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Sales bg auction. THE RECTORY, ABERAYRON. MESSRS JONES & LEWIS will Sell by Auction, » On WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8TH, 1887, *oe whole of the Live and Dead Stock, Crop, Farming Implements, Carnages, Furniture &A flin nronerty the late Bev H. Morgan. ProPerL-' Luncheon at 11 Sale at 12. Credit on conditions. RHYDYFELIN, ABERYSTWYTH. SALE OF LEASEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE. MR EDWARD ELLIS will Sell by Auction, at q the Auction Mart, 18, Pier-street, Aberystwyth, FRIDAY, J DKK 17TH, 1887, p.m., all that substantially built LEASE- HOLD DWELLING HOUSE and GARDEN now in uxe occupation of Mr Isaac Evans. g>ee posters. =: JOHN ELLIS, IRONMONGER, GUN AND LOCKSMITH, BELLHANGER, Ac., GREAT DARKGATK-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. JE. begs to draw the attention of his numerous • customers to his Stock of BREECH and MUZZLE LOADING GUNS and AMMUNITION. ttrtis and Harvey's Gun Powder and Chilled Shot GREEN CARTRIDGES. 10/6 per 100; BLUE Do., 10/ BROWN Do., 9/6 per 100. PURE MILK, TWICE A DAY, FROM BRYNAMLWG FARM. Cu^f from Aberystwyth, about 300 feet above FAMILIES SUPPLIED TWICE DAILY WITH NEW MILK FROM THIS FARM, 1VIlICIl IS SOLD PURE AS FROM THE COW. G REA T CARE has been exercised in selecting 2jv. Milch Cows with healthy and vigorous con- izations, which is of the greatest importance where Milk is used to bring up children. «uk may always be obtained from the same cow for ^umtsand invalids. THE DAIRY, 39, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. JOHN JAMES, PROPRIETOR. I IQEW COALS, COALS, COALS. RAILWAY STATION, ABERYSTWYTH. JOHN JENKIN JONES (OF THE COOPERS' ARMS) BEGS io offer for Sale the following firat-clas House Coals at the cheapest possible price :—s Sacs SELECT ED HAND-PICKED JUBILEE COAL excellent Coal for Drawing Booms and other superior purposes. CELEBRATED YORKSHIRE SILKSTONE COAL. BUST HAND-PICKED CANNOCK CHASE »> „ WIGAN ARCEY. „ RUABON YARD. SHROPSHIRE HOUSE COAL. .t NEWPORT LARGE 1>6. Do. (Slow and very Clean burning), various other qualities always in Stock. jJrPecial terms made with Customers for Truck aad large quantities. ar,d Smith's Coal supplied at colliery wees in truck loads. ea8e Note the Address— OFFICE AND WHARF: RAILWAY STATION AND COOPERS' ARMS, ABERYSTWYTH. p *ate. %MME supplied in Truck loads at a very low WM. ROWLANDS & SON, CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS POLISHERS AND UNDERTAKERS, I) ESPECTFULLY announce that they have REMOVED their Business from Bridge-stree tO the commodious premises adjoining the Victoria lIotel. in BAKER STREET, where they hope by 4triat atteation to Business to merit a continuance 1>1 the favours hitherto bestowed upon them. P. & W. GORNALL, PLUMBERS, GASFITTERS, PAINTERS PAPERHANGERS, AND GENERAL HOUSE DECORATORS. All Sizes of IRON and LEAD PIPES, PAINTS, VARNISHES, BRUSHES, Ac. IlABTHEN CLOSETS, FROM 2s -9d EACH. A LARGE STOCK OF PAPERHANGINGS To select from. N.B.-P. & W. G. have just received a Consign- mentof IRON BEDSTEADS from one of the Largest Manufacturers in the World From 10s 6d each. MATTRESSES from 8s 6d each. 3, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. O ESTABLISHED 33 YEARS D. THOMAS & SON JgMK yfipM Watchmakers, Jewellers,&c GREAT DARKGATE ST., ABERYSTWYTH. Printing for Churches, Chapels, Sunday Schools, Concerts, and entertainments of every sort is exe- cuted at the Observer Office, 1, North Parade. $)u6ltc Notice*. CARDIGANSHIRE. MIDSUMMER QUARTER SESSIONS, 1887. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next Gen- eric Quarter Sessions of the Peace will be held and kept at the Town Hall, in the town of Lampeter fn and for the said County, on Tuesday, the 28th day of June instant, at Eleven o'clock m the fore- noon. at which timeand place the Court will proceed to the adoption of the provisions of the several Acts of Parliament relating to the assessment, application, and management of the County and Police Rates,and will pass all Bills examined and approved of by the Finance Committee, after which all other County Business will be proceeded with. It will be moved that the Court advertise for a loan for meeting the cost to be incurred in the repairing and re-erecting of County Bridges damaged and carried away by the floods. Application will be made for a sum not exceeding £ 60 for erecting a Weir or Weirs for protecting the Bridge across the Teivy at Llanybyther. The attention of the Court will be called to the indiscriminate issue of Occasional Licences, and a Resolution will be moved thereon, and that the Fee payable to the County for an Occasional Licence be in future 2s 6d. And Notice is hereby also given, that afterthe dis. posal of the county business the court will proceed with the other business of the Sessions, in the follow- ing order :-Firstly, Trials of Prisoners secondly, Trials of Traverses; and thirdly, Hearing of Common Motions and Appeals. And Notice is hereby also given, that all Appeals and Traverses to be tried at these Sessions must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace at the opening of the Court, and all Grand and Petit Jurors, Baliffs of Hundreds, and persons bound by recognizance, must attend and answer to their names, and the several Magistrates of the said County are requested to cause all depositions taken before them,relating to Felonies and Misdemeanours, to be prosecuted at the said Ses- sions, to be transmitted to the Clerk of the Peace on or before the 21st day of June instant, and in all cases arising subsequently immediately after being taken. And Notice is hereby also given that all persons having any claim against the County must send in their Accounts to the Clerk of the Peace's Office, at Aberystwyth, on or before the 8th day of June instant, and must attend before the Finance Com- mittee of Magistrates on the 9th day of June inst., at the Town Hall, Lampeter, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of having their claims audited, if required, otherwise they will not be paid. Dated this 1st day of June, 1887. F. R. ROBERTS, Clerk of the Peace. WATERFORD & ABERDOVEY STEAM- SHIP COMPANY. SHORTEST AND MOST EXPEDITIOUS ROUTE TO LANCASHIRE, YORKSHIRE, AND THI MIDLAND CuUNTlKS, And other important Districts of England. TheFastandPowerful Screw Steamer,'LIVERPOOL,' or other suitable Vessel, will sail as under (weather permitting), between WA1ERFORD AND ABERDOVEY, Carrying Passengers, Merchandise, and Live Stock, in connection with the CAMBRIAN RAILWAIS. JUNE SAILINGS: FROM WATERFORD. 1 FROM ABERDOVEY. Friday, 3rd June 4 Aft'rnoon Wednt>day, 1st June 5 Aft'oon Tuesday, 7th „ 6 „ Saturday, 4th „ 6 „ Friday, 10th.. 7 „ Wednesday, 8th „ 9 „ Tuesday,14tli „ 8 „ Saturday, 11th.. 10 „ Friday, 17th.. 4 „ Thursday, 16th.. t M'nine Tuesday, gl at 6 „ Saturday, 18 k „ 6 Aft'oon Friday, 84th „ 7 „ Wednelldsy,22nd" 8 „ Tuesday, 28th „ 8 „ Saturday, 35th 9 „ Friday, 1st July 4 „ f Thursday, 3!'tb „ S M iiins Goods insured at the rate of 3s 4d per cent. PASSENGER FARES BETWEEN WATERFORD AND ABERDOVEY Cabin, 12s 6d Single. Return Tickets, available for one Month, 17s 6d. Steerage, Ss Od Single. Return Tickets, available for one Month, 9a. I Children under Three years of age, Free; above Three and under Twelve, Half-price. I THIS ROUTE OFFERS SPECIAL ADVANTAGES. Fer the eonveyance of Live Stock from Ireland, owing to the favourable courae of the currents in the part of the Channel to be navigated, aud its freedom from fogs. On arrival alongside the deep-water Pier at Aberdovey Shippers may, as soits their con- venience, either despatch