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R.W.W. SPOUTS AND BAND CONTEST. There were quite 10,000 people on the Royal W?lsh Warehouse Recreation Grounds on Sat- urday on the occasion of the annual sports and musical festival, in commemoration of Sir Pi'ye.s- Pryee-Jones' knighthood. Elaborate ar- rangements had been made, and these were ex. coliently carried out. The list of entries also WM; in all the competitions unprecedented in number. The wether, however, which is such an .important thing to be considered in all out- door events, was apparently the only factor that gavc.^ny anxiety to the organisers of this huge gathering, and rain had fallen daily through the week. The morning, however, broke delight- fully fine, but a heavy shower fell about 10 and from about 12 to 2-30 it rained turd, but afterwards cleared up beautifully. Tiiis rain made the visitors a bit chary of going ta the wet grass until late in the afternoon. Thcv committee had done all in its power to draw a crowd from all parts of the country, and it \"a8 a source of keen, though temporary, dis- appointment to them to find that many thous- ands stayed in the town until after the com- ciioncement of the sports. When the sun broke through the clouds, however, the people flocked down to the ground either on foot or in motor cars and other vehicles plying for hire, and about three o'clock it was estimated that the ■number on the ficHÁ was about the figure already mentioned. The ground arrangements were splendid, the visitors' minutest comfort having considered and provided for. A grand stand had been erected near the winning post, a-id innumerable other erections had been put up for the convenience of the spectators. The patron of the Recreation Society is Sir Pryee Pryce-Jones, in whose honour the gathering is held, and Colonel E. Pryce- Jones is the president. Both gentlemen attend- ed, and amongst those present we also noticed Judge Brvn Roberts, who is an intimate friend of Colonel Pryce-Jones. The musical adjudicators were Mr Angus Hol- .L, (brass band) and Mr W. G. Mi-Naught, Mus. Bae., Cantab.. F.R.A.M. (male voice choir). The- following were the officials in the various departments throughout the dav :—Judges, Mr E, Hoyle, N.C.A.A. (Huddersfield), and Mr G. Stead, H.C.N.A.S. (Huddersfield): Mr E. W. Parry, N.C.U., was unfortunately unable to be present. Judge for tug-of-war. Mr H. Allen. Starter, Mr G. Woosnam. Timekeepers. Messrs Bennett-Llovd, N.C'.U., and Vincent Lloyd. Lip scorers, Messrs W. G. Cieeton, H. Liptrot. T. B. Morgan, C. h uiiarns, and J. B. Williams. Stewards for competitors' tents. Messrs J. Bel- t's, T. Evans. R. E. Evans, and Geo. Eagles. Start stewards, Messrs H. M. Barratt. T. F. Ben bow, S. M. Breeze, T. Burton. G. Cheese- tun n, A. Faweett, L .Gibson. A. J. Rob- erts, G. W. Scurlock, and D. Smith. Musical Committee, Messrs G. M. Evans, H. H. Evans, R. Evans. J. Morgan Jones, J. E. Jones. W. H. Morgan, W. E. Owen, E. R. Pugh, R. H. Rob- erts, S. Roberts, F. Smith, and P. Wilson. Grand stand. Messrs E. R. J. Oliver, and A.E. Whalley. Admission Committee. Messrs W. Hinchliffe: G. Griffiths. H. Horton. A Jones, W. Phillips, and J. E. Williams. Programmes, Mr T. B. Morgan. Telegraph stewards, Messrs E. Gough and H. Morgan. Handicappcrs, Messrs J. W. Hard wick and A. E. Machin. Chairman, Mr T. Meredith. Hon. sees., Messrs E. H. Humphreys and F. P. Keay. There was aiso. an amateur gymnastic, boxing, and wrest- ling display by a contingent from the Birining- -iiftrn Athletic Institute. The; refreshment departments were entrusted t-) Mrs Stokes. New Inn. and Mr Evan Ikhh. Broad street. THE BAND CONTEST. The quickstep competition took place fiom the Queen's Head Hotel to the Public Hall, each Land being met by an official as each special train came in. This arrangement proved very much more satisfactory than that in previous years, as each band was in the competition as soon as it entered the town, and this obviated iae necessity of hunting the bands up for the quickstep, The -ieee, II Travatore," was ompoted for on the ground on a raised platform rear the bowling green. The contest occupied lèüut five hours during the whole of which time many thousands of spectators never budged out of earshot of the sound. To have been able to withstand such an ordeal they must have been Tl},plv interested in music. It was evident that tais. section of the visitors had come exclusively t) hear the hands. The prizes were—1st £3£>; '-♦rul, £ 25; 3rd. £ 15; 4th, £ 10; 5th, F-5. THE MALE VOICE COMPETITIONS. 1 hose interested in vocal music had to pay extra for their taste. A small charge was made fen- admission into a large marquee erected on th further part of the field facing the river, and Mus was crowded to excess, many hundreds lin- gering about the entrances failing to get ad- Bii.ssion, and had to b content to listening with- out seeing. The choirs had drawn iots for ot places, and they came up on the platform in proper order and with the least possible delay. ftho test piece was "The destruction of Gaza" (Oe Rille), and the prizes awarded we-e--Ist, £ 30; 2nd. £ 20; and a prize value three guineas t) the conductor of the first prize choir. THE SPORTS. The sports (under A.A.A. and N.C.U. Rules) vrr>ro. witnessed by the biggest crowd, the ropes all round the track being packed for the greater fnl t of the afternoon. The 100 yards flat handi. cap necessitated