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°- r-" HIJIBHKER!! BRKBR! nWhat does D.C.L mean ? The Qistillers Qompany, limited AM the Bole Makers of this oalekntad brand of Yeast whioli produce* unriTalled Bread, and all descriptions of Buns, TM Qakoe, Ac., splendid appearance and tempting flavour, Afa extent* is spared te make o*r "D.C.L." Yssst per/ict ieth /or Hem* ttJt and Baheri rtfuirtmtni*. If you have net tried it tend U tu ftr m free tmmple and Seekltt of Instructions. DEMEMBER that all Yeuti are set I a alike. There are cheap inferior Yeasts aad many Foreign makes, but "D.O.L." is of Home { lfaanfactnre, aad the best A FREE GIFT FOR ALL. FROM DECEMBER llxa TO DECEMBER 28TH, J. R. JAMES, ABERYSTWYTH & COUNTY STORES, NORTH PARADE, WILL GIVE AWAY A Ilb. CURRANT CAKE TO EVERY PURCHASER OF GOODS TO THE VALUE OF 2s. 6d. ALL KINDS OF GROCERY OF THE BEST QUALITY AT LOWEST PRICES. Every Description of Christmas Fruit. CURRANTS, 2D. AND 3D. PBR LB. RAISINS, 4D. AND 5D. PER LB. SULTANAS, 4D. AND 5D. PER LB. LEMON PEEL, 4D. PER LB. ORANGE PEEL, 4|D PER LB. CITRON, 6D. PER LB. JAMS & MARMALADES FROM 4|D, PER 2LB. POT. PEAK, FRBAN'S AND JACOB'S BISCUITS. f An early call is reepeotfnlly solicited during the next fortnight. NOTE THE ADDRESS- J. R. JAMES, YSTWYTH & COUNTY STORES, NORTH PARADE. ——— T,r~ TSHMENT. WESTMll\t^ c & ^\u*.vDl-™ \Perfect Sanitary Arrange- ments. woOa Cdoiiu^oJO-TTJlcaflance. L. G, PARRY, Proprietress. THE GRAND OLD REMEDY FOR CHEST DISEASES: (IN USE FROM THE YEAR 1826.) J (g>g)NGREYE'S BftLSflMie EL!X!R I This splendid Medicine should be In every Household ft IN CASBS OP On the appearance of the First Symptoms of a ft /B*AP||T Aa> Cold a gooddose of BALSAMIC ELIXIR will, in V ff|f|| I fa U O ( KfcvEN I Or nineteen out of twenty cases, carry it off before it becomes 9 I.UUUnO PUDnUIO\ settled or merges into Influenza. At the first SUSPICION ■ wlHIWHIw/ OF INFLUENZA take it—as well as when the well-marked « symptoms appear; also take it for the SUBSEQUENT A *ND WEAKNESS of the LUNGS, and other direful effects of this alarming ■ BRONCHIAL I D ASTHMA—als^BF^N^HT'ri&-CON,GRE5^'E's'BALSeAftflC I — ELIXIR has been the means of wonderful relief. See the case of ■ Jft EECI 111MS LADY G. BROMLEY (NO. XIII. in Mr. Congreve's book). | II ■ ItW ■ ■vIlVI FOR HOARSENESS IT IS INVALUABLE, AND ft I ^SPLENDID FOR THE VOICE | ■ endyou can hardly fail to get the o P ■ I tough relieved, andthe Branthial Also a PREVENTATIVE OF COLD to Speakers going out In all A I sympUms to disappear. weathers Warm, Comforting and Pleasant taken on Sugar. I (I 01811 Me4lcllle Velldon, III Bottlu at 1/1!4, 219, 416, and Pamily Bottle. at III. IInd 221-. BNOLIBH-THB BEST! BENSON'S ENGLISH WATCHES. Guaranteed for Accuracy, Durability, Strength, and Value. Thousands of Testimonials have been received. BENSON'S BENSON'S English LevM Keyless English Levelt "LUDCATE" WATCH "BANK" WATCH. Ik Ubk ALL THE In Silver Illustrated Book Post Free. OLD TAKBN IN EXCHANGE. A.11 Geode Not Approftd will be Cheapest, Strongest and most Durable London A good Knockabout Watch for rough wear at a made THREE-QUARTER PLATE ever sold; low price. Bert London made, Three-Quarter Plate An English Lever, Jewelled with 13 Rubies, Chrono- EngUeh Lever, Large, Chronometer Balance, Jewelled meter Balance, Patent Large Barrel, and Damp and in Rubies, Strong Keyless Action. Dust Proof Ring Band. Price L5 6s. An Exact Timekeeper, and better value than any Keeps better time than, and is double the Strength Keyless Watch sold for £ 10. 10 s"r"" st«ta«a>™r,on»w Gentlemen &°ToiUhs (a^Ul^trated)'; ^fo.^2,* Working gENSON'S ENGAGEMENT RINGS, in Half Men; No. 3, Railway Men and Miners; No. 4, Ladies. Hoop, Marquise, Gipsey and all other designs, In massive 18-ct. Gold Cases, with Crystal Glass, set with Brilliants, Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls, Sap- Gentlemen's size, £ 12 12s. Lady's size, £ 10 10s. phires, Opals, Turquoise, Ac., Ac., of In plain gold. ALL WATCHES AND JEWELLERY sent post free, and at my risk, to all parts of the World on receipt of Draft, Cash, or P.O.O., payable at G:P.O. CEND FOR BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES from £ 2 2s. to £ 500. CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS, BROOCHES, PLATE, Ac., &c. Sent post free on application to Jw RFWQAKT WATCHMAKER and JEWELLER TO • XX* AJ £ ill OU11, H.H. THE QUEEN and ROYAL FAMILY. Steam Factory: 62 & 64, LUDGATE HILL, And 28, ROYAL.EXHANGE, E.C., and 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. WAfQH, Ao., OLUBa.-AppticatiMO for age/iobc Invited. Easy system, no risk.