:e without their use being sus- ected. „ Sold in tin cases at lis. each; free by post, 2s. extra; divided nto separate doses, as admidistered by Valpeau, Lallemand, ltoux, &c., &c. To be had wholesale and retail in London, of Johnson, 68, Cornhill; Hannay and Co., 63, Oxford-street; and Sanger, 150, Oxford-street; R. H. Ingham, druggist, 46, Market- street, Manchester; H. Bradbury, bookseller, Deansgate, Bolton; J. Priestly, chemist, 52, Lord-street, Liverpool; Powell, book- pller, 15, Westmoreland-street, Dublin; Winnall, bookseller. gh-street, Birmingham. RUPTURES. ^|irriIITE'S 5J.OC-MAIN PATENT LEVER T1 TRUSS, requiring no steel spring round the body, is reccommendedfor the followihg pecu- liarities and advantages :—1st, facility of applica- tion 2nd, perfect freedom from liability to chafe or excoriate; 3rd, it may be worn with equal comfort in any position c(f the body by night or day 4th, it admits of every kind of exercise without the slightest inconvcnienceto the wearer, and ia per- fectly concealed from observation. "We do not hesitate to give to this invention tt t' cur unqualified approbation, and we strenuously S advise the use of it to all those who stand in need of that protection, which they cannot so fully, nor with the same comfort, obtain irom any other apparatuF or truss as from that which we nave the highest satisfaction in thus recommending.—Church and State Gazette. w-n- Recommended by the following eminent sllrgeolls:- William Furguson, Esq., F.R.S., Professor of Surgery in King's College, •Surgeon to King's College Hospital, &c.; C. O. Guthrie, Esq., •Surgeon to the Royal Westminster Opthalmic Hospital; W. Bowman, Esq., F.R.S., Assistant Surgeon to King's College "Hospital; T. Callaway, Esq., Senior Assistant Surgeon to Guy's Hospital; W. Coulson, Esq., Surgeon to the Magdalen Hospital; -IT. Blizard Curling, Esq., F.R.S., Surgeon to the London Hospital; W. J. Fisher, Esq., Surgeon-in-Chief to the Metropolitan Police Force; Aston Key, Esq., Surgeon to Prince Albert; Robert Liston, Esq., F.R.8,; James Luke, Esq., Surgeon to the London Truss Society; Erasmus Wilson, Esq., F.R.S., and many others. A descriptive circular maybe had by post, and the Truss (which jcannot fail to fit) can be forwarded by post, by sending the cir- rfsumference of the body, two inches below the hips, to the manu- •facturer, White, 228, Piccadilly, London. Price of a Single Truss, 16s., 21s., 26s. and 31s 6d., Postage, 48.; Double Truss, 31s. 6d., 42s., and 52s. 6d., Postage, Is. 8d. Elastic Stockings, Knee Caps, &c. TT'LASTIC STOCKINGS, KNEE CAPS, &c. jr., xhe material of which these are made is recom- mended by the Faculty, as being peculiarly elastic fife# q and compressible, 'ind the best invention for giving m efficient and permanent support in all cases ot |l||ir Weakness, and Swelling of the Legs, Varicose tigy Veins, Sprains, &c. It is porous, light in texture, \j»|| and inexpensive, and is drawn on like an ordinary H|||| stocking. l'ricefrom 7s. 6d. to 16s. each. Postage, M. Ha o_rf.+ Post-Oifice orders to ho made payable to John IgjswTc 'White, P^st-Office, Piccadilly. MA^VJ'ACTOUY, 22, PICCADILLY, LO^DO.V. AUSTRALIAN MAILS. PASSAGE MONEY X14 AND UPWARDS. Black Ball Line of British and Australian Royal Mail Packets. Under Contract with Government to carry Her Majesty's Mails regularly every month to and from Australia, And make the Passage in Sixty-fire Days, under Penalty —Sailing from LIVKRPOOI. on 5th of each month, AUSTRALIA, on such days as the Colonial Go- vernment may appoint. FOR MELBOURNE, FORWARDING Passengers by Steam to all ports in AUS- TRALIA, VAN PIEMEN'S LAND, & NEW ZEALAND, at ship's expense. Carries full Bands of Music, as well as Chess, Backgammon, and Draft Boards, for the amusement of the Passen- gers.' Shin. Tonnage. Captain. Date. BOOMERANG 1B24 Brown. Nov. 5, MARCO POLO 1625 Clarke Dec. 5. OLIVER LANG 1299 Crawford Jan. 5. DONALD M'KAY 2594 Warner Feb. 5. CHAMPION OF TIIF, SEAS 2470 M'Kirdy March5. JAMES BAINES 2515 McDonnell. April 6. LIGHTNING 2090 Enright May 5 SCHOMBEltG 2600 Forbes June 5. The above Line is composed of the Largest, the Finest, and Fastest, Merchant Ships in the World, and have been built by the most celebrated builders of the day, including M'Kay of Boston, and Hall of Aberdeen. They are commanded bv men who have already rendered themselves famous; and their equipments and accommodations are unequalled by any line of ships afloat. Shippers may rely upon the greatest attention to, and the most prompt delivery of thrir Goods at Melbourne, the