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FRIENDLY MATCHES. ABERYSTWYTH v. ST DAVID'S COLLEGE LAMPETER. These two teams played their return friendly match on the Smithfield ground on Saturday, ■feefore a fairly good crowd of spectators. The game was in charge of Mr David Williams, Aberystwyth, and the teams lined up as fol- lows — Aberyetwyth: J. D. Davies Mansel Jenkins and Oswald Green T. W. Roes. E. Peake, and J. W. Edwards: H. W. Stephenson, J. Jones, R. Peake, Evan Humphreys, and Oswald James. St. David s College Pugh; A. A. Davies and J. T. Lewis; E. E. Davies, T. (). Thomas, and D. H. Jones; J. B. Davies, Ruber's L!ev\elvn, E. H. Roberts, and Marie. Aberystwyth won the toss, and decided to de- fend the town goal first. The visitors kicked off, and at once made a rush on the home goal, but the attack was returned, and the home for- wards securing the ball made their way to the visitors' goal, but they were repulsed. Aberyst- wyth still kept piessing. and Steuhen-son made a brilliant run o nthc right. Ho sent in a fine -hot which beat the visitors' goalkeeper, and thus opened the scoring after a few minutes' play. From the kick off the College forwards got go- ing. They pressed hard, but the home defence "was not to be beaten. E. Peake got possession of the ball and tried for goal at long range, but lie missed hi-, maik. A free kick fell to Aber- ystwyth. Green took the kick and sent well in- to the visitors' half. A scrimmage followed in fi-ufct of goal from wlrcft Bob Peake scored No. 2. Again the Cuiifegians pressed, but they were repulsed, and the home forwards .securing forc- ed their way towards the visitors' goal. An- other scrimmage followed which terminated in Jack Jones netting. After some mid-field play, Stephenson made a splendid run and forced a corner. The kick was taken hv Rees, but this was headed over the bar by one of the visitors' backs. From the corner kick that ensued, Os- wald James just missed by a few inches. The Aberystwyth forwards still kept pressing. Stephenson collided with the goalkeeper. Both were hurt, and the former had to retire from the field through an injured hip. The play kept in the visitors' hnlf. ruxl through some prettv play Jack Jones added another goal. The visi- tors press?'" 'c, but through their being too excited the cd a fine chance of scoring. The attach eturned, and a corner fell to Aberystwy: h resulted in Bob Peake scor- ing. Anoth ner fell to Aberystwyth, but this was ci.. L Pugh in goal for the visitors was playing pital game and he saved many a hard shot. Ilalf-time Aberystwyth, 5 goals; St. David's College, nil. After change of ends Oswald Green played inside right, but he did not seem to be at home and missed several fine chances of adding to the score. He, however, sent in a fine high shot, which Evan Hum- phreys headed into the net. The visitors during this half put more energy into their play, and the Aberystwyth goal was several times in dan- ger. About a quarter of an hour from time the Collegians scored their only goal through a scrimmage. A little later Bob Peake added another for Aberystwyth and the game was soon over with the score reading Aberystwyth 7 goals, St David's College 1 goal. 0 MONTG 1M RYSHIRE CUP. CHIRBURY v. LLANFYLLIN. Played at Chirbury on Saturday. The home team won the toss, and played with the wind in their favour. The game opened briskly, both ends being quickly visited. After some midfield play, the home left got possession, and Row- lands sent in a beauty across the goal mouth. A corner resulted, but the play in front of goal only ended in a bye. Llanfyllin next got away, but the home backs cleared well two or three times in succession. Play was again transferred to the other end without any result. Whitting- ham sent in a good shot which Holland saved. Llanfyllin again took up the running, but failed to get through. Shaw next made a good run down and centred well. Miller got possession, and after putting in a bit of good work in front of goal netted the ball for the first time. The home team continued to press, and obtained a corner, but Llanfyllin being awarded a free kick the ball wa,s cleared, and the other end was attacked, but Blakemore cleared. Miller again got down and sent in a capital shot, which Hol- land saved. The visitors again got dangerous, but Neill and J. S. Morris saved. From a free kick against Llanfyllin. Whittingham