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MONTGOUERYSHIR K LHAGUE. R.W.W. v. LLAXFYLLIN. Played, at New-town on Saturday. Teams: — R.W.W. J. E. Powell; C. Chailinor and H. Morgan; J. Jones R. Evans, and W. Jones; T.. Evans, W. Owen, Norman Jones, Arnold Owen, and E. Garnett. Llanfyllin: E. Holland G. H. Hammonds and R. Griffiths; D. Thomas, J. C. Lloyd, and E. Jones; Jehu, D. Evans, P. J. Wilson, W. H. Jones, and D. T. Griffiths. Referee, Mr E. V. Davies, Llanidloes. From the kick-off LianfyUin had the best of matters, and had a chance or two of trying conclusions with Powell, but their shots lacked force and sting. Owen and Garnett headed the. bail from one to another, but the latter's shot went wide. R. Evans tripped Wilson, but the free kick availed the visitors nothing, and after this- Llanfyllin were placed on the defen- sive. and acquitted themselves finely, a long shot. from T. Evans, which dropped on the net, being the only one to give them much anxiety. H. Morgan cleared a pretty passing bout on the part of the visitors' forwards, and J. C. Lloyd cleverly robbed. Norman Jones and W. Owen, and passed to the left, but the ball went into touch. Llanfyllin had; hard lines in not scoring from a splendid pass on the right. The ball travelled to the left, and E. Jones centred to Wilson, but the latter's final shot. was weak and wide right in front of goal. W. Jones was next pulled up for tripping, and after this Llan- fyllin got up by some clever play between the centre and left wing, but W. Jones stopped tbeir progress and gave to Garnett who tihot wide. Powell was next called upon and made rather a clumsy clearance. Jehu now had to ret-iye for several minutes with a strained ankle and T. Evans received the. ball wide on his wing, and he raced away and banged the ball with almost lightning speed into the net. This was a fine goal, and would have beaten nine out of every ten keepers. H. Morgan h.ad to kick out to save a run by the visiting forwards. and Lloyd also tried a pot shot at long dis- fccn-ae, and Morgan again cleared. The home forwards again got down the. field, and Garnett ended a brilliant run by forcing a corner. This TO placed in the very mouth of goal by Gar- nett and Norman Jones headed the second goal. After this Llanfyllin fell off considerably, and T. Evans again got going, but his final shot was just wide. Llanfyllin defence was now taxed severely, but acquitted itself grandly. They broke away shortly before half time, but were driven back, and Garnett raced down on the left. His partner kept well in. and re- ceiving the centre managed to scrape it into the net. Early in the second halif Wilison fail- ed to reach a pass in front of goal. a-nd after this R.W.W. preyed, and R. Evans got pos- wtesion and sent in a long shot which entered the net right under the bar. Llanfyllin forced a corner which was cleared, and a beautiful movement on the part of the home forwards ended in Garnett putting tamely behind. Ham- mond cleared- brilliantly on several occasions, I on and at the other end Jehu made a good shot at long range, and Powell kicked out. Wilson next .shot wide. R. Evans again got possession of the ball and tried another shot. This also eptered the corner of the net, and the feat was loudly cheered. E. Jones for Llanfyllin had hard lines in not scoring from a long "shot. Be- fore the conclusion the homesters got the sixth goal. The visitors' back stopped a shot, but Norman- Jones rushed up and scored from the rebound. The referee throughout had complete control of the teams, and his decisions were very fair. THE COMBINATION. OSWESTRY V. WHITCHURCH. These teams met, at Oswestry on Saturday in showery weather and before a fair attendance. -J. Will iams made his first- appearance this sea- son at lecftbaek and Hampson wa moved to left half. Boughey and, Goodwin were selected but did not turn out, Coole and Gooderich taking their places. Oswe.sHy; F. Williams; Evans (cap.) J. Wil- liams; Astles, Roberts, Hampton; Jones. Gooderich, Heath Coole and Davies. Wh.church: Rathbone Greenwav, Banton; Richards, Moss, Pend-lebury; Davies* Richards' • James, Melbourne, and Baker. Referee. Mr Taylor, Birkenhead. Oswestry lost the toes and started with nine men. The visitors attacked, but Melbourne was offside. They were soon dangerous again, and James with an, open goal put over the bar. For ■some minutes it looked as if the visitors would open their account bet'oie the nil-^ing nien ap- peared, but easy openings were thrown away by bad shooting, although on one occasion Evans was lucky in getting in the way of a hot shot from James. J. Williams now appeared, but another hot attack by the visitors resulted in James opening the -sr-tning. Gooderich ■"omplefted the home team, who broke awav, Davies