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CHARADES, CONUNDRUMS, ck In tent, not in house, In pussy and in mousey In rose, not in pink, In knife and in ink, In key, not in door, In yes, yet, and yore, Whole a bird that I've heard, Feels sad when folks are glad, At Christmas time, When the bells chime; -Turker. Read me forward, Read me backward, I am the same; My whole is a familiar And favourite proper name. —Hannab» We travel much, yet prisoners are, And close confined to boot, We with the swiftest horse keep pace, Yet always go on foot. —A pair of spam, In maple, not in beach, In learn, also in teach, In morning, not in night, In mildew, not in blight, In meadow, not in clover, A name used the wide world over. — My first is in a river's course; My second we often do; My whOle is very beautiful, And very costly too. -Damask.. My first is in lance, but not in sword; My second is in lady, but not in lord; My third is in bird, but not in heard; My fourth is in spoken and in sound; My fifth is m Rover, but not in bound; My whole you'll find A blessing to mankind. -Laboa. My first is sometimes made of wood My second we like to see; And, better still, to eat it up; My whole grows on a tree. -CheatDut,. First in sow, not in reap Second in piie, not in heap; Third in take, not in bring; Fourth in twine, also in string; Fifth in thread, not in spool; Whole an article uted in school. — A southerly wind and a cloudy sky Proclaim a bunting morning," Before the keen hounds my first shall flyt Their bay shall give him warning. My second a girl as soft as a dove, With a voice attuned to cooing, Once gave a knight she pretended to love, When proudly he came a wooing; She tbrew it down to the lions, you know, And a.tter it bravely the knight did go. And that made an end of his suing. My whole is something quite fair to see, But it holds a poison in dower; Put my first and my second together, I think You'll call me a beautiful flower. —-Foxglove In rye my first y, have, but not in wheat, In sour my iie- ■ • soon you'll find, In bitter, too, r; aird, but not in sweet, And, strange doe my fourth, but not in hind. In river is my lifth, and not in lake, In hornet is my sixth, and not in honey-bee, In whose bite, not in whose sting, my seventh you must take. The urn contains my eighth, and not its tea. In fire my ninth discover, not in coal, The hunter holds my tenth, but not his game, My eleventh in his alpenstock unroll, My whole's a poet of undying fame, Now guess away, and let me have his name. -Robert Burns. What is that which flies high, Sies low, has BQ; feet, and yet wears shoes ?—Duss. When are two kings like three mil <j ?—When thejr make a league. Why is an industrious tailor never at home ?-Be- cause he is always cutting out. Why are good resolutions like a squalling baby affc church?—because they should always be carriedi out. When might the moon be said to have over-indulged somewhat?-When she is on her last quarter, and is about full. Why is a bald-headed man like a hound ?—Becauso he makes a little hare go a great way. Why is chloroform like Mendelssohn or Rossini Because it is one of the greatest composers of modem times. Why is a talkative young man like a young pig?-— Because if he lives, he is likely to become a greatt bore. If I were in the sun and you were out of it, w. would the sua become ?—Sin. When are eyes not eyes ?—When the wind mat. them water. What is that which never uses its teeth for eating purposes ?—A comb. Why is a physician's prescription a good article U feed pigs on ?—Because it is composed of grains. When is a bar of iron like a bad note ?—When it Is forged. Why is Lombard-street like the Grand Canal r- Because it has banks on both sides of it. Why is Ireland like a bottle of wise ?—Because there is a Cork in it. When is a night-light like a tombstone f—Whea it is set up for a late husband. Why should a donkey be a bad debtor ? Because he is more likely to pay in kicks than half-pence. With what book would you sift cinders ? a riddlft* book. Why isn't a fishmonger a nice acquaintance ?—Be- cause he is sure to be a sell-fish man. What part of a bed transposed will name a fish p- Bolster (lobster). By what means can bliss be made painful?— Drop> one letter and add three, and bliss becomes blister. In what forest do palms most abound ?-The forest of hands. What kind of paper tells you who you are ?—Tissue ('tis you). When is the worst weather f tr rats and mice ?—> When it rains cats and dogs. Why is the letter H like a our, for deafness ?-Beoo cause it makes ear hear. What is that which every man can divide, but which no man can see where it has been divided ?— Watefc-

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