obtained the ball and had a good try, but Holland again saved. Some give-and-take play followed, after which the homesters again began to press. Shaw sent in a good long shot, and just missed the goal. The left wing were the next to attack, and then Holland saved splendidly from Miller. A corner was obtained, and a scrimmage in front of the visitors' goal resulted in the ball be- ing cleared. N. Lloyd next sent in a good shot, and another fruitless corner was conceded, and the other end was then visited, and Butters had a good try. Kilvert cleared at the expense of a corner, and for the next few minutes the Chir- bury defence had a pretty hot time. the ball at length going just over the top of the post. After some further play S. Rowlands made a nice run down but just missed an open goal. A little later the- visitors again pressed, and the home backs were called upon. Llanfyllin kept up the attack, and E. D. Evans equalised with a good shot. The visitors were soon down again, and Neill fisted out twice, and Kilvert finally reliev- ed tlu- pressure by kicking out. Miller made a good run down. but shot rather wide. Llan- fyllin pressed again, and Blakemore and Morris cleared. Miller again getting possession tried Holland with a. good shot. The home defence was next tested. J. S. Morris* saved at the ex- pense of a corner, which Kilvert headed out. From a free kick against the visitors Miller shot at goal, but Holland saved. Llanfyllin were again dangerous, but were ruled offside, and the homesters again got away, and Ham- mond* saved from Rowlands at the expense of a corner, from which, however, nothing resulted, and the score at half-time wa6- Chirbury, 1; Llanfyllin, 1. The play in the second half was not quite so fast as in the first. Llanfyllin, however, netted the ball in the first few minutes but the whistle had previously given off-side. The home team next assumed the offensive, Shaw and Jess Hughes making a combined run and passing to Miller who sent it a bye. Whit- tingham soon afterwards got the ball and sent in a beautiful high shot from which he had hard lines in not scoring. Holland .saving only just on the touch line; in fact many of the spectators thought the ball wis through. Both sides then pressed alternately without result, after which the visitors- got dangerous and had hard lines in not scoring, the posts and crossbar being hit in quick succession. Later, from a free kick. the crossbar was again hit. Better luck followed, for Neill falling in saving a good shot the ball was rushed through before he could resume his position. The play for a time was of no par- ticular interest. Both ends were visited, but < he visitors had most of the play, and the home men keeping the ball too much in front of goal instead of clearing a third goal for the visitors followed. Nothing further was scored though the home team pressed hard just before the whilstle blew for time. The final score was— Llanfyllin, 3; Chirbury, 1. Llanfyllin Holland Hammond and Griffiths;: D. T. Lloyd. J. C. Lloyd, and E. R. Jones; Butters, E. D. Evans. Jehu, W. H. Jones, and C. Richards. Chirbury: J. J. Neill; L. Blakemore and J. S. Morris; N. Lloyd, A. C. Edwards, and T. Kilvert; W. R. Shaw, J. Hughes, A. A. Miller, S. Rowlands, and J. Whittingham. Referee. Mr R. Evans, Welshpool; linesmen, Messrs J. Lee and E. W. Tudor. MONTGOMERYSHIRE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Results up to Saturday, January 30th. Goal* 1'. W. TI. D. F. A. PTS. Aberyftwvth T. (1) 6 6 0 0 30 5 12 Towyn. Rovers 8 3 2 3 14 16 9 Llanidloes U. (4) 8 2 2 4 14 18 8 Newtown H.W.W.(5) 8 3 3 2 12 20 8 Aberyntwyth C. (2) 6 2 1 3 ]4 7 7 Montgomery 8 1 4 3 7 19 5 Ogvresl rv Wnricn A. 7 C 3 4 6 12 4 Newtown N.E (6). 5 0 2 3 5 3 3 TOWYX ROVERS v. MONTGOMERY. I These two teams met at Towyn on Saturday under the auspices of the Montgomeryshire and District League, before a fair attendance. Towyn ti ied two new men in the forward line, whilst Montgomery played three reserves in the half-back line. The te<1 were as follows: — Towyn: Lewis Jones; Gladstone Davies and Pryee Evans Dr. Davies, T. Jones, and E. O. Roberts Harry Edwards. G. R. Francis, Tom Wynn, C. C. Davies, and G. E. Morris" Montgomery: Roberts; Withers and Maddox; Bowen. Waring, and Harries; J. Parks Tan- ner. Watkins, Jack Parks, and II. Jones. The referee was Mr C. Parry. Oswostrv and the linesmen Messrs J. Owen and