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ABEBDOVEY. ENTERTAINMENT.—On Thursday, the 4th June, a tea meeting and entertainment took place at the As- sembly Booms, Aberdovey, in connection with the Sunday School of the Presbyterian Church. Tea was on the tables at 3.30 p.m. The tables, which had been decorated with flowers, were presided over by Mrs Tomlins, jun., Mrs Ellis, Penhelig, Miss Williams, Miss Jenkins, and the Misses Jones, Glandovey-place, assisted by Miss Owen, Miss Ellis, Miss Bell, Miss Williams, and other ladies and gen- tlemen. The company numbered about 100, and on leaving the table each received an orange, both junior and senior. Much amusement was caused on present- ing the seniors with all orange, who were in many cases unsatisfied with the singular number. The tea meeting over, preparations were made for the entertainment, which was announced to commence at seven p.m., under the presidency of the pastor, Rev R. E. Morris, B.A. Competitions took place in reciting, impromptu reading, spelling, singing, &c., and the following gentlemen acted as adjudicators, viz., Messrs Owen, Bell, Robert- son, fci. Davies, Morris, and J. Davies. The meeting throughout was most successful, and the audience, from their frequent applause, gave the promoters proof that their labours had not been in vain. The following is the programme:—Speech by the chair- man; hymn, "The golden shore," the choir. Best notes on ten sermons taken at the Assembly Boom? — 1st, A. Owen, 2nd, J. Jones and L. Evans, equal. Impromptu reading—1st, A.Owen; 2nd, W. Bell and M. A. Evans equal. Solo, "Booked in the cradle of the deep," J, Davies. Becitation, "Yield not to temptation"—1st, L. Evans 2nd, J. Jones. Sunday school statistics, by T. Jones. Hymn, Yield not to temptation," the choir. Impromptu spelling, chil- dren under ten—1st, E. Williams; 2nd, P. Jones. Impromptu spelling, children over ten—1st, J. Wil- liams; 2nd, R. Boweii and W. Jones eqnal. Com- petition singing. Jesus loves me, &e,"—1st, J. Evans' party. Reading chureh accounts, by Edward Davies. Reciting, "Lead, kindly light"—1st, J. Jones; 2nd, L. Evans. Solo, "Far away," Miss Owen. Competition, impromptu singing—1st, C. Jenkins; 2nd, A. Roberts. Anthem, "Come all ye," &c., the choir. r TOWYN. The Observer may be had at Towyn of Mr Rees Daniel, Church-street. The meetings of the C.M. Association were held here on Wednesday. PETTY SESSIONS, FRIDAY, June 5th, before Mr M. R. Pugh, Mr J. Pugh, Mr Corbett, M.P., and Captain Beadnell. The Late Mr Kirkby,-Peeling reference was made to the death of this gentleman by Mr Pugh, Mr David Evans, clerk and Mr W. B. Davies, solicitor, and a letter was also read from the chairman, Mr W. R. M. Wynne, Peniarth. Alleged Assault.—John Evans, Llanegryn, was summoned by Owen Evans, of the same place, for assulting him on the 27th May.—Mr W. R. Davies appeared for defendant. The case was dismissed. Negligent use of Gunpowder.—The owners of the Abereorris. Slate nnd Slab Company and Mr J. W. Orchard and John Parry, agents, were summoned by Dr. Le Neve Foster, inspector of Metaliferous Mines, for having used 8 lbs. of gunpowder in a leaky cotton ba,g in a wooden cask in contravention of the general rules, sec. 23, and rule 2, sub. rules of the Metalifer- I ous Mines Begulation Act, "1872.—Mr Cartwright, Chester, prosecuted, and the owners were fined J31O, and the agents £5 each. The Police and the PubHc.—Samuel Edmunds, draper, Towyn, was summoned by P. S. Roberts for assulting him, and Boberts was charged by Edmunds for having assulted him.—Mr Millard," Dolgelley, appeared for Boberts, and Mr W. R. Davies for Edmunds.—Tha cases were allowed to be withdrawn, Mr Edmunds expressing regret that he had struck the sergeant. More Alleged Assaults.—Thomas Jones, labourer, Towyn, summoned Richard James, joiner, Towyn, for assault, and there was a cross summons in which Jones became defendant, and James complainant. Botb cases were dismissed.



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