their Stock to destination immediately, or place them in a field adjoining the Cambrian Company's Station, whero they will be allowed to remain free of charge for twenty-four hours, and from which they ean be loaded at any time direct into Trucks. FISH, MEAT, POULTRY, BACON, &c, can be transferred at Aberdovey direct from the Steamer into Railway Wagons on the Pier,whereby expeditions transit is ensured. For Conditions see Forma of Consignment Note. Cargo intended for Conveyance by the Aberdovey Route will be received at the Company's Berth, Custom House Quay, Waterford, and Live Stock at the Company's Cattle Yard, Conduit Lane. Maps of the New Route and all information can be obtained from the Agent, Mr JOHN DOWNEY, Custom House Qaay, Waterford. Waterford, April, 1887. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. WHITSUNTIDE EXCURSIONS. CHEAP Three or Five Days Tickets will be issued from all Cambrian Stations to LONDON, on May 28th and May 30th, 1887, by trains leaving Aberystwyth 12.40 p.m., Borth 1.2 p.m., Machynlleth 1.45 p.m., Pwllheli 10.55 a.m., Portmadoc 11.28 a.m., Barmouth 12.20 p.m., Dolgelley 12'0 noon, Towyn 12.57 p.m., Aberdovey 1.6 p.m. Passengers booked on May 28th return from London at 8.50 a.m. on 30th and 31st May or June 2nd, and those booked on May 30th return from London at 8.50 a.m. on 31st May or June 1st or 2nd. I /JHEAP Three Days Tickets and Five Days Tickets V/ will be issued from all Cambrian Stations to Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, Warrington, Leeds Powsbury Matlock, Buxton, Stockport Huddersheld, Bradford, and Birkenhead, on Saturday May 28th, by trains leaving Aberystwyth 8.0 a.m Borth 8.24 a.m., Machynlleth 9.10 a.m., Pwllheli 6.30 a.m., Portmadoc 7.4 a.m., Barmouth, 7.49 a.m., Towyn 8.20 a.m., Aberdovey 8 27 a.m., Dolgelley 3.26 a.m. Three Days' passengers return on May 30th, and Five Days' passengers return on May 30th or June 2nd, by ordinary trains shewn on handbills. ON MAY 28.TH, Cheap Excursion Tickets will be issued from Aberystwyth, Machynlleth, Towyn, Newtown, and intermediate stations, to Merthyr and Dowlais, by trains leaving Aberystwyth 8.0 a.m., Towyn 8.20 a.m., Aberdovey 8.27 a.m., Maehynlleth 9.19 a.m. Passengers return from Merthyr at 12.10 p.m., and Dowlais 12.5 p.m. on any day (except Sunday) up to Thursday, June 2nd, inclusive J. CONACHER, Secretary. U. DAVIES, (FORMERLY OF SYDENHAM HOUSE), 33, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, BEGS to announce that she has just returned from London with a well-selected Stock of Novelties, in the following :-Sunshades, Umbrellas, Straw Hats, Gloves, Hosiery, Lace Goods, Silk Handker- I chiefs and Ties, Cuffs and Collars, Aprons and Pina- fores, Children's Sun Bonnets, Welsh Shawls, Berlin Wools, Fancy Chairs, Gipsy Tables, Screens, Mantel Borders, Plush Frames and Brackets, Baskets, Plush and Leather Satchels, Frillings, Lace Curtains, &c. and Leather Satchels, Frillings, Lace Curtains, &c. Terms—Ready Money only. jpubtii; Holier. SWANSEA BANK HOLIDAY RACE MEETING Will take place on THE NEW COURSE, MANSEL TOWN, SWANSEA, ON MONDAY, AUGUST THB 1ST, 1887, (Under the Grand National Hunt Rules.) STEWARDS: Lord TREDEGAB. E. L. FORESTER, Eilq. Col. Hon. F. C. MORGAN, J. G. R. HOMPRAT VAN M.P. W. H. P. JENKINS' ESQ' Sir T. HESKETH, BART. M. L. OWEN, Esq. Col. W. E. HUGHES. F. LORT PHILLIPS, Esn J. J. ATKINSON, Esq. F.M.H. R. THURSTAN BASSETT, FELIX H. WEBBER Far. Esq.,|MJT.H. C. H. WILLIAMS, Esq W. J. BUCKLEY, Esq., M.F.H. Hon Secretary-A. C. BURNARD, Esq., 1, Somerset Place, Swansea. Starter-Mr F. R. NKVILL. Auctioneer—Mr D PHILLIPS, Waterloo Chambers, Swansea. Judge and Clerk of the Scaleø-Mr JOHN PRATT. Clerks of the Course and Stakeholders — Messrs PRATT & Co., 9, George Street, Hanover Square London, W. From Swansea Station, G.W.E., one