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THE RUSSIAN CONSPIRATORS. I It is officially announced from St. Petersburg that the death sentence passed upon the five Nihilists, Generaloff, Andrejushkin, Ossipanoff, Shewyretf, and I UJjanoff, for attempting the Emperor's life on March 13 last, have been duly carried out. The official communication says By an Imperial order dated April 9, the affair of the plot, which was discovered on March 13 last against the sacred person of the Emperor, was referred to the jurisdiction of the Senate convened in special session. It was heard by the Senate from April 27 until May 1, in presence of the representatives of the States. In the course of the proceedings, as well as at the preliminary judicial investigation, it was ascertained that the Don Cossack Generaloff, and the peasant Andrejushkin, Citizen Ossipanoff, Kantscher, the son of aa official; noble- I' man Gorkun; Schewyretf, the son of a merchant; Ulianoff, the son of an official; nobleman Pilssudski and Lukashewitsch Citizen Volochoff; Pashkovski, apothecary's apprentice; Novorusskij, the son of a psalm reader and candidate of the St. Petersburg Ecclesiastical Academy Anna- jina, a peasant woman and midwife; and Rebecca Schmidova, a midwife, belonged to a criminal society I which aimed at the overthrow of the existiug order of things in the State and the Commune by means of a violent revolution. These persons, in the second half of last year, formed a secret circle for terrorist ac- tion, and in December last agreed to make an at- tempt upon the Emperor's lite, for which purpose Generaloff, Andrejushkin, and Ossipanoff procured explosive bombs, and on March 13 proceeded to the Newskv Prospect in company with Kantscher, Gorkun, and Yolochoff, who undertook to inform the bomb carriers of the Emperor's passage by a signal specially agreed upon, their intention being to throw the missiles under the Emperor's carriage. They were, however, arrested by police officials about noon with- out having been able to carry out their design. During the trial it was further shown that the woman Sserdjukova received information from one of those implicated, but although she could have given information in time to the authorities she did not fulfil this duty. By judgment delivered by the Senate in its sit- tings of April 27, and May 1, there were found guilty and sentenced to be hanged: As instigator and organiser of the crime, Shewyreff as accomplices, Ossipanoff, Generaloff, Andrejushkin, Uljanoff, Kantscher, Gorkun, and Yolochoff, of whom Uljanoff took the most active part both in the plot and in the pre- took the most active part both in the plot and in the pre- parations for carrying it out; and as accessories, whose co-operation was more or less necessary for the execution of the crime, Lukashewitsch, Novo- russkij, Annajina. Pilssudski, Pashkouski, andR.ebecca Schmidova. Taking into consideration the extenuating circum- stances found in the casesi of Kantscher, Gorkun, Yolochoff, Annajina, Pilssudski, Paskkovski, Schmi- dova, and Scerdjukova, the Senate resolved to apply to the Emperor for their sentences to be commuted as follows: Gorkun, Kantscher, Yolochoff,and Anna- jina to be condemned to 20 years' penal servitude Pilssudski to 15years; and Pashkovski to 10 years' penal servitude; Schmidova to be transported to the remotest regions of Siberia; and Sserdjukova to two years' imprisonment. Eleven of the condemned forwarded to the Emperor petitions for mercy or for a commuta- tion of their sentences, and the applications of Lukashewitsch, Kantscher, Gorkun, and Yolochoff were found bv the Senate to be worthy of the Im- perial consideration. On May 12 the Minister of Justice submitted the names to the Emperor, who agreed to the commutation of the sentences upon Annajina, Pilssudski, Pashkovski, Schmidova, and Sserdjukova, in accordance with the recommendations of the Senate; and ordered the death sentences upon Lukaschewitsch, and Novorusskji to be commuted into penal servitude for an indefinite period; and those upon Kantscher, Gorkun, and Yolochoff into penal servitude for 10 years." The Xo voc Vremya states that it has been definitely decided to place the Transcaspian territory under the jurisdiction of the Governor General of Turkestan, and that the change will be effected after the com- pletion of the Transcaspian Rail way.