J. Gornall. Towyn won the toss and played down the slight slope. They at once attacked, Harry Ed- wards being pulled up for off-side. Play was transferred to the home goal hut Prvee Evans cleared with a long kick, and Gladstone Davies fit the other end sent over the bar when in a nice position. A melee ensued near the vi«itin» goal which nearly brought disaster to the Mont° gomeryshive men. but the situation was saved by Maddox clearing. The visitors attacked, but were cheeked by I),- Davies. The bill was secured by C. C. Davies. but his final efforts went wide. From a foul throw the visitors near- ly scored, the efforts of Parks being spoilt bv his fouling the home custodian. Hands was given against Torn Jones and Wynn in quick succession, but brought no result. The Towyn- ites broke away. and a corner followed for them but this proved fruitless. H. Jones made a good run on the visiting left and he tested Lewis Jones, who saved cleverly. Pryee Evans secur- ed the leather, and Morris, after receiving, scored for Towyn. Half-time was immediately called with the score—Towv-u Rovers, I goal"; Montgomery, nil. After change of ends" the homesters put more energy into their n1:w. They a.t once attacked, C. C. *Davies placing'wide. Francis made a long drive, but Roberts saved A corner fell to the Seasiders. The kick was Taken by Evan Edwards. Davies placing behind Morns again tested Roberts, but he had no difficulty in clearing. Play was transferred to the other end, Jones saving from Waring. After some play in mid-field the visitors attacked, and were aw a-rded a corner. This was cleared, and Morris racing along the line sent in a nice pass, which, however, was not met, and a fine chance was missed. Roberts again cleared from Fran- cis. A rush ensued on the visitors' citadel, and Roberts, who was on the ground, in attempting to clear, practically threw the leather into his own goal, but to make matters safer Tom Wynn rushed forward and scored. Parks made a char- acteristic run on the visitors' right, but his final efforts went wide. The ball for some time hover- ed near the home goal, and C. C. Davies receiv- ing from Gladstone Davies, sent to Wynn who raced away and scored with a lovely shot which fairly beat Roberts. The visitors broke away, but the attack was returned by Gladstone Davies. The ball was sent to Morris, but his efforts were spoilt by Wynn being offside. Play was now stopped for a while, Wynn having been injured. The visitors pressed, and through a mis-kick by Pryce Evans a goal followed for the visitors through Waring. The homesters from now to the end had almost all the play, but fail- ed to add to the'r score, and time was then call- ed. Final result: Towyn Rovers, 3 goals Mont- gomery, 1 goal. COMBINATION. -WELSHPOOL AGAIN BEATEN. Welshpool entertained Oswestry under the aus- pices of the Combination on Saturday and sus- tained yet another reverse, the Oswestrians beat- ing them by three goals to nil. There was a very good gate, though not so large as expected. Mr A. Harrison. Crewe, ruled the game in a very impartial manner, and his decisions: were most excellent. The teams lined up as follows Welshpool: Westley Smith and Wright; WT. Davies, T. Davies, and Jarman; Hughes, T. Evans, E. Evans, G. Bowen, a.nd Brush Evans. Oswestry F. Williams; E. Evans and J. Wil. liams; Richards, Lewis, and Groves; Jones, Wynn, W. Williams. E. Williams, and New- bound. The Welshpool captain was aga.in lucky in the spin of the coin, and played down the field to- wards the station goal. The home forwards at once got down, and Bowen put in a splendid ard long drive, which Williams caught and kick- ed away. A series of throws-in followed on the Oswestry left wing, and after some uninteresting play Jones got up and was getting dangerous when Smith robbed him. The Pool left wing then got down the field by good play, but the ball was kicked out. Oswestry obtained a cor- ner. This was well placed and partially cleared and Newbound had a chance of centring or of putting a long shot in, but shot feebly behind. Wright was now prominent with some good clearances, and a foul just outside the dreaded area looked nasty for the home men, but West- ley kicked out into touch. Offside was twice given against W. Williams. From the second of these the ball was very weakly kicked, and the Oswestry centre-forward obtained and sent the ball in the net before Westley could