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WELSH AMATEUR CUP. BALA PRESS v. TOWYX ROVERS. Played at Bala on Saturday before a good gate. The first half was keenly contested, and the score was blank at half time. After the in- terval the homesters played splendid football and scored twice, Watkins and Tom Hughes being the scorers. Final: Bala Press, 2 goals Towyn Rovers, 0. LLANIDLOES v. WELSHPOOL RESERVE. This tie, formerly fixed to take place at Welshpool, but. owing to the ground being en- gaged for a Combination fixture, came off at Llanidloes on Saturday. The visitors were poor- ly represented, whilst Llanidloes had out the same team that defeated Aberystwyth the pre- vious Saturday with the exception of George for Tanner. Mr T. Evans, Newtown, refereed. and the teams were- Llanidloes: Roberts; Ford and B. Watkins; Hughes. T. Hamer, and J. Evans W. Brunton, T. Hughes, C. Smith. O. George, and A. Evans. Welshpool: R.C. White; L. Morris and H. Hame. Black, C. Jones, and Wood; J. Owen. S. Rowlands, W. Waring. J. Richards, and R. Sayce. Linesmen Messrs W. H. Hughes and E. G. Rowlands. Llanidloes won the toss, and Waring kicked -off in face of a strong sun. The visiting de- fence was early called upon, and Hamer only partially clearing, C. Smith drove into the cor- ner of the net. The Welshpool halves could not hold the opposing forwards, and, following a tussle near goal, a penalty was given against Morris for tripping, and C. Smith scored No. 2. Two goals in ten minutes looked black for the visitors. Pretty passing between Smith and A. Evans ended in the latter missing by inches. The visitors got within shooting range by the aid of a free kick. but the ball was sent behind. White saved from A. Evans, after which Sayce sent across a lovely centre, which the backs cleared. Following good play by Brunton, Hughes and Smith, saw White saving from George. The visiting custodian was kept busy, and saved three shots in succession, but was ultimately beaten by George close in. The visitors got up by the aid of their left wing, and Waring beat Roberts with a low shot. A cor- ner fell to Welshpool. Owen heading behind. From a centre by A. Evans, Smith again beat White, and Llanidloes led at the interval bv four goals to one. Playing down the slope in the second half Welshpool held their own for a time. Then the home left half sent in a beauti- ful centre, which Smith headed over. Rowlands caused Roberts to handle at the other end. White fisted out from Brunton but before he could recover Smith had netted, the same play- er repeating the performance later on with the best shot of the match. Of the six goals scored Smith had helped himself to five. Previous to this Welshpool had a good opportunity of beat- ing Roberts, who saved from Owens at the ex- pense of a corner. Brunton added No. 7 for the homesters, T. Hughes putting them further ahead with a capital shot, whilst Brunton put on No. 9. All the home forwards had scored with the exception of A. Evans, but his oppor- tunity came from a centre by Brunton and he headed the tenth goal for his side. Then Welsh- pool obtained their second point two minutes off time. Llanidloee were pressing, and their cus- todian had come on the halfway line, where Owen got possession and racing along, with Roberts in hot pursuit, shot towards the unten- anted goal, the ball striking the upright and glancing into the net. Result Llanidloes. 10 goals; Welshpool Reserve. 2 goals. We under- stand Welshpool have la;d a protest against G. Ford. R.W.W. FAIL AT OSWESTRY. An interesting and pleasantly contested game resulted from tiic meeting of Oswestry United Reserves and the R.W.W. of Newtown at Os- westry on Saturday in the pre iminary round of the Welsh Amateur Cup Neither team had been defeated more than once in their respective Leagues this season, and a goodly number of spectators assembled in expectation of a close fight. The Warehousemen were fuily represent- ed. but the Reserves' attack was weakened by the absence of that deadly shot. H. G. Yarnall, who journeyed to Rhyl with the first eleven. The home men won the tcss, and playing with a brilliant sun behind them were soon aggressive. Haroid Davies was conspicuous with good play on the right, and fiom an effect.\e overhead pas& by him R. Jones missed bv a few inches only. The visitors did not seem abie tc settle down, and Coole led another home attack. Cleverly elud- ing the tall Warehouse centre-half, he sent out to Rogers, who centred so well that the vit3iting defenders were forced to concede a corner. This was capitally placd by Rogers, but the ball was got away, and the visitors attacked in earnest for the first time. Martin repelled a shot, but some good passing, in which A. Owen, N. Jones and Garnett were concerned, led to another at- tack. Edwards cleared, and Davies and Jones retaliated on the right, and the former, getting to the ball just as it was spinning over the line, sent in a glorious centre which dropped right in goalmouth. Gough saved well, but the ball was returned, and during