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THE ELLEN BEATRICE ASHORE AT WORKINGTON. GALLANT RESCUE. 1 During Thursday afternoon of last week a heavy gale from the southward sprang up and towards evening freshened till it blew with hurricane fury. It was accompanied by torrents of rain, and the sea got up rapidly, breaking on the shore with terrific force. The Workington lifeboat crew and the rocket brigade were on the alert, and shortly after ■- five o'clock signals of distress were observed off the harbour. The crews of the lifeboat and the rocket apparatus were summoned, and preparations made for rescuing the crew r te a schooner which was driven ashore on the "orth Bank whilst making for the harbour. I -3 tug Rocklight went out to the assistance he vessel, but owing to the shallowness of water she could not get near enough to a, ler help. The lifeboat next went out and n-< e towards the stranded vessel. The breakers at the pier head were terrific, and after an attempt the boat was forced to return. The lifeboat was commanded by second cox- swain Harcus, and in conjunction with the steam tug a second effort was made to reach the ship, by means of a hawser from the tug, by the aid of which the lifeboat was to be towed away towards the distressed vessel. This expedient was found impracticable by reason of the terrific sea and the want of length of rope, and the lifeboat returned to the station. At this time the screams of the men for help could be distinctly heard, though the darkness was so intense that it was only by the use of a light that the whereabouts of the vessel could be seen. The huge seas were sweeping her from stem to stern, and the crew must have suffered greatly. With the return of the lifeboat from the fruitless errand some dissatisfaction was expressed. The rocket brigade then got ready for an attempt to rescue the men. The brigade mustered twelve members, under Captain Grice, Lieu- tenants Cowan and Larkin, and Mr Secretary iilackwell. Two rockets were discharged from the pier, the second of which fell over the vessel. No use was made of this line by those on board, and from subsequent enquiries this was owing to one of the crew who went forward with a torch to look for the line falling, and the torch being extinguished by the seas breaking on board, the line was not discovered, though it was lying across the bowsprit of the vessel. Seeing that more effective assistance could be rendered from the beach at the north side of the harbour, Captain Grice ordered the brigade to proceed thither. Horses, supplied by Mr Howieson of the Green Dragon Hotel, were in readiness, and the rocket cart and men were transported around by Workington Bridge, a distance of about three miles, to gain a place only a stone's throw from where the brigade were stationed on the south side of the river. On arriving at the north beach four rockets were ignited, and wreck lights burn^ but although a line was l >i'^ over the vessel no response CG'uiu be got from the crew, and for a time the rocket brigade were puzzled, not knowing what to do. It was thought that as the tide was receding the men found that they could hang on till the vessel was left dry, but after some delay the whip line was hauled on board and made fast. It was only the work of a few minutes then for the rocket brigade to fetch off the crew by means of the breeches buoy, though the labour and danger were considerable, Capt Grice, Lieuts. Cowan and Larkin, and Mr Blackwell and Mr Whitaker, of the Custom House, frequently being up to the middle in the surf hauling upon the lines. The captain of the vessel, two men-one of whom was nearly 70 years of age-and a boy were safely landed, but in L, I y a very exhausted condition. The men were taken charge of by Captain Vaughan, who made them comfortable till the tide would permit of their getting their clothes and belongings from the vessel. The men of the brigade and the public who were present all worked nobly in the face of one of the heaviest gales in their efforts to save life, and the brigade thank those who assisted for their help, which was of very material assistance, as the strain upon the ropes by the surf was very heavy. The schooner was the Ellen Beatrice, of Aberystwytb, Captain R. D. Jones, from Pembrey, 78 tons register, bound for Workington with a cargo of fire bricks. The line placed over the vessel from the pier by the rocket brigade was intended to assist the lifeboat in getting to the vessel, but it was not taken advantage of by the crew on the stranded ship. The crew were Capt William Owen, North- parade. owner, Capt R. D. Jones, Ship- builder's-row, his son-in-law, Mr Thomas Williams, Chalybeate-terrace, and Captain Jones' son, Thomas Oliver Jones, a lad. The vessel was got off the beach and taken into Workington harbour on Monday. The reamer Africa, from London to Naples, reports that nD October 28th, in 49 24 N., 3 45 W., she fell in with the brig Ceredig, of New Quay, port of Aberystwyth, on fire and abandoned. She was afterwards seen to founder. The Agnes Fraser, belonging to Mrs Doughton, Seaview-place, lost her anchors in the storm of Thursday week in Moelfre Bay, but was afterwards able to get into Beaumaris. The owner's son, Capt Evan Doughton, is the master. The Sabrina, owned by Mr David Rees, Bortb, but registered at Portmadoc, has been damaged in the Shannon.