get back to his place, thus giving the Oswestrians the lead. On resuming W. Williams was again given off- side, and from hands against Jarman, Newbound again obtained and shot behind. Pool got near the visitors' citadel from the behind kick, but a foul against them drove them back. They came again, however, and a corner was conceded them. From this, W. Williams suddenly ob- tained and dashed through. He made for"goal, but when inside the penalty area and getting ready to shoot. Smith, who had followed him up, robbed him. The ball went to E. Williams, but as he was about to shoot, Smith managed to clear at the expense of a corner. From this Hughes got away, but was given off-side. After a brief visit to the other end by the Oswestrians, the home Forwards came along again, and Geo. Richards saved by kicking out. and the ball was eventually sent behind. E. Evans soon after- wards got down, and when hampered by E. Evans gave to T. Evans, who shot hard and well. but F. Williams managed to save at the expense of a corner. Welshpool obtained a free kick about ten yards outside the Oswestry penal. ty area, but Williams saved Trevor Davies' shot. The Oswestry forwards then came along, and Westley had to fall full length and concede a corner to save. From this Lewis put behind with a long shot. The ball was soon after, wards put across the Welshpool goal. and E. Williams shot, but Westlev saved splendidly. W. Williams was again pulled up for an in- fringement of the offside rule. Half-time now- arrived with the visitors leading by one goal to none. On the resumption Oswestry at once pressed and kept it up for some time. From a free kick, Evans hit the corner of the crossbar with a long hard shot, and offside against one of the visiting quintet relieved matters. Shortly afterwards the ball was put across the goal-mouth ana J. H. Jones had only Wesley to beat at a few yards range. He gave the goalkeeper no chance. About- this time Jannan was ill. and went off the field, Welshpool having to play the re" t of the game with only ten men. They did not resort to the one-back game, however, but played four forwards. T. Evans went outside right, and showed his speed several times. From a centre of his. Hughes banged the ball just over the bar, and soon afterwards Williams had to handle. At the other end. E. Williams shot hard, but Wesley again made a very good save. Newbound afterwards centred to two of the Os- westry forwards who again had only Wesley in front of them. and Wynn shot the third goal. Just before the close, Oswestry were given a penalty, but J. WiHiam-s shot wide. Time ar- rived with Oswestry winners by 3 goals to 0. THE WELSH CUP. OSWESTRY AND ABERYSTWYTII AT HOME. The Executive Council of the Football As- sociation of Wales met at Wrexham on Wed- ne-sday evening. and made the draw for the fourth round of the National Cup competition. The clubs came out of the hat as follow — Oswestry United v. Wrexham. Aberystwyth Town v. Tonpentre. Treharries v. Connah's Quay. Whitchurch or Druids v. Chester. To be played on February 8th on the ground of the first named club in each case. Commenting on the draw one of our football reporters say. it is one of the most interesting of fourth round draws during recent. years. In two instances the luck of the lottery" is rather favoui able to the home clubs, and these concern the two representatives of South Wales. Con- nah s QUGY. the baby team of the Combination, who have done so well in the competition, are called upon to make the long journey to Tre- harrips. In past seasons, the colliery town club has figured prominently in the contest for the senior blue ribbon of Wales. Last season Treiiarries fought their way to the fourth stage to be beaten by three goals to one by Oswestry I __o bmted— who eventually won the Cup—at the border town. This was a creditable perform- ance against the Welsh champions, but on their ow n pasture the South Walians are a greater force to be reckoned with. In tlit-, iliird i-otind this season they routed Merthvr Vale by five clear goals, and the men from Flintshire can have but scant hopes for success, even though they went to Wellington and vanquished the Salopians by the odd goal in five. The match should be a good one to witness, but the south- ern team ought to enter the penultimate stage. The other hope of the south"—Tonpentre — nave to journey north to Aberystwyth. Theirs