undersigned having established a firm of their own at that port for the purpose. For Freight and Passage apply to the Owners, JAMES BAINES & CO., Liverpool. Agent for Haverfordwest, JOSEPH POTTER. PEMBROKESHIRE. Extensive and important Sale of 522 Sheep and Lambs, 80 head of IIorned Cattle, 111 Bacon and Store Pigs, 41 Hunters, Carriage and Draught Horses and Colts, im- proved Agricultural Implements, frc., frc. MR. HENRY PHILLIPS Has been favoured with instructions by the proprietor (that cele- brated breeder of stock), Mr.Wm. Greenish, sen., who intends leaving the farm, to SUBMIT FOR SALE BY AUCTION, AT EOBESTON HALL, (Formerly the seat of the late Col. Scourfleld, deceased) in the parish of Robeston West, about 2 miles from Milford Haven, and within 6 miles of the Haverfordwest Railway Station, On TUESDAY, the 30th day of OCTOBER, 1855, AND FOLLOWING DAY, rpHE whole of the extremely valuable Store and Fat 1 SHEEP and LAMBS, prime Stock RAMS, choice COWS and In-calf HEIFERS, select Stock BULLS, Young CATTLE, Bacon and Store PIGS, well-bred HUNTERS, Carriage and Draught HORSES and COLTS, Improved AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS and MA- CHINERY, part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, DAIRY and BREWING UTENSILS, and other valua- ble effects belonging to that extensive establishment, comprising SHEEP. 200 very prime young store ewes mostly of the pure Hampshire Down breed, in convenient lots of six each. 100 prime ewe lambs of the same breed, in convenient lots of six each. 200 prime fat wethers, rising two years old, in con- venient lots. CATTLE. 12 Very choice dairy cows, of the Castlemartin and other approved breeds, one with a calf at her feet, and several others to calve soon. 2 Very fine and remarkably handsome Ayrshire in- calf heifers. 12 Fine two-years old steers. 2 Fine black stock bulls, two years old. 2 Ditto, ditto, three years old, all of the pure Castle- martin breed. PIGS. 5 Prime Berkshire sows in litter to a pure Sussex boar. 3 Fine long-eared sows in litter to same boar. 3 Very handsome pure Sussex stock boars. 100 Prime bacon and store pigs. HORSES AND COL T'S. I Madam, a very powerful bay .mare, six years old, 16 hands high, and Derby, a very powerful bay mare, same age and height (work as a pair). Bay Gelding, rising five years old, 16 hands high, and a Chesnut Gelding rising four years old, 16 hands high (work as a pair, a magnificent team not to be surpassed. That well-known and very powerful black horse Black Bird, eight years old, 16 hands high, one of the most approved cart stallions in South Wales, winner of three prizes, namely, as the best two-year old cart colt, shown at the Pembrokeshire Agricultural Exhibition, and since as the best cart stallion shown at similar exhibitions, in the years 1853 and 1855, and Black Gelding, Warwick, five years old, stands over 16 hands high, extremely powerful and steady in har- ness (work together in ca rt harness, and may be changed at pleasure). The Sheriff, 16 hands 1 inch high, a powerful bay en- tire cart horse, the sire of Blackbird, as well as many other of the winners of principal prizes at several of the Pembrokeshire Agricultural Exhibitions, and allowed to be the best and most useful stock-getter in Pembroke- shire. Sam, a powerful bay gelding, nine years old, 16 hands high, works a pair with the Sheriff. Tom, grey gelding, seven years old, about 16 hands high, and Hawker, grey gelding, aged, about the same height (a pair). Bessy, bay mare, six years old, an extraordinary com- pact animal, 15J hands high, remarkably steady, and Lock, bav mare, aged (a pair). Captain, black gelding, four years old, 15 hands high, and Farmer, bay gelding, five years old, 15 £ hands high (a pair). Jack, bay gelding, seven years old, a remarkably use- ful cob, and Poppet, black mare, six years old, powerful (a pair). Cosker, bay gelding, aged, and Philis, grev mare, work together. Bilty, bay gelding, 5 years old, and Ploughman, bay gelding, nine years old, 16 hands high (a capital pair). Mullock, bay cob mare, nine years old, remarkably qaiet and compact, in foal to Sultan, and Tulip, bay cob mare, five years old, in foal to Pagasus (generally work together). A Roan Pony Mare, four years old, of extraordinary action, and very docile. A Black Pony Gelding, aged, useful in harness, or for riding. A bay cart gelding, rising three years old, by the Sheriff. A bay filly, rising three years old, by the Sheriff (in- tended as a pair). BLOOD STOCK FOR HUNTING & CARRIAGE USE A bay horse, Bendigo, by