mile Landore Junction, G.W.R., half-a-mile; Cockett, G.W.R., one mile. *#* The Railway Fares from any Railway Station in England or Wales of all horses running at this meeting will be refunded by the Management, in addition to the Steamboat fare of Irish horses from Waterford. The Course has been laid out with the greatest care is over the finest turf, and equal to any in the United Kingdom. There are Fifty Loose Boxes with hay and straw provide 1 free of charge for horses running at this meeting, for which application should be made to the HOB. Secretary. A Telegraph Office will be opened in the Grand Stand and Paddock. No Illegal Retting will be allowed on any part of the Con se or Enclosures. THE LANDORE SELLING HURDLE RACE of 100 Bova.; entrance 2 sov.; four-yrs-old to carry list, five list 101b, six and aged ]2st the winner to be sold by auction for 100 sovs., if entered fer 50 sov. allowed 101b about two miles over eight flights of hurdles. To close to Messrs. Pratt & Co., Mackworth Arms Hotel, Swansea, by eight o'clock the Saturday evoning before running (July 30th). THE SOUTH WALES SELLING HUNTERS' FLAT RACE of 100 sovs.; entrance 2 sovs.; for qualified hunters four-yrs-old to carry ll8t 'lQih five 12st 61b, six and aged 12st 101b; the winner to 0 be sold by auction for 100 sovs., if for 50 sov al- lowed 101b; about two miles. To close to Messrs. Pratt and Co., Maokworth Arm Hotel, Swansea, by eight o'clock the Saturday evening before running (Jnly 30th ) y THE SWANSEA HURDLE HANDICAP of 3GO « (beinir 250 sov. to the winner,30 sov. to the and 20 sov. to the third horse) entrance 3 sov winner after publication of the weights ( cnce, to carry 51b, twice 101b extra; fifteen entrW or the race may be void or the value reduced• about two miles, over eight flights ot hurdles. To close to Messrs. Pratt and Co., 9, George Street ez Hanover Square, London, W.; Messrs. Weatherby 6, Old Burlington Street, London, W., or the Hon' Sec., A. C. Burnard, Esq., 1, Somerset Place, Swansea, by Tuesday, July 12th. THE SINGLETON HUNTERS' HURDLE RACE of 200 sov. (being 150 sov. to the winner, 30 soV. to the second, and 20 sov. to the third horse) en- £ *?cej £ OV-; for ,hanter«' four-yrs-old list, five ? a, ^22* 12at; *ny winner of a hurdle race ">1886-7 once, to carry 71b, twice 101b, three times 141b extra fifteen entries, or the race may be void or the value reduced; about three miles, over twelve fliarhts of hurdles t°tSX" B°RD,E THE MANSEL TOWN OPEN STEEPLECHASE of 130 sov. (being 100 sov. to the winner, 20 sov. to the second, and 10 sov. to the third horse); fonr-y.-s- oid list 6!b, five 12 st, six and aged 12st 31b; maiden Bix-yrs-old and upwards allowed 101b; two miles. To close to Messrs. Pratt and Co., 9, George street, Hanover Square, London, W.; Messrs. Weatherby, 6, Old Burlington Street, London, W.; or the Hon. Sec., A. C. Burnard, Eeq., 1, Somerset Place, Swansea, by Tuesday, July 5th. THE CLYNE VALLEY TRADESMEN'S AND LICENSED VICTUALLERS' PLATE for South Wales and Devonshire hunters; two miles over the Steeplechase Course. Further particulars will appear in a future advertise- ment. CONDITIONS. Fees as allowed by Rule. Ten entries, except otherwise specified, and three starters, in different interest, in each race, except those closing the night before running, or the race may be void, or the value reduced at the option of the Executive. The colours of the riders must be declared to the Clerks of the Course by eight o'clock the Satnrday evening before running. A fine of 1 sov. will be en- forced if the colours be not declared, or if the horse run in any other colour than that stated on the card. If at the expiration of fourteen days after the date of the meeting no objection has been made to a win- nine or second horae, the Stakeholders shall pay such moneys %a