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WELSH AMATEUR CUP FINAL. THE HOLDERS VICTORIOUS. Buckley Engineers (ithe holders) and Aberys- twyth, met in the re-played final tie for the Welsh Amateur Cup act. Newtown on Saturday. There were (about 1,500 spectators. Buckley won the toss and selected to play towards ;the town goal with ia rather strong wind in their favour. Immediately from the kick-off Aberystwyth became aggressive, and after passing between Austin Jenkins .and the brothers Peake, Bab Peake sent behind. The Buckley men next invaded the Sl()laside.rs:' quar- ters, but Millington's final shot went outside. By some rather tricky passing the Aberystwyth forwards again got down and -through Ernest P,e,ake had the :adv'antlag.el of a corner. This was cleared, however, and Dickenson was al- most immediately afterwards' called upon. Both Elides seemed to suffer from excitement. The Beasiders were perhaps having the better of matters but it was certainly a case of Greek meet ing Greek. J. Edwards was penalised for trip- ping Pearcey .as the latter was racing for goal, but aie free kick was not improved upon. From a free ki!ck Austin Jenkins iand Ernest Peake get down the field by clever passing and the latter tested Chesters- with a stinging shot. The keeper cleverly tipped over the bar, and from the corner kick Jenkins placed behind. Mes- ■ h am sent in a long dropping shot which Crow- ther breasted over the line. The resultant corner 'was well placed, uJ. a foul againsr. Buckley right under the bar averted disaster for the seasddem The ball travelled fast from end to end .and the play was moat interesting from the spectators' poiryt, of view. Ernefct Peake shot but Griffiths cleared, and D.Hughes headed behind. Offside against Llew R,ees nullified another afttack. A commendable ef- fort on the Buckley left was frustrated by Green clearing in the nick of time. Jenkin* again led an attack but Hughes cleared well. After this the brothers Peake were conspicu- ous, but Griffiths maintained a fine defence. Tom Rees was cheered for a brilliant bit oi work in shopping a run by Davison and Jenk- ins, who had received a pass from Evans in the centre. A free kick against Potts looked dan- gerous but Meesham kicked behind. At the other end Bob Peake got the ball from his bro- ther and shot just outside the bar. Green in- tercepted a rr.sh with a finK") over-head kick, but Edwards was next penalised for a charge. Evans, from this got within shooting disionoe, and tried conclusions wirlh Crowther, but the ball went just outside the upright. Phillips sent in another shot which Crowther saved. Next Aberystwyth got down and a eem-r^ by Bob Peake was placed a few inches outside by Llew Rees. Buckley with the aid of Davison, got past the Aberystwyth defence, but his final shot wemi over the bar. Bob and Ernest Peake got down by some splendid passing, but J. Ed- wards finally sent the ball rather wide, when unhampered and well-placed. After a little stoppage owing to gome unpleasantness between Rees and Davison, Crowther cleverly tipped a nasty shot over the toar. but the corner was got away, and Pot:" cleverly passed two or three opponents. The' ball, however, went over the Buckley line. Jenkins next. got 'into posi- tion, 'and passed Potts and Dickinson, .but his final shot went wide. Lewis rcblfced. Bob Peake but shot wide. Di Hughes next got down the left and centred but Bob Peake mulled the easiest of chances of drawing first blood. Chesters saved wedl from a terrific shot by J. Edwards, and Peake .also shot just outside. From a free kick play came to the Aberystwyth goal, but Millington was offside. Just before the call of half time, Buckley secured a goal. The ball came in from the right from the foot of Pearcey, and Green allowed it to paes to Crowther, but the latter slipped, and fell for- ward. the ball rolling into the net just at the point of his fingers. In the second half it was thought that Aber- ystwyth would make .good progress with the wind, and this opinion was well-founded, as in a minute or two from the re-start, Bob Peake got down 'and slhot with terrific force at Ches- ters. The latter was taken quite unawares by the suddenness and swiftness of the shot, .and the ball rolled out of hie hands over the line. Ernest Peake ran up and placed the matter be- yond doubt. The equaliser was received with deafening cheers. Still pressing, Peake tried to beat Chesters again, but failed. A corner to Aberystwyth was got tawiay, but Green was soon called upcn .at the other end, and gave the ball to Erne-s,t Peake who was pulled up by Griffiths, and the free-kick went behind. Aus- tin Jenkins then worked his way forward after a short visit to the Aberystwyth goal, 'but ihis final shot wias several yards wide. Millington next got the ball on the Buckley right, and forced a corner off Edwards. This was clear ed. Llew Rees sent across the goal mouth, and Bob Peake secured a corner off Griffiths. Hughes cleared, and at the other end Buckley got the ball into the net but the whistle had already gone for an .infringement. One of the Buckley men was hurt temporarily, .and when the ball was thrown up Hughes kicked behind. Davison raced away on the Buckley extreme left, and passed Dickenson oleverly, but his final shot, with iio one but Crowther to beat, was weak and wide. From a beautiful centre by Messham, Evans received 'the ball, but wa's obviously offside. Hugihes missed his kick for Buckley, and a fruitless corner fell to Aber- ystwyth. Crowther made a brilliant save from Davison. After a visit to the Aberystwyth goal Peake. made an effort to got through, and Llew Rees forced r1,corner, but Edwards sent 'behind. Griffiths • -.1 cleared strongly from a long shot by Gree nod the Buckley left got down clever- ly past ti n Aberystwyth halves, but Green and Dickenson defended well. The latter, however, kicked out once or twice unnecessarily. From a centre on the left Millington got the .ball through amislkliek by Green, and banged the ball into the net, thus placing the Engineers ahead. The same player got- down immediate- ly from the centre kick, 'but Crowther made a capital clearance. A foul .against the Buckley captain looked dangerous for his side, but Green jumped in heading the ball and touching an opponent, for which a, free kick was given. Another corner fell to the Seasiders, and this was beautifully placed. The ball parsed fairly slowily ;al-ong the goalmouth. The slighteet tap was all that wa's required to bring the equal- iser, but no one did the needful, and Griffiths realising the danger kicked out. Aberystwyth still pressed, and Chesters was forced to give a corner from a centie by Llew Reee, but this was not improved upen. liees spoilt a splen- did run by getting offside. Oswald Green, who tried to force ithe game, urged his men to renewed efforts. Bob Peake sent in a brilliant shot. and Cheaters kicked this out, and it land- ed over the bar. Several spectators in the neighbourhood of the goal declared the hnll was over the line when it came in contact with Chester's foot. From now to the end Buckley got mcst of the play, .and were winners by two goals to one. Aberystwyth Crowther; Dickenson and Green; Tom Rees, Potts, and J. W. Edwards; Bob Peake, Ernest Peake, Austin Jenkins, D. Hughes, and Llew Rees. Buckley: Cheerers; IIi;idles and Griffiths; Messham, Phillip.s, and Lewis; Millington, Piercey, Evans, Jenkins, d Davison. Referee, Mr Ike Baker, Nantwich. At the close of the match Mr R. T. Gough. on behalf of the Association, presented the Cup to Harry Hughes, the Buckley captain.

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