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EPi¿lLL,Y QLARTEIi SESSIONS. These sessions were !;oM at the Town Hall Lampeter, 011 Tuesday, when the following magis- tiatea were present:—Col. Lewes, Llaullear, in the cha.ir Col. Pry Ee, lord lieutenant of the county; Mr J. G. W. Bonsall, Fronfraith Lord Vaughan, Crosa- wood Mr Morris Davies, Ffosrhydgaled Mr Vaughan Davies, Tanybwlch; Colonel Evans, High- mead; Mr J. W. Szlnmper, Aberystwyth; Major Price Lewes, Tyglyn Aeron; Mr H. S. Richardes, Bryneithyn; Mr W. B. Powell, Nanteos; Mr B. 8. Morgan, Aberystwyth; Mr John James, Aberystwyth; Mr T. H. Maddy, Dolaeron Mr E. J. Jones, Fron- y-?og; Mr G. W. Parry, Llidiarde; Mr T. J. Waddingham, Hafod Mr R. J. Davies, Cwrtmawr Mr H. Tobit ftvans, Noyadd; Captain Jones Parry, Tyllwyd; Dr John Rowland, Garth; Mr Charles Lloyd, Waunifor; Rev Rhys Lloyd, Troedyraur; Capt. Stewart, Alltyrodin Mr J. E. Rogers, Aber- meurig; Mr J. 0. Harford, Falcondale Mr W. Jones, G andennis Mr Morgan Evans, Oakford Mr John Fowden, Lampeter Mr F. R. Roberts, clerk of the peace; Major Lewis, chief constable Mr Hutchins, county surveyor Mr Perrott, county treasurer pro tern D.C.C. Lloyd and Supt. Williams. UK-APPOINTMENT OF ANALYST. On the motion of the Rev Rhys Lloyd, Mr W. Morgan, Swansea, was re-appointed county analyst. THE LUNATIC ASTLUM. The Chairman said they were very much indebted to those gentleu, en whohadaaton the lunatic asylum committee as their representatives, and he proposed their re-appointment. Mr H. S. Richardes seconded, and it was agreed to. THE COUNTY TREASURERSHIP. Colonel Pryse rose to propose a county treasurer in the room of Mr A. J. Hughes, resigned. In pro- posing Mr Perrott, manager of the National Provin- cial Bank at Aberystwyth, he said that in making the appointment the county would save a salary, which was of great importance, so that the rates should be limited as much as possible. They had probably all received a printed application from the bank, there- fore he should not read it, but would read a portion of Mr Perrott's letter, in which he stated he was authorised t-> intimate to them that the bank would keep the accounts free of charge, excepting the out- of-pocket expenses necessitated by attendance at the court meetings at Lampeter. 'I hat was quite necessary in any case. He would not say much in Mr Perrott's presence, but he was much trusted and respected by all. He had experience in the manage- ment of banks at Brecon and other places, and dur- ing a residence of five years in London he was •engaged in organising rhe law depart- ment at the head office, where he had the opportunity of gaining considerable know- le'ke on law matters in general. And if it should be the pleasure of the court to appoint him as treasurer two of the directors would become sureties for any amount fixed by the magistrates, and although his name would be used the b (;, k would be the actual custodians of all moneys. The Colonel then referred to a paper which had been circulated throughout the county; he did not know who it was written uy, hut understood it was written to deprecate the bank being appointed treasurers. The paper began by saying that under a statute of George n.-he thought the writer might as well go back to Queen AlIlie-the appointment should be held by a person or persons resident it, the county, implying that a difficulty might arise by the appointment of a cor- poration. but that difficulty would be got over by the appointment of Mr Perrott in particular. The next paragraph stated that the National Provincial Bank be ng a corporation, the directors were not resident iR the county, but he though' that difficultv would be got over in the same way as the first. The paper also referred to the fact that the treasurer had to attend Quarter Sessions, to prepare estimates for rates, and keep the various accounts of the county. Mr Perrott was manager of a branch doing an extensive business, and certainly he was quite able to keep any quantity of accounts, and to do them :n a satisfactory form. He believed the finance committee had fully tested the abilities of Mr Perrott already, and in reference to legal matters tLQY could always leave them in the hand* of the Clerk of the Peace. Having referred to one or two other matters in the paper, be concluded by proposing that Mr Perrott be appointed treasurer. Mr \V. !on(>s.Glandennis, asked whether Mr Perrott 1 would accept the treasurership gratis without any charge whatever r Mr Perrott Certainly, to the best of my ability. Mr J. G. W. Bonsall ,-econded the proposition on the score of economy. Considering the great distress amongst the farmers principally and he ratepayers in the county it behoved them to consider before they unnecessarily determined to pay a salary, and having an opportunity, of appointing an official without a salary they should consider whether they were justified in paying a salary. Mr Perrott managed one of the principal branches, and had given proof of hi" ability in preparing the accounts since Mr Hughes had resigned, and he thought they could not do other- wise than elect him. The Chairman said they first had to consider the question of the expenses out of pocket. Mr Perrott's statement was somewhat indefinite, and it was pre- ferable to state a fixed sum—a liberal one. Colonel Pryse said that Mr Perrott had only a few days ago entered on the duties, and it would be very I difficult for him to give a strict account of what the cost would be. He suggested that they should leave this matter to the financ ■ committee to deal with. Mr Perrott said that 15s would cover the expenses of each visit to Lampeter. The Chairman said it was preferable to arrive at a I fixed sum, and suggested .