Tormentor, dam by Carew rising two years old, 15 hands high, promising to make a first-rate hunter. A bay mare rising six-years old by Alexander, dam by Doctor Faustus, 151 hands high, a good huntress, and accustomed to carry a lady. A chestnut mare, seven-years old, 16 hands high, by Ascot out of a Chesterfield mare, likely to make a first- rate weight carrier to hounds. A chestnut gelding, rising seven years old, 15 hands high, by Mango, dam The Gift, a made hunter, remark- ably fast, and fit for immediate use. A bay horse, rising four years old, 16 hands high, by Alfred out of a Chesterfield mare, remarkably powerful, likely to make a first-rate weight carrying hunter. A brown coll, rising three years old, 15 hands 3 inches high, by Pegasus out of same mare as last lot, very pro- mising. A chesnut filly, rising two years old, by Stricknine, out of same mare as the two former lots. A chestnut colt, rising two years old, by Wm. Le Gros, dam by Mummy, bids fair to make a first-class horse as a hunter or steeple chaser. BROOD MARES AND COLTS. A brood mare by Chesterfield, in foal by William Le Gros. A brood mare, Kitty, by Sultan, stinted by Pegasus. A chestnut filly at feet of last lot by Blackbird. A brood mare, Juliet, by lronsides, stinted to Sultan. A horse foal at feet of last lot by Pegasus IMPROVED AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. Four Scotch and other carts and wheels with iron axles and tripples, five iron ploughs, four pairs of harrows, Croskill's patent clod crusher, spike roller, Hussy s patent reaping machine, winnowing machine, barn-plank, oak corn-roller, iron couch and hay rakes, one-knife chaff machine, corn-crushing machinc, turnip drill and roller, five-coulter cultivator, market cart, shandry, cattle-stands, pig-troughs, about a dozen sets of cart and plough har- ness, &c., brass pans, cheese presses, lead milk-pans and frames, boilers, casks, tubs, buckets, vats, and a variety of other effects consistent with the requirements of a large and important establishment, with a great variety of kitchen and other furniture, which cannot be con- veniently particularized within the limits of an adver- tisement. Refreshments on the table at ten, and the Sale will commence each day punctually at Eleven o'clock, a.m. Credit (subject to conditions of sale). The purchase moneys to be paid to the Auctioneer at his Office, Hill- street, Haverfordwest. ORDER OF SALE First Day-Horses, Horned Cattle, Sheep, and some of the Pigs. Second Day-The Agricul- tural Implements, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, part of the Household Furniture, remainder of the Pigs, and other miscellaneous effects. N.B. The practice of eulogising the merits of all sorts of Stock indiscriminately, having of late become so uni- formly adopted in advertising for sale, it was the inten- tion of the Auctioneer to have abstained from any com- ment as to the judgement displayed in the breeding of this truly select Stock; but there is one undeniable fact immediately connected with this celebrated Stock well- known throughout Pembrokeshire, that cannot be too widely circulated for the information and benefit of Stock-Breeders and Farmers generally more distantly located, namely—that at the Annual Pembrokeshire Agricultural Exhibitions from its first start up to the present year, the acknowledged superiority of Mr. Greenish's Stock, has steadily secured him a yearly average of Six to Eight of the principal premiums of the society; and under the most scrutinizing decisions of many of the most celebrated judges of English, Scotch, and Welsh experience. These facts must prove a better guarantee to the public who reside at too great a distance to be previously acquainted with them, and do more justice to the judgment, perseverance, and extraordinary success, of the proprietor as a Stock-Breeder, than any amount of superfluous and unmerited remarks. FINAL NOTICE. FIFTH DIVISION OF PROFITS, 1855. THE DIRECTORS OF THE rpHE STANDARD LIFE ASSURAN ,E COMPANY X beg to give Notice that the PROFITS which have arisen on the business of the Company since 1850 will be DIVIDED as at the 15TH NOVEMBER NEXT, when Assurers will receive a Share of the Fund divisible among them, in the shape oi Bonus, according to the date of their Policies. PERSONS ASSURING BEFORE 15TII NOVEMBER 1855 WILL SECURE ONE YEAR'S BONUS AND A PREFERENCE AT FUTURE DIVISIONS OVER LATER ENTRANTS. The Standard Life Assurance Company was established in 1825, and the profits which have arisen on its business have already been