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FOOTBALL. 1 THE FIGHT FOR THE LEOMTNSTER CUP. RH AY A DEL? ROUTED. Aberystwyth, at Rhaya der a short time ago, playing three or four reserve nuon. were defeated by the home- stars,whose p^rformaiioo IVas of anything but a scien- tific order. On Satarday Aberystwyth had them at home in thes^-ond round for the Leominster cap, and returned the compliment hClrtily. The pn -ea of afl- mission to the Vicarage Field wcrj higher than usual, but there was a good crow to witness the proceed- ings. With the kiok-off Garner met a neat pass by Rea. The visiting forwards got possession and worked the ball up the ground, but W. Davies pre- vented anything serious happening, Miles having aided Rea, the 'la'ter put the leather on to Arthur Owen, who deposited in Morris' keeping, Morris sending- an irresista^-ly shot between the uprights, thus scoring the first '70'11 for the homesters within a minute from the sUrt. The home forwards, urge i by Mile*, bad a second at, e-npt, Garner heading wittiin an inch or two of the crossbar. A third try at the uprights by the horn 'sters ended in the ball going be- hind. Hope Edwards being given a chance he was baulked by Miles, and in a second or two Rooas rushed into the open, but unfortunately misled the ball, it devolving upon Harry Smith to save, his action relieving the onlookers c Aftr some smart pl<iy by Art hur O^van, G-irner, awl illi,liaei showed up, the left visitiug b..ck liaving to treat the ba 1 witvi a kl conker/' 'Ihon the homesters^ w;Te conceded a corner, which wa-i placed by Harry smith, but its tre tmcntsp.lt 'smoke." Rea having- made rings around his immed ate opponents, Arthur Owen di-ol yed some capital combination in conjunct 011 with-Rea, which meant a warm minute or two in the visitors' end. Roose baring his char-re. kicked up hi" heels f(.r a j-hcrS whilo in mid field, and performing- the work of a hack admirably. Subsequently Hope Kdwards an i Francis spoi down their wincr, cimpell- ing Har y Smith to giv a corner, whi h was well managed by the back division. Moiris and J\I'cha"l made thinys r ttle for a bit, until Hops El wards arid Francis became (anger 'us, but that difficnl-y ceased with a emart attack on tht m by W. 'Davies, who on Saturday pl-tyed almost a faultless gama at lank, his kick.. being more forward and precise than at Oswestry the previous Stturday. Following this was some note- worthy plo.v by R a, who like wme, seems to improve w th age. His shots were Peri itself, and be as ably seconded on Saturday by Arthur O ven. The v;.«iting forwards eadeavonred to copy t e clock- work performance of the homesters, and for a minute or two they did so successfully, their inside left 1-tt ngo go a shot which weat only joet; behind. Another fi r *e oris'aight by theci w.%s futile. Roo,e playing a Lril a it canto. During some passim? amonsr^t the homn forwar Is, MorrEi dis- patched the globe to Rea, who s-)Pt a whizzing -hot right across the goal mouth, Mcha*l failing t- reo ceive it. Morris getting possession treatid the visitor' to one of his notoriously raoid eh. ti which struck a ha'f-back. and e ic.t"i coin] a^sion for that individnal from the crowd. Hope K-Jw*rda again en- deavoured to break dowa Irs wing, but W. L'av e-i successfully t«aa>!d the b,g 'ni After some handsome feeds by M-los, th* Viid r3 left winder* triedtolealw.ththoletLh.r but making a mnll of it, the horne.-t rj la 1 aiotm-r oupoit-inity, which proved a failure. Fr >m tilÍslhid t ;i-igs gr- w it ry hard with the visitors, a th 'U^h ihere was a i t and momentary retaliation,when W.H..lont-sallnwtM his opponei.ti a foul right in the Aberystwjti euol. W. R. however soon redeemed his elar.eter by getting the homeater^ out of ti.eir pre !i< ament. The ball going on to D. Morca* that uramovab'e l.al sent it flying int) midfiel I. With but little in- terval Morrs played on to Rea, who set wed th,. ball right into the visiting goal month, but the backs raved. The visitor* came ont of their qna t ril very quickly, Evans sho ting pa*t Rooso, who slipped on the wet grass. Thns was the vi-itors' first goal scored, Michael and Morris after thiatri-d to put on another goal, but Marsden removed the lall with a l,ng kick. The gam■» wis again fi rmed llIt) the 'visitors' end, D. Morgan coiitribut nc a shot which just parsed the uprights, Morris following this up with a thundering kick, the crossbar seeming to crack under the coll'son. II. i'or,-ai ha^iiig tried to ruse the score, Aithur 01V,'n psl-s-.l on thw a ony with a capital shot for goal. W Davies was f. llo-xing suit wh*n h»lf Mm"* caw, t <o -core tendon-a T.-s i.<,■ iccon i opened w th a re iew ac'ick on tr.<# hoase gra'. '-ut I: :t-l-v* • -uaohftrgf Tr.fta R->' h- up 'he fcjii t~ A ;v.. „ th* tu'lhin, it Ejonuon ng result it gaui jy Morrt-j no Then a psA-.t, .'uti ii- i. wa-" -aifs- but i>. Morgan caw^tiing it scut a soorciser into the net, being tne-fcnn i grjvl for Abery-t'-vyth. Some goodplayouti p jrt of Mva. is was next w tnes.