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NOTES ON FOOTBALL. IB* "VKTEBAN."] IU5 RIGHT. The League game at Aberystwyth on Satur- day between the Town and Llanidloes was one of the most keenly contested games of this year's series of League tourney. The teams were well matched in strength and ability and there was any amount of keen but healthy rival- ry between them. If only Aberystwyth had shown their Saturday's form earlier in the sea- son the leadership of the League would not have been the runaway thing that it is. Aberyst- wyth won by 1-0, and on the day's play this about represented the game. On the whole the home team were more dangerous near goal, and a less able and experienced goalkeeper than Roberts would have been beaten two or three t.: mm The goalkeeping of Roberts was the I feature of the match. He made some fine saves. One from a high shot was saved beautifully. Indeed all through he was as near perfect as possible. It must not for a moment be thought that Llanidloes were idle. They often had spells of attacking and tested the home defence severely. Crowther, though having an easier time than Roberts, had several teasers to nego- tiate, especially from Smith and George. The spectators quite enjoyed the bright game which was contested in a manner worthy of the teams. The splendid record of Llanidloes has received 11. slight check, and the winners of Saturday's match still hold the League record of going through tlhe season without a defeat. TWO POINTS FOR MONTGOMERY. Montgomery gained two well deserved points on Saturday at home at the expense of Aber- ystwyth College. The game was finely contest- ed and the teams evenly matched. The home forwards were very nippy, but P. Edwards and W. D. Thomas saved the situation on several •occasions. These two showed excellent form. The only goal scored was from a penolty, which Bell took. He sent in a rare shot with his left foot and completely beat the goalkeeper all the -way. The defence of Montgomery A-as very good, Mourby being a tower of strength. If he had not been in such fine form the result might easily have been different. MONTGOMERYSHIRE & DISTRICT LEAGUE. RESULTS PP TO DATE. Goals. P. W. L. D. F. A. PTS Llanidloes 13 12 1 0 52 9 24 Llanfvllin 13 7 4 2 36 15 16 Towyn 12 7 3 2 22 14 16 Aberystwyth 13 7 6 0 36 35 14 Abervstwyth Col! 12 4 5 3 15 19 11 R.W.W 10 3 3 4 19 31 10 Caersws 12 3 8 1 13 31 7 Welshpool 11 3 8 0 15 30 6 Montgomery. 10 1 9 0 7 30 2

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