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.'HOTGGilA i 'H10 STUDIO, S SAT ION- BRY & FANCY GOODS DEPOT, CHELTENHAM HuUSE, PIER bTREET, ABERYSTWYTH. E. R. GYDE { BEGS to intimate to his many Customers that while devotinsr his entira time and energy to the production of HIGH CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY -both Portrait and Landscape—his Stationery and Fancy Goods business is now under efficient manage- ment, and in all departments will be found well stocked with carefully selected goods, from among which ha would cali special attention to The Shilling1 5 qnire packet or Highly-Glazed Note- Paper, the I". 6d. 5 quire packet of extra Superfine quality. The" Homanesque," having an agreeable finis i 1?. per quire. ThE" Papyrus," rough finish, specially suited for broad nibbed Peus, Is. per 5 quire packer. Mourning Note-paper, all width borders. Correspondence, Cards and Envelopee, Is. and 6 i per box. A "a:efnliy selected stock of PRAYER & HYMN BOOK" BIBLES, &c., in Pidued and Limp Rassian Morocco and Caif. ALBUMS, ti e newest designs in the Muk<;t in all varieties of Bindings. Amongst others specially worthy of mention is the "CEM." which is nn- doubtedly one of tfu? ifnes:- ever pa;dishe i. ALBUM SCi.EENS, quite new, both hi Cabinet and Carte de Visite, Hiii;u-painted. Calf embossed and other variety's of leather. All prices. FRAMES—A beautiful assortment in all shades of plush—newest de.-ians in oxytiised metal — The ISotary Frame—The Swing Frame, &c. Glove and riandke; chief Boxes in separate cases, in embused and Russia leather. PURSES. E. R. Gyde has for many years paid special attention to this item of his trade, and for a well assorted stock feels sure he is not to be sur- passed. KG VIS ED PRICK LIST FOB PHOTOGRAPHS MAY BE HAD ON A PP L L"CA L IO N TO VISITORS AND OTHERS C.M.WILLIAMS Wishes to draw the attention of Visitors and others to his Stock of Millinery, Str iw Hat-s and Bonnets, Flowers, b'oathers, Fctucy Wings, Ribbons, Laces, Frilling*, ilk Squares, Hosiery, Gloves, Silk Umareilas, sunshades, &c. Genta' Newest Shapes in Sri miner Hats and Caps Ties, Scarfs, Collars, Caffs, &c. The well-known hoasi for Walsh Flannels Whittles, and Snawis in ah colours, warranted to wear and not to shrink. Every article marked at lowest Cash Price. C. M. WILLIAMS, 10, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. DIFFICULT LAMBING AND CALVING. DAY, SON, AND HEWITT'S "RED DRENCH" IS of universal fame for its quick and marvellous effects in preventing fever and inflammation in Ewes and Cows, if nosed a day or two before and just after parturition. The cleansing of the Ewe and the C w will be perfect, and their milk will be rendered pure, copious, and wholesome for their offspring. 3s 61 per dozen for Ewes; 1301 per dozen box for Cows. Should paining or heaving threaten violently, dose with the pain tilling "GAS ODTSS" at once, and Stop it. Pi ice 3s 6d per bottle, DAY, SON, AND HEWITT'S "BRO W N EXTRACT," SAID to he worth a guinea a bottle as a pain antidote for anointing the womb in drawing away a Lamb or Calf. It draws all inflamed poisons out upon the surt'aae, hence prevents gangrene, and and is matchless for ail wounds, sorts, swollen ai d broken udders in Cow," and Ewes, aud for sore paps. 30s per dozen i-dozou box, 7s 6d. DAY, SON, AND HEWITT'S "GASEOUS FLUID," DEADENS pain in an almost magie manner in Cows and Ewes where there is uneasiness, exhaustion, and danger after parturition for it imparts great ease, and is always given after the Red Drench to calm the nerves and give strength. 20a per dozen in wooden boxes. CAUTION.—Bj vara of colourable imitations, and please note the name— DAY, SON, AND HEWITT, 22, DORSET STREET, LONDON, W. ACCIDENTS ALL THE YEAR ROUNiî PROVIDE AGAINST THEM BY POLICY OF THE T) AILWAY JpASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY, 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. r Hon. EVELYN ASHLEY Chairman. Annual Income £ 248,000. Invested Capital and Reserve Filnd £ 275,000. Compensation paid for 126,000 Accidents, £2,500,000. Moderate Premiums—Favourable Conditions.-New Concessions. Prompt and Liberal Settlement of Claims. West-End Office :—8, Grand Hotel Buildings, W.C. Head Office :—64, Cornhill, London, E.C. W. J. VIAN, Secretary. E. P. WYNNE, FAMILY AND DISPENSING CHEMIST, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTB.







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