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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NEWS. INVENTION.-An inhaler has been patented by Dr Harries and Mr George Davis, FREE LIBRARY.—The number of books taken out during the week ending1 Saturday, January 7th, was 372 corresponding- week of last year, 374. Mr J. M. Saunders, M.A.. son of Dr Saunders, Swansea, and son-in-law of Mr R. J. Davies, Cwrt- mawr, has returned from America. On Friday evening, January 6th, Judge Bishop, of Dolgarreg, gave an excellent dinner at the Royal Oak, Llanwrda, to Messrs J. & D. Evans' workmen, who are making extensive additions to his seat. THE FABNINGHAM BOYS'HOME.—Miss Lumb, who is the authorised collector in this town towards the above institution, has received the sum of = £ 112s 10d in the past quarter. FAIRS FOR JANUARY.—New Inn, 2; Brecon, 3; Llandilo.fawr, 9 Haverfordwest, 10 Narberth, 11 Lampeter, 11; Llamvenog, 14 Llansawel, 16 Letter- stone, 16; Llandovery. 16 Llangadock, 16 Pencader, 16 Pembroke, 30 Cilgerran, 31. PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY.—The amount paid by this company in the Aberystwyth district during the past year was £1,932 17s Id, and the num- ber of new policial issued during the same period was 1,36). Mr E. Morconi, Exeter House, Queen's- road, is the superintendent for this district. DRUNKENNESS.—At the police-station, on Monday, before Messrs D. D. Wemyss and John James, Thos. Culley, Middlesborough, tramp, \vas charged by P.C. Joseph with being drunk on Saturday.—Dismissed, on promising to leave the town. For a splendid selection of Drapery Goods, and Men's and Boys' ready-made Clothes, suitable for the present season, all would do well to go to J. Walter Evans, Tottenham House. Aberystwyth. Heavy dress goods, Flannels, Blankets, Quilts, Sheetings, Calicoes, &c., &c Novelties in Ladies' Jackets and Dolmans, Mens', Youths' and Boys' Overcoats in great variety! Mackintoshes and "Waterproof Garments of all descrip- tions. Suits to order on the shortest notice.—ADV. SEASONABLE BSNEVOLENCE.—The poor n the districtof Gogerddan have this week been kindly remembered by their friend, Lady Pryse, who through Mr Joseph, the bailiff, distributed twenty tons of coal amo:r<- them. During the present un- seasonable weather such a gift must have been greatly appreciated. During Christmas week her ladyship sent a goose to each of the drivers and guards on the Cambrian Railways. YOUNG WOMEN'S MUTUAL IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY.—On Monday evening the first meeting of the coming term was held. Miss Russell, U.C.W., gave a lecture on botany. The meetings are held every Monday evening during' the winter months, at eight o'clock. The syllabus for the present term includes evenings for botany, history (the reign of Queen Anne), the writings of Oliver Wendell Holmes, the great American scholar and poet, the characters in the "Merchant of Venice," the celebra- tion of St David's Day, and a debate on Examina- tions as a true test of ability." All information as to membership, &c., may be obtained from the hon. secretary, Miss Davis, Sycamore House. A GLADSTONIAN TREE.-There was on exhibition at the railway station on Saturday, the trunk and portion of a beech tree cut down by Mr W. E. Gladstone, M.P. It is part of the largest tree (being 16 feet in girth) ever fell by the hon. gentleman and was fallen in front of Hawarden Castle in November, 1886, and was afterwards photographed by London artists, with Mr and Mrs Gladstone, Mr W. H. Gladstone, &c., and a view of the Castle at the back. Mr William Scott, of Portland-street, purchased the portion which arrived here, a portion of which he intends to have cut up and made into useful articles, which will be offered for sale at the English Congre- gational Church bazaar in August next, when the trunk will also be exhibited. THE RHEIDOL BRTDGE COMMITTEE.—A meeting was hold at the Town Hall on Thursday morning. Mr J. G. W. Bonsall presided, and there were also present Colonel Pryse, Mr Vaughan Davies, Mr H. E. Bonsall, Mr Morris Davies, Mr D. D. Wemyss, Mr B. E. Morgan, Mr W. B. Powell, Mr H. S. Richardes, Mr D. C. Roberts, mayor, Mr John James, Mr Peter Jones, and Mr F. R. Roberts, jun., acting clerk of the peace. It was decided to request the contractor to cut the piles in the coffer dam around the piers of the bridge, instead of drawing them up, as specified in the contract. It was also resolved that the surveyor be authorised to offer Mr T. J. Cashmore .