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COURT AND SOCIETY. [FROM THE WORLD."] When the Prince of Wales was in Hungary during the autumn of 1885, he gave sittings for his portrait to I'rofessor von Angeli of Vienna, who has been so largely employed by the Queen during the last 15 years, there now being upwards of a dozen portaits by him in the private apartments at Windsor Castle, including an admirable likeness of Lord Beaconsfield, which hangs in the grand corridor. This portrait of the Prince, which has been painted for the Nobles' Club at Buda-Pesth, is now finished, and it will be sent shortly to England for the inspection of the Queen and the Royal Family. I hear from Vienna that the picture has greatly pleased those who have seen it. H.R.H. is represented wearing the uniform of the 10th Hussars, with the Garter and Hungarian order of St. Stephen. The Duchess of Cumberland's intended visit to Copenhagen has been postponed till the spring, by advice of the physicians who have been in attendance on her; so she will remain with her husband and children at Pinzing, near Vienna, where the Queen of Denmark and the Queen of Hanover are also passing the winter at the duke's villa. The Duke of Augustenburg, who has been visiting the Duke and Duchess of Connaught at Bombay, has left on his way to Hyderabad. The duke is the only son of the Princess Adelaide of Hohenlohe-Langen- burg, and nephew of Prince Christian. His eldest sister is married to Prince William of Prussia. The Emperor William has by no means separated himself from the Court party at Berlin, the members of which are so much opposed to Prince Bismarck, in spite of his having thrown over Count Perponcher, who offended the Chancellor during the Czar's visit. The Emperor has just conferred the order of the Black Eagle, the highest distinction in Germany (ranking with our Garter, or the Russian order of St. Andrew), upon Count Stolberg-Wernigerode, his Grand Cham- berlain, who is one of the most intimate friends of Count Perponcher. Count Otho Stolberg, who is married to the Princess Anne of Reuss, is one of the richest and most powerful of the mediatised princes of Germany. Every traveller in the Harz must have noticed the magnificent Schloss of Wernigerode, with its romantic park. This is the Count's principal seat, where he entertained the Empress and Prince William a few months ago. His forests afford the best shoot- ing in North Germany, excepting only the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha's. Mr. Ailwyn Fellowes, the younger brother of Lord de Ramsey, has, I hear, come into a large fortune by the death of his aunt, Lady Bayning, who died at Honingbam Hall, her place in Norfolk, about six weeks ago. The personal property alone exceeds Y-50,000, and everything is bequeathed to Mr. Fellowes. Mr. Osborne Morgan's proposal to invite Sir George Trevelyan as a guest on next Grand Day appears to have disturbed the harmony of the usually placid conclaves of the Masters of the Bench of Lincoln's- inn. Lord Grimthorpe boldly challenged a division, and Lord Justice Cotton supported his amendment; but the invitation was finally resolved upon with only three dissentients, Eleanor Lady Westbury is taking lessons in the art of reciting from Mrs. Stirling. Mr. Leopold de Rothschild has been redecorating and rearranging his cottage" at Ascott. The crimson and gold draperies for the drawing-room only cost fifteen guineas a yard [FROM "TRUTH."] A contemporary announces that there has been skating in the grounds at Osborne," and proceeds to give a long and minute account of how Prince Henry came to grief" on the ice, which is a simple romance from beginning to end, as there has been no ice-this winter on the ornamental water at Osborne, so it follows that there has been no skating. I hear that the Queen is anxious that Prince Louis of Battenberg should be nominated to the command of the Royal yacht Osborne, in place of Commander Curzon-Howe, who has just vacated the appointment on promotion. The Queen of Sweden will occupy Crag Head, a villa on the East Cliff, near Boscombe Chine, during her approaching stay at Bournemouth. Her ailments are quite as much mental as physical. Queen Sophie, who is the aunt of the Duchess of Albany, will probably be accompanied to Bournemouth by her eldest sister, the Dowager Princess of Wied. The mansion at Castle Rising has been let by Lady Audrey Buller (as guardian of her son) to Lady Fanny Howard, who was formerly Lady-in-Waiting to the Duchess of Kent. The excellent shooting, which was rented for some years by the Prince of Wales, whose Sandringham preserves it adjoins, has been leased to Lord Fife and Mr. Horace Farquhar. I wonder what the late Mr. Hugh M'Calmont re- garded as a comfortable income ? Having left about three millions to a nephew, he has provided for the interest to accumulate during seven years, in order that the nephew may afterwards be in a sound financial position. These three millions would give an income of nearly £100,000 per annum, and one would really suppose that any one, with care and economy, might live decently on this amount, without even wishing to increase it. Crescit amor mtmmi, says that fund of wisdom, the Latin grammar but why any one should care for the crescit even in his grave is one of those things that I never have been able to understand. The endowment of the new see of Wakefield will be completed in a few weeks, and a memorial has been largely signed requesting the Bishop of Ripon to become the first bishop, as he is exceedingly popular in the Wakefield district. There is very little prospect that Dr. Boyd Carpenter will consent to transfer him- self from Ripon, as he would lose X1200 by the change, and his work would be considerably heavier. The Mastership of the Glendare Hunt will be vacant at the close of the season, in consequence of the resig- nation of Mr. F. W. Lambton. Mr. Wemyss will resign the Mastership of the Burton Hunt at the end of this season.