is a forlorn hope, for the seasiders are a strong side at home. and are determined to make a splash" in both the senior and amateur com- petitions this season. Certainly Dame Fortune has placed no impediment in their way. Their luck in the draws has been surprising. Each round has seen them pitted on their own pitch, and in each case their opponents have been de- feated by meritorious margins. Their goal aver- age in the competition is something like 19 to 1. It is curious that they have made headway so far at the expense of Montgomeryshire elevens —Wehhpool, Xewtown North End, and Llan- idloes. United-and as Tonpentre are not a team of much greater calibre than these, they should have little difficulty in figuring in the semi-final once again. It is ten years since Aberystwyth made such progress in the national competition. That was when they had the assistance of the Welsh Internationals, Charlie Parry, L. R. Roose, Green, and Morris, and captured the Cup for the first time in their history, beating the Druids in a. memorablo final tie at Newtown by three goals to none. As for the two remain- ing ties, it has not yet been decided which club shall meet Chester. last year's semi-finalists. Whitchurch, who were beaten in the final last season by Oswestry, and the Druids, who are noted Cup fighters, have played two drawn games in Ù.. third round. The third attempt to settle the issue will be made at RUHbon- probably on Saturday—and it would not be sur- prising were the Ancient Britons to qualify for the next round. In any case these two ties in which Wrexham and Chester have to journey from home, promise strenuous and exciting foot- ball. Oswestry should make no mistake Al- ready this season the holders have defeated Wrexham at the border town in the English Cup competition. The Birmingham Leaguers a,re not happy in a Cup tie their methods are those of the less strenuous League games. Os- westry, on the other hand, are just the sort of team to do well in a. Cup game, and they should once more figure in the semi-final. Chester will have a hard nut to crack if they have to visit Whitchurch, but if the fat^s—and next Satur- day's game—decide that they must go to Ruabon —they may perhaps anticipate an easier task. 'Tis true that they have beaten Druids on the Ancients' ground under Combination auspices. But so. for the matter of that, have Whitchurch, who have found the Druids far worthier oppon- ents in Cup warfare. WELSH AMATEUR CUP. DRAW FOR THE FOURTH ROUND. The draw for the fouith round of the Welsh Amateur Cup competition was made at the meeting of the Executive Council of the Welsh Football Association at Wrcxham on Wednesday, as fol- lows — Welshpool Reserve v Shrewsbury Rovers, Acre- fair United or Eelusham White St!<i- v Aberyst- wyth, Ilolyhrad Swifts v Brymbo Vies, Buckley Engineers v Burntwood. To be played ( n February 29th on the ground of the fiist. named clubs in each case. In the previous rounds, Aberystwyth were drawn at home, but on this occasion, they are called upon to journey to the Wrexham district, to meet Esciuaham White Stars or Acrefair. 'i hose teams made a draw of three goals each in the third round on Saturday, and as the re-play is to be at Esciuaham, it is more than probable thai the seasider's opponents will be the stars. This will be a stiff contest for last season's ronners up, for the Stars are leaders of the Wrexham and District league, and have not tuffered defeat on their own ground this season. Welshpool Reserves are again lucky enough to be drawn at homp, and they should enter the semi-final for the first time in their history. Still, they have worthy oppon- ents in Shrewsbury Rovers and will have to tro all the way to win. The holders of the cup, Buckley Engineers, are to deceive Burntwood United, and it looks odds on their figuring in the semi-final, and perhaps final, ties for the third season in succession. Brymbo have to make the long journey to Ilolyhead, and they will spring a surprise if they win. OSWESTRY AND DISTRICT LEAGUE Goals. P. W. L. D. F. A. PTS Ellesmere Vole. 10 8 1 1 52 12 17 Weeton Rhyn 11 7 2 2 29 20 16 O-swestry Victoria. 15 6 7 2 34 44 14 St. Martin's 9 6 3 0 27 8 12 Chirk R. 10 5 4 1 26 33 11 Gledrid 9 5 4 0 20 18 10 Tedamore 11 4 5 2 26 39 10 Criftins 12 3 7 2 21 30 8 Pant 9 2 5 2 11 18 6 Porthywaen Inst. 12 1 9 2 12 36 4




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