they have received on account of the raøØ, to the person, or his agent, in whose name the horse ran, or to the person, or his agent, who entered the horse, and they shall not be responsible or liable in any way for the stakes should the horse be disquali- fied through an objection lodged after that period. HARNES3 OIL HARNESS OIL! ^lAVE your Gig and Cart Harness bv using kO HUGHES & OWENS' Harness Oil. Price for Cart Harness 6d. a pint, „ Gig Harness la. „ Every requisite for the Horse kept in Stook, at moderate prices. Note the Address— HUGHES & OWEN, PRACTICAL SADDLERS AND HARNESS MAKERS, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET. ABERYSTWYTH MONEY ADVANCED PRIVATELY AT ONE DAY'S NOTICE. FROM .;£20 to ^2,000, to responsible persons, male or female, in Town or Country, upon Pro- missory Notes, without Bill of Sale; also upon Mort- gage of Furniture, Plant, Stock, Crops, Jewels or Plate, without removal. And upon Deeds, Leases, Life Policies, Stocks, Shares, and Reversions, at J65 per cent. Distance no object, as Loans may be repaid by Cheques or Postal Orders,and so long as the interest is paid the Capital can remain. All communications are strictly private, and no good application is ever re- fused. Apply personally or by post to the actual lender, C. CHARLES, Esq., 4, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London. N.B.—Established 1867, since which period the money advanced by Mr CHARLES exceeds £ 5,000,000. BEFORE BUYING A WATCH ANYWHERE, write for The Illustrated Pamphlet," sent free on application by the LARGEST WACTH MANUFACTURE H." FIRM FOUNDDED 1745. WATCHES, .£1 TO £ 1000. Send your WATCH and JEWELLERY REPAIRS by post, Registered, which will be given only to Skilful Workmen. Estimates sent before doing the Work, and I take Risk and Cost of Carriage back. T. R. RUSSEEL (MAKER TO THE QUEEN), CATHEDRAL WORKS, 18, CHUBCH-ST., LIVERPOOL. | public CARDIGANSHIRE WOMEN'S JUBILEE OFFERING FUND. Collected by Mrs. Vaughan Pryse (Lower Cardigan. shire), subscribers 5,599, sum JB71 6a. 8d; Viscountess Parker (Upper Cardiganshire), sub. scribers 1,587, Sam .£36 15s. 10d.; Countess of Lisburne (Upper Cardiganshire), subscribers 848, sum £ 10 3s. 3d. Total, ,;£118 3a. 4d. Total sub. scribtrs, 8,134. Of the Cards issued by Viscountess Parker the fol. lowing are the particulars X a d Mrs. Fryer 220 Miss Paddock 0104 Mrs. Paddock 0 16 2 Mrs. Bousall, Fronfraith 110 Miss Davies, Cwmgoedwig 0 15 6 Miss Annie Davies. 0 14 8 Mrs. Abercromby 0 10 0 Mrs. Morgan, Nantceirio 0 16 6 Miss Jones, Mount Pleasant 0 14 7 Viscountess Parker 10 2 Miss Lloyd, Llanddeinol Vicarage 10 0 Mrs. Hughes Jones 0 10 0 Mrs. Jones, Tymawr 0 4 10 Mrs. Jones, Frongog 0 16 7 Mrs. Bassett Lewis 0 2 4 Mrs. Morris Davies G 16 7 Mrs. Jenkin Jones. 1 12 2 Mrs. Rees, Capel Bangor Vicarage 0 9 8 Mrs. Hughes, Alltlwyd 1 14 8 Mrs. Waddingham 2 6 0 Mrs. Fossett 15 4 Mrs. Rice Williams 2 7 0 Miss Parry, Llidiarde 14 9 Mrs. Jeffreys 1 16 2 Miss Jeffreys 11 9 Mrs. W. H. Thomas 0 4 9 Miss Edward, Brynawel 0 17 3 Miss Pngh, Abermaide 014 9 Mrs. Davies, Tregaron Vicarage 1 6 0 Mrs. Prebendary Williams 0 19 0 Mrs. Jones, Llwynglas 0 6 5 Mrs. T. D. Harries 0 14 0 Mrs. Evans, Llanrbystyd Vicarage 0 12 6 Mrs. Griffiths, Llanfihangel Vicarage 0 5 0 Mrs. Roberts, Penywern 0 5 0 Mrs. Penry 0 2 0 Mrs. Peter Jones 0 2 0 Mrs. Jones, Brynowen 080 Mrs. Powell, Nanteos 2 2 2 Mrs. Abraham James 0 10 Mrs. Bonsall, Cwm 0 10 0 Mrs. James, Brynderwen 0 5 0 ..e36 15 10 DURING THE SUMMER MONTHS A MID-WEEK EDITION OF THE ABERYSTWYTH OBSERVER' WILL BE ISSUED ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS, PRICE ONE PENNY. THIS PAPER WILL CONTAIN A ( FULL AND COMPLETE LIST OF VISITORS AT ABERYSTWYTH, ABERAERON, BORTH, ABERDOVEY, TOWYN, &c., Ac., AND A GUIDE TO PLACES OF LOCAL INTEREST. ADVERTISEMENTS Will be inserted at a charge of 15s. PER INCH FOR THE SEASON. SEED SEED SEED E. P. T A YLOR, 17, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, BEGS to inform his numerous Customers that he has recceived his annual supply of NEW SEEDS, Garden and Field, comprising Myatt's Ash Leaf Potatoes, Rivers' Royal, and other later Sorts. Prize Peas in great Variety. Flower Seed in Id. packets. WREATHS of natural Flowers kept; also Immortelles, Bouquets, &c. To HOTEL AND LODGING-HOUSE KEEPERS.