being hurt but soon resuming. The visitors' centre-forward wad offside, and a foul against Pendlebury gave Aetles an opening, but he shot over. Heath was prominent in an at- tack, but. hit- shooting lacked discretion. Rob- erts came to the assistance of his forwards, but shot wide, and Gooderich, after beating Ban- ton, did the same. The homesters had a grand chance of equalising the scores, Pendleburv handling, and As.tlee placing nicely in the goal mouth., but A. Davies fihot yards too high. Whitchurch attacked, and Richards tested Wil- liams. who was- safe. Half-time Whitchurch, I Oswestry, 0. The second half opened with a brisk attack by Oswestry, who now had the benefit of the wind, and the half-backs played a strong forcing game. Heath passed out" to Jones, who forced a corner, from which Heath nearly opened the scoring. A free kick taken by Astles was, cleared, and the goalkeeper also easily disposed of a shot by Coole. The visitors' wing man made mice runs-, and Baker beating Aetlee shot just over. The homesters made determined attacks, but only the veteran Good- erich appeared to have any idea where the goal lay, and the combination of the forwards was extremely crude, so that the Whitchurch goal was seldom in danger. At length Jones beat Banton, who immediately fouled- him in the penalty area, but Astles failed with the pen- ality. Gooderich was next prominent with a grand shot which hit the poet. The game was "«topp«d owing to some trouble with the spec- tators, and on resuming the referee cautioned Pendlebury for the third time, and Evans' free kick was cleared. Davies. put. a centre across, and Joneti forced a corner off Banton. and then Rath bone. made a splendid save from Heath from close range. J. Williams with a big kick gave to Jones, and t'me arrived with Whit- church h-adirig by one g* al to none. 0IIIRK NVTN AT WEI. HPO< >L. Welshpool played 1).1 r hit home match of the reason on Haiuidny when Chirk were the vi;itore under Combination au^meee. The dif- ferent organisation of U:<< Welshpool team and their creditable performances :v,ay from home this season, rttrack-d a very good* gate. and this and the increased price of admission must have resulted in a good sum t..ing taken. The spectators, howev* r, went away disappointed with the play of ihe horse forwards. and with the losing of the first home match by one goal to nil. The home defence was very good. but the play of the forwards left much to be desir- ed. They had not the dash and shooting power which scores goals, but instead dallied with the ball, and did not shoot, often enough. When tliry did shoot their shots, with few exceptions, lacked sting, so that the one goal scored by Chirk early in the game was enough to give them a victory. The Chirk captain won the toss, and chose to play up the field, against the sun. Mid-field play followed the kick off for some time, but Welshpool at length attacked. After M. Morris had cleared, Williams cen- tred from the right, but Riddell clipped and thus nullified the effort. P. Evans obtained, but. s.ent behind, and a free kick for a breach of the offside rule by Williams enabled the Chirk forwards to get going. Mason, however, effect- ed a good clearance, for which he was, cheered, and Welshpool again pres-ed. Mitchell heading well in, but Morgan easily cleared. The Chirk forwards attacked, and after Smith had cleared well, Cotton was forced to concede a corner. Thi- was badly placed, and the defence bad no difficulty in clearing. The Chirk vanguard re- turned to the attack, a run by Newbound en- abling them to get within shooting distance, and E. Ediwardw hit the bar with a strong shot. Chirk forwards having hard lines in not scor- ing. Welshpool retaliated and forced a corner 0'1' the right wing. This was well placed by Williams, but was- cleared, and after midfield play James got away on the Chirk right wing but shot behind. Riddell got through the Chirk defence, and' when about to shoot inside the penalty area was charged and shot behind. Welshpool claimed a penally, but the referee did not regard the claim. Welshpool again at- tacked. and after a short scrimmage in front of goal P. Evans shot over the bar. Chirk again attacked, and exhibited nice passing, and at the critical moment Roberts: passed the ball beautifully to Hanis, who drove it into the net. well clear of Wesley. tMitcheIl and Rid- dell took the ball down the field from the centre kick. but one of the baclk" cleared'. E. Evans obtained and had hard lines with a long shot, the Chirk goalkeeper conceding a corner. From this the visitors' goal nearly feil, but another corner resulted, and this was cleared. Welsh- pool kept up the pressure, and E. Evans shot behind. Shortly afterwards Wesley had to handle from E. Edwards, and then