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CURRENT SPORT. Under Rugby Union rules, an International match between teams representing Ireland and Wales was played on Saturday at Limerick and was won by Wales by two goals and a try to a penalty goal. Club matches were won by Blackheath against Manchester and Rosslyn-park against Kensington. Under Associa- tion rules, an International match between Scotland and Wales was won by Scotland by five goals to two. A match for the Sheriff of London Charity Shield between the Corinthians and Sheffield United, as the leading amateur and professional clubs, was played at the Crystal Palace, and after much k?en play resulted in a draw, noither side being able to score. In the first division of the League competition three matches were played, and all were drawn. They were between Notts County and West Albion, Blackburn Rovers and Bury. and Liverpool and Bolton Wanderers. In the semi-final round for the Association Cup, Derby County beat Everton by three goals to one, and a match between Notts Forest and Southampton was drawn. Wales (remarks an expert commentator on the game) made another desperate effort to get the better of Scotland at the Association game, but badly failed. Twenty-three times now have they made the essay, hut on only two occasions haTe they even suc- ceeded in drtiwing. The Rugby team from the Prin- cipality, however, met with a better fate at Limerick, scoring a grand victory over the Irishmen by 11 points to three, so that it is evident the English fifteen will have to be at their best on April 2 to hold their own at Blackheath. The cause of charity was well served at the Crystal Palace on Saturday, when some 20,000 benevolent spectators chrtdully paid their shillings and sixpences for the privilege of standing about in the rain for close upon two hours while the pride of professionalism and the leading amateur club strove together for their delectation. Fortunately the rain did not start until close upon the advertised time for kicking off, so that the attendance was in no way affected. The game, as befitted the occasion, was a great one, being fought out with tremendous keenness throughout, and on the day's jplay there was really nothing to choose between the two teams. Any little advantage that Sheffield may have had in the earlier portion of the game was more than counter- balanced by the slight superiority of the Corinthians in the later stages, but there were really few periods of protracted pressing by either side. The game rather lost in interest from the spectators' point of view, owing to the defence of both sides being rather stronger than the attack. Sheffield United's famous trio of half backs nearly always broke up the combination of the Corinthian forwards, while on the rare occasions on which the Sheffield front rank got past Wreford- Brown and Middleditch, their further advance was checked by Oakley and Fry. Burnup on the one side and Bennett on the other occasionally made brilliant dashes down the wing, and the former on one occasion hnd the goal at his mercv when he was badly fouled by Thickett. G. O. Smith was too I closely watched by Morren to be quite so effective as usual, but he played in his usual finished style. Neither goalkeeper made a mistake, which was all the more remarkable considering that the ball was greasy, and difficult to handle. It is a curious coincidence that the three First Division League Associationfootballmatchesplayedon Saturday all ended in drawn games, eight goals being scored by the six clubs. In the Second Division Luton had all the better of the game with Burnley, and inspite of the fact that Hillman was in goal they scpnvl a menionous victory over the leaders. In the Southern League Millwall Athletic did very well indeed to draw at Bristol. Playing for Tottenham Hotspur against Sheppey United Joyce was in a rare scaring lorm. securing all four of the Tottenham goals. Chatham and Gravesend both won away from home, Wolverton and Swindon being their respective victims. West Ham Garfield showed surprisingly good form at Upton by defeating Ilford in the final tie for tlie West Ham Hospitals Cnp, and thus retaining their hold on this popular trophy. The unfortunate accident to Unwin, within five minutes from the start, demoralised the Blackheath fifteen for no considerable period during their match with Manchester, which for the most part was a poor exposition of the Rugby code. The accident referred lo will probably necessitate a change in the half-backs :0 represent England in the International against Wales, Unwin's elbow being dislocated. The visitors brought a sturdy set of forwards, md although towards the end of the game their efforts began to tell upon them, for i long time they worried the "club" men. The only point scored in the first half was the result of i forward rush, taking the ball over the home line. Irhen Louden secured the lead for Manchester. The last part of the game was contested in a heavy rain, ind the ball became very difficult to handle; yet the home back division improved considerably, and two .)f their tries were the oi t ome of a good bout of passing, especially the second by G. C. Robinson. Livesay was mainly responsible for both Royds's and Robinson's tries, the openings effected by him in each case being extremely smart. G. M. Carey was conspicuous in the open, and Wnllis put in some useful defensive work, and repeatedly made headway with his kicks into touch. Russell worked very hard at half, taking Unwin's place after the accident. Craven played a good game at half for the visitors. The return match between Mr. Stoddart's team and South Australia was continued in Adelaide on Mon- day. The colonists completed their first innings for 287, or 65 to the good; and the Englishmen at the close of play had made 32 without the loss of a wicket. She international chess match by cable between teams representing Great Britain and the United States resulted on Saturday in a victory for the British team by õi to 4$games. The cross-country race between French and Eng- lish runners took pface at Ville d'Avray, near Sevres, on Sunday, under most favourable conditions. The course was one of 14"5 k'lomitres, or as nearly as possible uinc miles. All the English- men finished in front of Touquet, the first French- man, a splendid race between Robinson and Har- rison ending in favour of the first-named by about three yards. The winning post was reached in the following order S. Robinson (Northampton A.C.), 56min. ;^We., 1 II. Harrison (Manchester Harriers), 56min. 40fec.. 2: C. Bennett, (Finchley Harriers), 57min. 18sec., 3 T. Bartlett (Essex Beagles), 57 min. 26sec., 4; J. D. Marsh (Snlford Harriers), 57min. 52sec., 5; J. J. Crook (Salford Harriers), 57min. 53acc.. 6; A. H. Meacham (Birchfleld Harriers) and E. Barlow (Manchester Harriers), dead heat, 58inin. 44sec. Torquet, of the Racing Club de France, occupied 59niin. Fsee., the others being far behind. As Touquet crossed the line he dropped down quile insensible, hurting his forehead in the fall, and having to be carried away. The form of the French runners was comparatively bad. They dragged their le^s. ran without spring or stride, and looked like losing after going the first 100 yards. They all had cournge. but, except in the case of Touquet. it was of the fatalistic rather than the game order. The first. international contest has undoub- tedly been a succtss, o-nd as the French have un- doubtedly good raw material they are likely to do much better with more practice. After the umpires for county cricket matches had been selected at Lord's on Thursday of last week, the meeting of county representatives came to a most im- portant decision with respect, to the ensuing season. At the conclusion of each first-class match a jointly- signed report by the captain of each eleven will be forwarded to the secretary of the M C.C., as to the manner in which umpires have discharged their duties. These reports will be filed, and upon the in- formation thus conveyed the county representatives will make their selection of umpires for 1899. This is an important departure: the joint signing of the reports will protect the umpire from anything like trivial complaints, and at the same time it will secure the reappointment of those who are attentive and re- liable. This decision was arrived at on the suggestion of the representative of one of the western counties. Mr. Stoddart's cricket team began on Saturday tiks closing match of their tour—the return game with South Australia, in Adelaide. The Englishmen went first to the wickets, but were all disposed of fo* 222. The oolonists at the close of the first daji pj»y ba4 Morri W without loiiag » wicket,








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