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^NOTES ON FOOTBALL. [BY "VKTEBAN."] The game at Aberystwyth between the Col W and Llanidloes cannot well be enticwr. and very few words will suffice. Rar^ire. In Ms a game been played in sucb -ne lower part ,„ + w« standi tiad been a Cup-tie addition, w ±{eferee Townsend would of the, !ground. If :otiiid unfit. The College 1,aVj^-r opponents too cheaply, and mi-lit ^a^eeasily have suffered from it. The Li:,n- ualoes men did not seem to care very inuc-n whether they won or lost, and kept pegging away in the mud and mire, and not only held {their own, but in the second half had the best iof the exchanges. There is. as there has al- ,w.ays been. splendid mettle in the Llanidloes men. The backs and halves were safe and good, but the forwards want to study the pass- ing game more. They seem to play the same ,ggme as in the days of the Birmingham dribbler .when ever watchful" of Nev. town won his iundying reputation. Their play was about a quarter of a century behind the times. There was a great difference in the styles of the for- ward play of the teams. The College passed— *>r tried to pass—neatly, but their opponents went in for long passing. The defence on the College side was good, as it usually is. The game ended in a draw of one goal each. In the second round of the Welsh Amateur Cup tie competition, Towyn had little difficulty in accounting for Bala Press in the end, but the jfirst half produced very even play. Bala, with ;'8 strong wind against them, played a down- right good game. Several good shots were saved foy Owen for Bala. In the second half, the fwitad had dropped a little. Towyn at once finessed, and scored in a few minutes through Dr lavies. A little later Roberts scored No. 2— though Owen saved three times before this goal was obtained. Bala were pressing hard when time was called, and they were certainly un- lucky in not getting one goal. The committee meeting of the Montgomery- ehire and District League on Saturday at New- town showed the League to be in a very pros- perous condition. Independent of the guaran- tees to the clubs, the League has a sum of about £ 13 to their credit. It is to be hoped that clubs -will pay more attention to the fixtures, and not cause any more postponements, as these not only cause cruel disappointments to one side but, what is worse, may cause some clubs great .difficulty in arranging other matches. The sug- gestion as to playing inter-League matches be- tween the Mid-Wales and the Montgomeryshire Xeague is a very good one, and may do much jgood to the game. The protest of Caersws against Machynlleth fell through, as it was found that Morris was not proved to be a professional. Neither club thad sent the names of playev according to rule. For the future clubs not d ing so will be eeverely dealt with by the Montgomeryshire Cup .Committee. I trust all clubs interested will see that there is no cause for further complaint, as it ie just as easy to send names in eight or nine dayt! before the fixed time as to leave it to a few days.

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