Williams on the outside right was cheered for tricky play. Another corner wa", forced by the home for- wards, and Evans tried another long shot which Morgan saved well, and immediately afterwards Smith cleared well from Jamef. Chirk then at- tacked, -but Wesley cleared. Chirk persisted, but offside nullified their next attack. Riddell, Evans, and Williams- next took the ball down by combined play, and Trevor Davies drove over the bar. Williams next essayed a run on the right, and centred splendidly, but Morgan made an excellent save, and the ball was eventually sent behind. Newbound next got away and centred, but James sent behind when hampered by Cotton. A minute afterwards Newbound got in another centre, but Smith cleared. Chirk again attacked, but sent behind. Mitchedl obtained and swung across to Wil- liams, who drove just over the bar with a splendid, shot. Another combined attack by the Chirk forwards ended in Ed'wards sending in a hot shot which Wesley saved excellently, though forced to concede a corner. Mitchell soon af- terwards got through, but was charged when near goal. The home forwards again swarmed round the Chirk goal, but could not score. Mor- gan saved a, shot from Mitchell, and then Mitch- ell got through, but to the great disappoint- ment of the spectators he shot behind when presented with a splendid opportunity. Mitch- ell and Evans afterwards, got away, but the latter shot- over the bar. Half-time arrived with Chirk leading by one goal to nil. Welsh- pool attacked on resuming, and the ball was kept in front of the Chirk goal for a lengthy period. The backs played very strongly, how- ever. and eventually cleared. Welshpool re- turned to the attack, but from a sudden dash by Chirk, Newbound got through, but Wesley was equal to the occasion- and saved- splendidly, and Harris ended the attack by shooting over the bar. The home forwards retaliated, but Mor- gan kicked clear. After soane uninteresting play in midfield, Welshpool again attacked, but Wright, and Williams were playing a particu- larly fine game, and Morgan was not often troubled. About a quarter of an hour from time Riddell started shooting, and at this stage put in a long shot which went behind. E. Evans next hot over the bar, and afterwards a claim by Welshpool for a penalty for alleged handling by Morris was di allowed. Riddell next had hard lines with an excellent ground shot, which Morgan saved, and a few minutes later the centre again tried a JOJl<g shot which went just outside. Chirk paid a sudden visit to the other end, but Harris .hot behind, and at the other end a splendid shot by Riddell that deserved a better fate skimmed the bar. James got down, and only an excellent save by Wesley prevented a score. The resultant corner was cleared, and E. Evans got, through and trans- ferred to Williams, and from the latter's- pass Riddell found another opportunity for a long shot, which went behind. Chirk attacked again and Wesley dashed out to effect an excellent save. In the closing stages of the game Welsh- pool attacked strongly and had hard lines, but the forwards were weak in front of goal, and although a free- kick was awarded- them just out- side the penalty area they failed to convert, and the whistle went with Chirk still leading by one goal to none. Teams Welshpool: Wesley; Mason and Smith; Wright, Trevor Davies, and A. Cotton; S. Wil- liams, E. Evans-, D. It. Riddell, J. Mitchell, and W. P. Evans. Chirk: Morgan; Wright and Williams R. Davies, R. Morris, and JI. Morris; James, T. Harris, Roberts, Edwards, and New-bound. The referee- was Mr A. VVestou, Shrewsbury. WELSH AMATEUR CUP. The draw for the preliminary round of the Welsh Amateur Cup was made on Wednesday even- ing at Wlcxlollnl as follows Division 1. —Beaumaris, On nai vori and Conway byea. Division 2.-Colwyn Bay v Llanrwst; Ruthin v Deubiuh; Llandudno and Ultyl byes. Division 3. —Buckley Rangers v Greenfield Burntwood, Connah'u Quay Vies., and Aston Hall byetl- Division 4.—Biymbo Institute v Coedpoeth St D*vin'«; Coedp.ieth United v Southeea Unite j Brynteg White Starfi anc Summerhill, byes. Division 5.—Ruaban v Cefn Albion Weston Rhvn v Rhos Rangers; Druids v Chirk (referee Mr J. H. Hughes, Oswestry); Johndtown Amateurs v Acre fair. Division 6.-Bala Press v Towyn Rovers (Mi Eveeon, Llangollen) Pwllheli, Baruio'lr.h and Purt- madoc, byes. Division 7.-WeI..bpool Reserve v Llanidloes (Mr T. Evans. Newtown) Oswestry United r Royal Welsh WarHhouse (Mr Weston, Shrewsbury) Montgomery v Newtown N.E. (Mr Lodwick, Oe. weftry) Llanfyllin bye. Division 8.— LUndrindod Wells, Llanfaes Brig- ade and Huihh, byes. To be played on the groand of the first-named "lub in each eaoe on or before Ootober 3Iet. Kiok off ft t 2.46 p.m.




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