six heats, and some excellent tuners turned out from the Midlands and South Wales, but premier honours went to a i—wtmvn lad. J. E. Morris, brother of Dicky Morris, the International footballer. In the 220 yards also six heats had to be made owing to the t^i'ge^ number of entries, and the cream I::> of the meeting was left in the final. which proved an e.ieehent race, Kimberley, Worcester, having premier In the cycle races keen disap- pointment was felt at the absence of Minton, Cheltenham, the holder of the Society's Chal- lenge. Cup. and Sherratt did not ride in any but tire three miles for the cup. The first cycle w-,rc the heats in the one mile bicycle raco, Hisd. although there was a good muster of spec- tÛorn at the start the finish proved tame in the majority of cases, as the heavy rain falling made tlie track extremely heavy and dangerous at the terriers. Some gave up, and others lost their jiiae-es by falling on the slippery grass. In these first racea it could be said that the race was to th: slow and careful rider, as he kept his bal- ance better, whilst the fast rider almost invari- ably collapsed. S. Jones, Welshpool, who rode well and carefully in heat and final, was an easy The quarter mile drew out a large field, paj as the weather had now cleared up the rac- ing was done under better conditions. Murphy. d Pontypridd, was first in the final. The two tidies bicycle handicap provided excellent con- tests, amongst the riders being Mavcock, the gentleman who wMI the cup the first year it was 3-rIered for competition; English, Salford Har- riers Phillips. Abcrdare; and Jolly, Liverpool Wheelers. The latter got first in at the final. *H>e 360 yards bundle race**id the half mile flat handicap were next in rotation. In the latter and the mile handicap (flat) the field was a sight a» all the runners were out together, perhaps 30 in number, and it was laughable to see one by one dropping out. anld others doggedly re- maining on the track, although left hopelessly \hind» Winter, Pickwick A.C., got in first in tli.L- balf mile, and Rice Sefton in the mile. The eroat of the day was then reached, namely, the t'aroe miles h bicycle race for the R.W.W. Beersation Society's 60-guinea silver cup, to be vson. three times not necessarily in succession be- fore becoming the absolute property of the win- As already stated, H. Minton is the hold- er, having beaten Sherratt in a sensational man- fl,f- in the final last year..Sherratt had, how- c-v?^.already won the trophy on two occasions, and if ho won again on Saturday, the massivo Cup would he his. 'Sherratt was determined on Kiiiking nimself the Prou-I possessor of the iHhy. and he widely reserved himself exclusive- fi f vr this rat e. The lvaL, grew monotonous towac&i the end. as in most of them one rider t'td thwer the distance alone in order to qualify for tho 6nal, hid competitors having arappexl out. The final on the wh-ole proved a i good rtice, but an unfortunate accident occurred I which in the opinion of many deprived Sherratt, who was riding well, of the honour of taking the cup. In one of the rounds Sherratt'a machine skidded, and he fell heavily. He was not seri- ously hurt, but his feet were so embedded in the straps of the pedals that he could not extricate himself without assistance. If he could have done so no doubt he would have got up on his steed again and caught up with his competitors in a round or two, a feat lie has accomplished on a former occasion and won handsomely. As it was. however, he retired, presumably much dis- appointed. His club mate Berry took the lead and got in first by a few inches in front of Rudge, Central R.C. r_1 TUG-OF-WAR. Some of the pulls in the tug-of-war provided excellent sport. The teams included the Man- chester and Liverpool Police, Dock Police, Man- chester, Abergorky. Bellman A.C., Seaforth, etc. In the final the pull was exceedingly exciting. T.L- RESULTS. The following were the results:- 100 yards flat handicap. 1 J. E. Morris, New- J) t, I town 2 Kimberley, Worcester; 3 Burrows, War- rington A.C. 220 yards handicap, 1 Kimberley; 2 J. M. Baldwin. Chester A.C. 3 W. W. Alexander, Birchfield H. 440 yards handicap. 1 Murphy, Pontypridd; 2 Baldwin 3 Bibby, Warrington. 360 yards hurdle race, 1 W. W. Alexander; 2 W. Murphv 3 R. Williams, Birchfield Harriers. Half mile flat handicap, 1 J. Winter, Pick- wick A.C.; 2 Hayden, Godiva H.; 3 W. T. Webb, Crewe H. Mile flat handicap, 1 J. F. Rice, Sefton II. 2 F. Chesters, Crewe II.; 3 W. Burgess Guils- field F.C. One mile bicycle handicap, 1 J. S. Jones, Welshpool; 2 R. Chorlton, Rhayader; 3 H. Wood, Chester. Two mile bicycle. 1 R. Jolly, Liverpool Wheel- ers 2 incott, Apollo Sparkhill H. 3 E. Hughes, Oswestry. Three mila bicycle for R.W.W. silver chal- lenge cup, value 60 guineas, 1 Berry; 2 Threl- fall. Wigan; 3 Rudge, Central R.C. Tug-of-war, Manchester Police A defeated Liverpool Police A in the final. Male voice choir. Eleven choirs had entered, and eight turned up. but Warrington Apollo were disqualified owing to being late in arriving. The winner was Warrington with 72 marks. Moelvvyn being second with 70. The other choirs' marks were as follows: -Abei-oi-kv 66. Cwm- parc 63. Birmingham Victoria 65, Machynlleth 67. Mountain Ash 69. Brass band competitions Quickstep, 1 Lind- ley; 2 Linthwaite. Test piece, 1 Goodshaw (Mr W. Haliwell); 2 Irwell Springs (Mr W. Rim- ner); 3 Crossfiekl's (Mr W. Haliwell).