divided on four occasions,-iu 1835, 184C, 1845, and 1850, when large additions were made to the Company's Policies, FOR EXAMPLE :— A POLICY of £1,000, issued in 1825, has received a Bonus of £873, and will receive further additions this year and every five years afterwards. A POLICY ofjEl,000, issued in 1830, has received a Bonus of E633, and will receive further additions at each Division of Profits. POLICIES of intervening dates, and later Policies, have also received large additions, according to their age and standing. INTENDING ASSURERS ARE REQUESTK, i GIVE IN THEIR PROPOSALS AT THE OFFICE, OR TO ONE OF THE AGENTS, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, AS THE LISTS WILL BE MADE UP IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE 15TH OF NO- VEMBER. BOARD OF DIRECTORS IN LONDON. CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD. The Right Hon. the EARL OF ABERDEEN. ORDINARY DIRECTORS. John Lindsay, Esq., 2G, Laurence Pountney Lane. Thomas H. Brooking, Esq., 14, New Broad Street. John Griffith Frith, Esq., Austin Friars. Alexander Gillespie, Esq., 3, Billiter Court. Alexander Macgregor, Esq., Arlington Street. John Scott, Esq., 4. Hyde Park Street. Sir Anthony Oliphant, C.B. WILL. THOS. THOMSON, Manager. H. JONES WILLIAMS, Resident Secretary. London, 82, King William Street. EDINBURGH (Head Office), 3, GEORGE STREET. DUBLIN 66, UPPER SACKVILLE STREET. GLASGOW, 35, ST. VINCENT PLACE. AGENTS. HAVERFORDWEST—Thomas Williams, 2, Goat Street. CARMARTHEN—Charles Brigstocke, Wine Merchant. 212° MILNERS' HOLDFAST AND FIRE- RESIST- ING SAFES (non-conducting and vapourising), with all the improvements, under their Quadruple Patents of 1840-51-54 and 1855, including their Gunpowder Proof Solid Lock and Door (without which no Safe is secure). The Strongest, Best, and Cheapest Safeguards Extant. MILNERS' PHCENIX (212°) SAFE WORKS, LIVER- POOL, the most complete and extensive in the world. Showrooms, 6 and 8 Lord-street, Liverpool. London Depot, 47A, Moorgate-strcet, City. Circulars free by post. DR. DE JONGH'S LIGHT-BROWN COD LIVER OIL, PRESCRIBED with complete confidence by the JL Faculty for its purity, efficacy, and marked supe- riority over all other kinds in the treatment of CONSUMPTION. BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, DISEASES OF THE SKIN, RICKETS, INFANTILE WASTING. GENERAL DEBILITY, AND ALL SCROFULOUS AFFECTIONS. It is entirely free from nauseous flavour, and being in- variably and carefully submitted to chemical analysis- AND ONLY SUPPLIED IN SEALED ROTTLESTO PRECLUDE SUBSEQUENT ADMIXTURE OR A DU DTE RAT ION—this Oil possesses a guarantee of genuineness and purity offered by no other Oil in the market. EXTRACTS FROM MEDICAL TESTIMONIALS :— ARTHUR H. HASSALL, M.D., F.L.S., M.R.C.P., Chief Analyst of the Sanitary Commission of the Lancet, Author of Food and its Adulterations," &c., &c. I have more than once at different times, subjected your Light-Brown Oil to chemical analysis—AND THIS UNKNOWN TO YOURSELF—and I have always found it to befree from all impurity and rich in the constituents of bile. So great is my confidence in the article, that I usually prescribe it in preference to any other, in order to make sure of obtaining the remedy in its purest and best condition." The "MEDICAL CIRCULAR," May 10,1854:— We unhesitatingly recommend Dr. de Jongh's Light- Brown Cod Liver Oil as the best for medical purposes, and well deserving the confidence of the profession." Sold only in bottles, capsuled and libelled, with Dr. de Jongh's Stamp and Signature, WITHOUT WHICH NONE AKE GENUINE, by ANSAR, HARFOHD, and CO., 77, Strand, London, Dr. de Jongh's sole Con- signees and bymost respectable chemists. Half-pints (10 ounces), 2s. 6d.; Pints (20 ounces) 4s. 9d.; Quarts (40 ounces), 9s. IMPERIAL MEASURE. Sold in C ARM ART H KN by R. M. DAVIES, Chemist, 49, King. street; in HAVERFORDWEST, by GWVNNE H.XRRIKS, Chemist; in PEM WROKE, by J. HIRD, Che- mist; in PEMBROKE-DOCK, by W. LA EN, Chemist; in TENBY, by W. WALKINGTON, Chemist; NAR- BERTH, by GRIFFITHS and NICHOLAS, Chemists. Old Dr. Jacob Townsend's American Sarsaparilla. -IH IS is one of the most extraordinary and valuable JL Medicines in the world. Its superiority over other reparations of like character, made in this countiy, arises from the mode of manufacture, and the advantage of ob- taining and working the root in its green hllll fresh state. The root, when brought to this country, is dry, vapid, and almost tasteless, itsvirtues and juices having all evapor ated; while it often becomes mouldy, musty, and partially de- cayed, so that it is quite unfit for use. ENGLISH TESTIMONY. We give a few of the many communications we hs i s o- ceived since we have been in England, from those W:'J experienced the great benefits of using this celebrated metficine. They must have some weight in convincing the public of its great value. 