a scrimmage in the New- town goal a free kick was awarded Oswestry onlv a few yards out, but to the left side of he ci. tdel. George Williams, the home centre- half, placed this so well that Rogers had no difficulty in opening the scoring after about 30 minutes' play. The Newtownians set up a spirit- ed attack after this, and following good work by Arnold Owen, Evans received in a good position. He was in the act of shooting when he was rob- bed by Edwards, but the visitors came on again on the left. They gained a corner but Hum- phreys, who was in excellent form, cleared with a fine kick. A little later W. Owen sent over the bar from far out, when a pass would have served better. In fact, the visiting forwards as a whole did not show good tactics, and they had a bad habit of taking the bail backwards before making a pass that they would do well to get rid of. Oswestry again attacked, and as the re- sult of a good centre by H. Davies, Tinsley was left with an open goal, but the home pivot" had one of his off days, and sent wildly over the bar. Humphreys almost beat Gough with a free kick for hands in midfield. Then a pretty pass by A. Owen enabled Evans to change the venue, and the fleet winger finished a good run with a fine shot which Martin did well to clear. At half-time the Reserves were a goal to the good. The second half was much less in- teresting than the first. Tinsley almost increas- ed the home lead in the first minute with a nice header from a pass by C.Davies. Gough cleared with some difficulty, but from a judicious for- ward pass by Humphreys, H. Davies returned to the attack. He beat Morris, but Challinor swept across and relieved. A Owen was again conspicuous for the visitors, and passed out nicely to Evans. after beating a couple of op- ponents. The outside right received near the goal-line and centred effectively but Humph- reys cleared with ease. A free kick against Edwards enabled the Warehousemen to again attack, but again Humphreys was a stumbling block in their way. The visitors, were playing better at this stage than at any other period of the game and looked like equalising. A nice movement among the inside forwards enabled Garnett to send in a centre of some danger. A. Owen, however, headed the wrong way when hi- had a good opportunity. The next feature was a splendid run by Coole, who enabled Rog- ers to centre. Jones received, and, beating Morgan, worked into a good position but fin- ished a promising movement with a wild drive over the bar. Evans, on the visitors' right, again caused the home defenders trouble. He centred nicely from a pass by W. Owen. only for Rowlands to head away. Afterwards the Oswestrians gained a couple of corners, and re- asserted themselves. Jones had a clear opening but shot badly, and another effort of his was charged down. Effective passing by the visiting forwards transferred play and the inside trio were left with a nice opening. A misunder- standing, however, let in Humphreys, who clear- ed. Oswestry again took up the attack, and after forcing several corners, scored through Coole. The inside left received from Tinsley, and completely beat Gough with a fine shot which entered the net in the far top corner. Just before the finish Martin distinguished him- self with a splendid save from Arnold Owen. He was obviously unsighted when the Ware- houseman shot. but he sprang up to the ball and effected a fine clearance. Final Oswestry Re- serves, 2; R.W.W. ,0. Teams:- Oswestry Reserves A. Martin R. Humph- reys and J. E. Edwards; H. Rowlands, G. Wil- liams, and C. Davies; J. H. Davies, R. Jones, E. J. Tinsley. J. D. Coole, and S. Rogers. R.W.W. E. Gough; W. M. Jones and C. Challinor; J. E. Jones, R. E. Evans. and H. Morgan T. J. Evans, W. Uwen, N. Jones, A. Owen, and E. Garnett. Referee. Mr G. O. Postle, Acrefair. ABERYSTWYTH JUNIOR CUP. TRINITY v. iBORTH. For the third time Borth and Trinity met- at Aberystwyth on Saturday in the first round of the Aberystwyth Junior Cup. There was a fair- ly good gate, and an exciting game was witness- ed. The teams lined out as follows:- Trinity: D. White; Evan Jones (captain) and J. Lloyd' Davies; S. Treharne, Morton Jones, and Stanley Parsons; Ivor Ellis, A. Dawson, Tudor Thomas, and Albert Lewis. Borth: D. Lewis; Roy James and D. Jen- kins J. Pritchard, Tom Richards (captain), and Gwilym Evans Harry Evans, Beynon, James, D. J. Jones, and R. R. Jones. The referee was Mr T. Hughes, and the lines- men Messrs W. Jones and J. Morgan. Borth won the toss, and Trinity set the ball lolling with a strong sun in their faces. A visit was immediately made to the Trinity goal but the attack was frustrated, and the movements of Albert Dawson, who was racing away, were spoilt by Griffith's being offside. A corner for Borth was well placed, but Dawson cleared. He went on his own for the visitors' goal, but Jen- kins intervened and cleared, and a. minute later Roy James saved a dangerous forward rush by Trinity. A free kick was awarded against J. Lloyd Davies. Richards, who took the kick, landed the