£10 a year. The motion was then agreed to. It was understood that there was another candidate, but his name did not transpire Tile security was fixed at a sum of .83,000. AERON FISHERY DISTRICT. On the motion of Mr Maddy, Major Price Lewes Capt Longcroft, Mr Edward Williams, Aberayron' and Mr Vincent Pell, Brynog, were appointed con- servators for the Aeron Fishery district. Mr Maddy then presented the accounts of the dis- trict, showing that there was a balance against the board of £ 2 13s 3d, which was due to him as secretary. The Chairman read the accounts showing that £ \6 10s had been received from salmon licences £ 11 7s 6d for trout licences, £ 3 5s 6d fines, and X4 14s 6d subscriptions. COUNTY RATES. The Chairman said that at the last quarter sessions he brought forward the question about preparing a new basis for county rates, but since then he had been informed on the best authority that in all prob- ability the County Government Bill would be brought forward this session, and would become law, therefore with their permission he would withdraw his proposal and ask them to sanction some altera- tions in certain parishes where certain parts of land were detached from one parish and put in another parish, and thus sanction the work of the County Roads Board Committee. These alterations were carried out ia accordance with the alterations made in the Union Parochial Assessment Committee. They were agreed to. VISITING JUSTICES. Mr Brenchley and Capt Stewart were re-appointed visiting justices, on behalf of the county, of her Majesty's prison at Carmarthen. THE LUNATIC ASYLUM. The report of the visiting justices to the lunatic asylum at Carmarthen showed that the number of patients was 505—266 males and 239 females 77 had been admitted during the quarter-40 males and 37 females, and there had been 40 deaths. The present charge for maintenance was 7s 10^d per week per head, but in consequence of -the reduced cost of maintenance it was proposed to reduce the charge to 7s 34d. The report of the last visit of the commis- sioners in lunancy stated that they found everything most satisfactory. The committee had arranged to make certain improvements in the house, and the report testified to the efficient management under Dr Hearder. The Chairman supposed that the sum of 7s 3jd for maintenance was lower than in any other asylum in the United Kingdom. Mr Morris Davies said it was, and they had been able to do this by voting a snm of X700 from the reserve fund in reduction of the cost. MR. FRYER AND COUNTY BUSINESS. The Chairman intimated that he had received a letter from Mr H. C. Fryer requesting that his name should be struck off any committees that he might be on—and particularly the bridge committee, as it was very probable that lie should not be in the county for some little time to come. He (the chair- man) very much regretted that Mr Fryer should have proposed this; but at the same time perhaps the kindest thing they could do was to acquiesce in the request. He directed the Clerk of the Peace to strike off Mr Fryer's name. MISCELLANEOUS. Communications were read by the Chairman from Whitehall, one of which was in reference to the i American Acts to prevent the emigration of foreigners under contract or otherwise into their country, and asking Quarter Sessions to take such steps as they thought desirable to give publicity to the Acts in question. A letter was read from the Agricultural Depart- ment authorising the Court to make from time to time such regulations for the prevention of swine fever in the county as may be necessary. Major Lewis said there was no swine fever in the county at the present ime. The Local Government Board called attention to the Foods and Dru&*s Act, and asking to be provided w. th a c ipy of the reports made by the county analyst during the several quarters in 1887 to be forwarded in the month of January, and also for the reports of any legal proceedings taken. Major Lewis said there was little or nothing to report, as no legal proceedings hud been taken. THE COUNTY BRIDGES. The court was proceeding to the consideration of the County Bridges committee's report and the report of the County Surveyor when Mr Vaughan Daviea asked them to take into con- sideration, before the chairman read the report, whether he should read the amounts required for each bridge or take the sum in the lump. If each amount was stated and it got into the press it would gire contractors an idea of the proposed cost of each bridge. It was decided only to give the lump sum. The committee reported that the bridges were in a deplorable state and would require a large amount to place them in a state of repair, the estimated amount being £ 2,145. Mr Vaughan Davies said he had taken the highest estimates the Surveyor had put in, and in one estimate there was the difference between a stone bridge and an iron bridge at Penybont, near Aber- ystwyth. The Chairman continued to read the report, in which there were three recommendations which they asked the court to sanction :—That the Surveyor be directed to personally inspect every bridge in the county at least once in the year, and report to Quarter Sessions that he has done so; that the Surveyor should send in a report upon all work done, together with a list of such bridges as he had per- sonally inspected three weeks before each Quarter Sessions (so that it might come before the finance committee); and that the Surveyor give notice of his intention to visit any bridge to some member of the bridge committee residing in the dis- trict where such bridge is situated. These recommendations were approved of. Portions of the Surveyor's report were also read, which stated that he had drawn up plans, &c., of the proposed new bridge at Penybont, near Aberystwyth, the cost of which he estimated for stone .