49, Davies-street, Berkeley-square, Sept. 1, 1851. Gentlemen,— I have much pleasure in testifying to the numerous thanks I have received Irom various persons who have taken Old Dr. Jacob Townsend's Sarsnparilln, many of whom will be happy to give you testimonials should you require them. I am doubly pleased to be able to speak to the good eftects I have seen myself produced by the Sarsa- parilla; for 1 must conless that although I was not pre- judicial, I was rather sceptical as to its virtues, which I would no' have believed it possessed, had I not seen it.-I am, gentlemen, your obedient servant, JOHN JAIMERSON. Messrs. Potneroy, Andrews, and Co. FURTHER IMPORTANT TESTIMONY. GREAT CURE OF PILES. 17, Phelps-sreet, Walworth, Feb. 22, 1853. Gentlemen,- I was afflicted with the blind Piles, and was under medical treatment for three months, hut obtained no relief. Hearing of Old Dr. Jacob Townsend's Sarsa- parilla, I obtained some. and. after taking it a short time, the accumulated corrupt matter copiously discharged, and I almost immediately obtained relief. I still contiuued its use for a time, and not only found relief, but a cure, and am now free from pain. I most sincerely recommend it to all who are similarly affected.-I am, gentlemen, your obedient servant, WM. HYDR. Messrs. Pomeroy, Andrews, and Co. 8, Ashley-terrace, City-road, London, June 8, 1852. Gent lenien, -Please send me again three quart bottles of Old Dr. Townsends's Sarsaparilla. I feel much better, and the general system greatly improved, and I hope, I shall be all right with the three now ordered.-I am, gentlemen, yours very respectfully, JOHN W. MUNCH. Messrs. Pomeroy, Andrews, and Co., 373, Strand, William Wearn, 1, High-sireet, Southsea, writes, "I have taken several bottles of Old Townsend's Sarsaparilla, and derived benefit from it." Rev. J. W. Wilson. Wes- -eyan Minister, lit Biggleswade, writes, June 7, 1852, 11 I have derived much benefit fiom taking Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla." FEMALE COMPLAINTS. GKEAT CUttE OF NERVOUSNF.SS. London, June, 10, 1852. Gentlemen,-My wife has been long afflicted with a ner- vous complaint from which she suffered severely. Able physicians and many remedies were tried in vain, but I am happy to inform you that she has entirely recovered by using a few botttesof Old Townsend's Sarsaparilla. Messrs. Pomeroy, Andrews, and Co. J. R. PETERSON. PIMPLES. BLOTCHES, ERUPTIONS, &c. The s;lme may be said of these as in the cure of the severer chronic maladies; the Sarsaparilla and the Oint- ment will effectually wipe off all disagreeable eruptions, and rende): the surface clear and beautiful. Ladies troullled with rough, pimply fckin, or II gfohs. masculine surface, will do well to use these Medicines, if they wish clear, delicate, and transparent complexions. Nothing can exceed their efficacy in this respect. CUIIE OF A DISORDERED STOMACH. Lower Grosvenor-street, Giosvenor-square, July 41, lool. Gentlemen,— I beg to inform you that I have been using your Medicine, Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, lor a com- plaint in my stomach, from which I suffered a long time, and I am happy to say it hat cured me. I shall be happy to answer any letter of inquiry, as I am satisfied your Sarsaparilla is worthy of all the recommendation I can give it. JAMES FORSYTH. Messrs. Pomeroy and Co. SICK HEADACHE.-A CASE OF MANY YEAR'S STANDING. The following is one of those cases arising from a disor- dered state of the uterine functions, which affect the whole system, and bring on s'lme 01 the most distressing sufferings. This Iddy has suffered moee or less for ten years, and has now entirely recovered by ilie use of Dr. Townsend's Sar- Saparilla. She says: — B> rkeley-square, Jan. 15, 1853. Messrs. Pomeroy and Co.