leather in the goal mouth, but J. Lloyd Davies cleared at the expense of a cor- ner. which, however, proved abortive. The pace was so fast that the referee was obliged to discard his coat. Dawson after evading some of his opponents transferred to Ellis, who un- fortunately missed his kick when well placed, and Jenkins interposing cleared. Lewis effect- ed a risky save by kicking the ball when he had plenty of time to handle. Richards from long range tested White, but he had no difficulty in clearing. A visit was made to the Borth ter- ritory where Griffiths missed by a few inches. Play was next confined to mfdfield for some time. Tudor Thomas racing away tested Lewis, who cleared. Harry Evans, on the Borth right wing, got going. He sent in a lovely centre which White cleared at the expense of a corner. The resultant flag kick was fruitless. Ellis placed a well judged centre, but Tudor Thomas headed just wide of the mark. Dawson when in a good position was pulled up for offside. An exciting moment followed. Griffiths centred, but Lewis fisted out. The ball was sent twice against the up- right. and like lightning the ball wais up at. the ID 11 other end only for Harry Evans to just skim the bar. From the goal kick Trinity got going, but placed behind. From the ensuing goal kick Trinity were awarded a penalty through Roy James having handled the hall. Excite- ment was intense, and J. Lloyd Davies, who took the kick, sent against the crossbar, with the result that the ball was cleared amidst tre- mendous cheering. A melee ensued in front of the Borth goal, but the situation was once more saved by Lewis clearing, and no sooner had he thrown the ball out of danger than Tudor Thomas retaliated with a strong shot, which, hower, Lewis managed to hold. Play was then suspended for a while one of the visitors hav- ing been laid out. On resuming Borth attacked and White effected a clever save from James. A rally by Borth culminated in Lewis sending against the Borth custodian. Griffiths rushed forward, and netted the first goal of the match just before half time. Though Trinity were one up at half-time it could not be said that they had had the best of matters. Immediately on restarting Trinity again scored in the first run up through Ivor Ellis, who eieverly evaded sev- eral of his opponents. Borth played up with commendable vigour, and soon got on the ag- gressive. White cleared from Evans by con- ceding a corner. The resultant flag kick was placed behind. Harry Evans, from a difficult angle, sent in a terrific shot. The ball was practically over the line, but to make certain Jones rushed forward and sent the leather well into the net-goalkeeper and all. Trinity from the centre attacked, Griffiths missing an open goal. A dangerous rush by Borth was cleared by Parsons. Play was very fast, and Tom Richards after evading his opponents transfer- led to Jones who with a good shot beat White and thus equalised amidst tremendous cheering. The play of Borth was now brilliant to watch, and following the precept that nothing suc- ceeds likesuccess" they played with tremendous dash. Hardly had the cheers subsided than James landed the leather into the top corner of the net, and scored Xo. 3 for Borth. The cheers that followed were deafening, and from now to the end there was no holding Borth back. Tre- harne was unfortunately injured, and had to re. tire. Trinity made a rush for the Borth goal, but the defence was strong and James cleared. c, The first corner for Trinity soon followed, but nothing came of it. Treharne returned, and there were nine more minutes to play. but do what Trinity may they could not penetrate the de- fence of Borth and the whistle sounded with the score—Borth, 3 goals Trinity, 2. HM COMBINATION. WELSHPOOL DEFEAT WREXHAM. Welshpool again showed good form on Satur- 11 9 day when they earned two more points on the Welshpool enclosure at the expense of Wrex- ham. They entered the field at a disadvantage, having to play without Riddell. their capable centre-forward, who had missed his train, and the trainer, J. Evans, who has proved so useful to the club for many seasons past once again proved his capabilities and filled the vacancy created in the forward line. Although the play was not so good as on the previous Saturday when Xantwich were the visitors, the game all through was fast and interesting, and the Welsh pool team fully deserved to win. Judging by the score the victory would not appear to be a decisive one, but the splendid goalkeeping of Husbands saved the Wrexham citadel from dis- aster on more than one occasion. There were a good number of spectators present, and if the Welshpool team keep up their winning form, the Club bids fair to be in a good position fin- ancially before the end of the season. Wesley won the toss and defended the canal goal. After mid-field play the visitors were the first to press and Smith was at fault in putting the ball straight across his own goal. this chance for Wrexham was not utilised. Welshpool re- taliated. and Evans at once made a good