£10 for the hire of a room in his house for the purpose of an office for the surveyor and clerk of the works until the bridge is completed, and should Mr Cashmore be unwilling to let the room at that Price, Mr John James and the surveyor be authorised to engage another room suitable for the purpose at a sum not exceeding .£10. ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL, QUEEN'S-ROAD.— On Wednesday evening, January 4th, an excellent tea was given to over 80 children of the Band of Hope. Funds for the purpose were raised by Mr A. E. Bean, U.C. W. The arrangements were presided over by a committee—Mrs J. T. Ede, Bon Marche, Miss Morcom, Mr A. E. Bean, U.C.W., Mr Evans, chemist, and Mr R. Doughton,Great Darkgate street. The catering was very well done by Mr? Owen, Gwalia Temperance Hotel, Pier-street, and the ladies who most willingly assisted at the tables were Mrs Humphreys, Baker-street, Miss Gertrude Jones, Miss Ethel Jones, Miss Jones, Graig-goch, and Miss Colquhoun. The following gentlemen also volun- tarily gave their services in amusing the children after the tea:—Mr C. W. Hutchinson, U.C.W., Mr F. Snowdon, U.C.W., Mr R. E. James, U.C.W., Mr Charles Jones, and others. Fruit was distributed at the close, and great satisfaction was expressed by all present with the evening's entertainment. RECHABITES.— At a quarterly meeting of the Ystwyth tent of Rechabites, held at Good Templar's room, Corn Market, on Tuesday evening, it was decided to celebrate the anniversary of the tent, and a committee was appointed to make arrangements. Mr. W. P. Williams, who has held the office of sec- retary since the establishment of the tent, five years, tendered his resignation, other duties preventing his giving to the work the attention which he wished. A resolution was passed regretting the resig- nation, and acknowledging the valuable services ren- dered by Mr Williams. Mr Daniel Thomas, draper, was afterwards appointed secretary, and Mr John Davies, the Cocoa House, was elected to succeed him as treasurer. SERVANTS' DANCE.—On Friday evening week, the servants at Gogerddan, with a number of their friends, were entertained at a dance, when there were upwards of sixty persons present. Dancing commenced at eight o'clock-when Miss Florence Pryse, Miss Lewis, and Miss Howell took part—and was continued till twelve o'clock. The party then adjourned to supper, which was served up in excel- lent style. Mr Charles Cooling proposed the health of Sir Pryse, Lady Pryse, and family, which was drank with musical honours. Mr Nichols, Castle Hill, proposed the health of Mrs Spendlove, Miss Stoneley, Miss Francis, and the rest of the house- hold, whieh was also well received. Mr Hawkins, Pier-street, returned thanks on behalf of the guests. Dancing was afterwards kept up until four o'clock on Saturday morning, and the party evidently thoroughly enjoyed themselves. ALLEGED ASSAULT.-At the police-station, on Monday morning, before Mr John James and Mr D. D. Wemyss, Mary Hughes, Pontllanychaiarn, charged William Hughes, her husband, with assaulting and beating her on Saturday, September 7th.—Com- plainant said she remembered Saturday last. She told P.C. David Jones that her husband was abusing her and would not leave her alone. When defendant saw the policeman he wanted to go to gaol. De- fendant also broke some of the crockery that was in the house. Dr Hnghes had told defendant that he was not fit to drink, as he went quite mad when he was druuk.-P.C. David Jones corroborated the evi- dence of the former witness.-Defendant said that he came to town on Saturday to see some person, to get money from him, which he owed them. It happened that he could not see the person, and did not get the money and when he went home his wife began to blackguard him, because he did not get the money.— The same defendant was also charged with being drunk and disorderly on the same day.-P.C. David Jones proved the case.-Defendant admitted this charge.—The bench decided to fine him 5s and costs for the last charge, and he was bound over in the sum of < £ 5 to keep the peace for six months in the former. BAND OF HOPE ENTERTAINMENT.