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LOCAL AND GENERAL NOTES: j ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. JOHN PRICE, who was committed for trial on the charge of murdering his wife, by shooting her, was removed from the lock-up to Carmarthen prison on Saturday morning'. The feeling in his favour con- tinues to grow. The South Wales Daily News, under the heading The Welsh Press and the Bm," quotes the opinions of several papers with reference to the Education Bill. The papers quoted from are chiefly those which are in harmony with its own views. Lord ABEEDABE, on Monday, presided over the anniversary meeting, and afterwards at the anniver- sary dinner, of the Royal Geographical Society when the guests included Mr H. M. STANLEY, Sir PETER LUJKSDEN, and other distinguished per- sons. At the close his Lordship retired from the presidency of the Society, after holding the distin- guished position for five years. The Marquis of LORNE, who succeeds his Lordship, said the compli- ment paid him by his election signified an irreparable loss of a president in Lord ABEEDASE, who had taken honourable part in the administration of the empire. Among those who were presented to His Royal Highness the PRINCE of WALES at the levee held at St. James's Palace on Tuesday, we find the name of the Rev JAMES GILLART, Vicar of Gentleshaw, B ngeley, on his appointment as honorary chaplain to the Staffordshire Yeomanry Cavalry. He was presented by the Lieut. Col., the Marquis of Anglesey. I suppose everyone knows by this time that the late Rev EDWARD STEPHEN (" Tanymarian ") was selected to fill the post of adjudicator upon the chief choral and other musical competitions at the Aber- dare Eisteddfod conjointly with Signor RANDEGGER, "CARADOG," and "ALAW DDU," (says a writer in the Western Kail). Now, however, that Wales has been so unfortunate as to lose for ever this talented musician, it is not too much to ask the committee whether or not they have appointed a successor to fill his place, and, if so, who is the newly-appointed one. I, of course, have nothing to do with the Eis- teddfod, otherwise I should at once go in for Mr DAVID JENKINS, Mus. Bae., of Aberystwyth. Mr JENTCINS is a Welshman of Welshmen, and has never been so popular as at the present time. His awards at Eisteddfodau have always given satisfaction both to the winners and losers of prizes. Again, Mr JEN- s is the composer of Vengeance! Arise," one of tK" choruses selected for the great choral compe- tition and I think this ought to entitle him to the post of adjudicator. The Eisteddfod Committee will be slighting one of the best Welsh composers of the lay if they select either a "Signor" or a "Herr" in preference to a Welshman—plain DAVID JENKINS. The QUESN has been pleased to confer the distinc- j tion of the Civil Companionship of the Bath upon Mr HUGH OWTEN, secretary to the Local Government Board. Mr Owen is the son of the late Sir HUGH OWEN, to whose office he succeeded on the father's resigeation. Lient.-Colonel OWEN JON&S, B.E., upon whom a similsv honour has been conferred, is f also a having a residence at Bryntegid, Bala. The Sunltey School Centenary meetings will be held in this town next Wednesday. The I;FESD CHANCELLOR has transferred Judge GwiLvfir WILLIAMS from the Mid-Wales to the GIam'<Jtganshire circuit. It will be remembered that we "indicated the probability of this step some weeks ago. During his too short acquaintance with the district Mr WILLIAMS has won the respect and esteem of all who have "known him. In his new dis- trict all the courts except one will'be within a couple cf hours' ride of the Judge's home. Mr GWILYM WILLIAMS will be succeeded in the Mid-Wales cir- WILLIAMS will be succeeded in the Mid-Wales cir- cuit by Mr BRYNMOS JONES. The marria-g-e of Miss M'ARRES LEWES, second daughter of Colonel LEWES, Llanllear, and Capt. NEWLAND, of Llanfair, was (oelehrated on Wednes- day, at Ystrad church, the event being the occasion of considerable rejoicing in the lovely vale of Aeron. A large and fashionable party were present, and the wedding presents were numerous and costly.







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