run and centre, which Jones nearly converted, that player being cheered for a splendid attempt to score. Keeping up the pressure, Welshpool nearly opened the scoring a few minutes later, Williams skimming the bar with a flying shot after receiving a centre from the left wing. Off- side on the part of H. Evans spoiled a tempor- ary attack by the visitors ,and Husbands was called upon to save a shot from Wright from a free kick. Wrexham attacked through the med- ium of Roberts, and J. Evans just missed with a really excellent effort. Wesley punched out a shot. but Wrexham got very dangerous, and Mitchell came in the nick of time with a splen- did header, to save a centre from Evans. The "little man" shortly afterwards again cleared well Welshpool pressed and E. Evans missed a splen- did chance of opening the score, shooting over the bar after a mistake by one of the backs had let him through. After both ends had been vis- ited in turn, Hesketh fouled Williams near the penalty area. The kick was taken by Hum- phreys. who placed the ball splendidly, and the Wrexham goal had a miraculous escape. A few minutes later Williams scored the only goal of the match. The ball was crossed from the left wing, and Hesketh attempted to dribble Will- iams, who robbed him and sent the ball into the net with a splendid high shot well clear of Hus- bands. This success encouraged the homesters, who were Boon attacking again, and after a nice passing movement in which all the forwards participated. Wall sent in a splendid low shot which Husbands saved well. Shortly afterwards half-time arrived with the homesters leading by 1 goal to 0. Welshpool at once attacked on the re-start, and the ball was centred across the goal-mouth, J. Evans slipped at the critical moment, and Davies easily cleared. Jones tested Husbands, who was very safe, and Wrexham got away. Wesley saving a ground shot splendidly at the expense of a corner. This was badly placed, and was sent yards over the bar. Hesketh fouled Wiiliams, and the free-kick produced a most exciting scrimmage all the Welshpool for- wards charging Husbands at once, but the cus- todian managed to clear the ball. Another ex- citing scrimmage of practically the same nature happened shortly afterwards, and the home quintette experienced the hardest of hard lines in not scoring. Wrexham broke away, but Roberts failed to shoot when a good opportunity was given him, and from a subsequent attack Wesley saved well. Roberts shortly afterwards netted the ball, but lie was palpably offside. E. Evans tried to dash through, and he succeed- ed in forcing a corner, from which Humphreys shot behind. Wall was next prominent with two splendid centres, the last of which Williams put behind. After mid-field play, Wall again centred well and Williams shot against Mor- ris. Trevor Davies was disabled, but shortly resumed, and Welshpool pressed hotly. J. Evans, who was the most dangerous forward on the visiting side, went "on his own" but was robbed by Wright. T. Roberts was continually being pulled up for offside, but Welshpool were gradually getting more and more of the play, and from now to the end pressed almost con- tinuously. Wrexham were really dangerous on one occasion only. when Wesley saved splendid- ly from J. Evans. In the closing stages of the game the light became very bad. Welshpool kept on pressing, but could not add to their score, and the game ended in their third con- secutive victory by one goal to nil. Teams — Welshpool: Wesley; Wright and Smith: Hum- phreys, Trevor Davies, and Mitchell; Williams, E. Evans. Hugh Jones. J. Evans and Wall. Wrexham: Husbands; E. Davies and LI. Morris; Ivor Jones, A. Evans, and Hesketh; T. Roberts, H. Evans, J. Williams, W. Pike, and J. Evans. The referee was Mr A. Weston. Shrewsbury. FRTENDLY MATCHES. CHIRBURY v SXAILBEACH WHITE STARS The opening match of the season at Chirbury was played on Saturday when Snailbeach were the visitors. Chirbury won the toss, and play- ed with the wind and sun in their favour. Play was chiefly in midfield for a considerable time till Gornall was tripped by one of the Snail- beach backs, and from the free kick J. S. Mor- ris opened the scoring. Nothing further result- ed till half-time when the home team led by one goal to nothing. On resuming the play was at p first pretty open, but Snailbeach afterwarcIs had rather the most of the game, and Oliver equal- ised with a good1 shot. A little later Neill mis- judged an easy shot from T. J. Edwards, and afterwards from a scrimmage J. S. Morris accidentaJly put the ball through his own goal, and a poor game ended in the score 3—1 in fav- our of Snailbeach. Teams:—Chirbury: J. J. Neill; J. H. Echalaz and J. S. Morris; H. Owen. A. C. Edwards, and E. Whittall; Ainze, E. Lewis, W. H. Gornall, J. Parkes, and J. D. Whittingham. Snailbeach A. Edwards T. Bevan and J. C. Roberts E. Gun dry, A. Hotch- kiss, and C. Jones R. Edwards. H. Butler, T. J. Edwards, Oliver and J. W. Wawson. The referee was Mr W. R. Shaw.



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