—On Thursday afternoon week the members of the Band of Hope, whose meetings are held at the schoolroom of the English Congregational Church, were entertained with tea, cake, &c., by Miss Davis, Bridge-street, and Mr David Thomas, Northgate House. It is worthy of remark that this institution has had an uninterrupted existence of seven years, at which time it was opened by Dr Grindrod, who was then on a visit to the town, and Miss Davis and Mr Thomas have interested themselves in its successful mainten- ance. After the children had enjoyed a thoroughly good tea on Thursday, a meeting was held, to which the parents and a number of friends were invited. The Rev T. A. Penry presided, and songs, recitations, dialogues, &c., were capitally rendered, under the training of Mr Thomas. The following took part:- Ethel Cole, Llewellyn James, W. Parry, Alice Leek, Mr George Davis, Elsie Metca'fe, Sissie Jones, M. J. Leek, Getta Jones, Ethel Evans, Bessie Cole, Lizzie Garner, Gertrude Parry, Gwilym Thomas, Daisy James, Louisa Garner, Gwennie Cole, Lillie Scott, Elsie Parry, S. Mollison, Frances Evans, Alwyne Gibson, and Gwladys Evans. ODDFELLOWSHIP.—We are glad to learn that Mr .1. J. Griffiths, Prov. C.S. of the Aberystwyth dis- trict, and senior auditor of the Manchester Unity of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, has almost recovered from his recent severe indisposition, so as to enable him to proceed to Manchester to audit the accounts of the Unity for the year 1887. The Manchester Unity is numerically and financially the richest Friendly Society in the world, numbering on the 1st January, 1887, 617,5S7, with a capital of £ 6i3i7,134 8s 6d. Contributions received during the year amounted to £ 881,659; paid to sick members, including funeral expenses during the same period, £ 6i6,058. The society has paid during the last 13 years no less a sum than £6,774,487 in sickness and funeral benefits, with an increase of more than 120,000 members, and £2,614,819 in funds. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS.—Approximate return of traffic receipts for the week ending January 8th, 1888. Miles openl82. Passengers,parcels,horses, car- riages, dogs, and mails, < £ 1,L92; merchandise, min- erals and live stock, £ 1,351 total for the week, £2,543. Actual traffic receipts for the corresponding week [last year :—Miles ope.i, 182. Passengers, parcels, horses, carriages, dogs, and mails, £ 1,158; merchandise, minerals and live stock, £ 1,376 total for the week, £2,534. Aggregate from commence- ment of half-year to this date, £ 2,543; aggregate last year, < £ 2,534. Passengers, parcels, horses, car- riages, dogs, and mails, £ 34 increase merchandise, minerals and live stock, £ 25 decrease total increase for the week, £ 9 aggregate increase from com- mencement of half-year to this date..89. ANNUAL TREAT.—On the 6th inst., at Waterloo Temperance Hotel, Miss F. M. Lumb gave her annual treat to the temperance advocates engaged in the sorvice of the Cambrian and Manchester and Milford Railways at Aberystwyth. There were I present Messrs D. Davies, examiner, H. Parry, guard, R. Jones, driver, Kdward Edwards, guard, F. Chamberlain, fireman, John Thomas, porter, J. Rees (Aberayron mail driver), and W. P. Williams. Mr Edward Owen, engine driver, was unavoidably pre- vented from being present. After partaking of the excellent provisions on the table, Miss Lumb, Misses Morris, and the Misses Jones, Moor-street, very kindly favoured the company with duets, songs and readings bearing upon the temperance question. Miss Lumb presented each of hQr quests with a text book, on the distinct promise that they would be made good use of, and that each individual would earnestly pray on behalf of each other daily. Before the close Miss Lumb and Mr Edward Edwards engaged in prayer, and after a vote of thanks to Miss Lumb, the Misses Morris and Jones, for their kindness respectively, the company separated. This was the third treat Miss Lumb has given to the railway employes. The object of Miss Lumb in having these treats is to stimulate those that are already advocates of the abstinence cause to further efforts in extend- ing their principles, and if those present could only command a share of Miss Lumb's earnestness, activity, and presevei-ance the desired object would partly be reached. It is now a recognised fact that effectual work is being done amongst our large railway employes with the temperance and other good movements. Miss Lumb is certainly to be con- gratulated upon her efforts in extending her assist- ance towards the same object amongst the railway men in this district. MISS MAGGIE MORTON'S COMEDY COMPANY.