-I have used your DT. Town- send's Sarsaparilla for sick headache and general debility, arising from a disordered state of my system, and am happy to inform you that it has completely restored me to former health end strength. I experience a degree of comfort, buoyancy of spirit", and renewed strength, which I have not known for ten years. This great benefit alone induces me to write an acknowledgement. Disliking my name in full to go before the public. I give my initials MRS 'V onty. "MRS.E.W.T.C." Half pints, 2s. 6d.; Pints, 4s.; Small Quarts, 4s. 6d Quarts, 7s. 6d.; and Mammoths, Us. Six Mammoths sent free for SUjt T E E T H, FROM ONE TO A COMPLETE SET, AT HALF THE USUAL PRICE. MASTICATION and Articulation Improved. Guaranteed Incorrodible Artificial or Mineral Teeth, to mateh equal in colour and shape—not to be detected with those left in the Mouth-fixed from one to the whole, without extracting the roots or giving the least pain—answering most satisfactorily all the purposes of the original Teeth—imparting to the countenance a younger and improved appearance. Tinctures, Tooth Powders, to beautify and preserve the Teeth and Gums. Paris Tooth Brushes, Sponges, &c. MOKSIETJH BilADDOCK, Surgeon Dentist, Hig-h-Street, Haverfordwest. PROGRAMME OF DR:2SS FOR AUTUMN WEAR! MERCHANT TAILORS AND ARMY CLOTHIERS, COMMERCE HOUSE, HAVERFORDWEST, BEG respectfully to acquaint their numerous friends and the public generally that their arrangements are now complete for the AUTUMN SEASON in the TAILORING AND GENERAL OUTFITTING DEPARTMENT, And having extended this branch of their trade considerably during the present year by keeping goods suitable for every class of society, their stock has proved to be THE LARGEST, BEST, AND CHEAPEST IN THE PRINCIPALITY. The merits of their system of business in this, as well as in all other departments in their Establishment, are now so well known, as to ensure a guarantee of the greatest economy with every wish a gentleman can require, their sole aim being to supply dress of every description, SUPERIOR IN STYLE, BEST W OEEMAITSHIP, AND LOWEST PRICES. Th? following are a few of the leading prices:— s. d. s. d. D.cs Coats of good Black Cloths 24 0 to 30 0 Ditto ditto, West of England Black 33 0 to 42 J Frock Coats, lined with Silk ^>8 0 to 4o 0 Jackets, quite new in every material Q 0 to f.' » Trousers, Black Cloth and Doeskins 16 0 to « 0 Ditto, Scotch and Fancy Tweeds 12 0 to 18 b Vests, Black Cloth and other new materials ? « to 14 e A variety of Shooting Coats 1° 0 to "b Over Coats of every description, Poncho's, Togas, and Wrappers made in all the fashionable materials. ¡ A LARGE STOCK OF lrLECHANICS' CLOTHING AT ASTONISHING PRICES. Good Blue Witney Coats *° J Strong useful Jackets ° 5 Ditto Trousers f ° ™ J J, Vests of every style from. 1 0 and upwards. Waterproof Clothing of every description in Capes, Coats, Leggings, &c., &c. Parents and Guardians are informed that Youths of any age are supplied with every description of Garments at the same moderate prices, and in the same degree of style, durability, &c., that may be observed in all the other departments of their Establishment. To those of their friends and the public who prefer purchasing their Cloths, &c, to be made by others, they have as usual, the largest Stock of Woollen Goods in the Principality, at prices proportionately low. GROOMS, COACHMEN, AND GAME KEEPERS LIVERIES CONTRACTED FOR AT VERY REDUCED PRICES. Mourning1 Orders to any extent in a few hours notice! Their New Plate of Fashions for the Autumn, with directions for self measurement, forwarded on application (post free as usual), to any part of England or Wales. Commerce House, Haverfordwest, 1855. THE PHOTOCRAPHIC WAR!! ta JCikmssM THE SUMMER CAMPAIGN IN THE COUNTY OF PEMBROKE, Which was commenced in the merry month of May, by MR. JAMES COMLEY, OF PHOTOGRAPHIC CELEBRITY, Has terminated in a GLORIOUS VICTORY! Mr. Comley's principle of warfare differs essentially, in almost every particular, from that encouraged by Euro- pean Governments at such an ppftpiJBTV AWFUL SACRIFICE OF LIFE AND PROPER! 1, And at such a cruel distance from home. His field piece is loaded with looking glasses, upon which the Shudow> only of those before whom it opens are taken prisoners. These are completely invested with life-like l^ality, a'\dn?obcdScLn to [^dStSes0of ™ v grateful feelings, Mr. Comley begs to tender to all who have aided him in the im^rtant movement, from the toughest old tar that ever bullied a tempest to the tenderest maiden that ever pal- nitated before the muzzle of a camera, his full, free, and unconditional thanks. Mr. Comley will probably spend a week professionally in HAVERFORDWEST after lie lias completed his en- gagements in Pembroke, Pembroke Dock, and Marberth, prior to his ncparture to another field of opeiat.ons, waen parties who have not yet secured A Beautiful Collodiotype Portrait, Will have an opportunity afiorded. These Portraits exhibit the strength and sharpness of an engraving, combined with the mellow tones of an oil painting, and are equally durable. Families attended at their homes. Time of Sitting—from One to Four Seconds. Nc sunshine N.B.