— Wine Lists and Business Cards, printed in the best style. ISliitfatton. ABERYSTWYTH HIGH SCHOOL, CAERLEON HOUSE. PRINCIPAL.—MISS TRUBSHAW, Assisted by Masters, and Resident Foreign and English Governesses. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local examinations. For Terms, &o., apply to the Principal. The School year consists of three terms, beginning respectively January 20, April 30, September 20 but pupils can be received at any time during the terms. LADIES' SCHOOL, CASTLE BUILDINGS, OSWESTRY. PRINCIPALS THE MISSES HOULT, Assisted by a Resident Foreign Governess. THE Misses Hoult receivo a limited number of JL Yenng Ladies, who are liberally Boarded, and instructed in all the branches of a sound English Education. Masters attend for Music, Singing, Painting, Drawing, Dancing, Arithmetic, and Calisthenics. Terms moderate. Prospectus on Application. LADIES' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, ABERYSTWYTH. PRINCIPAL Mrs RUSH. HEAD MASTER Mr RUSH, B.A. HEAD MISTRESS Miss RUSH, Holder of 1st class University Honours. THIS Sohool ofFera the best kind of Intermediate and High-school Education and pupils can be prepared for the University Local Examinations, for the University Colleges of Wales, for London Matri- culation, &c. Terms very moderate. Mrs Rush, having taken the next house, has now greatly increased accommodation. Mrs Rush offers a home at a very reason- able charge to women students of University College. YSTWYTH HOUSE, 19, PORTLAND STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. MISS EVANS' Day Schools for Girls. Pupils prepared for Local Examination. MISS EVANS (who has studied Art at South Kensington), also gives advanced lessons in Drawing and Painting. Private lessons in Music. Next terms begins 20th April. Terms on Application. Young Lady required as Articled Pupil. ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL. (Founded in 1812). Trustees-The Rev. J. H. PBOTHBBOB, Sir PRYSE PRTSE, VAUGHAN DAVIES, Esq., Col. WILLIAMS, Rev. J. PUGH, and T. W. BONSALL, Esq. Head Master: EDWARD JONKS (Jasper House). Second Master: JAMBS ALLAN, Esq,, M.A., in Classical Honours, Aberdeen. Assistant Master: T. LL. WILLIAMS, EsQ. IN addition to the Btaff of Teachers on the Clasaical and the Modern sides of this Sohool, the Head- Master has opened a JUNIOR DEPARTMENT for gentlemen's sons between the ages of seven and ten, under the superintendence of a Trained Elementary Teacher. For reports of Examiners, successes, &3., apply to Mr EDWARD JONES, Jasper House. THE ABERYSTWYTH COMMERCIAL & GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HBAD MASTER: MR THOMAS OWEN, C.M. (In Honours of the London University, and late Senior Scholar of the University College of Wales.) PUPILS are prepared for Commercial pursuits, the Civil Service, the Learned Professions, the Universities, and for the various Training and Theo- logical Colleges. YSTRAD MEURIG bCHOOL. HEAD MASTER. REV J. JONES, M.A., formerly Scholar and Prize- man of Jesus College, Oxford. ASSISTANT MASTER. W. H. HUNT, ESQ., B.A., late Scholar of St Katherine's College, Cambridge. Senior Opt. iu the Mathematical Tripos, Prizeman of the London University, Goldsmith's Exhibitioner. The School prepares for Oxford and Cambridge, the Oxford and Cambridge School Certificate Exami- nation, the Universities of