-ipd, but the ball went hi.!i. OVH t"Ie bar. Rea. was elected t) take a corner, aud he dropped t"e ball amongst the crowd before the goal mouth. A sharp stru^-glj followed, and the home;-t;rs hid hard Ii nps in not scoring. Th-centre half gave thd YstWjthians a foul, the sequence to which some mid-fi-11 llay. A pass by Morris t) R a, aid the ball went too far for the latter t) utilize it advantageoufly. The next per- formance, that of Arthur Owe i, was of a high-class character. The b ,ll slid al >Jlg to R a, who roiled it. along to Morris, who flashed through the third gotil amidst cheer■■. From this point a misty lain bayau to blow right iu th^ homesters'faces, the b 11 being sometimes obscured, but the progress of playi? g the visito-s off their legs WAS kJpt 111). Morgan kept slogging away in mid-fiell, and the home front rank pu-sued an unbroken ci>arsd 111 the fourth goal was notched by Rea with th • shot ot the day, for which he was rewarded with" loud chet-r-i from the crowd. After this Koo=e wa-s called npon t) do his duty once or twice. The vi-itor- would puto n stupendous spurts, aud their forwards would arrive panting in fr.,iit ol the goal to notch, but fioo-e would treat their effort-1 lightly with kicks which went far over the centra lin". And the visiting forwards wearied and sick at heal t bad to retrace their steps "to do it all over a,ran." W. R. Jones also worked starJily, and the game frnd^d with the bcore- Aberystwyth 4. Rhayader 1. The following were the teams :— ABERYSTWYTH. Go.I, Roo-J"; baok- \V. R. Jones, and tV. L'. Darius half bncks, Harry Smith, D. Morgan, aDd A. Miles; forw.rds, Michael, Girmr (0»pt), Morri-1, A. Owen, J. C. Kea. BHAYADEB. G< a1, Pross-r: backj, Pearson aid M rst in half b I -ks, J. Powell, Hamer, and W. Powpll; for > a- ds, E (wards, Fr.i;icis, Evans, D. Francis, and i.b-yd. lhe re eree «as Mr W. Evans, Newtown. The following matches were played on Saturday NORTH WALES COAST LEAGUE. J'LINT V CARNARVON IRONOPOLIS. At FliLt. Beenlt .—Flint, three goals; Caruarvon Iro iopol s, none. THE WELSH CUP: RE-PLAYED TIES. BAKOOB V WKSTMlN8TBa BOVEE8. At Wrexham. The game was fast and exciting, In the first half both s;des scored a goal. In the second portion B-1 gor score I t-.vice, and the result was:- Ba igor, thres goils; Westminster Kovi-rs, one. WELLINGTON 8T. QBOBGB'S V DRUIDS. At St. Gei rge's, The Droids' goalkeeper defended grin,ily, bnt was beaten shortly ucfore the in- 'erval. Cio-sing ovtr the Dmids were again oi hted to brin > oat 11 their defensive res >nroes, but the H Dugons" soared irom a corner, and eventually added another, th final bein? St George's^ three goatd) Druids, Heme, WELSH JUNIOR CUP (SECOND ROUND). HORSEHAY ALBroN V NEWTOWN RESERVE. At Newtown. Result:—Horseh y, two goals; Newtown, one. CHJRK V SHREWSBURY ATHLETIC. At Ch rk. Reeult :-Shrewsbury, three goals; Chirk, one. WREXHAM RESERVE V RUABON AI.BION. On the Wrexham Racecourse. Final score :— Wrexham Reserve, two goals Ifnabor., o.u-. BANGOR KS8SKVE V FLIN.T SWIFTS. At Bangor. At half-time the home team led l,y one gOil to nil. In the second ha f the homo teim i a i .11 the play, fin-illy winning by fonr goals t.- nil. WEDNESBURY CHARI YI UP iSECOND t-OUNi-')- OLD HILL RED ROSP; V BILSiON UNITED. On the ground of the form er. II I-to I sccrd five goali to one. WELLINGTON TOWN V OSWESTRY UVITKD. AtOswe-try. The Hi.cl resn.t «as a 1 nw of c; c goal each. WHITCHURCH TOWN V IilONBKIOGS UI.SlfRvES. At Ironbridge. A thick to.* whicn ei.v 1 e t ground made is so d.mclI t :,1 ;<> ] ti o p that the re'eree sto; j e 1 piny, thy mn r th=n s'uudin, at one goi.l each. BROWNFIILLS ALBION V H DXESF n D TOWN. At BrownhiH. Browninils sv It i, tv,) g. als o none. WSST BBOMW.ca Bas^KVB i V WA.VUL-- ATHLETIC. Thj Reserves withdrew, SHROPSHIRE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE, NEWPORT V At Hereford. The Salopians fad d to notch a legitimit.e point, snd retic-cd defeated by five goals to none. RUGBY. LIVERPOOL V NEWPORT. Result—New por', one goal; live pool, nothing. JUNIOR 31 F.DAL COMPETITION. The At-<~r7 t vyth Fojt' a 1 Club have decided to hold their second junior medal competition to further the pro-'pett-i of footbal! in the district. Teams de- sir its of competing mUiot send the name3 of players, w;th the entrance fee of 2s. 61, to the secretary, Mr Evan b'ees. All entries fr,r the competition will close on Tuesday, December 17th. The draw is to take place on Thursday, the 19th. WELSH ASSOCIATION CUP, The draw for the fourth rouvi W.18 aJc at Wrex- ham on Thursday night ts foil :— Brymbo v Aberystwyth, at Brj mbo. Referee, Mr F. E. Roberts, Ellesm^ro. Wrexham v Chirk, at Wrexh<im. Referee, Mr R. T. Gough, Oswpstry. Herefor I v Newtown, at Hereford. Referee, Mr John Taylor, Wrexham. Westminster Hovers or Bmgor v Wellington St. Geor.-e's or Druids, at Wrexham or Bangor. Referee, Mr 1-furh R^hert-i. Th: ties have to be played off on January 11th, kick off at 2.30. The North v South match has been fixed f r January 13th at Aberystwyth.