—All communications to be addressed to Mr. Comley's private residence, 3, Gloucester Terrace, Haver- ordwest. NIL DESPERANDUM"—NEVER DESPAIR. b MEDICAL GALVANISM FOR THE PEOPLE. I EXTERNAL TREATMENT.-RADICAL CURE GUARANTEED FOR THE MOST PART OF CHRONIC MALADIES, HITHERTO DECLARED INCURABLE. I &Dmo HAVING fixed their Residence in Haverfordwest, are desirous that the surrounding Towns should "benefit by their ti^atment, beg to announce that thoy may be consulted every THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY at their Establishment, No. 2, GUOS'TKR TERRACE, Haverfordwest. wt.™™othv mmrrmi>in<r nnnt Also, at Mrs., JAMES-STREET, NARBERTH, every MONDAY, TUESDAY, & WEDNESDAY, commcncine upot the 17th of SEPTEMBER.. A copy of Testimonials can be had as above. IMPORTANT TO THOSE ABOUT TO FURNISH. (ESTABLISHED 1320.) RICHARD B. PRATT, (LATE OWEN AND PRATT,) GOLDSMITH, SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER, Watch & Clock Maker, and China & Glass Dealer, H I G H-S T R E E T, HAVERFORDWEST, „ VrtVjiitv rM ir<rv Gentry, and Inhabitants of the Town and its vicmity, that his Ex- EGS to announce to tne Mobility, Clergy J J ;cccssio;isof NEW PATTERNS in DINNER DESSERT, ThSe following will give an Id* of the variety of his Stock, anda Speeimen of prices, an early inspection he begs respectfully to boucii PLATED GOODS CLOCKS. £ 8. d. Church and turret clocks made and repaired by first Presentation cups, from 21s. to. ••• 15 0 rata workmen. n Table spoons and forks, per oz. 0 7 6 FULI. SIZE illuminated dials best quahtj, each 4 15 0 Tea and coffee services at London advertised prices. Very superior eight-day clocks, in elegant French Silver fish knives and forks, in morocco cases, from 3 5 0 polished cases, from w;th o-iVJa Eight-da v spring clocks, m mahogany cases, witn glass King's pattern threaded and ..ctona dinner and dessert to protect hands, from ••• 200 ,-ks and spoons, fisli slices, and celery tr ..TH, soup varietv of eicht-day kitchen clocks, in. painted eases, -auee, ladles, gravy, salt, and mustard spoons, from .400 —nd coasters, fruit knives, apple American ciock*. fvom 0 7 6 scoops, watch guards, pencil cases, &c. Fancy clocks, in great variety, from 40s. to 50 guineas. Silver knives, forks, and spoons, in cases, suitable tor CHocks and watches cleaned and repaired by the year. presents. SECOND-HAND silver plate per oz. from -• 0 5 6 PAPIER MACHIE AND JAPPANNED GOODS. ELECTRO PLATE. Bielefeld's patent picture frames. Paper tea trays, in sets of three, in a variety of pat- THE VE11Y BEST IITT. t«rn« from 12s Cd to lo 15 0 Rsh InfvesTnT?'laChf fr0m 4 6 Fire screens, per pair,'from 0 7 6 Fish kni^s and forks, from J 5 Tables, card racks, inkstands, &C. t r Table forks aud spoons, each, from 0 3 9 J an,;ed tea tri VB ln setB of three, from 0 5 6 Dessert ditto, ditto, each, from f Cruet frames, with cut-glass bottles complete, from 0 4 0 Tea spoons, each 0 1 b Bread basket, knife trays, liquor stands, candlesticks, hvery other article, as m silver, equally low m price. toagt rack'Si j &e BEST ALBATA PLATE, EQUAL TO SILVER. Gutta percha fancy ornilments, picture frames, &e. Table forks and spoons, per dozen, from ••• 0 16 0 CHINA. Dessert ditto, ditto, from 0 12 0 Very^handsomc breakfast Bets, from 14s. 6d. to 12 12 0 Tea spoons, from 0 5 6 Ditto"dinner services, from ,? i? 5 And every other article as in silver. Tea services, consistinyof 37 to41 pieces, from 6s. 6d. to 10 10 0 Elegant dessert wervico £ » SILVER PLATED GOODS. Toiletware, inset3, conbistingof9pieces, 2 15 0 Best Sheffield plated cruet frames, fitted with five cut- Chimney ornaments, bowls, jugs, &c., &c. glass bottles, from j 10 0 GLASS. Spirit ditto, ditto 2 10 0 .f pair^from^01" can^est^0' with siiver 0 10 6 ^'eufdetS, j> jj Tea and coffee urns, wine strainers, coasters and Best cut tumblers, per doien, from. Q 3 g coolers, coffee and tea pots, cream jugs and sugar 1 lain ditto, ditto, rrorn q 5 6 boxes, toast racks, egg stands, bread baskets, &c. Best cut wines, ditto, from. 0 5 6 WATCHES. I Water jugs, from ••• 0 10 6 Ladies'gold watches, from ••• 3 10 0 champagne, claret, hock, &c.; wine coolers, finger basins, trifle Gentlemen's ditto, from 8 8 0 and cellery dishes, custard cups and jedy glasses, goblets and Silver levers, in-fancy cases, from 3 10 0 aies, claret Jugs, caddie glasses and lamp glasses, toilette and Silver vertical, ditto, from ••• 2 15 0 smelling bottles, &c., &c. Lustres, from 30 guineas. 