London, Durham, &o. and all Preliminary Examinations and Commercial Life. There are now many Scholarships of from ra to I £ 25 per annum attached to the School. For further particulars apply to the Head Master. MR AND MRS McKAY, 11, GEORGE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, T\ESIRE to inform the Public that they give Lesssons in FRENCH and MUSIC, on reason- able terms. ABERYSTWYTH. MR D. SAMUEL, M.A., Late Scholar and Prizeman of Clare College, Cam. bridge, and 20th Wrangler, 1879, has opened a NEW GRAMMAR SCHOOL, at the OLD BANK, BRIDGE STREET. Terms on Application. QTT |V 5 FIRE OFFICE, EBTABLISHED 1710. 0 V-' -LI (.LIFE OFFICE, ESTABLISHED 1810. FIRE.-The oldest purely Fire Office in the World. Home and Foreign Insurances. Prompt LOSB Settle- ments. LIFE.—Profits divided every five years Large Bonuses. Tontine BonuB Policies granted. Very low pre- miums without participation in profits. No partnership liability. Simple Proposal Forms. 1 For further information apply to the following AGENTS: ABERYSTWYTH .MESSRS HUGH HUGHES AND SONS. Aberayron .Mr H. W. Howell. Bryntirion, Bala .Mr Iorwerth Jones. Cardigan .Mr R. R. Story Dolgelley (Fire only).Mr Thomas P. Jones-Parry. „ (Life only).Mr Richard Edwards. ).Mr John Richards. Llandyssil Mr John D. Thomas Llanon .Mr John Thomas. Talsarn .Mr Jenkin Jenkins. Llanybyther .Mr T. Bowen. Tregaron (Life only) Mr T. Jones, Post Office. MONEY LENT WITHOUT BILL OF SALE.—A Private Gentleman is desirous of making ad- vances upon Promissory Note alone, at 5 per cent. interest, to male or female, without sureties and strictly private, for any term not exceeding 10 years. Apply for prospectuses and scale of repayments to G. H. SHOVE, 21, John-street, Adelphi, London, W.C. 3i2i £ autft), fit. PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Prepaid Advertisements of the classes specified below will be charged according to the subjoined scale:— Apartments Wanted Business to be Sold Apartments to be Let Partnerships Wanted Situations Wanted Money Wanted Situations Vacant Articles Lost Houses to be Let Articles Found Sales by Private Contract Miscellaneous Wtmtt Miscellaneous Sales, &c. Lines. Words. One Three I Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. -i 3 21 Is. Od. 29. Od. 38. 04. 4 28 Is. 3d. 2s. 6d. 3s. 9d. 5 35 Is. 6d. 3s. Od. 4s. 6d. 6 42 Is. 9d. 3s. 6d. 5a. 3d. 7 2s. Od. 4s. Od. 6s. Od. This scale applies only to consecutive insertions at PREPAID Advertisements. If not prepaid them Advertisements will be charged according to the Public Notice Scale. T) EPSON S of either sex wanted to do artistic work -t- at home. No Painting. Good Pay. 2sApieoe. All materials Free.—W. East, Southampton. WANTED, a NURSE, of 20 years, for three children.—Address, 11, The Terrace, Aber- ystwyth. APARTMENTS Wanted by Lady, with 2 Children and nurse, about June 21st. Marine-temoe preferred.Mrs Martin, Lawnwood, Wellington- road, Handsworth. iO LET, Two FIELDS, one of about 20 acres, and the other about 7, adjoining Brynymor.—For further particulars apply to D. W. Evans, Messrs Morgan & Co., Little Darkgate-street. PENBRYN HOUSE, Marine-terrace, to Let, Far. P nished, during the Summer Season.—Addroea as above. EFUGE LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED (Industrial), require respectable* Men as Agents in certain towns and localities in this district. Salaries paid weekly. Most liberal benefits to assurers. Undoubted Security. The armnal income exceeds £ 350,000. Assets exceed £ 203,000. Claims paid over £ 700,900.—Apply to the District Agent, 15, Mill-street, Aberystwyth. WANTED, near Aberystwyth, some good Mixed Shooting for the forthcoming Season.—Apply A.B., "Observer" Office. URE BRED Berkshire Young SOWS and BOARS for Sale. Purest blood iu England.— For price, &c., apply to John Roberts, Lion Royal Hotel, Aberystwyth. ABERYSTWYTH.