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THE MARKETS. A meeting was held at the Assembly Rooms on Monday afternoon, to consider the best means of im- proving the markets and fairs in this town. It was convened by the markets committee of the Towit Council, and among those who were present were Mr D. C. Roberts, mayor, Aldermen John James and Peter Jones, Councillors Richard James, B. E. Morgan, Griffith Williams, John Morgan, John Jenkins; Messrs A. J. Hughes, town clerk; Vaughan Davies, Tanybwlch; J. Jones, Penbwlch; David Rees, fantygwyfol; Jas. Jones, Tyllwyd; E. Richards, Pen- uwch; H. W. Morgan, Broneirion; R. Richards, Cwrt; J. B. Morgan, Glanfread — Richards, Gwar- felin, &c. Mr Richard James, the convener of the markets committee, was voted to the chair. The Chairman explained the object of the meeting, and said that so far it had been considered that the fairs were not properly advertised, and there was a feeling amongst the Council that they should estab- lish other fairs, such as wool and sheep fairs, in addition to the markets which were already partly established, such as monthly markets and horse fairs. It might be that other questions would arise, as to the necessity of improving the markets, and such a day as the present (which was very wet) might very likely be the means of suggesting an improvement which woald make the farmers feel more at home. The Town Clerk said the main object of the meet- ing was to elicit from the farmers any suggestion which they might have to make for the improvement of the markets. He pointed out that this town almost stood alone in regard to the market accommo- dation, because if a farmer sent in two kinds of articles he had to send in two different people to sell them. In most towns they had a vegetable market, a corn market, and so on, but in this town they had no method. If any of them had a suggestion to make the council would be glad to entertain it and to con- sider it in the most favourable light. Mr Lewis Williams said that about thirteen years ago a horse fair committee had fixed the time for holding the horse fairs; the one was in May, to be held before the Lampeter fair on the 8th, and there- fore their horse fair ought to be held on the 7th, and the other horse ought to be held on the 17th Septem- ber, before the one held at Machynlleth on the 18th September. Mr Vaughan Davies, in seconding this proposition, peinted out the great importance of the markets, which required improvement. He believed that no town in the United Kingdom required to be improved in this respect more than Aberystwyth, because if they wanted to sell a horse or an egg the moment they entered Aberystwyth it seemed every man for himself and God for us all, because the stranger could not tell where he was to go to sell his produce. He then pointed out the great difficulty which any- one had to find a market, and also alluded to the fact of selling from door to door, and .suggested that a proper market should be provided for the sale of different articles. After some discussion it was pointed out that the great necessity was to appoint a committeee of farmers to consult with the markets committee, and eventually draw up a report to place before a meet- in? of farmers, and the following farmers were selected to call a general meeting of their brother farmers to consider the question :—Mr Rees, Panty- gwyfol; Mr Richards, Penuwch Mr John Jones, Penbwlch Mr William Richards, Cwrt; Mr Morgan, Glanfraed; Mr Richards, Gwarfelin; Mr Vaughan Davies, Tanybwlch; Mr Morgan, Fron. The proceedings then terminated.