200 second-hand, ditto, from ••• 0 li 0 large assortment of gold, silver, steel, and shell Persons wishing to buy really sound and well-flnished spectacles, eye-glasses and preservers, suitable for well-constrncted watches, containing all the latest persons of all ages, from an eminent optician. improvements for ensuring correct time keeping, Brazilian pebbles, per pair, from 0 7 6 should select from the above 6tock. R. B. P., Bone spectacles, Is. per pair; shell ditto, 3s. 6a.; steel being a maker, and not merely a dealer, can ditto J „ guarantee the quality of every artiele. Watches WEDDINU RINGS of pure stamped gold, each, from. regulated to go in any position. Walch glasses, each, from PRICE'S AND ROWLAND'S CELEBRATED PERFUMERY. The MODERATOR LAMI s in Bronze, Or-mulo, or Stained Glass, at 6s. 9d, 21s., 30s., 40s., and 50s. Agent for Palmer's Lamps and Candles. MOURNING RINGS, PRIZE CUPS, AND CREST BUTTONS, PROCURED AT THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE NOTICE. GOLD, SILVER, DIAMONDS AND PRECIOUS STONES BOUGHT OR T.4KEN IN EXCHANGE. A large Stock of Lamp Shades and Chimneys always on ltand. from the celebrated firm of Gr cathead Green, Stourbridge Glass, China, Lamps, Chandeliers, and Silver Plate lent on hire. Chimney, Swing, and Pier Looking Glasses in great variety, at very reduced prices, Single and Double-barrelled Percussion and Flint Guns, from Westley, Richards, and other celebrated makers. Percussion Caps, Belts, &c. N B.—R. B. PRATT, having engaged competent Watch and Clock Makers to superintend his Watch and Jewellery department, is now enabled to repair all sorts of Musical Clocks and Watches, Jewellery and Plate;, colouring Gold Chains and Watch Dials; repairing Musical Boxes, Accordions, Flutinas, Concertinas, &c., &c. j Aberystwvth and s)ther Pebbles mounted in Gold and Silver, as Rings or Brooches. MODERATOR LAMPS. THE OBSERV ATOny, MARKET-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. T. J. WHITE, Jeweller, Silversmith, Clock and Watch Maker, &c., &c. BEGS to announce that his new Stock of the above Lamps for this season is: tion. All persons wanting Lamps are respectfully requested to call and 'J}}* la ""J. ET well selected Stock in Or-moulu, Bronze, Comjiosition, China, and Bohemian Mounti gs, and of Antique, Classical, and Modern designs.. T, T. J. W. having been taught to adjust and repair the above Lamps by an eminent^ ir^ncli Manu- lr*tr i fllfttfl facturer, and having had considerable experience in this branch of the trade during the last four years, is enabled to offer all persons purchasing Lamps of him, the following important adv antages: J 1st.—Every Lamp sold by him is carefully examined and adjusted before it is sent out, thereby V S ensuring a beautifully brilliant and steady light, without any trouble or risk of the Lamp suddenly jfeMf jroing out, as is often the case with Lamps of inferior make sold at very low prices by persons no TE3? able to adjust and alter the same. 2nd.—Each Lamp is warranted, and will be repaired (if required), for the first two years FREE OF CHARGE FTMSL 3rd.—The chimneys sent out with each Lamp are obtained direct from the Stourbridge GLASS EMI WORKS, and manufactured of Best Kiln Metal after T. J. W's. patterns. ONE of these chimneys jC £ 2j»| usually last longer than the half dozen chimneys of German Glass generally sent out with Lamps °The Pare French Colza Oil always on sale at the London Prices; the only Oil that should be used n in the Moderator Lamp. fl AjjL These Lamps have now stood the best of seven seasons, and are declared to be the best, cheapest, EajSStf cleanest, and most easily managed Lamp ever brought before the public. ™ Priccs as under Lamps complete, with one Glass Globe, one Reading Shade, three BES UfaKOiSsI one dozen Wicks, one, Mandrill, and one of White's Improved Inmming Pans, /s. >d., s- •> • iTiriM 'rrm 6d<, 12s_ 6d>t 15s > 17s< 6d 20s., 25s., 80s., 35s., 40s., 50s., GOs. each, and upwards. Hall and Passage Lamps at various prices. A large assortment of Palmer's Patent Candle Lamps on hand, to be sold at less than haL the usua p no reasonable offer will be refused for them. w-fi(I ri„r Several Camphine Lamps, to be sold very low. Chimneys for the above Lamps, any size 6d. each, >YiC • P dozen. The Brass Cottage Lamp at 6d., 9d., and Is. each, and upwards in a variety of patterns. ø- Balls or Private Parties lighted at one hour$notice. The Observatory, Haverfordwest, Sept, 22nd, 1855.