£1,500, and iron £ 1,150. The bridge at Ponterwyd over the Rheidol was in anything but a satisfortory state. The contractor for the Aberystwyth bridge had asked for £ 1,500 on account of the work done, and he said he should be able to certify for this amount dur- ing the present quarter. Capt. Jones-Parry asked whether it was not advisable to leave Penybont bridge, unless it was absolutely necessary, until Aberystwyth bridge was finished. Mr Vaughan Davies said the bridge was in a terrible state, and there was nothing to prevent the whole thing sliding into the river. Capt. -tones-Parry did not want to risk the life of anybody, but if it was possible to leave it, it was very desirable. THE GRAND JURY. Before rising for lunch the Chairman proposed to swear the grand jury, as follows :—Messrs W. B. Benjamin, nne], Clarach (foreman) T. G. Davies, Penrhiw William Davies, Llwynfynwent John Evans, Trefaes-issa; Evan Evans Tanyresger; Daniel Evans, Tynant Robert Guthrie, olgwybedig Edward Jones, Llaethliw John Jones, Penralltwen; Lewis Jenkins, Gorslas John Morgan, Pentre Rd. Owen. Noyaddfawr; and W. H. Truscott, Terrace- road, Aberystwyth. The Chairman briefly addressed them, and said there was no business to go before them, and he was glad to say that he found by the Chief Constable's report that drunkenness was decreasing throughout the county. In dismissing them he wished them the lHmal compliments of the season. ABERYSTWYTH BRIDGE. After lunch the court proceeded to consider the recommendations of the Aberystwyth bridge com- mittee, and it was decided to allow a sum of X10 for an office for the clerk of the works in Bridge-street. Mr F. R. Roberts was appointed clerk to the com- mittee. Other details were left to be carried out by the committee. Mr Vaughan Davies proposed that Mr John James be appointed on the bridge committee for the county in the room of Mr H. C. Fryer, resigned. Mr Szlumper seconded, and it was agreed to. PENYBONT BKIDGE. Mr Morris Davies asked that before they proceeded to rebuild Peny bont bridge the feeling of the rate- piiyers of Llanb ,c1arn-y-Croydd¡nissaandAbery,twyth should be consulted. It would be a very grave mis- take to build the bridge in the position it now occu- pied,but it should be built on a place to be fixed upon hereafter higher up, so that they might be enabled to make a road from the south turnpike in a semi-circu- lar direction to meet the bridge and avoid the diffi- culties they now experienced in facing that dreadful hill. If the bridge was erected 100 or 15U yards higher up the parish would be able to make a road that would be of considerable convenience to the public, whereas the road they now had was not so. On the sngge-tionof the C'h drman this matter was left to the bridsres committee to ascertain the feelings of the ratepayers, and to bring in a report. RATES. A county rate of Id in the X was Bgreed to. No police rate was required. CHIEF CONSTABLE'S REPORT. The following report was submitted by Major Bassett Lewis :— I have the honour to submit for your inspection my returns for the quarter ending 31st December, 1837. The number of persons summoned and appre- hended during the quarter amounted to 262, viz., 232 males and 30 females. Of those one was committed for trial, 167 summarily convicted, 19 compromised, and 75 discharged. I beg to state that on the 12th and 23rd December, at the request of the solicitor employed, I attended sales under distress warrants for tithes in the parish of Llanddewi Aberarth, and took with me, on the 12th, a force of two superin- tendents, two sergeants and 26 constables, and on the 23rd a force of two superintendents, two sergeants and 40 constables, one sergeant and 15 eonstables being from the county of Carmarthen. A large con- course of people were assembled on both occasions, and had it not been for the presence of the police a disturbance would probably have taken place, though on each occasion Mr Mora-an Evans rendered good service in keeping the people in order. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. D.C.C. John Lloyd reported I have the honour to report that during the last quarter I, as Inspector of Weights and Measures, made surprise visits to the following places, viz:— Bow-street, Goginan, Llanfihangel, Pontrhydfendigaid, and Aberystwyth, and tested 524 weights and 36 measures by compar- ing those in use "with the local standards. The weights and measures I found accurate and correct. I also during my inspection tested 124 scales, six weighing machines and three weigh bridges. With the exception of two scales I found no inaccuracy. I have instituted proceedings against the owners of the two scales referred to. Superintendent Williams reported :—I have the honour to report that during quarter ending 31st December, 1887, I have inspected 666 weights, com- pared and stamped 59 measures, at Lampeter and Ystrad, Talsarn. The weights found deficient in weight through ordinary wear were adjusted and stamped. The fees charged amounted to £ 3 14s, which sum I have paid into the National Provincial Bank of England, the county treasurers.