—Victoria Terrace, Plynlimon House.—Apartments for Summer on easy terms. Apply to Mrs Pierce. ARMY SERVICE. YOUNG MEN wishing to JOIN HER MAJES. TY'S ARMY can obtain all information as to the Conditions of Service and advantages of the Army, on Application at any Poet Office. Great prospects of promotion are offered to eligible Young Men. Applications can be made, either personally or by letter, to the Officer commanding the Regimental District at BRECON, or to the nearest Volunteer Serjeant Instructor or other Recruiter. DR. ROCK'S FEMALE PILLS. STEEL, PENNYROYAL, ALOES AND BITTER APPLE. NO OBSTRUCTION STANDS AGAINST THEM. COATED TASTELESS, and quite harmless to the most delicate constitution, but MARRIED LADIES should adhere strictly to the directions. Is lid, 2s 9d, and 4s 6d per box. By post, under cover, Id extra. Of all chemists, or direct from the UNIVERSAL DRUG CO., 19 and 21, QoilN VICTORIA STREET, E.C. tirligtoua yfrbtcca. LLANBADARN FAWR CHURCH. ENGLISH SERVICE. AT 11.30 A.M. On Sundays, Christmas day, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Ascension-day, SERVICE, WITH SERMON. Celebration of the Holy Communiou on every Third Sunday in the month, and also on Christmas, Easter-day, and Whit-Sunday HYMNS, ANCIENT AND MODERN. Offertory towaids clearing the Debt on the Bells and the Church Expenses. REV. J. PUGH, Vicar. THE BIBLICAL ADDRESSES will (D.V.) be con- tinued through May, at the Lodge Room, Market Hall, Aberystwyth, on SUNDAYS and THURS- DAYS, at 8 o'clock p.m. The theme for next Sunday (at8 p.m.), "The Millenium." Thursday, "Christian Temperance "-illustrated The public are invited. Seats free.—A. ALLEN JOHN, Minister. LEWIS TERRACBTCOAL YARD AND WEIGH BRIDGE. R. ROWLAND JONES NOW OFFERS BRYNDU HAND-PICKED COAL, makes very little Ash, is clean burning and durable the most economical Coal brought to Aberystwyth. W. & H. POWELL'S renowned RED ASH; also HOLLY BUSH, excellent house Coal. CANNOCK CHASE best Deep Coal, free from Ash, very heating, keeps alight many hours without any attention. CANNOCK DEEP KIBBLES. BestNEl HEKSEAL and Wrexhatn MAIN COAL. A Large Quantity of Cilyrychen LIME; also Lias (Aberthaw) LIME on the premises. Royal Daylight PETROLEUM OIL, Wholesale and Retail. Steam, House, and Smith Coal, supplied in trucks of 6 to 8 tons at Colliery prices, at any Station on the M. & M. or Cambrian Railways. Agent for Queen Fire and Life Insurance Company. Note the Address- Corner of BREWER-ST. & RAILWAY-TERRACE, 1CURE Fl f S When I say cure I do not mean mereiy to stop them for a time and then have them return again. I mean a radical eure. I have made the disease of FITS, EtTLEPSY or FALLING SICKNESS a life-long stndy. I warrant my remedy to cure the worst cases. Because others have failed isno reason for uot now receiving a cure. Send at once for a treatise and a Free Bottle of my infallible remedy. Give address 111 fall. It costs you nothing for a trial, and I will cure you. Address Dr H. G. Root, 5, Plum Tree Ct.. Farringdon-st., London. SEEDS SEEDS SEEDS! G. WILKINSON, SEEDSMAN, FRUITERER, &c., ABERYSTWYTH, HAS just received his Stock of New Vegetable aud Flower Seeds in great variety, and of unex- oeptional quality. All Best Sorts of Early Seed Pota- toes. People who want Seeds that will give satis- faction are invited to try WILKINSON'S. -WREATHS and CROSSES of the choicest description direct from Paris. CONSUMPTION! I have a positive remedy for the above disease by its use thousands of cases of the worst kind and of long standing have been cared. Indeed so strong is my faith in its efficacy, that I will send TWO BOTTLES FREE, together with an ENTIRELY NEW AND VALUABLE TREATISE on this Dis. ease to any sufferer. Give address in full. Dr T. A SLOCUM, 5, Plum Tree Court, Farriugdon Street, London.