— This talented company, now on tour through Wales, is performing at the Old Assembly Rooms dur- ing the week, and has received that public support which their merits well deserve, the room being crowded on each occasion. This is no provincial scratch company, but has evi- dently been selected with the greatest care, every member of which is an artiste of considerable ability. They opened on Monday evening with the comedy- drama of "Unknown," and made the most favour- able impression on their audience. On Tuesday evening the curtain rose on T. W. Robertson's charming comedy Caste," and a most enjoyable evening was spent by a crowded audience. Mr. W. L. IDobell in the character of Eccles (a pothouse orator) was one of the best personations we have ever seen; while Miss Maggie Morton as Esther Eccles played her part with true womanly feeling and in a refined style which won for her the sym- pathy of the whole house. The vivacious Miss Kitty Loftus as Polly Eccles won for herself golden opinions she sustained her role with an ability which created plenty of amusement, and in her efforts she was very ably seconded by Mr Ernest Wintour as Samuel Gerridge (a plumber courting Polly), and Mr A. E. Bailey as Captain George Hawtree. The remaining characters werp excellently represented by Mr H. E. Housden as the Hon. George D'Alrov (in love with Esther), Miss Nora Day as Marquise de St. Maur (George's mother), and Mr Stanley Cliffe as Dixon (George's servant). On Wednesday School" was performed. On Thursday afternoon a Dantomime was eiven. for the amusement of children, and in the evening Shakespeare's As You Like It." In the afternoon Miss Morton kindly invited the workhouse children to the entertainment, and afterwards gave ieacii an orange. The audiences at all the performances have been jvery large, the room being quite full. Miss Bridgie Wall has made a favourable impression, and the singing of Miss Georgina Barlee and Mr Collins is very good. Miss Morton will prolong her stay over to-night and to-morrow night, and those who wish to enjoy a treat should avail themselves of this opportunity. DOWNIE'S BEQUEST.The annual meeting was held at the Town Hall on Thursday afternoon, when the following gentlemen were present:—The Rev. J. Havard Protheroe, chairman; Major C. Bassett Le,vis, Mr D. C. Roberts, mayor, Mr C. M. Williams, and Mr Evan Evans, clerk.-It was unanimously agreed that the whole body of trustees be re-appointed a visiting committee.—Mr C. M. Williams suggested that in all cases where any two lady visitors were Nonconformist or Church people, an alteration should be made. Mr Williams said that in such cases the rules were infringed -Major Lewis said that it was customary only to fill up the vacancies.—The chairman said he could not make out how the rules were in- fringed when they appointed the lady visitors.-The Clerk: It was looked over at the last annual meeting. —A few alterations were afterwards made.—Mrs Edwards, The Laurels, and Mrs Mathew Jones, Powis House, Railway Terrace, were appointed lady visitors in the room of Mrs D. Jenkin Davies, Great Darkgate-street, and Miss Roberts, The Terrace, resigned.-The Clerk then read the balance sheet for the year, which showed a balance of .£56 odd on the right side.—Mr C. VI. Williams asked for a subscription towards the Free Library for books. He said that the demand of books had in- creased veryfmnch and he thougnt that they could grant the library something now.-Major Lewis pro- posed that they subscribe £ 25.—Mr C. M. Williams thought they could go a little further, as they had such a balance.—Major Lewis subsequently proposed to add another .£10, which made it < £ 35.—This was agreed to.-It inanimously agreed that each lady visitor received X2 for destribution :-The Chairman said it had came into his mind that they would do well to have an efficient nurse for the poor people. He thought that they could save the lives of many poor if they had a nurse that understood the work. He knew many cases where people could not possibly get proper attendance, even in their own homes. ihis was allowed to stand over to the next meetingf FORESTRY.—At the last meeting of the members of Court Old Castle, at the Talbot Hotel, five new members were admitted. Mr John Morley is a guest of Mr Stuart Rendel. M.P., at Walrond-hill, Torbay. Mr Bamford, for some years foreman at this station on the Cambrian Railways, has been appointed stationmaster at Carno station.






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